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Found 3 results

  1. This report has been a long time coming. It was completed in the spring of 2013 and out of pure lazyness (yeah, Mad Kush can do that to you) has not been posted until now. When Sannie recently announced that the Mad Kush might be discontinued, I was kinda shocked and all the more motivated to show just how awesome this strain can be. I don't understand where Sannie is coming from because the Mad Kush is the single best indica dominant I've ever grown, and that is saying something considering it had to go up against Anethesia and KO Kush. Its got vigour, crazy root development, very sturdy stems, big colas and one extremely frosty pheno. It smoked as good and it looked, with a lot of different flavors ranging from chocolate/coffee to sour kush. The Cheeseberry Haze was not too shaby either, it tasted just as you would expect, cheesy haze/spice. The JB X KO Kush I let go a lot longer this round and was rewarded with a lot more potency and flavor. I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking (sorry no pics of veg). First few weeks: 120 X 60 cm Dark Room Starlight T5 220w GHE Flora Series, Useless Formula Supervit Hesi Roots Plagron Growmix During flower: 120 X 120 cm Dark Room 600w HPS Adjust-a-Wing GHE Flora Series, Useless Formula Atami Bloom (Bloei) Plagron Growmix Week 3 Flowering Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 9
  2. Just wanted to show E$ko some of his girls
  3. Hello OGers, Christmas is coming, so it's time to go "chopping": - 5 Cheeseberry Haze (5 popped, 5 females), 6 weeks of veg under 200w CFL, day 66 of 12/12 under 2 x 250W HPS (started for 3 weeks under 250w MH HPTi Philips 4500 K°) - 1 Sour Diesel Riri cut x Blueberry E$ko cut, 6 weeks of veg under 200w CFL, day 42 of 12/12 under 2 x 250W HPS (started for 3 weeks under 250w MH HPPTi Philips 4500 K°), it's somewhere at the left of the back row... Enriched soil, low nutes program, 3 gal. smart pots, 3 powerfull fans, for more details you can go and read my presentation (https://www.opengrow.com/topic/46389-hello-from-magic/) or feel free to ask, I'll answer you if I'm not too lazy or if you're a beautifull girl Here's the set up: 75 x 75 x 180 (2,5' x 2,5' x 6'), in my basement, so climate control is easy (even if it still needs to be well powered with 500w in 1/2 sqm). I use veg and clones/PM cabs, and a "sex room" is under construction. Please, admire my rolling tray! It makes all handlings so easy!!! Crowded overthere... Some E$ko monsters... I'll come back to give you more details and present you the different phenos. But to resume, incredible chocolate/berry/candy/lemon smell for the CBH which show me 5 very different phenos, from Cheese (with purple colors and a bubblegum/cheese smell), to SSH (big branchy plant with lemon incense smell), through an all randge of structure and smell (purple foxtail, monster blueberry, leafy sativa with a kush construction). I'll show you them in detail as long as I chop them. For the SD Riri x BB E$ko, more to come in the next post. Good Vibes, Magic
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