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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, I've been waiting a long time to do a report on this strain, but I also wanted to wait for at least four months to let it get a really good cure berfore making any assumptions. I saved two jar just for this purpose, they haven't been opened since before Christmas... and let me tell you something, as soon as I took the rings off of the Kerr jars the lids blew off with a little bit of force and now my WHOLE house smells of spicey-Thai Blueberry weed. This smoke report is on two different Blueberry Sativa phenos that I got: My BBS#1 has more blueberry smell and flavor than the vast majority of ALL BB strains I know of or have ever grown. She was a 6' tall beauty of dark green with a Christmas tree structure covered with buds frome head to toe emitting a moderate toxic blueberry fragrance. My BBS#2 was a tall, slender Thai-Blueberry lady that was also Christmas tree shaped, but a little more lanky. This one was budding same as her sister, but had that distinct, slightly pungent, spicey-Thai smell... seems a lot of my friends either don't know or don't remember what Thai smells like. Blueberry Sativa #1 Smell: This pheno is heavy on the berry and it has a lot of subtle, earthy tones with a sour note to finish. Taste: This definitely has a stronger blueberry flavor than most strains. It has a fruity essence, but the BB powers it's way through on the inhale; the exhale is all about a skunky-berryish flavor ending with a tartness on the tip of the tongue. Incredible flavor! Effect: This strain is an excellent choice as a morning/daytime smoke... goes very well with coffee and one good smoking session will do you 'til lunch. After a few hits I was feeling great, every hit leaves a good taste in your mouth all the way through. When the little voice in your head tells you to stop and you 'just take a few more hits'... you're gonna be really stoned, but there is really no 'couch lock' to speak of, although you may be moving more slowly for a while. This strain will make shitty coffee taste much better as well. This is my wifes favorite smoke... it chills her out, but it makes her horny too.... thanks E$ko!! Blueberry Sativa #2 Thai-berry pheno Smell: Sweet, spicey-Thai followed by a faint musky berry with some fruity tones mixed in. This pheno has the unmistakeable smell of Thai w/berry. I love it, its a very refreshing change of pace for me. Taste: Subtle blueberry flavor infused with a spicey Thai. The Thai flavor on the exhale is more pronounced than the berry is on the inhale. There are musky, earthy-sweet, floral accents to be found in this pheno as well. A well rounded smoke with many different flavors to enjoy. Effect: This strain is one of the true daytime smokes, with a very mellow, yet up beat high. The high lasts me for many hours and leaves that great Thai-berry flavor behind with every hit.... this strain makes those with bad breath much more tolerable to be around. I can smoke a bowl or two, get my head straight and still be coherent enough to go about my day feeling happy and wearing a big smile. The Thai in this pheno is no joke, excessive smoking may lead to taking a nap... stop when you are stoned. This pheno, same as her sister, seems to have no couck lock to it, but then again, I do have a very high tolerance to most strains. I have noticed no couch lock in these strains when my wife or my friends have been smoking it. But don't go crazy with it... just because its a sativa doesn't mean it can't fuck you up. This is good time weed... relax and enjoy yourself. This pheno is my favorite of the two. Thanks go to E$kob@r for creating this awesome blueberry strain... perhaps one day you will release this strain again.... I know my fingers are crossed. Keep it green Brothers! DesertGrown
  2. I have 5 seeds each of Tom Hill Haze and Blueberry Sativa that are soaking in shot glasses, going into rooters this afternoon. I would appreciate any tips on growing long flowering haze in the small space (3x3 gorilla shorty) I have. General info: 400w of 3500k COB lighting They will end up in recycled soil in 2 gallon bags Blumats and a 19 gallon rez takes care of watering. I hand water extras like silica, fulpower... To tame the height I read I need to flower a clone instead of the seed plant, so how far into flower should I take cuts and still expect a cut to root and make good buds and more seeds? I also plan on keeping a haze male to hit Black Afghani and make my own Afghan Haze. There is definitely nothing like it around here, I've never had anything like it, so hell yeah. So anyway, all help is appreciated as I try my hand at Haze.
  3. Hey guys any ideas/knowledge/help would be greatly appreciated. So I currently have 7 plants (tagged above) in a veg room that is supposed to be 18/6 and am about to turn to 12/12 The power connection from the timer to the outlet is incredibly suspect, old outlet that almost any power prong will just fall out if plugged in. Although I have been growing in this room for a while, in the past 2 days the light has not turned on at the correct time due to this suspect connection (if i push the prongs in deep or move them around you can see the contact occurring, but if you let go it usually turns off). it should be turning on around 8 AM but yesterday it wasn't on until 10:30, and today 11:30. I tried taping it and it seems to work somewhat but not really. My main question is: Will this hurt my plants with the whacky timing errors? if so like what? they are all healthy except one that was neglected earlier on, but I don't know if this will make them hermi or what. Thanks
  4. Blueberry is known as difficult to grow. Is this also true with Blueberry Sativa? I've never really gotten clear on what's difficult about Blueberry? Sensitivity to nutrients? Does it lose that "difficulty" when crossed with other strains?
  5. Allready got amnesia it's awesome! Blueberry sativa I read about it now I want to buy it before summer time comes in cali. When will your blueberry sativa be back in stock? Which of your strains will go best outdoors in green house?
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