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Found 8 results

  1. Justcozz

    Buy CBD FLOWER online

    While researching industrial hemp this morning, I came across this web site. Order high CBD flower and have it delivered to your home legally in the US. Now, I just need to find out where to get the certified seeds to grow my own. Thought this would be great, especially for making oil. Just mix this with our high THC strains for that perfect ratio to meet individual needs. https://tweedlefarms.com/
  2. Bear with me, my mind has been hijacked by a C99/Panama joint and my thoughts are rather disjointed. I was gifted a 12 pack of Perkins Cut BX from madmaster420, on the condition I open pollinate and make a bunch of seeds. So I am gonna open pollinate and make a bunch of seeds. According to the packaging, Perkins Cut BX is Chematonic x Cannatonic #4, goes 8-9 weeks, and has a medium yield. From what I found on Google, Chematonic is Chem91 x Cannatonic. This is my first go at a full blown seed run as opposed to selective pollination, so any pointers are welcome. Without further ado, here are 8 of the 12. It was 9, but I broke one with a solo cup The other 3 haven't popped and are still on the heat mat. It's been a week, so we'll see. A question for anyone out there. Will a seeded bud have a lower THC/CBD percentage than seed-free buds? The reason I ask is I want to have the females tested and need to know if I should isolate a cola during sexy time.
  3. So here in denver argo has found himself in a position to being forced to buy high priced CBD oil 130$$ for a one oz bottle 1000mg for some of my creations that i am making for clients and the price gets passed to them in the form of higher prices which hurts both of our bottom lines. I could grow my own but i dont have room with 3 in 3 and the state has made testing from non licensed grows illegal . Sooo I see blow out deals for med patients for cbd shatter and isolate at decent prices. so I started reading the fine print on the offers. Apparently if i only buy cbd I don't need a card. I can get 1gr of 99% cbd isolate for 30 bucks which is 1000mg is it not? so cant i take the isolate and melt it back down and make measured doses of coconut oil? if not oil 180 proof food grade alcohol? and make my own bottle of tinticure for 32 dollars and some time on the double broiler? Any thoughts on the matter will be welcomed. __________________ Seeds are a great thing!
  4. gardenartus


    CBD Water out on the market. Has anyone made something like this? I would love to learn how to do this. Any info is appreciated.
  5. agreenpassion

    Peppermint Patties ROCK

    Let me level with ya folks. I am not talking much because I am depressed and nearly died again. Lost a lot and working hard to recover. Layin here broken ribs crushed one side barely lift a 3 gallon. ♢♢♢ A very kind lady gifted me some medibles that are amazing. A sample of peppermint chocolates much like andes or p.p. taste very spot-on. Better than store or dispensary bought. Really. I would know. Lol Not dark chocolate, a more creamy soft warm taste that rolls off the tongue. But sharp inhale of menthol or minty spicy with some weed taste. But it fits and adds to the taste and lovliness. Almost a breathe of cold air in a sweltering room. I love food. Was much like a gourmand lol cooking and all. Wine and viticulture was mine after architecture 10 yrs back after fish. Reveal all my boring NOT secrets. Lol These chocolates are like fuckin World Class! And this kind lady gave them freely. From my heart. Thank you, 'kind lady'. Made a grown man cry a 2nd time in 2 days. . Kind lady- come harvest time I need to show u a kind thank you. Fudge and Huck.Destar and SnowQueenHeri... good meds ma'am. Much love and sincere thank yous. Many thank yous and much love from the 'Passion' household. Respect
  6. http://unitedpatientsgroup.com/blog/2015/06/02/treating-breast-cancer-with-cannabis-why-the-treatment-must-match-the-classification/ I hope this is OK to post this. We were finding that some breast cancer patients were not having as much success. These studies are so important and as time goes by we will have more. Some of the type breast cancers actually did worse on high THC treatments, some we have found actually do better on a 9:1 ratio of CBD to THC, just the opposite of what most treatment protocols called for. This is important information for those treating or who might be helping someone treat breast cancer with cannabis oil.
  7. skunkmonster

    Breeding Project #001

    Hello OG'ers! I'm Planning on making some seeds (first indoor, later this season outdoor) i will share my project(s) with you, hoping for some good advice, tips & tricks and test-growers my first crosses should be something special, so i need a male to enhance the allready potent strains i'm going to use, in my opinion selecting a Male will be the most difficult, i'm not looking for another comercial strain with high yields or funky names, but a partner who brings something special to the party.. there for a high CBD male will be chosen to polinate the girls, Inspired by the cbd revolution and rhino polders topic.. the line-up: -s5 haze -uruzghani -selene -kolossus -cheeseberry - Sourdiesel x Blueberry S5 Haze Uruzghani Selene Kolossus Cheeseberry #7 SDxBB #A SDxBB #C SDxBB # D I really want youre opinion about my plans.. What kind of New possibility's do you see? will be continued
  8. skunkmonster

    Breeding Project #002

    project nr 2 (will begin end of may!!) plans are: -refresh my current batch of ierdbei & BWS -making some potential CBD outdoor crosses i've been working with these strains for some times now: ierdbeif4 (basic seeds) known for the heribei cross form sannie's shop BWS (kaya gold x ierdbei ) own cross going to make a fresh batch of both also got some canshablanche (CBG-seeds) its a New Dame Blanche x Cannatonic and expect to find a nice cannatonic male in the breeding project 001 that will be used also, that makes the following posibilties: 2015 BWS x BWS = BWS F2 Ierdbei F4 x ierdbei F4 = Ierdbei F5 cbd: BWS x canshablanche = bws/canshablance F1 BWS x Cannatonic = bws/canantonic F1 Canshablanche x BWS = canshablanshe/bws F1 Canshablance x Ierdbei F4 =canshablanche/ierdbei F1 Canshablanche x Cannatonic = Canshablanshe/cannatonic F1 Ierdbei F4 x Cannatonic =ierdbei/cannatonic F1 Ierdbei F4 x canshablanche = ierdbei/canshablanche F1 to be continued