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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there dudes and ladies. I had the opportunity to grow some Jordan of the Island branded Chemo and am sharing a smoke report. Date: late September 2016 Strain: Chemo Harvested: 68 days 12/12 Toker: Passion Breeder: Jordan of the Islands Grower: Passion ~~special tx @ MM420 @ Indi ================================================= PHYSICAL EXAMINATION ================================================= 1. Visual Appeal: (1-10 unappealing-excellent) [5] 2. Visible Trichomes: (1-10 none-totally covered) [7] 3. The approximate percentages of each color under magnification of the trichomes. Clear [15%] Cloudy [83%] Amber [2%] Dark [0] 4. Percentage of different colors apparent looking at the finished flower: Brown [5%] Green [80%] Gold [10%] Blue [ ] Grey [ ] White [ ] Red [ ] Rust [2.5%] Orange [2.5%] Purple [ ] Black [ ] 5. Bud density: [1-10 airy-rock hard] [9.4] 6. Smell: [1-10 [subtle-Penetrating] Earthy [3] Licorice [1] Bubblegum [1] Juniper [2] Hash [4] Iron/Rust [2] Celery [6] Pine [1] Pepper [2] 7. Rate the aroma: [1-10 repulsive-delightful] [3.5] 8. Seed Content: [0] 9. Weeks cured: [5 weeks+] PHYSICAL EXAMINATION COMMENTS: Hard oldschool looking Indica buds. Similar to the good stuff from BC in the late 90's. Hard on the grinders, nicely dense and heavy with a so-so bag appeal, a funky kinda nasty sorta good smell and tickles the nose. Has alot of trichs but not big enough heads or close together enough compared to newer type lines in my opinion. ================================================== THE SMOKE TEST 1. Used a clean local blown one-hitter followed by a cheap imported novelty glass water bong. 2. Taste: [1-10 faint-extreme] A. Initial inhale taste: Pepper [1] Pine [2] Coffee [5] Hashy [4] Bitter [3] Celery [8] B. Exhale taste: Celery [4] Coffee [7] Bitter [2] Juniper [4] Earthy [3] Mossy [3] 3. Taste: [1-10 unpleasant-delicious] [4] 4. State of dryness: [1-10 wet-dry with 5 as ideal.] [5] 5. Smoke ability: [1-10 harsh-smooth] [9] 6. Smoke expansion: [1-10 stable-explodes] [2] Comments: I can smoke a couple bowls in a row it's so smooth and easy with a weird hard to describe flavor. Reminds me of taste of late 90's Chronic mixed with CBD strain. The color in person looks a bit more green than in pics. The taste is so-so and the bag appeal is only slightly better. Very easy to hit and smooth. ------- Effects 1. Medical A. Relieving muscle cramping --this strain helps with this for me in the evenings. B. Sleep Aide --Somewhat potent seeming and if overtoked WHAM night night not evil sleep, just pulls da blanket over and sings a sweet lulabye. ****Extra effects- dry mouth, forgetfulness, slow reaction, red eyes, happy, hungry, focused, plodding, magooed, focus (but only 1 task) <>stoned Chemo ramble <> wooohoo I'm a snail in slow-mo but havin fun and could eat the ass out of a dead porcupine but I forgot I was smoke testing. Also gets me centered on 1 task but makes more very difficult to think. This was-is a keeper couldn't care about bag appeal. Sweet happy heavy Affy type droopy high but a noticable CBD feel. The medical benefits and smooth easy smoking combined with no hangover make me overlook the deficiencies.
  2. Love him or hate him, Marc is free again. He did his time like a man and is out now, and trying to change the politics in Canada Jodie 4 years ago at Hempstalk, Portland, Oregon http://www.cannabisc...and-Jodie-Emery Marc Emery’s two decades of marijuana activism and entrepreneurship have earned him the nickname “The Prince of Pot” and 23 trips to jail. The most recent, a 4½-year stint in U.S. federal custody for his mail-order pot seed business, is now at an end. Awaiting deportation back to Canada, he spoke to Maclean’s about his plans for the future from inside a Louisiana detention centre. His wife and fellow activist, Jodie Emery, joined in from their Vancouver home. Q: Marc, you were released on July 9. What’s the holdup in getting you back to Canada? ME: It’s just bureaucracy. It’s all about my passport. And of course, the reason I don’t have one is the Canadian government took it away from me when I was arrested in 2005. I was brought here by Canadian officials and delivered to American officials. They know who I am. They know I’m here. Q: How will you get home? ME: The Department of Homeland Security will pick me up, take me to the New Orleans airport and deliver me to Detroit. Then U.S. marshals will pick me up and drive me through the tunnel and drop me off at the border. It’s like Checkpoint Charlie. JE: I’m hoping Mark can phone me the day before—that’s the soonest we’ll get notice—and then I’ll run to the airport and fly to Toronto and get to Windsor. This happens to a lot of Canadians who are incarcerated abroad. The government moves very slowly. Q: Marc, you made a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors in 2010 that would have seen you serve part of your sentence in a Canadian jail. What happened to that agreement?
  3. I'm new here, but really looking forward to next summer's outdoor guerrilla growing. At least I'm hoping to find a strain that works here in 60N, hopefully no rudy in it. Perhaps canadian breeders are my best shot, or Alaskan?? Also the excitement of finding spots, losing them to animals, weather, police, "do-gooder-citizens", thiefs who are too lazy to grow their own, and possibly being just too stoned to remember the spot location... Also preparing the spot, unpredictability of weather effects, mold, insects, rainy summer all this makes me tick. I've never done a guerrilla grow, but people do it here, with some success, better or worse. Looking forward hearing about your plans, and possible grows, as some of you are living in areas where you can grow as we speak. Come have a chat, link your reports if you will, but from this year only, if possible. Share experience, tips, problems, hopes, fears and yields, well in pics and words that last one is. GhostPoet
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