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Found 7 results

  1. hey fellow OGers, it's been a while! how are you? after a long time I'm happy to post something on here again. also it seems pretty quiet lately. so my current project is something I wanted to do for at least 2 years now and finally got my lazy ass to begin with. since feminism and tranny stuff is the thing now I decided to go with it. I plan to make males out of females and then let them knock up some sisters (or themself, depends..) some years ago me and a friend made 2 lines of cheeseberry f2s. with the male I had chosen I also did several other crosses. the ones for this project are amnesia x cheeseberry (acb)and chronic x cheeseberry (ccb) the amnesia i chose because..well...its amnesia and should go well with almost every other strain I was gifted some clones by a very generous member on here around 5 years ago (thank you again my man!!!) I was so happy and kept her as a mother for about 4 years. last year i decided to let her go as a huge outdoor plant. i regretted it shortly after...(she did wonderful though even here) the chronic was a very nice plant, structurewise. sturdy, small, fat stem, thick leafs, very good yielding. it was also the only one I had, I can't even remember where the seed was from. the flowers were huge but fluffy, had a nice colour, very little odor. the weed itself was plain, no remarkable smell and taste, the high was a good daytime smoke but nothing special either. but it was the structure and looks that got me. very beautiful. so my idea was that the cheeseberry adds a little density, aroma and vigour. i started 11 ccb and 10 acb. i kept 5 ccb and 4 acb, they are at 10 days veg now and have two litre shoes on. they took of some serious speed in growth and look very good, the vigour part is achieved^^ I fimmed them around 5-6 days ago and pruned them today, noticed the following: both crosses have a similar growth pattern. side branches grow vertical, leafs look very much alike, hight is the same. on one acb and one ccb I found a branch with a triploid growth on the second node. Im kind of excited about that. a friend who got the other plants is kind of a newbie who was interested in making his own seeds and didnt know how. i figured that this would be a nice project to get into all this seedmaking stuff. would be great if he had some triploid too. the next steps are to let them grow some more, take two cuttings of each plant. the ladies go in flower mode while the clones can grow. when the favourite ladies are chosen I will use the cs method to create female seeds of each cross. i'll get up some pics soon. it's easier to do with the laptop than the phone somehow. happy growing!
  2. Hey fellow growers and espacially the breeders/chuckers in here i'm currently trying to make my own seeds, regs and fems. what i recently did was this: I found my favorite cheeseberry-pheno out of a 10 pack. i took a cut off it and put it in my small chamber to flower it along with a cheeseberry-male and a sour diesel cut. i sprayed the females with colloidal silver the first 2 weeks and after 4 weeks total, i observed serious ball production on them. After harvesting my cb-plant i found several seeds on it (more than 100), also i found several on the diesel cut, but its still drying. the male was gone a few wekks before and the pollen was chucked and is stored in the fridge. i guess these seeds are mixed regs and fems cause of the male that was also in this cab and at first the females were growing normal with pistils and i guess there were pollinated by the male. is it also possible that these seeds are female because of the self-pollination? If not, does the silver has an effect on these "reg"-seeds? i collected a good amount of pollen off all plants and will make seeds with untreated cuts to send some as freebees, but with this first test-batch i'm not sure if it's a waste of time to test them. What do u think? i hope im not off the track... thanks in advance for the replies! greetz
  3. I thought I had better catch you all up on my grow of Cheeseberry (there are 2 Lush in the main group as well). Medium is Canna Terra and I have been hand watering. Globe is a Solis Tek 1000W and ballast is Solis Tek Matrix. Adjusta Wing Avenger shade. I have 3 phenotypes (labelled #2, #3, #5). #2 is the more indica phenotype with less stretch and fatter leaves. #3 is slightly more to the sativa side but not too different from #2. #5 has noticeably thinner leaves and stretched the most out of the three. Day 1 12/12 Day 7 Day 16 Day 22 #5 #2 Day 26 #3 #5
  4. hello folks! got a new tent, my plan is keeping this tent @ 18/6 so i can keep some mothers/clones/pre growth or whatever... got another tent with a hps as a flowering room got 12x cheeseberry regular and hoping to find one killer pheno to keep and clone specs: a mammoth dr90 90x90cm 180 in hight 150w Evsa + 150 Mh grow ready to keep some genetics alive! 12x Cheeseberry Regular growing strong.. looking for the killer pheno Flowering room: Secret Jardin dr90 90x90x180 400w Philips + adjustawing the 2 tents togheter lets grow into a great 2014!!!!!!!!!!
  5. No pics at the moment (my wife was recently victimized by my new camera, when it jumped out of her hands and broke on the floor), but I've got a few purty little gals (and guys, I would venture to say) who have been vegging about 30 days. 2 Chucky's Bride (one with female preflowers) 3 Cheeseberry (one with female preflowers) 5 Blue Santa (one with female preflowers) 5 Caramel Candy Kush. The rest have no preflowers at all, though one Cheeseberry seems to be developing male flowers. They'll get another 2 weeks of veg. Last grow, I assumed I'd end up with too many female plants, so kept them all small. I did a good job keeping them small, but my assumption about too many females was a little off. This time, the plants are all going to be big. Maybe I'll regret it, but not as much as I'd regret a grow that didn't use up every square inch of prime lighted space. Most of the plants are about average in size, except the Cheeseberry with preflowers. That bitch could be huge, and I may end up putting a small SCROG screen on her. She'll dwarf the rest. My town's water supply is now a much higher pH than it was 6 months ago, and some of my plants seem to be getting an iron deficiency. It was a shock to see the tap water at 7.4, after it being 5.9 last summer. I wonder if they have more than once source. Anyway, I pHed down the water to 5.7 and watered the girls who look deficient. I'll see how that does them tonight. Maybe I'll have to spring for some ironite.
  6. Greetings Open Growers. It’s autumn. The leaves are turning, the deer are in season, and my attic has cooled down enough so that I can fire up that 1000W bulb up there in the green room. As is typical, I was torn between a zillion strains I’ve never grown or smoked before, so I narrowed it down to four. I was going to try Chocolate Rain, Lollypop, Ace of Spades, and Santa Maria x Cheeseberry – five of each (Oh, I’m going to keep them small! It’s all according to plan!). About half would be males, so I’d end up with about 10 fabulous girls. What could possibly go wrong with that number of plants under a single bulb? Last year a single Lemonberry took up half the real estate in the green room, but that’s because I failed to keep her small! How remiss I was in my youth. Anyway, the day I started to soak my seeds, I had all my seeds out in front of me. Wouldn’t it be interesting to sample Cheeseberry along WITH Santa Maria x Cheeseberry? Damn right it would! So a couple of AoS got dropped from the running for a couple of CB seeds. But HEY! I have yet to try one of Professor P’s offerings. Maybe I can slip a couple of those KF x Space Queen freebies in there and drop another AoS and a SM x CB. OK, that’s how it was. Unlike last year, when half my seedlings suffered sudden infant death syndrome, only two seedlings croaked: a SM x CB seemed to push itself out of a spongepot, and my clumsy attempt to get it back in there killed it. Also, a Lollypop decided to die for no reason at all. That’s right, NO REASON. I think it was depressed. I was down to a mere 18 plants, meaning I’d only have a sparse 9 girls under the HID if I got 50% females. So naturally I sprouted a Mad Scientist fem. I felt bad about the way I tortured and killed that other Mad Scientist plant out in my yard this summer, so I’m making it up to the strain. I’m making it up by putting it in an overcrowded grow room with a few weeks less vegging than all the other plants. It will forever be in my debt. This was all at the end of August. Fast forward to a few weeks under some t-5 bulbs in the nursery tent, and a bunch of the boys have shown preflowers. I don’t keep males, so I now have: 2 chocolate rain (1 with female preflowers, 1 without) 1 SM x CB with female preflowers 2 Ace of Spades, no preflowers 2 Lollypop, no preflowers 1 Mad. Sci. fem. I’m still in denial about the two CBs, one of the CRs and a Lollypop. They have primordial preflowers that LOOK like males BUT there’s still a snowball's chance in hell that I’m wrong. Looks like trying out one of Professor P’s crosses will have to wait, and likely the same for the CB. But that means the other 3 seeds in that freebie pack are girls, by law of averages! It’s a law, the seeds can’t break it! And by that same law, the rest of my plants are girls, right? RIGHT? I knew you'd agree. OK then. I didn’t want to bore the shit out of you with pictures of newly sprouted seedlings, so I didn’t take any. I’m a little torn about whether I should show boring pics of 4 week old vegging plants, but I’ll post them as a service to those of you with insomnia, after I make the final transplant this weekend. In the mean time, I'll describe them: 1. Green 2. Look like weed 3. Plants I messed up the FIM on look like Palmetto trees on top 4. Ace of Spades is short. 5. CR and SM x CB are tall. There you have it.
  7. All i want for x-mas is some Cheeseberry Sincerely, Fuzz420
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