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Found 21 results

  1. Hey grow peeps! I have heard that tomatoes produce a relatively large amount of Ethelene. Supposedly, some growers are companion planting Cannabis with Tomatoes to use the Ethelene (from the tomatoes) to produce all 'female' plants or to keep unstable genetics as solid female throughout flowering. Anyone with experience doing this? Any useful info, tips or tricks would be appreciated. May have a few polite questions. Thank you, Passion
  2. Greetings, I am a life-long gardener, but completely new to cannabis culture. Fortunately, I live in a state with medical cannabis. For the past four years i have been treating muscular-dystrophy-pain with weed. Purchased from a dispensary. However, in a couple months i will be moving to a state without any such allowances. And for this i am excited, because it gives me a reason to begin growing. Look for my first grow beginning sometime this December. I might need some help. My goals are modest. I need to be able to produce ~30 ounces, or 840 grams, per year. My action plan is to begin with soil and organic amendments. I want to keep things simple. I will fill in more as i get closer to that first grow. In the mean time, I will be following threads and learning from others. I really need to nail that first grow. (If i don't, i will be in a world of hurt when i run out of medicine.) At the same time, i don't want to over design anything. I would hate to set up a system capable of producing pounds, when i only need ounces. I aspire to maximize yields and quality, while keeping things simple and pleasurable. Nice to meet everyone here. Gardener
  3. If someone is trying to detox marijuana for health reason, what could be the safer way to detox it, is it better to include more exercise with high fibre diet in your daily routine or one should rely on the market products?
  4. Greeting Opengrow, Time to stop diddling around all the time with growing. (Im sorry, I get a little bored sometimes) This topic is to showcase a few genetics in a nice simple, perpetual fashion I will be good and do my best to put on a good show Starting up we have: 2x 1000mm x 2000mm Flood and Drain tables filled to 100mm depth. (1x filled with 50/50 Perlite/Coco, the other 70/30 Perlite/Coco) Over each table I have a Dimlux 1000w DE Fixture @ 1000mm above table. In the middle of the room on a light mover rail, I also have a Solistek 400w 10K bulb for extra UV Drain to waste, using EWC tea and 1x dose per week of BAC Organic Bloom @ 2ml/L First run of genetics are: Sour Amnesia (Hortilab) Kali China (ACE seeds) Critical Mass (Unknown) Enjoy!
  5. Tried 3 attempts to make these, then I finally checked my thermometer lol 45 points off! Today I have success They taste like Werther's! Yea haw lol
  6. Hello, I need some assistance with my [HAZE X] (Sensiseeds) plants. First some INFO: Light: 4 42watt 2700 CFLS Pots: 1 gallon for first 25 days, then transplanted into 3 gallon pots with %30 Perlite Soil: Universal planting Compost Temp: 25c (Stable) Water: Mineral drinking water (PH-7.4) 500ml per plant every 3 days. Nutrients: I only fed twice, i put two teaspoons of 12-12-17 into 500ml of water and divided it equally to all three plants, i did this procedure twice, once every other watering i did. Three days ago I noticed some browning on the tips of some edges. as another day passed, the brown tips occurred on other leaves too, usually midway through the plant. Also, now the brown tips are starting to form on new leaf growth. ALSO, there are a few random white patches on some leaves(1 inch patches at max). Leaves at the middle of the plant have also started to fade in color. This problem is only happening to two out of three plants, even though they are the exact same grow. INFO: I transplanted a week ago because since sprout, I have never seen any run off of water, this included the two times i fertilised. I got worried so i transplanted. INFO: I just flushed the plants yesterday to try to eliminate the possibility of Nute and salt Buildup, there was a bit of a boost in growth today but maybe i am just imagining it. INFO: ALL plants look extremely healthy and have fast Growth rates. IMPORTANT: One of the plants are starting to form similar to PURPLE? coloring on the side stems... LINK TO ALL PICS: http://postimg.org/gallery/14ar6im8g/
  7. Hello, If there is any information or personal experience withX-HAZE, could someone please share it with me? it is my first grow, and did not find much info on the strain..... Also, if you look at the pics, would you think it is a good idea for me to switch into flowering? kinda limited on time, but want the biggest Fruits possible. Expectation of Yields? INFO: Sprouted Feb,1 Cotyledon leaves dropped ten days ago. Transplanted from 1 gal pot into 3 gal pot a week ago, Root Ball was MASSIVE. Pics Link: http://postimg.org/gallery/2okn2k4gg/ GreenJesus
  8. Hi guys! I was making up my first batch of custom Mapito today and thought... "Hey, take some snaps, somebody may find this useful one day" This mix is based on 'Simplicity's P Ball mix' but have been given guidance by the Mapito Guru himself, Hidronesia* ( *Hidro is reluctant to sign off on this ratio mix.... if it is successful, full credit to Hidronesia, if not, he takes no responsibility.... lol ) Either way, full credit to Hidronesia, Simplicity and all others who have pushed Mapito growing to what it is today Ok, lets make some Mapito!
  9. Happy New Year OPG members! To kick off 2016, I have started a little organic SOG operation for medical oil production. I have included a few little steps as I go, please feel free to tag along and see my style of SOG *Blame Hidronesia, his grows have inspired me back to SOG Enjoy! Rose.
  10. Hello again Opengrow members, Been having a little break to enjoy some well deserved rest lately, but during my intermission I thought it may give me the chance to show a little breeding project i did a while back but havent had a chance to pop the F2's that came from the project. "Breeding" is all the rage with the kids these days .....so I thought I would share this with you Down to the details, The mother was a genuine cut of Bruce Banner #3 (Coal Creek Kush x Rez's Strawberry Diesel) The father a very electric Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk x Haze) Of the 10x sprouted, these were the 3 ladies that gathered my interest the most. I have dubbed them "Green Lemon" (In advance, sorry for the lack of detail in the OP photos, shot with a 35-80mm lense, my 15-50mm lense aludes me.... *scratches head) The 3 Princess's, 1 - 2 - 3, left to right Enjoy! Rose. Green Lemon #1 Green Lemon #2 Green Lemon #3
  11. What's good everyone? I'm a professional artist based in Portland, Oregon and I've grown outdoors for a few years, having great success. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in my state, I'm starting my first indoor hydro grow. Being an artist and a go-getter, I really enjoy sativas for the energy and boost to my creativity. I'm currently 33 days in my organic hydro grow and I have 2 plants from feminized seeds from the landrace Kilimanjaro strain. I'm using a DIY ebb and flow setup in my basement, growing in a 4x4x8 tent using 400w MH/HPS light with a inline fan and carbon air filter. I look forward to being a part of this forum, as I'll be here to seek advice from time to time and also to help others when I can. Here is my setup: My DIY ebb and flow setup. This is from a few days ago. I'm currently experiencing a little nute burn, so I've dialed my reservoir back a little. I'm currently at 460pp wtih a pH of 6.3, using 50% recommended nutrient strength. I'm using General Hydroponic's Organic line of nutrients (CalMag+, Biothrive Grow and BioRoot)
  12. Just would like to say, I've been using this site for a good year now an d i though it was tme to contribute back to it as i have gotten allot of great grows from here and allot of lauughs reading ppls posts.. kEEp it up n ill be posting from now on.. CHEERS FROOM DOWN UNDER AND LIGHT UP ONE BROS
  13. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our little farm house (rented, lest you think I'm some kinda property baron or wine farmer) is surounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. Every day I am thankful for my life. I love my wife and daughter. I love my country and I am filled with hope for the future. And then I read about another South African being busted with cannabis. Did you know we were one of the first countries in the world to outlaw our beloved plant? Yep. Pretty much for the same racist reasons as the US government in the early 20th century. Afterwards we took the US lead and built out these crazy laws til even a single seed could get you in trouble today. Admittedly only if your arresting officer is a total asshole in a really bad mood. During the dark decades of Apartheid propaganda was spoon fed to South Africans. Our daily diet of God, Country and Volk kept us going. Very few openly questioned cannabis laws. I mean, its a drug isn't it. The government wouldn't have made it illegal otherwise would they? Today we live in a very different South Africa. Our Constitution is a highlight of modern culture. Somehow we've managed to stay the humanist course and legalize gay weddings for instance. But still cannabis is covered by a dark cloud of bad science and twisted old time logic. At the moment a little debate is starting and with warriors like Jeremy Acton and the Dagga Couple on the scene there might be some change coming. This change however is still far down the road for us. Today I just want to congratulate the folks living in Washington DC for throwing off the shackles of federal enforcement and making the only sane choice in freeing the weed. Here on my balcony, gazing at the sun setting over the rusted vineyards, I lift a well rolled Durban Poison joint in recognition of all the Cannabis people battling for the freedom of our herb. Stay safe folks!
  14. Thought to share this phenomenally good pasta recipe, just add enough bud, oil, hash, cannabutter etc. to get high too! makes a couple of servings at least Avocado Pasta: 1 clove of garlic 1/2 chili (remove seeds) 1 lime 2 ripe avocadoes salt black pepper 1/2 dl oliveoil (0,2 cups) A handful of fresh basil leaves A handful of fresh parsley 30 g (1 dl) grated pecorino cheese (1 oz) 30 g (1 dl) grated parmesane cheese 400–500 g spagetti (14-17.5 oz) +( cannabis oil infusion, cannabutter, enough weed, hash etc. enough to get high) ------------------------------------ You can make the sauce straight in the serving bowl you serve the pasta from. Chop garlic and chili, put in a bowl. Squeece lime juice in. Split avocados and remove seeds. Cube the avocado in it's shell and take the cubes out with a spoon. Chop herbs and grate the cheese. Add salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped herbs, and grated cheeses. Mix with a spoon, taste. Add enough salt, otherwise it will become bland. Taste again. Cook pasta in well salted water until al dente. (pasta still has a bit of bite, not crunchy nor too soft) Take aside little less than 1 dl of pasta cooking water. Use a colander/sieve to strain the pasta. Pour some of the cooking water into the sauce and add boiled pasta into the bowl. Stir gently to mix a bit. Grate parmesdan cheese on top and add black pepper from a mill according to taste. (on the servings plates) Serve immediately with a nice wine to drink. Enjoy!
  15. Firstly I'd like to thank you for allowing me to become a part of the Open Grow community. Please allow me to introduce myself. ~ I have been a medicinal grower for many years. I grow for no financial gain, but use my passion for growing as a tool to help those in need. By donating my success, I preserve the growing of this special rose as pure in gift as it is in nature. Please call me Rose... ~ As much as I enjoy the purity of growing, I also enjoy the technological advancements toward indoor growing and nutrition. I was blessed recently with some relatively new products to the market, so I wish to share my experience with these products simply as a journal and nothing more. This journal I am growing in a tent that is 7ft x 4ft I have: 8x Sensi Jack Herer's in 18L Rocket Pots filled with Coco (Vegged 3.5 weeks) Tropf Blumat watering system 1000W Solis Tek Matrix Ballast Solis Tek SolisMax88 Aircooled Hood fitted with a Solis Tek 1000W MH 4K And using the full line of Grotek Nutrients to test how they perform. The previous week to this, the princesses were "pre loaded" with: Grotek Calmax - 2ml/L Grotek Vitamax - 1ml/L Grotek Pro Silicate - 1ml/L Grotek SoloTek Grow - 2ml/L Grotek Bud Fuel - 2ml/L Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster - 0.1g/L EC watered back down to 1.6, PH 5.8 Here we are, 3.5 weeks veg, topped 1 week ago, day 1 of 12/12 I hope you all enjoy the grow Thankyou
  16. Interesting study. Small sample size but interesting. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/smoking-cannabis-could-change-the-part-of-the-brain-dealing-with-motivation-according-to-one-new-study-9262974.html
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19944956 Old news, but still relevant as an argument.
  18. Hello everyone, Im curious how long cannabis can be effectivly stored for. Anyone keep theirs around for long periods of time?
  19. Like the title says, let's discuss here about terpenes and how they contribute to the pleasure of smoking Cannabis. I've tried to find a comprehensive list of terpenes and their olfactory equivalents in cannabis strains. More common seem to be so called flavor wheels, but there are no info of terpenes in those images. For example I personally would love to smoke a strawberry-lime strain, Mojitos anyone? Or lychee-rose flavored one. I guess I like fruity and flowery scents and flavors... And minty ones... Is it simply a matter of finding a specific pheno that carries desired aroma and breding it with the other desired ones, or is it so that environment affects what terpenes "come up" in the plant? I mean does cannabis plant have within it the code for terpenes, but only some dominate due to genetic, environmental etc. reasons... I'm curious to hear what you guys think, what flavors you love, what strains have them and what flavors and flavor combos you'd love to grow... Especially, but not exclusively, strains from Sannie's Shop... What is the range of smell and flavor in different strains and their phenos... Here is a link about terpenes I found easy enough to read and informative. http://www.alternet....page=1#bookmark
  20. Here's something I found to be rather interesting. The Origins of Blueberry Cannabis Strain Note: This is a copy and past... Credit goes to original poster.
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