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Found 1 result

  1. Raze


    Well I was gonna wait to do a smoke report on Boudica, but I woke up and rolled a nice sized joint of it and smoked half, then got lost in music and games for quite a while. i just finished off the Joint so that's what this smoke report will be based off of. Only my second time doing a smoke report and i'll just stick with my basic thoughts on the actual bud/smoke itself. Boudica smells extremely strong, very potent aroma that I can't identify, just opening the jar makes the whole room absolutely stink haha. The buds are beautiful to look at being dark green, with purple and other colors in there as well. It has really good crystal coverage, very pretty looking weed, plus an absurdly powerful smell, and it's rather sticky. It breaks down really well and smokes nicely in my hemp rolling papers. The flavor of the smoke is complex so I can't really describe it very well, blood orange maybe, it does have some weird kinda crazy orange kinda type of taste, but it's complicated. Anyways it tastes very nice with strong flavor and the smoke itself is pretty lite, so I can burn a decent amount before I have to put it out. A mild smoke at least in joints, Holy Princess was a bit more harsh than this in that regard. The high itself is really good and very relaxing, music is so addictive and awesome, so is watching a movie, or probably anything relaxing you enjoy. There is nice Sativa up high qualities, but it's really chill smoke. I personally like Indica and Sativa Hybrids, massively speedy weed is not my thing, but I do enjoy a good motivating up powered cerebral high. Boudica gives that type of high but has a chilled out vibe and a bit of an Indica type of feel, it's really good weed. The potency on Boudica stands up to Holy Princess, it might be stronger imo, it isn't weak like the strain description somewhat implies (even if unintentionally). So it has good power, extreme smell, smooth good tasting smoke, and the high is so nice for chilling out and just getting lost in whatever you choose to enjoy. Overall I'd say the high is good feeling, very fun, nice and cerebral yet relaxed, it's probably impossible to be in a bad mood after you've smoked this stuff. You can get lost in your music, movies, or in your own thoughts, i guess that's what e$ko meant by "smooth spiritual daydream". I've been smoking Chocolate Rain, Silver Fields, and Holy Princess over the last 6 weeks, and i'm enjoying Boudica immensely right now. I will be smoking more of it today and i can't wait to smoke some with my friend over the weekend and see what he thinks. Well I think that about covers my initial thoughts and i'm still nice and high so i'm gonna wrap it up here and go enjoy some music! Hope everyone that reads this has a nice day, good vibes~
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