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Found 1 result

  1. After a rather disappointing Huckleberry Kush run where 9 outta 10 turned up male I have filled up the flower room again. This time I know they are all girls. I purchased 4 clones to go with my single Huck Kush a few weeks ago. After 3 weeks of vegging they have joined her in the flower room. The HK is at 4 weeks since the switch to 12's and the Blackberry Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Elephant and Purple Walrus are all finishing their first week in the flower room. Here's a look at the girls - Though it was pita only getting the one female HK she has turned out to be a very nice specimen. When she was less than 4 weeks old she looked more Bubba dom but after that she really stretched out and is definitely leaning the Huckleberry way. Though slow to show sex and rather slow to start vertical growth she has been a very vigorous girl since about week 5 when she started stretching out all over. I switched her to 12's @ 19" after 6 weeks of vegging and she is now @ 34" and slowing a bit. She is developing nicely now with much frostiness. I hit her with some HK pollen 2 days ago. The pollen came from a very nice Huckleberry dom male so I have high hopes for the resulting seeds. Here's a few pics of the Huckleberry Kush I am filled with anticipation for this HK girl, she is looking really good @ 4 weeks. Can hardly wait to see her @ 8 weeks.
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