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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All I thought I'd start a collection of stealth grows so new growers can find them easily, the idea being to help those who would like to grow but are too worried about the consequences of others finding out that they're growing get their toes in the water so to speak I hope y'all will post your stealth grows here as well. here's the last cab I used, ran it for a bit over 2 years, no Idea how much weed I grew in it, it was several pounds though. I use a simple tray made outta hardware cloth and nylons to hold just over a pound (a half kilo) of activated charcoal for a scrubber, works much better than I expected, needs to be changed every six months, and all together cost just over $100 less than a can filter. Don't ya just love my high tech fasteners I was finally able to master the heat by separating my LED's from the bud area with this chunk of plywood, while the LED's produce less heat than CFLs, the way the cooling fans pull air from the top and blow it out the sides makes cooling a major pain in a short cab. Everything is wired inside steel boxes, safety first. all my fans run off a 12v adapter, went with tri-cools so I'd have a bit of control over fan speed but they're too loud on anything but low so it didn't help much. the inside dimensions are 26" wide by 12 1/2 inches deep, by 21 inches high, (65cm X31.25cm x 52.5cm) a tad cramped, but it keeps me and my worms pretty high just the one plant in flower at the moment, Beanho's Haze Hybrid Mix, as you can see it's worth 2 bucks a seed, sorry for the crappy pics. As you can see it grew great weed I've got a couple more, I'll post them later. y'all stay safe BalzOut
  2. Hello, My plants showed yellowing tips around two weeks ago. I made a post here and was told it was nutrient burn. Now i'm thinking it might definitely be a deficiency. Uploaded are a few pictures, including the fert i am using. I water once every 3 days. around a Litre per plant. every other watering i do a feeding. How i feed is i water the plant normally, then after 15 minutes i make a tea of 1 Litre mixed with 1/5 of a teaspoon (12-12-17). I water using tap water. and I have been kind of changing up PH every now and then, but i don't think it is a problem as the soil always buffers it down to 6-6.5. Oh and btw can you check the pic of the fert i am using, as I did not see Calcium written on there!? Age: 45 days, day 3 in Flowering Pot: 3 Gallon Soil: Universal Potting Compost (A bit of clay in it) (also has 0.75kg of NPK per square meter) Can you please spot any problems or deficiencies? Notice the purpling stem? it is only happening to one plant though! Next up is the damage on the leaves.(Almost only on Fan leaves?) (Also new fan leaves start out with white tips) (Also a bit of dark stripes in the leaves) One last thing, I spotted a few(3) white flies, they were tiny. I made a solution of soap and oil in a spray, they seem to have disappeared. I am thinking Calcium deficiency? Then again i am a first time grower. Thank You for your replies <3
  3. Technical details: Grow space: A corner of my closet that is about 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) Lighting: Vegetative: One Feit 40 watt 6500K and one GE 42 watt 2700K, Total lumen output 5500 Flower: Two GE 42 watt 2700k Total lumen ouput 5400 Pot: One three gallon Smart Pot (about 11.34L) Grow Medium: Hapi-Gro peat humus soil amended with Hapi-Gro composted pine bark fines and epsom salt Nutrients: Canna: Bio Vega, Bio Flores, Rhizotonic, PK 13/14, Cannazym Blackstrap Molasses Water: Carbon filtered tap water with bicarb mixed in. Co2 source: Open window during the day hours, especially when it is raining outside. Genetics: Random bagseed, that was kept in the freezer for a few years. Current Progress and Thoughts: - Waiting for the sprout to show.
  4. Technical details: Grow space: 21" x 21" x 60" (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) Lighting: Vegetative: One Feit 40 watt 6500K and one generic 19 watt 2700K, Total lumen output 3700 Flower: One GE 42 watt 2700k and one generic 19 watt 2700K, Total lumen ouput 3600 Pot:Generic decorative flower pot. Maybe one gallon( about 3.79L) Grow Medium: One year old, generic, "Recycled" hummus soil. Nutrients: Nature's Guide Compost tea concentrate (Mixed with water- Foliar fed or straight to soil) Molasses (Mixed with water- straight to soil) Water: Rain water or carbon filtered tap water with bicarb mixed in. Co2 source: Open window during the day hours, especially when it is raining outside. Genetics: Random bagseed, that was kept in the freezer for a few years. Current Progress and Thoughts: -During the vegetative period I did some low stress training, along with one super cropping technique and FIMMed it. -The flower is about four inches (10.16 cm) tall and finishing it's last day of 16 hours of light followed by the first 12 hour dark. -The compost tea concentrate may not be the best at the moment. However the bottle is almost empty and my lawn and archetural landscaping is thriving. I grew a several decent cantaloupes and a huge russian sunflower last year using the compost tea concentrate and one supercropping technique. -I may or may not have pictures later.
  5. My man loves his smoke although I don't join him. I stole some seeds from his cheap bag, did plenty of research and landed here. I've always loved growing plants in general and fell in love with the beauty of cannabis. This seems to be the home of the best breeders, coolest growers, and accurate information. If my poor little plant survives then I will order exclusively from Sannie. Send good karma and any suggestions my way!
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