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Found 4 results

  1. I've introduced myself, but this is my first real post after a few years of lurking. Here's some shots of a cross I made outdoors last year from one of my favorite JBF4 phenos crossed with a kick ass CCK male. He stunk it up even in veg and had more trichomes than I've seen on a male plant, so even though I don't normally breed, I had to collect a little of his pollen and cross it not only with the Jackberry pheno, but two different CCK phenos, making some F2 version CCKs. Anyway, this pheno of the Jackberry crossed with the CCK has completely taken over my indoor stable. She is dense and covered in trichs at day 49 and a dried sample looks, tastes and hits heavy already, but she shines at 56 days and even has better buzz reviews than at 63. I'm gonna a take one 70 days this run, just to see and sample. She's a short, sticky plant with pinky sized stalks at their terminal ends, grows slow in veg, but doubles her size in stretch. I grow with water and molasses only in an organic super soil I created.
  2. Before we get started, here is some pron from Chuky's Bride my last run of clones. CLOSE UP Such a beautiful flower, don;t think I can ever thank Esc0b@r enough for bringing us this.... Anyways, onto the new grow. Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Hydroponics, “superponic” arrangement, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. 12 site SCROG net for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Strains: Clones: Chucky’s Bride – 2 phenos + a Male Chocolate Rain KO Kush regular seedlings (3) Caramel Candy Kush (1) KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain (pheno b.) - (still trying to decide what I would call it - thinking Fists of fury (raining KO) | KORain) hoping this is carried some of indica of the KO and can make it a KO leaner, wife finds the KO to be great for pain, and I like the rush from the rain, time will tell) Planning to do some breeding this round with the water droplet technique I read about here. Environment/Water/Nutes: Water rests for at least 24 hours with airstones applies, comes out of the tap with (avg: ec: 0.2 / 0.1ppt / 6.68 – 7.1 ph), I add some ph down to get me in the 5.6 – 6.0 range. Nutes: Jungle Juice (bloom / micro) – 1st try at running lucas Diamond nectar Cal Mag Plus Roots Excellurator Additives planned: Crystal Burst Snow Storm Ultra Veg Reviews on growth, welcome input from anyone that has had these as to phenotypes: CCK1- Plant is bushy and in veg seems to have more sativa influence when compared with others. Has pleasant odor, cannot put a name to the smell, not skunky, fruity/woody. Female verified, so she will be kept. Topped at 5node and bushed out wildly. Taking over left hand front side of chamber. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure CCK2 – Plant was not developed as long in system, as I had to make room for it. So this one is a bit smaller, but has strong tendencies that look very similar to plant 1 in structure and growth pattern. Aroma is similar to CCK1. Topped at 4th node. Verified Male. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure. CCK3 – Plant grew out exact same time as CCK1 but was smaller in size, but not stature. Same amount of nodes, just grew much closer together. Plant is significantly more compact with very tight internode spacing on branches, even after topped. Leaves on this plant are the most broad when compared with other two CCK. I believe it is Bubba leaning, due to more compact stature of plant and broader leaves compared with others. Not realizing same stretch as CCK1. Also a Female! 2 out of 3 CCK female, great ratio and I couldn’t have planned that any better. - Anyone that knows these plants/phenos, please share as I am going purely on guess from reading other journals and such. KOK/CR –Cross of a KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain F (Pheno was my heavy crystal plant, had hook leaves and more sativa finger style). Veg - Plant has leaves that lean to KO Kush dominance and are much broader than the original CR mother. During early growth grew like KO Kush, however, once topped, this plant took on more CR characteristics with significant off shoots and lots of growth, becoming the bushiest of all the seedlings. Verified Female! 3 out of 4 beans popped are female I have already started this grow, and will add a few submissions to catch you up to where I am currently, starting second week of bloom. Anyone with notes on CCK to share, please pass them along as I am learning these beans still, beautiful structure on both pheno I have and some different aroma between both, very exited to see what she does. On with the show....
  3. No pics at the moment (my wife was recently victimized by my new camera, when it jumped out of her hands and broke on the floor), but I've got a few purty little gals (and guys, I would venture to say) who have been vegging about 30 days. 2 Chucky's Bride (one with female preflowers) 3 Cheeseberry (one with female preflowers) 5 Blue Santa (one with female preflowers) 5 Caramel Candy Kush. The rest have no preflowers at all, though one Cheeseberry seems to be developing male flowers. They'll get another 2 weeks of veg. Last grow, I assumed I'd end up with too many female plants, so kept them all small. I did a good job keeping them small, but my assumption about too many females was a little off. This time, the plants are all going to be big. Maybe I'll regret it, but not as much as I'd regret a grow that didn't use up every square inch of prime lighted space. Most of the plants are about average in size, except the Cheeseberry with preflowers. That bitch could be huge, and I may end up putting a small SCROG screen on her. She'll dwarf the rest. My town's water supply is now a much higher pH than it was 6 months ago, and some of my plants seem to be getting an iron deficiency. It was a shock to see the tap water at 7.4, after it being 5.9 last summer. I wonder if they have more than once source. Anyway, I pHed down the water to 5.7 and watered the girls who look deficient. I'll see how that does them tonight. Maybe I'll have to spring for some ironite.
  4. We going to try it again. Now 2,5 halve days back from Vietnam. We using 4 x caramel Candy Kush. All the other things are the same en and the earth will be reuse zODd have no $$ right now. Will use normal 11l and no smartpots this time. I hope on 1 or 2 lady's but will be happy when there is one lady. The 4 that are drop. Macro seeds. Pitpots with Sannie's Bacto Oops need to call the window cleaner. The earth that i will use is with White Widow, (Thanks Donnie) Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi, Complete Organics, (Thanks Donnie) and home make earthworm shit. Work ahead. Some in the pot and stamp it. New layer with a mix of Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi, Complete Organics, After mixing a new layer with White Widow, Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi, Complete Organics. Mix it again an a new layer and with home earthworm shit. I hope to shot some nice photo again. After this round i start outdoor 2012 /zODd
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