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Found 11 results

  1. I'm searching A13 x C99 seeds from Dutch Flowers. Me and my GF smoked this about 8 years ago from the coffeeshop, it's was labeld by the name 'Moonflower'. We had such fun from this strain and I want to grow it, just for the sentiment and 'good old times'. Does anybody know were to find those? http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/A-13_x_C99/Dutch_Flowers/ Thanks, Sunnyvale
  2. URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/205375-7db8f877-87f7-48b5-bb7d-0ce11ebb45a3/][/url] Hi guys This is c99 f6 Gifted by Bigun The one pictured was the smallest plant don’t let size fool you I picked her at 9 1/ 2 weeks and the extra week was well worth it Tasty more to pineapple/ citrus Smell spicy and citrus like Smoke smooth ( grown organic in soil ) High well look out Small bowl first thing in the morning a wake and bake and the fun begins It creeps up on you by the time you realize it pow It’s one to keep around The one plant I picked at 8 1/2 weeks was very good but the extra week made the difference The one pictured did cure only 3 weeks Taste better with age Thanks Papalag
  3. So as a final decision #12 is not a keeper. Having overly long internodes, taking the longest to finish. Lacking the sweet intense smell flavor punch of others. But she does dish it out. Will incluide her in the O.P. of course. She smokes great. Yield was good, but the buds were lacking in bag appeal. Breaks apart easily and smokes smooth if expansive. Lingering unnamed sweet taste on the tongue. Good anitidepressant and appetite increaser. so yeah, great weed, just not as good as the top 3. Life is a bitch, a harsh mistress pick the...
  4. Hello guys, Just came across Classic Seeds... anyone has any experience with them or has any info about their strains? In depth research didnt really come up with much... they used to have a forum at IC, which got shut down ages ago, and they hold a forum at the seedbank they are sold at (google is your best friend lol)... but no smoke reports or grow logs tho? Really interested in some of their strains - C99, StrawD, Romulan, Afgooey and Romulan x Afgooey... all in very reasonable prices (under £30 for 10)... guy seems honest and nice, no shitfests in his posts etc but lack of info hold me back tho... Anyone care to share some info? Thanks.
  5. Greetings again everybody! Over the past few months I have tried very hard produce various grow journals but have failed completion due to a very busy and complicated schedule and lack of "free time" I am hoping to free up some time over the next few months to show some of the little projects I get the pleasure of creating. In an attempt to make up for some previous incomplete journals, here is a peek of a little bit of testing with some new toys and design for you all to enjoy. Once again, all fruits of this labor of love are given away free of charge to those in need. My fee still remains the inner joy of growing and giving. First up, We have had a little room upgrade from a 4ft x 7ft (1.2x2.3x2.0) to a 5ft x 10ft (1.5x3.0x2.3) The tent on one side has a Gavita Pro 1000w DE and the other side a Dimlux 1000w DE. On the left half of the tent we have 4x Grateful Casey (Casey Jones) vegged 3 weeks. On the right of the tent we have 2x Super Critical (Critical Mass x White Widow) vegged 3 weeks. And on the right a C99 mother that has been heavily LST'd and put into flower. All of these ladies are in 8L Rocket Pots filled with Coco that has had Beneficial Fungi hand mixed in. The watering system is a Tropf Blumat system using an elevated control tank. Some lovely root mounding. The Blumat system is using a control tank to maintain consistent pressure. It is simply a reservoir pumping water up to smaller shelved reservoir and overflowing back down to the main reservoir. By doing this the line pressure remains consistent regardless of the lower reservoir level due to the the upper reservoir always being the same fill level. The ladies (except the c99) were vegged for 3 weeks from rooted clone and topped going into flower. They are currently at the end of week 2 of 12/12 They are running on BAC Nutrients for this grow. Recipe thus far has been: 2ml/L Grotek Calmax 3ml/L BAC Coco Bloom 0.2ml/L BAC Silica Power 0.2ml/L BAC Bloom Stim 0.05ml/L BAC Pro Active EC 1.6, PH 5.8 I foliar spray every third day in a cycle: Grotek Calmax + Dutch Master Saturator Dutch Master Liquid Light + Dutch Master Saturator And have sprayed BAC Foliar Spray once a week since 12/12 Girls are currently drinking 40 litres per day. Enjoy! Rose.
  6. so got some sannies and dynasty seeds by way of @madmaster420 !!! also some jack smack from @ fatrasta i love OG! veg tent stay cramed sleekunsk before they fell sleeskunk fluffy good yeild day time smoke no body at all killing fields mystery sour cross far right Cholate rain ub chemo in back motorabel killing fields from a sativa mix sannie shop
  7. FYI, I have learned that Peak seeds were gifted C99 from Dizzle Frost of Frost Bros. These are IBL and original Grimm. I believe this is what eskobar used for his C99f3 freebies. You can get them through peak seeds as freebies or request them. Just thought I would throw that out there for any Grimm lovers. ---G
  8. Griot

    C99 Problems

    does anyone here think this is a ph problem or low nitrogen? the runoff was 7.3 so i flushed and got it down to 6.8. i am wondering if the yellowing from bottom up is lack of nitrogen as well. any ideas OGers?
  9. So I have some plants I want to hit with pollen from an E$ko C99. Last time I did this I thought I was real careful but made too many seeds for my liking. I plan on removing the plants one at a time and using a small paint brush to dust lower buds. Now my question is, if I do this how long does it take the pollen to work? Can I dust them and then must water all over them a few minutes later or is there a set amount of time for pollen to take? Any tips or secrets appreciated--thanks, G
  10. Dis is a clone from my C99 (femaleseeds). the mother hermied on me.she became mammy and daddy. so cut her at 6 wks flower. The smoke was lovely. But cant wait 4 dis 1. Very hardy plant. the clone looks different 2 the mother. fatter leaves. the mothers were skinny sativa leaves. Anyway smokin a nice joint of original cheese. so 4give the ramble. shes in a 20 ltr dwc system these 1s ave no home at t mo. but they seem 2 b goin grand. Dis 1 is in flower (1st wk). She was under a flur lite 4. well 2 lng. Put she is a monster of a plant.(just like her mum) had 2 do sum bending w her. (shed take over the hole closet) 4 t 1st wk of flower I decided 2 stay w the veg. food.(jungle juice) Next wk shes goin on sensi bloom and big bud powder. I am also using co2 tabs as well. Cheers JIMBO
  11. dear OPGers, happy new year. this is E$kob@r's HOLY PRINCESS (Santa Maria -Planck X C99 -Pineapple) first i would like to start off by sharing this drawing that my wife made. she felt deeply inspired by the eskobar strains that i have been growing. so she drew this a few weeks ago. i hope you guys like it as much as we do ... (i even made a t-shirt of it *LOOOL* ) okay, so let's start the report ... i germed 5/5 holy princess without a problem (only 2 days) in last november. due to unexpected space issues they were kept in only 1l pots (cuxin light mix) for approx 40 days ... poor little raskals this is them on day 19 under 2x 55w PL-L (840) after a way too long time in the little pots they were transplanted to a 45l crate of soil (a little under 12 gallons, i think) with (organically) pre-nuted soil from cuxin. they did not recieve anything but a little grow fert a week before transplant (bio bizz), only a little bacto-tap every other week or so. so as you can see ... they transformed into 3 unhappy, hungry bitches *hahaha* you can see that the five weeks in the little pots hurt them. but now they finally had some room to stretch their feet 40 days of veg under 2x 55w PL-L (250w MH, crate-veg day 1) then i snapped them bitches and put them in the tent ... ... and put the foil between light and plant-tops for higher humidity boost for the next two weeks. ... a week later ... (47 day of veg - crateveg, day 8) ... and after two and a half weeks under the screen they got flipped. (18 days crate-veg, 58 days of veg in total ... that was yesterday and they were quite thirsty.) holy princesseseses (lol) expected flo-time is: 9 weeks (+/- a few days) i hope you have enjoyed the ride so far ... i'll put up the next update with new pics in about a week or so. and no worries, fellas ... i will take pictures after giving water next time *lol* many greetings, SAN
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