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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Welcome to ROUND 2. I wanted to make a new thread to showcase new genetics from Esko & Sannie and my first experience with Hempy buckets. Round 2 is all about looking for some keepers. I'm hoping to pick 3 keepers from 10-12 females. Due to the summer heat, I'm just taking it easy, vegging under fluos until mid September. I'll run a perpetual setup and harvest every 2 weeks for 2-3 months straight. By the new year, I want to fill the entire tent with clones from 2 keepers and just do 1 big SCROG. The new genetics: After 5.5 days in spongepots, they were ready to be transplanted x5 Holy Princess x5 Chucky's Bride x5 Jackberry F4 x2 Esko Blueberry #3 x1 Riri Sour Diesel X Esko BlueBerry Holy Princess Chucky's Bride Jackberry F4 Blueberry #3 Riri SourDiesel X Esko Blueberry Alright, that's it for now, just wanted to get the thread started I will update with the plants that have been in veg and reveg when I get home tonight. This round is going to be a blast...
  2. I have been meaning for quite some time to share some photos of my Lush x Blueberry with you all. These plants wouldn't exist without the generosity of Fusion (special hello to Hupla) and Eskobar and I am very grateful. The Lush female was open pollinated by 10 assorted males from 2 lines of Eskobar's Blueberry Indica project. Sorry to be a tease but I just have time to upload pics of one plant for now and the rest will probably trickle in over a day or two. All were flowered for 70 days 12/12. #1 This one smelled like sweet lemon and melons with a light honey aroma. There was a balsamic vinegar type sourness and a slight aniseed back note. Naycha
  3. So I'm finally bringing you my Blueberry 2d grow. Quick backstory on how we got to this plant. Started 2 #1's first attempt got 2 males. 2nd attempt was again 2 #1's both female one was super picky and didnt work for me and the other was not even close to ready when her tentmates came down at 65 days so it didnt work for me either. Attempt 3 brought 2 of the #2's. Both female, one very finicky and sativa looking and one with darker, fat, round indica leaves. This was Blueberry 2d. Based on the goal of finding a more indica blueberry, I've decided to run this one. Grow details are as follows, DR90 tent, 400 cmh in AAW, 6" fan/filter exhaust and passive intake. 76F 60%RH lights on and 65F and 65-70% RH lights off. 3 gallon fabric pots in my first attempt at an organic coco mix. Some quick pics, this journal starts after 7 days of 12/12. I'll try and post weekly pics until harvest with a smoke report to follow.
  4. Here's something I found to be rather interesting. The Origins of Blueberry Cannabis Strain Note: This is a copy and past... Credit goes to original poster.
  5. Hi Everybody, Have you seen new Dj short strains growth, it seems that DJ and son have new strains released like Azure Haze and Whitaker Blues as well as Flo, F13 & True Blueberry restocked on Hemp depot or Attitude for examples... http://hempdepot.ca/.../AzureHaze.html http://hempdepot.ca/...takerBlues.html http://www.cannabis-...ort/cat_98.html Anyone have ordering/trying some of the new strains allready ??? P.S: I was believing that F13 was extinct but it's wrote as DJ's favorite, do you know he really loses the parents and remakes a new bred or ?
  6. Allready got amnesia it's awesome! Blueberry sativa I read about it now I want to buy it before summer time comes in cali. When will your blueberry sativa be back in stock? Which of your strains will go best outdoors in green house?
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