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Found 21 results

  1. Figured I would throw up a few pics of my projects for 2021. I’ll start with a cultivar I picked up through a promotion and was a very limited release that will not be remade, at least not in this genetic configuration, Punchy Blewster by Matt Riot of Riot Seeds, he’s very controversial and can be a dick, but the MFr puts out some fire and knows as much as anyone about Cannabis history. I will also say that once you get to know him he’s a pretty nice guy. So here’s the 2x4, 3 weeks from flip, 2 pots, one plant in each of slightly different expressions. Punchy Blewster is Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet. Blue Bonnet is a heirloom DJ Blueberry worked and found by Lone Star from Texas Resin Company. Blueberry terps are already filling the room and stem rub is intense BO smell! I only got a few seeds, so cuttings from these two are in my breeding tent with the two males I selected to open it up.
  2. Ayo. Seems like the this website and forums got the internet on steroids treatment (thanks sannie, absolutely killed the website, if I didnt know so much I'd tell you you were lying to me you were a breeder and not a web designer) It's been awhile so I'll leave out most of my missing life link. New new and gone old old. Continuously stabilizing my life, living now with a girlie whose almost if not more batshit crazy then I am. Bout to take a big dive in this plant, starting my breeding project, started reading/researching extracts and cooking which I really want to get into next.. bout to build a new grow room for my breeding chamber that I'll post and prolly see if any of the vets got some advice on my blueprint. For now let's have some pics do some talking for my plans and we'll slowly add some history flashbacks. This is just what went done, stay tuned. Mouse
  3. This journal will be focused entirely on the seed production and selection of landraces and F1 hybrids. To anyone interested in or passionate about making their own seeds and finding gems that work for you and yours, I hope you'll follow along! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grow Details: Genetics: Lebanese(Bekaa Valley, Lebanon) Type: Landrace Source: The Real Seed Company - Originally harvested/collected late 2008, first sold early 2009 Reproduced by: UK420 user Zeno - Parents used were from his first 2014 reproduction and original RSC stock individuals, sold early 2015 Only 1-2(1.5?) generations away from original stock. To say the least I was ecstatic to get these in my fridge early 2016. Days to Maturity: 55-65 days(8-9 weeks) indoors/Sept.-Oct. outdoors Out of the fridge x14 I sowed them into 2" soil blocks on Sunday, February 12/2017 Tucked in Germinated: x12 Tuesday, February 14/2017 at 86% They germinated a little quicker then I thought so some got a little stretchy before I could put them under the 200w cfl. A good start, nonetheless. I'll post again in a couple of weeks. Happy Growing!
  4. Ok if i mix a Auto and Regular plant what will my end result be when i breed them wondering as i never tried it before so wondered if any one did and end result.
  5. Hello, wondering if anyone would be so kind to send some pollen, my male got to cold and looks like it might or might not make it, any good fertile pollen would be great ........ I really want to cross and dont want to mess with Fem seeds, unless someone here knows how to make Fem seeds down to a art, Im all ears.
  6. Thought Id share a special cross with you hardcore bud nerds, I'll report the progress of this first generation, I call the cross Jack Wreck or maybe Time Herer, not sure yet, but it is 3 weeks old and smells unreal, sweet n sour candy... If anyone is wanting beans of this magical cross, let me know The 2nd generation that is
  7. Hey OGs!!! Let's play a game. It's about time to get the ladies and dudes together for some fun!!! What combinations would you make with the selections below??? It will be fun to hear what crosses you would make. Strain Lineage / Genealogy Karma Genetics StrawBanana Cream LTD RP: Strawberry Banana »»» Banana Kush x Bubble Gum Strawberry pheno x Karma: White OG V2.0 »»» The White x Triple Kush I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy Clone only Cherry Pie Cherry Pie »»» Grand Daddy Purple x F1 Durban I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy Connoisseur Genetics - Cheese Dog Connoisseur Genetics: Cheese Dog »»» Exodus Cheese x Chemdog D BX2 I have one female and 1 male Strain Lineage / Genealogy Medicann Seeds - Afghani medicann: 1974 Afghani »»» Afghanistan Mazar-I-Sharif Afghanistan Mazar-I-Sharif »»» Indica I have 2 females Strain Lineage / Genealogy Karma Genetics - Biker Kush karma: Biker Kush »»» Hells Angel OG x (HA-OG X SFV OG Kush BX2) I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy: D.S.D x esko's Blue Chem I have one female and one male (this one is pretty obvious! I will be preserving this one of a kind line that boulie1942 made. My winnings from a photo contest!!!) Strain Lineage / Genealogy - Huckelberry O.G. Kush Prof P's Huckelberry Kush x dinafem's Critical + Auto I have two true males Strain Lineage / Genealogy - Cali Connection Seeds Purple Diesel Pre '98 Bubba x E.C.S.D. I have one male Strain Lineage / Genealogy - TH Seeds Skunk XXX TH Seeds - Skunk XXX Stable 3-way hybrid. An Old favorite from our Skunk-Collection. I have one female Lots of fun choices to work with here. Peace! MT
  8. This is my first time posting in this section, and I want to say that I've never grown your strains yet but I have been eyeballing Purple Storm. I wanted to ask though, with all of your expertise, as well as your several awesome indicas in your stable, do you have any plans of releasing a pure or almost pure indica? I've grown Anesthesia and Huck Kush (both harvested yesterday), but would love to see what you might come up with. Thanks in advance for your time..
  9. Hello Folks this will be my first journal. I am hunting for a RKS Pheno to call my own. The Prjec will happen in a x4 tet wih Oh My Lord I have totyp so slw TF?
  10. Hello all i just wanna share my long journey ive been a grower more the 2/4 of my life and i spend almost my entire life cultivating marijuana illigal but legal in my mind to produce seeds and fine genetics. you can find some of them in sannies shop as freebees! i just wanna thank my father in heaven and jesus for beeng close to me all these years and sannies shop and wietforum and all his sites for giving me the chanse to proof my self and show what i have acomlished And offcourse my teacher HD blessed love man and all of you in here! never give up it took me 20 years to do it! finally legal jah blessed love to all HD-CREW is born
  11. Before we get started, here is some pron from Chuky's Bride my last run of clones. CLOSE UP Such a beautiful flower, don;t think I can ever thank Esc0b@r enough for bringing us this.... Anyways, onto the new grow. Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Hydroponics, “superponic” arrangement, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. 12 site SCROG net for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Strains: Clones: Chucky’s Bride – 2 phenos + a Male Chocolate Rain KO Kush regular seedlings (3) Caramel Candy Kush (1) KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain (pheno b.) - (still trying to decide what I would call it - thinking Fists of fury (raining KO) | KORain) hoping this is carried some of indica of the KO and can make it a KO leaner, wife finds the KO to be great for pain, and I like the rush from the rain, time will tell) Planning to do some breeding this round with the water droplet technique I read about here. Environment/Water/Nutes: Water rests for at least 24 hours with airstones applies, comes out of the tap with (avg: ec: 0.2 / 0.1ppt / 6.68 – 7.1 ph), I add some ph down to get me in the 5.6 – 6.0 range. Nutes: Jungle Juice (bloom / micro) – 1st try at running lucas Diamond nectar Cal Mag Plus Roots Excellurator Additives planned: Crystal Burst Snow Storm Ultra Veg Reviews on growth, welcome input from anyone that has had these as to phenotypes: CCK1- Plant is bushy and in veg seems to have more sativa influence when compared with others. Has pleasant odor, cannot put a name to the smell, not skunky, fruity/woody. Female verified, so she will be kept. Topped at 5node and bushed out wildly. Taking over left hand front side of chamber. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure CCK2 – Plant was not developed as long in system, as I had to make room for it. So this one is a bit smaller, but has strong tendencies that look very similar to plant 1 in structure and growth pattern. Aroma is similar to CCK1. Topped at 4th node. Verified Male. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure. CCK3 – Plant grew out exact same time as CCK1 but was smaller in size, but not stature. Same amount of nodes, just grew much closer together. Plant is significantly more compact with very tight internode spacing on branches, even after topped. Leaves on this plant are the most broad when compared with other two CCK. I believe it is Bubba leaning, due to more compact stature of plant and broader leaves compared with others. Not realizing same stretch as CCK1. Also a Female! 2 out of 3 CCK female, great ratio and I couldn’t have planned that any better. - Anyone that knows these plants/phenos, please share as I am going purely on guess from reading other journals and such. KOK/CR –Cross of a KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain F (Pheno was my heavy crystal plant, had hook leaves and more sativa finger style). Veg - Plant has leaves that lean to KO Kush dominance and are much broader than the original CR mother. During early growth grew like KO Kush, however, once topped, this plant took on more CR characteristics with significant off shoots and lots of growth, becoming the bushiest of all the seedlings. Verified Female! 3 out of 4 beans popped are female I have already started this grow, and will add a few submissions to catch you up to where I am currently, starting second week of bloom. Anyone with notes on CCK to share, please pass them along as I am learning these beans still, beautiful structure on both pheno I have and some different aroma between both, very exited to see what she does. On with the show....
  12. Hello again fellow OGers. I'm strictly an outdoor grower at the moment, so I am at a major disadvantage when it comes to the cannabis plant selection process, as compared to indoor growers. Unlike you indoor guys, who can do perprtual grows all year, us outdoor guys only have one shot at it. Well, I've been taking the last few weeks to contemplate my next grow. I've kept a somewhat detailed journal of last year's grow, and am currently pricing several strains, as well as growing supplies. So, anthough I'm not growing, I am at least doing something.. Well, I have been thinking about making seed this year because I can't be keeping clones in my house all winter. I know, it sucks ass, but I know I'm not the only guy with a living situation that doesn't allow for growing weed in the house. I was kind of curious if anyone has had a successful breeding program outdoors, doing it guerilla style. If so, how did you do it? The next part of this post has to do with the selection process. If I am mistaken here, I am sure I will be corrected quickly but.... An F1 is where you select 2 IBL lines, two F1s of different stock, or even F whatevers as long as it's a first crossing makes a hybrid. I've got that. Now, when selecting a male and female from that F1, what should you be looking for? Structure? Yield? Taste? Effect? Or, should you try to compromise the best of all worlds? Now, once you select the F1 male and female to cross you get F2. These vary greatly from what I have read. Should you have seperate parents from that line that you breed in order to breed them together later? If I have failed to explain what I mean I will try to clarify... Here is an example... Huck Kush is an F1 Take Huck(f) and Huck (m) and make an F2. Once you get here, should you select several parents for different trits? Like take F2 (f) x F2 (m) pair 1:Say the female has a great stone and the male has a good resin profile . Then, have another pair of F2 parents that you have simultaneously selected for yield and flowering time. Do you cross their offspring (F3) like a female from pair 1 and a male from pair 2? Or do you keep the lines, refine them until they are stable, and then cross them? Am I way off here?
  13. Guest


    This is a test post. wiregrass
  14. Has anyone grown or tried red Heri fruit bud from Da Bean Co.? Was wondering if this is as potent as regular herijuana?
  15. Hey whats up OG? I haven't been around for quite a while due to working 80 hrs a week and growing and breeding. Its a lot on my plate! I have been recently been planning my seed pop of my G13 Diesel Bx so i can then make my Bx 2 seeds. I am also working on stabilizing my G13 Fire. I have also made crosses with the Green Crack, Blue Dream and my G13 Diesel. Ill try to get some pictures as soon as they germ and are planted. If i have time ill get a picture of the seeds before they germ. A tester of mine said his Blue Dream x Afghan Kush cracked open in 2 hrs soaking in water. I hope The G13 Bx do the same. Well hope everyone enjoys the show. Peace
  16. Hello OG members... I've been promising... or threatening??? to start this thread for a while now... too long in fact. in fact, the only reason i could take my sweet ass time with it is because i am working with a number of extreme sativas that take 14-20 weeks to finish!!! crazy right??? hopefully we can cut down on that with some... you guessed it, EXTREME indicas! so... this ought to be interesting. there are some beans that are from the commercial market, and some that are privately sourced and not widely available. since the genetics are limited and special... i started by backing some of them up in order to have more genetic diversity to work with. sativas: Indian Lowland Sativa: like an extreme green crack Swazi Red x Malawi Gold: Punto Roja Mango Biche Columbian Gold 1972 Double Jam Amnesia Her Majesty Green Crack - clone only Vanilla Sky Indicas: Cherry Pie OG - clone only NL x Skunk #1 Maple Leaf Indica Cheestral Purple Cheese OG SkyChurch Herijuana #1 Big Juicy El Cerebro Herijuana IBL K.O. Kush Anesthesia Caeser's Cheese A-Train Cheese Purple LA there will be more news about crosses i am working with here, that are not limited to this list. but this project should likely be the main focus for a little while. i'll also be working with some of the genetics that i have already developed. i just sprouted a tray of 50 Purple LA Cindy, and had 100% germ rates. great results for my first germ attempt. growing at a nice rate too! these were the seeds i was most unsure of too. so far so good. looking forward to those. i really want to increase Cindy's yield, and get a nice flavorful hybrid from this one. PEACE!!! keep it green!
  17. Hello world of open grow datmoose here and i'm pleased to show you my first hybrid project/ precursor to Onehorse town seeds. so what i have is a pre 98 dom jabbas stash male that i've collected pollen from and a faster flowering snowlotus dom male that i've collected. my females are as follows: shiatsu kush (tokyo drift pheno), shiatsu kush (bushido pheno), Phantom cookies (cherry pie dom), cinderella 99 (pineapple holy grail), captain kush (purple vics pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (juicy fruit ibl x landrace napalese hashplant) (45 day pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (nepali afro pheno). i'll have some pictures uploaded tonight. Oh i forgot my indoor. i've also got a snowlotus and bubba kush dom jabbas stashs a petroleum nightmare a jesus og and 2 scotts ogs
  18. Hey OG! I thought I would post a good selective pollen chucking method I recently had really good luck with. I don't sell seeds or need 1000s of them, so selective pollination works well for me. This allows me to make some seeds in my flower room but not ruin my otherwise sensi crop. First, I will tell you what I used to do. I segregate my males to an isolated room with no fans before they started popping pollen. This is usually a closet with no air flow. A couple CFL bulbs on 12/12 is plenty to make these flower and start dropping pollen. Once they start dropping pollen I just shake the buds into a mason jar with some desiccant in the bottom to make sure it stays 100% dry. Pick out the staminate flower parts so you just have the yellow pollen and desiccant. I do this over a week period or so then trash the males. This goes into the freezer for storage. I still do everything up to this stage 100% the same. I would then take some pollen from the jar and mix it with some flour to make it go farther. I probably mix 10:1 flour to pollen or something like that (there is still plenty of pollen in this mix but you can use a lower ratio or pure pollen). I would bring my girls into a separate room with no fans. I do this around week 3-4 of flower depending on the strain once buds have begun to set. I would selectively paint individual buds with a qtip or small artist brush. I shake the plant off and then it goes back into the flower room. After 24 hours I foliar spray the whole room to kill off any remaining stray pollen. You can repeat as needed, but once is plenty to make a stash of seeds. This works quite well, but I would get some strays. The surrounding nugs usually have a couple beans and then you have some randoms throughout the tent. Nothing major, but it can be annoying shredding a seed in the grinder. I figured I would try something new this round. I went searching through the house looking for some sort of see through bag that I could seal off around a bud. I found some clear thin plastic bags that were long and skinny. Almost that material that old school hard candies would come in. I put a scoop of pollen/flour mix in the bottom of the bag, maybe a 1/2 teaspoon. I took my target plants to the room with no air flow and tipped them on their side. I eased the bag over a small branch and twisted the bag tight along the stem over the amount of the branch I wanted to pollinate. Then I zip tied it super tight in the twisted area of the bag. I shook the hell out of the bag and the branch spreading the pollen around and repeated that a few times. I put the plant back into the flower room for about 36-48 hours. You start to get some condensation at that point so longer is not recommended. Next, I pulled those plants back out. I put a small slit in the top of the bag and stuck my foliar sprayer nozzle in there, soaking the hell out of the bud and the inside of the bag until water was collecting at the bottom where the zip tie is. After that I just removed the bag and put the plants back into the flower room. I just got done trimming most of my crop and haven't seen a single stray yet, even on the nugs below the bag. The nugs inside the bag are extremely well pollinated. I would say this is a very good method for folks like me looking to make a few dozen-hundred seeds without risking your crop. Hope this helps! Dude
  19. Well I am finally beginning my breeding project. Got the clones growin roots right now. I have my male Fire og bx from OG Raskal which I will be using to pollinate my Grandaddy purps from ken estes along with my G13xDiesel from head seeds and my skunk #1 from Cultivators Choice. The pheno of GDP is purple, frosty and very dense with a very sweet smell and taste. The G13xDiesel is a cross that was made with G13xG13bx and Rezdog's East Coast Sour Diesel v3. The pheno I have is very G13 leaning. It is incredibily potent, has a heavy narcotic like stone, produces very tight super dense buds that are completely covered with frost. The Skunk #1 was created by Sam the Skunkman in the late 1970's. It is a real good producer with a skunky fruit smell. Ill have some pictures as soon as they get planted! Peace
  20. Hi folks, Well I've decided to do a bit of breeding. I've done Human breeding earlier in the year and that turned out Ok These are just idea's at the moment, not all may get done, plus I'm receiving pollen via the mail (unknown strains at the moment) any one interested in sending pollen and seeing if pollen via post can remain viable please feel free to message me I've dabbled before in the breeding arena..... some success...some failures. I'll try this time to be a little more serious and less lazy and document EVERYTHING. Currently still testing current stock, this project will not fully start till end april if I've recieved all I need. Strains I am currently thinking of working with are...... Jack Herer (ss) Herijuana (sannie) Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze (Eskobar) Kronocaine (Whazzup) Chocolate rain (Eskobar) Nothern Lights (SS) MK Ultra Wreck (TH Seeds) All these are currently on the go. Cross's I am considering...... (AH x G13H) x Herijuana (AH x G13H) x Chocolate Rain JH x Chocolate Rain Northern Lights x Chocolate Rain MK Ultra Wreck x Chocolate Rain. Plus whatever pollen I receive. Also may be something special lined up if a VERY nice gentleman sees fit to help me out All input is welcome here Grtz HillCrest
  21. Hey all!! Ive been growing medically for 5 years. I love to learn new techniques, as well share some of my own. Im here to be a noisy fly on the wall, I live a busy life yet i still love to take time out and smell the flowers Thanks for letting me into your community here at Open Grow Purely Medical
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