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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All I started up a new cab a couple months ago, it's a work in progress and looks a bit rough due to being made almost completely of recycled wood, nails, and screws, couldn't figure out how to recycle glue here's my Glowing Growing Dildo of Dankness, Digibryte 400w HPS ballast dimmable to 75%,50%, right now it's running at 50%, 19"(~48cm) x 6"(15cm) cooltube.. I built the reflector myself, easy peasy, the big fan to the left of the dildo, er, cooltube draws air from the grow cab during the winter, during the summer about half the intake air is drawn from a cooler room through the back side of the box the cooltube is sitting on the exhaust goes out through the cooltube pulled by a couple 75cf/m (sorry, no Idea how to convert to cubic m) and through an activated charcoal tray filter filter in the big box the fan box is sitting on, sorry, my camera was outta batteries when I put it together so no pics of the filter, I'll get some when I change it in a couple months. went with a v-scrog to maximize my area, here's a pic of my current sun worshiper and with the light cancellation setting, not sure why I like this pic. seen in a better light High def pic so you can zoom in. She's not so pretty from this side GrowRoom my basil and garlic chives are doing well, and you can just see a couple of tomatoes on that sad looking tomato plant in the back corner, oh, and there's a few pot plants in there too and a mess the bud cab is 30" (75cm) x 35"(80cm) x 40"(105cm) high, and the grow cab is 18"(45cm) x 30"(75cm) x 34"(~85cm) high. I'll be turning the top left into a mother keeper, and the section between the grow cab and the flower cab is about 10 inches(25cm) high, all my electronics will be in here, inside an air cooled and soundproofed fireproof box I'm planning on keeping my mother plant in the top left cab, the last one needed 21 1/2 hours of light to keep the males from flowering, and on the right I'm experimenting with using shorter photoperiods for seedlings to get more females, doubt it works but I'll try almost anything once, twice if I'm not sure I didn't like it I'll be using organics except on my mother plant, I need to be able to adjust nutes rapidly on her so she gets miracle grow, how can I treat my mother so horribly? just a note, by organics I mean the use of natural organic substances, by organic I mean chemical compounds made from organic sources. Pots: plastic 4" plastic >1 Gal plastic and if I plan on flowering them, 5 gallon (19L) smart pots once they've decided whether they want to pitch or catch, otherwise I graft them onto my mother and kill them, I save a couple cutting in the fridge just incase the graft doesn't take, which hasn't happened yet. Soil: Promix HP and worm casting mixed at two to one, I'm experimenting with higher percentages of WC, jurys still out. I I'll also be experimenting with replacing the promix with coir, it's a bit more environmentally friendly fertilizer: I use fortified worm casting with high nitro Guano for veg and high Phosphorus Guano for flower, and I feed my worms powdered egg shells, green sand, and glacial rock dust, and eggshell lime. When I transplant once they've shown sex I put em in a 5 Gal Smart Pot about 1/3 to 1/2 full depending how long I want to veg them, if I'm vegging for longer I need to fertilize more so I leave more room. In veg I apply a couple inches of worm castings when they look like they'll need it in a few days (it's an art rather than a science ) usually once every 2-3 weeks, sometimes I scratch in an extra tablespoon of guano if they're heavy feeders. I usually scratch in some of high N guano when I flip them and then top off the pots with worm castings fortified with high P guano about two weeks in and scratch in guano whenever I think they'll need it soon, how much depends on what I think they'll need. Thats about it for now, after all that typing I need a nap y'all stay safe BalzOut
  2. [i have summarized the 55 page thread at ICmag, [b]Anyone Run Highland Mex x BB?[/b]] (Lost the white space, sorry) 01-19-2008, 10:59 PM #3 3dDream Never run it, but I found this article: Quote: MEXICAN Highland Oaxaca Highland Gold, somewhat similar to the Colombian Gold, lacked bright gold color but sported purple and red calyx tips on its blondish-brownish-green buds. It had larger buds surrounded by long, skinny leaves. I smoked this variety during brief periods in the early 70's and again in the late 70's, paying anywhere between $40 and $120 per ounce. It was some of my all-time favorite because the aroma and flavor were of a super-spicy cedar incense with a slight fermented berry taste, in a very comfortable yet powerfully psychedelic pot. This herb contributed to many great parties, concerts and events of the era because it produced a very socially-conscious experience and mixed well with other psychedelics. With a long lasting, creeper high that kept coming on in waves over the hours, this stuff had no ceiling. One phenomenon consistently reported from the Highland Oaxaca experience was that of peripheral visual distortions of primarily cartoon color images. This tended to increase the visual distortions caused by other psychedelics such as mushrooms or LSD. The Oaxaca Highland Gold was a nearly pure Sativa which grew tall at 45°N, outdoors. It was also one of the most symmetrical Sativas I have encountered. The plants grew long side branches toward the bottom, and the even growth made these productive beauties look like Christmas trees when mature. The finished product was a very sweet and spicy herb of the highest quality, with a hint of fruity pine aroma. The seeds for this variety were small, dark and round, and the plants exhibited slight signs of hermaphroditism and required surveillance to maintain seedlessness. Guerrero This strain from Mexico's coastal mountains came in famed green, seeded spears and cost $60 to $120 per ounce in 1977. It had a spicy, almost wintergreen fragrance compared to the other Mexicans with a very clear head high and a most pleasant smoke. It was not as strong as most, but this herb still had a way of satisfying all its own. There was a legend about a group of entrepreneurs who imported seed from Lebanon to Guerrero and grew the famed Lebanese Upper Mountain (LUM) from the late 1970's to 1980. The LUM was electric, psychedelic and slightly sedative as well. A unique herb that I wish there would have been more of. The seeds from the Guerrero were medium to large in size and grey to green in color. The plants from these seeds grew similarly to other Mexican and Colombian strains: a medium to tall, bushy, productive plant. The Guerrero Green, however, is where some of the famed onion and garlic flavored bud of the Pacific Northwest originated. Michoacan Brown Spears From the high valleys of Michoacan, this strain was very similar in shape and texture to the Guerrero, but dark brown, and with a more peppery, spicy, woody aroma. $40 to $60 bought a seeded ounce in 1975. Although it was somewhat more bland tasting than the Guerrero , this semi-commercial pot was by far better than the commercial Mexican that was all too available. It had a more distinct, spicy flavor than the regular Mexican, as well as a brighter high that was not as susceptible to tolerance or burnout. The plants from the Michoacan Spears were nothing great. They were thick and bushy and matured earlier than the Colombians. Some were ready in late October, but most were ready in early November. The seeds were medium grey and plentiful. Like the Guerrero, they produced some unique spicy flavors when grown outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. 03-27-2008, 11:53 PM #22 martian313 Hi All, I’m a newbie here but have some info on the Highland Mex/BB….didn't know whether to put this in the H.O.G thread but hope those interested track it down here! Anyway here goes . Had some fun with these a while ago, lookin for the H.O.G. or something similar to the foundations of the FLO and had been very happy with Chimera’s Fighting Buddha, which was wonderful and very welcome addition to my collection. OK of the 4 beans tried got 2 girls and 2 boys. All were very uniform in structure growth rates etc. and showing great vigor. All were started on 13/11 cycle. Clones were taken from the girls and kept under the 13/11-11/13 regime while the mommas were placed outside to do their thing au natural. All were raised the organic way , same mix with the worm castings and Guano as principal nutrients. What interested me most is that the outdoor/greenhouse girls showed a different phenotype expression (see below) no purpling, green stems more compact buds than those on the coaxing cycle. The two clones when coaxed showed amazing leaf curl (which I have seen before in the blue strains) purple calyx tips, light lavender undersides on some leaves, some fox-tailing and a reddish meristem, despite the overall temps being higher for those under the light. These girls were seeded by both males. Stretch was manageable with some topping and bending, which the girls responded to very well Flowering time was pretty similar for both the coaxed and the outdoor girls and all were taken at 12.5 weeks when hairs were 75-80% red and concentration of clear trich heads was strongest.(im always looking for the PPP..powerfully pleasant psychedelic effect)... flowering @12.5 weeks is slightly longer than the 11 quoted by Chimera, but I’m not complaining…. Smell and flavour wise these babies are quite special….overall smell after a good 8 week cure is sweet lime with a deep sweet chocolatey bottom end (just like those boiled chocolate lime sweets). Flavor on the inhale is limey sweet citrus and slightly menthol /astringent…(when pulled through a nice water pipe ).On the exhale the taste is a wonderful floral violet taste….definitely top marks for flavor on this strain! The high is great also, clear and up with an almost immediate rush (not racy, heart or head wise), keep going and it gets meditative and spacey , with some definite visual distortion in a kind of tunnel effect ….quite a relaxing sativa with some proper potency to it, and very little body. seeded mommas are a little more chilled and a touch trippier. Long lasting too (3-4 hours) has a very high ceiling and you can get pretty high pretty fast with quick successive hits….tolerance build up is very slow. All in all a great plant for Sativa lovers and easily worth the 12 weeks wait Not sure which Mexican highland Chimera used for this cross and I guess it has some H.O.G like qualities (which could have come through the BB I guess), but it is quite different from the FLO (not quite as feel good, colorful or social but it is very creative and I don’t always feel social anyway!) SO unless someone can say other wise, I don’t think this is a H.O.G /BB cross (and I could be completely wrong here Chimera, so all apologies if I am...) I think read that Chimera used a Guerrero somewhere on these forums, which is a great heritage strain cross in its own right Anyway All in all still very highly recommended, and another triumph for the Chimera/DJ short stable ….looking forward to cracking the F2’s at some point to see what’s in there. Hands down to Chimera for offering these genetics at such great price. Hope this helps! Peace………………………..m313 I must say that this stuff just gets better and better with the cure. It is so up and so clear and intentful (in that you can apply yourself seriously to any task at hand whether it be social, manual or creative is unreal) with lovely euphoria to it. getting some lovely CEV's when relaxing into it too. This is defiantly one for the "acid test" flavour has developed to with more floral earthy notes lurking below the choco-lime. Wonderful....thankyou m313 The mexican used was indeed astellar highland guerreran specimen selected from a true mexican circa '73 (if memory serves) landrace population -Chimera 06-16-2008, 03:53 AM #37 Ulysses Thank you for the interest... Chimera's Highland Mex x BB is a winner in my book. Man, I love great genetics! I am already looking forward to my next run of this strain, and I haven't even smoked it yet! All outdoor plants are remarkably uniform in growth pattern and genetic expression. The True Blueberry influence is quite evident yet has meshed flawlessly with the Mex genetics... My phenos are branching wildly, having a reddish purple branch coming off a green woody mainstem. In fact, on several, the mainstem has lost dominance to the branches... Keep in mind, I am bending these back at a 45* angle to hug the sun... Growth is strong from top to bottom, most plants didn't even lose the growth from the first 3 nodes- until I took them for clones, hehehe... As you know, I only sprouted 5 beans. 4 female and 1 male... I keep the male plant in a special isolated male garden- a spot I had previously rejected due to less than optimal sun exposure. This spot is fairing the worst with the damn bugs sucking a 1mm diameter area from the leaf and then moving over a short bit and sucking it again. This eventually creates a 1mm hole in the leaf- leading up to a swiss cheese effect. Neem may prevent the insect from molting but the damage is done. I am happy to report of the strains in the male garden (BB, LP#2, HMxBB) that HMxBB is showing respectable insect resistance suffering only slight damage and it is only 3 feet away from the most damaged plant (a BB)... I have high hopes for a second generation! Indoors, HMxBB is a bit more tricky- it became necessary to Scrog this plant around a tomato cage (Crog, ToCrog, Carog, nevermind)... I was able to 'snake' the mainstem around the outside of the cage having one branch of each node on the inside and one on the outside- they all grew straight up and almost form an even mini canopy... New growth on this plant is very rubbery like most landrace sativas but unlike blueberry which can get woody one node from the top of the plant. This strain would therefore make an excellent Scrog candidate- it think I am going to wrap the next run around cages from the get go... This sole indoor HMxBB is in the 3rd week of flower and it's a bit nitrogen starved... Each feeding the plant grew 6-8" I swear! Stretch indoors will be a factor... I tried to limit it's N to just EWCs but it's eating N faster than I can pour it on... I'm going to hit it with some FF Fruit & Flower and hope it doesn't crash into the light again... I continue to rub the stem for that lovely scent which is only just turning from astringent to slightly citrus- I hope I get the subtle sweetness I can smell surrounding the garden in the plant itself! Wow! 7 to 8 weeks to go??? Whew!!! 10-26-2008, 10:17 AM #50 Ulysses Smoke and Grow Report Highland Mexican x Blueberry Thanks for the interest- the results are in... These plants came down a bit early. Somewhere in the 8-9 week range… The storm that felled a branch near the garden was pretty strong and flattened the field in which they grew. Three glorious 10’ Highland Mex trees where the only thing left standing!!! I also had to cross that field to ‘tend’-- and while originally following a deer trail, it became clear a ‘road’ was forming- used by both me and the deer… I made a management decision to pull them- too obvious. Stood in a deserted field at midnight on a full moon and limbed them with clippers and sawed through the stump and distributed the pieces widely. I grew these for soo long, it was like cutting down my pets! Ouch! The trash can liner puffed open like magic with a warm wind and received the long branches—And I was outta there! Hehehe, I could barely carry them! Growing Highland Mex As you may remember, I only sprouted 5 beans. Grew one female indoor and 3 females and one male outdoors. Yes, I kept the male! Separated of course… These plants spent the majority of the veg in three gallon gro bags in a mychorrizae heavy ProMix, Earthworm Castings and Perlite type mix… I LSTed them a bit to promote branching but this may not be nessesary- they love to branch! They migrated outdoors into #6 deep procans with a similar soil mix . Outgrew the pot by mid July and went right into the soil and just took off from there. Easy to grow and easy to clone. If I can clone it, it’s easy! I had trouble keeping these happy later in flower. Lots of leaf yellowing at the bottom of the plant. I began feeding them PureBlendPro bloom for soil and a bit of Liquid Karma mixed- they loved it but it was a chore getting it to the site. I attribute the yellowing to Cal/Mag defieicney. I used pelletized lime and got uneven distribution through the soil. Next time, I’m using pulverized dolomitic lime… I feel these plants ate everything I threw at them but start light with the nutes as always and work up from there. The plants were remarkably similar in appearance including the male. Each developed into 4 dominant branches including the plant that got accidently topped. On my plants, the buds that faced the tree line side of the grow- partially shaded- didn’t develop as well as the buds at the top and the sunny side. The very top of each branch began to sub-branch and very long white pistils appeared everywhere. I was surprised at the solidness of the bud- the calyces had just begun to swell… Some branch tips went dark purple- almost random on my plants- should I attribute this to the Blueberry influence or some deficiency possibly??? In any case, when hung and dried these upper buds appeared as long bird feathers- very interesting… Does It Taste Like Blueberry? Well, no it doesn’t. Possibly better. This Highland Mex leans heavily to the Guerran side of the cross. Yet, the Mexican genes in the selected Blueberry male melded flawlessly to that regions genes. The resulting taste and smell catapults your mind to 1969 concerts, a thick, rich incense-like cloud of blue smoke... The Blueberry adds RESIN! Tall, clear, standing trichomes with bulbous heads. Like millions of lollipops... I don't remember seeing resin on any Mex strain I ever smoked! Some of the sticky smaller buds got smashed in transport and turned into little hash-like clusters... Yummy... Bud structure probably didn't suffer much from the introduction of the BB genes either... The Experience I get a very trippy high from this pot. Like a good mild mushroom ride. If you are active and doing something interesting you will be very in to it-- but if you sit down and veg out, you can space for hours... The high is long lasting 3-4 hours with a smooth touch down. Mixes well with alcohol- doesn't knock you out... There is virtually no tolerance build up as far as I can tell. However, the intensity of a good bong session may cause you to hesitate from non-stop smoking the stuff... Connoisseur head stash category. Special occassion stuff- like a concert, party, holiday... I got alot of mileage from 5 beans. The other 5 are secreted away as my f2s failed- but a few stray seeds continue to be found- probably from that male Original Flo I set loose... Properly grown, Chimera’s Highland Mexican x Blueberry is among the best Mexican strains currently available… 10-02-2009, 07:07 AM #204 THE PABLOS Harvested .....not long after my last post...Jane was becoming too sketchy with her desires to self. Had to piece her out...her flowers individually wrapped in news paper...gently rolled and compressed...I did this to slow down the drying process(low RH here which with light,wispy type sativa flowers can be problem) and give some structure to the flowers. The news paper ends were twist tied and the flowers placed in a brown paper grocery bag...standing up on their branches....left undisturbed in a dark closet fer five daze then unwrapped...these pics show what they looked like coming out of the news papers....they have now been pieced out and placed in large cure jars. This is what the roots look like.... I smoked a little....very mellow and light head...creeper weed. The flav(uncured) has that undertone that a lot of sativas have...don't know how to describe it...just a trait flav.....I live close to the Mex border and ya can tell this weed has Mex in its make up...if ya have smoked a lot of Mex import(like myself...kinda grew up on it) ya would probably comment that this upper echelon old skool(and still coming across the border...no matter what these boards would have ya believe...there is still quality landrace sativa coming across the border...believe what ya want but I'm down here) import Mex. Good stuff. I'll slowly cure this harvest and will be back with a more detailed smoke report. Thanks to all those who took the ride with me and followed this grow. I have selected a nice female Casey Jones X HM x BB that I'll be flowering from clone in the next month or so...if there is any interest I'll post some updates as that grow progresses...I really like the selected female. EDIT: forgot to mention...found beans from my very early on pollination...tiny dark f2 beans 11-12-2009, 06:56 AM #207 THE PABLOS Where I am with Highland Mex... ....Good morning Ponde...been a while. I have the Highland curing in two big jars. I pop the lids once a week and take a little sample out as the jars breathe. Can't really detail the flav other than to note it has a kinda spicey undertone that I've found common in many sativas....found that same kinda undertone in Hazes....but I can't detect any berry nor fruit. Creeper kind of high that is functionable....staying slightly underneath yer perception so that ya kinda wonder whether yer high but it definitely enhances things. I noted before that this was quality Mexican and that's what it is....a solid landrace infused breeding tool....no designer weed.... Two big cure jars of Highland....Jane is plentiful....I smoke a bit of her once a wk minimum....I'll be doing that fer more than a yr....so all stages of cure shall be absorbed lol....the cure really improves on this one I'll say...the high sometimes makes me clumsy...something I notice every time I smoke her...bump into stuff and hang up on things...doesn't last but after the 1st ripper I'll be all clumsy fer about 1/2 an hr....then just steady light happy head trips...clear and constant. Great social weed. 06-20-2010, 06:08 PM #251 PondeLftHndSide Thumbs up mmm... Guerreroberry! 31 days into my first attempt at a poor man's vertical with this girl - 11 HMxBB's in a doughnut of drip-fed 3L Airpots of coco around a bare 1K HPS. The 12th one suffered a transplanting mishap and I didn't have any cuttings ready to take her place, so 11 it is. Let's see how she yields - so far they're doing amazingly well, far more budsites than previous grows with more light getting to the lower ones than ever. It also seemed to modulate the stretch quite a bit, they're shorter and more dense than when grown under an overhead HID in my garden. Got about 50 dry grams off my last try in a 1gal rigid pot, and these are all going to yield considerably more, I can already tell. All I know is that any trouble one has to go through to grow this plant will be rewarded handsomely when the cure is finished. This is truly some of the very finest cannabis I've ever been privileged to smoke. It smells dead-on like a blue tree car air freshener dropped into a jar of spices and coffee, and has one of the happiest, dreamiest and most social heads in my experience. And it's potent - two tokes for heavyweights, one toke for occasionals, and I don't know if you want this one, beginning smoker... wait, are you okay there? A few things I've discovered - keep the nute strength below 800ppm at all times, never let the pH drift more than a few tenths of a point between waterings, and change nute strength very gradually, or she'll go ladyboy and force you to go on tweezer patrol. Just keep the nutes weak and steady she grows like a friggin' weed and stays all girl. But she's definitely prone to stress herms. Again, in my estimation, worth the trouble. A quick anecdote - my neighbor is about 56, retired, and loves to smoke weed. He tokes these big huge bombers out on his front porch several times a day, and we smoke together on occasion. Once we were smoking some Deep Congo, and out of nowhere he says "hey Ponde, you ever hear of Guerrero Gold?". He goes on to tell me about the summer of 1971 when his cousin brought a kilo of Guerrero Gold back to the neighborhood and started spreading it around. "Ponde, man... it was straight up gold colored and smelled like spices, and it was the best shit I ever had. First time in my life I ever hallucinated off weed, and it tasted so smooth! That was the best summer, smoking that Guerrero Gold every day. I'll never forget it". I said "Indeed I have heard of Guerrero Gold, neighbor. I've got some 1972 at the house, you want to try some?". I went on to tell him about this hybrid, about the parent lines, and he was stunned - "where the fuck did you find something like that?". He couldn't believe it. So I laid a few grams on him... The next day he flags me down on my way out of the driveway. "What'd you think?", I asked him. He just gave me a thumbs-up and a huge grin and said "1972!!". He said it was the closest he'd ever had to the original Guerrero Gold, only better tasting and more potent. "Ponde man, I only took two hits off the joint and I put that shit down!". And this from a guy who tokes down giant hooters of Chem D and Blue Dream all day long. Potent and interesting! Yes! That's just one Guerreroberry story, I've got dozens of them already. Every time I share this herb with someone I end up with some kind of story. A few mild personal freakouts, several awesome parties, and it definitely kicks up the libido. There are some stories regarding that last aspect that shall remain untold for decorum's sake, but trust me, they're really fucking good ones... Once again, thanks Chimera, and thanks DJ. You've outdone yourselves with this hybrid, it is truly a masterpiece. The finished product is in a league of its own. 08-13-2010, 03:17 PM #276 PondeLftHndSide Well, it's curing now. Looks like we got a touch shy of 600 grams total, with an extremely low popcorn ratio compared to every other Sat grow I've undertaken. And 100 grams of select trim ready to bubble. All in all, a very successful grow IMO. I'll take .6g/watt of Guerreroberry over 1+g/watt of mershness any cycle. Even in the early stages of the cure, this plant produces some incredibly potent herb. As potent as anything I've ever smoked, but it doesn't hit you over the head with sheer potency right off the bat. It comes in waves until even the most seasoned smoker refuses another hit. I've never seen more half-burned bongloads around my house as when there is GB around. It's a strange beast, this high. On the one hand it is remarkably cerebral, with an almost alarming clarity, truly psychedelic - not that you necessarily hallucinate, but the clarity can be awe-inspiring, magical, revelatory. It's actually mildly synaesthetic. Ideas begin to flow into one another, concepts connect and expand and grow. In groups, conversation becomes animated, noticeably louder and punctuated by frequent laughter. And the high lasts. And lasts. And lasts. On the other hand, it'll end your fucking day. Kiss all productivity goodbye after two tokes of the GB. Not that you can't get up and do whatever you want - it doesn't weigh you down like an Indica. But it has a tendency to shift what you want to do away from work and toward anything non-work. Linear thought becomes nothing more than a funny concept. Sitting down and getting comfortable and pondering the flood of thoughts and images in your mind begins to seem the most entertaining and productive activity. And this too lasts. And lasts. And lasts. It has medicinal potential for pain - according to my woman, it completely took her mind off the nagging nerve pain from the root canal she had just suffered. But for daily use for mood stabilization (what I medicate for), no fucking way. No fucking way. Nothing would ever get done. No more of this would get grown in my garden. I'd be too busy finding cryptographic patterns in the little ridges on the edges of Cheez-Its. 12-10-2012, 12:44 PM #411 thcv Hi Pinkus, I love the hmbb it is one of my favourite all time smokes. I found a preference for the blueberry side in the cross It also finishes much quicker from a cutting, with better resin coverage and a better quality of high IMO I only need one cone of this and I,m off, I love the take off and strong heart beat from the initial few lung fulls, and then the onset of the beautiful introspective side of the hybrid it is so well balanced The hmbb gives me a lot of clarity of thought and also makes the labour of everyday tasks fall to the wayside If we could give everyone who was feeling like a shit a smoke of this we could nail world peace in an afternoon lol My tin is running low on the hmbb and that is the only thing about this hybrid that makes me uneasy 03-15-2013, 09:28 AM #452 pinkus I'm irritated with myself because I missed the fertilization window for the Mexi girl. At least she seems to be finishing, calyxes are swelling and some red pistils. I wanted to get some beans to a local outdoor guy for this season. Not many plants fare well outdoors here, but Satori did very well and while there would likely be crazy variation in the polyhybrid I'd bet some would do well. So to answer mayan, sooner than I thought lol. I'm starting to just feed water tonight. She'll be down by 12 weeks I'm thinking. I was guesstimating 14 before. Old 03-15-2013, 12:36 PM #453 mayan Thanks, pinkus...appreciated. I hate to keep hitting on you for info but if I may...are you taking her down due to environmental conditions or because you think she's finishing up (although I get the impression she could flower forever and not think twice about it.) I'm sure she will be a top-shelf delight at whatever age. Old 03-15-2013, 01:16 PM #454 pinkus I'm taking her down when she tells me to. I always try to keep it open ended with a new strain... especially when it's kind of an extreme X like this. I'd be crazy to run a plant for this long then cut her because of a predetermined schedule... on the other hand I am kinda nuts always wanting to run long season sativas in a tent or closet. But, no I won't cut her until I'm sure she's ready. I'm a little concerned there might be a male flower hiding in the garden. The sudden swelling and withered pistils took me by surprise, so I'll be looking real close after sunrise in the flower room. she's not the only candidate. There are a couple of TrainwreckBx Xs that I'm monitoring too. I've got to say she has formed "spears" like Great Mexi from days of old. Really looking old school. Thank you for making these available Chimera. Old 03-19-2013, 10:27 AM #455 pinkus Damn its good! I had my first sample after finishing some homework today and it's really nice weed. It's not even finished and the high is old-school up weed I normally try not to sample early, but there was a top that had really run badly (when she was 12/12) i basically tried to top the top (see how buzzed I am ) with my fingers, it fell off to the side and hung there on a fiber or two (she's got tough skinny stems) and I left it thinking it would probably just straighten back up. Nope. it was basically girdled. It turned silver blue and dried out so I cut it about a week ago. I let her really dry out, ground it up and loaded the silver surfer vape. Stellar vapor. I've taken at least twenty long draws and it's still giving quality vapor clouds. It has the taste of old... plus hints of blue... wow! I'm more than pleased. Old 03-19-2013, 05:46 PM #456 rabid Congrats, pinkus. The silver blue spears you have represent the best of the GuerroBerry (IMO). And you have serious cojones even trying to grow a strain like this indoors--and in a tent no less 03-26-2013, 08:36 PM #465 pinkus BTW, the male showed at 33 days from germination under 24/0. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=79279&page=32 https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=79279&page=33 https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=79279&page=34 10-02-2013, 12:55 PM #520 elanius Harvest Thank you all, im glad you like the pictures and i have some more for you I will start with, so far, my favorit pheno #7. To my surprise, i like the most indica appearing phenotype. It has the most dense buds from the run. It was done at 77 days flowering (they all went to 11/13 from rooted clones). I have little trouble to describe smell (during flowering) with these beauties. It is very similar for all the girls, except the #5. I would say its spicy, with sweet undertones and there is a mix of all different kind of smells, really hard to describe for me, but very pleasant smell. Now im curing them for some time, and the smell is changing... I am opening the jars regularly, and the smell is now very complex, spicy, citrus but sweet with blueberry undertones really different and im amazed. The taste is very similar as the smell, it was there from the day 1 and it can be felt more after short cure. Now the high, the most important thing. This pheno has powerfull but very pleasant high, relaxing but not numbing, giggly kind of high and you can still be functionable and sociable. The first time we smoke it with my gf, we have argued what movie to watch. We ended up watching two movies at one laptop, half of the screen was mine and half was hers. We laughed a lot about that, but then we seriously watched the movies for some time...it was crazy Ou, this weed is special 10-03-2013, 10:08 AM #523 pinkus Looks fantastic elanius! I've got to say as I've vaped more and more, I've liked it more and more. I actually like the stuff I pulled at 92 days better than the stuff pulled at 100 days. Again, all from the one female I ran out of two seeds I popped. 12-03-2013, 02:42 PM #528 elanius Pheno #8 Time to follow up on my reports, so here are some pictures of HMxBB pheno #8. Beautiful plant she was, i love the long foxtails and nice colors in the end of her journey. I can tell, in bit colder conditions she would color in much harder. As i said before, the smell is very similar with all my phenos, so i wont describe this part right now. She dominate in the taste department, very nice taste with hints of citrus and vegetables. The high, well, its overpowering, its so strong, spacey and long lasting, but i dont smoke her so often as she is not that motivational or active (at least for me) I wonder what the cure will do to her 12-05-2013, 11:52 PM #530 elanius pheno #5 This phenotype is currently my favorite smoke from the mexicans. She has interesting bud structure, shooting foxtails in every directions on some buds. The smell was bit different in comparison with others, more on the fruity side - very pleasant and the taste was similar as the smell. The pics doesnt do her justice, but the calyx were nicely colored to the blue shade. She is real beauty and i need to run her again, to see how she performs in better environment. She put some nanners in the end, but my temps were bit high so hard to tell if this is genetics. Also, they didnt spread the pollen so no problem at all. The high is very happy, relaxing, giggling, comfortable and long lasting. One tiny joint between 2 people and it goes on for 3-4 hours. Great daytime smoke in lower doses, good nightime smoke in higher doses. I have also pheno#3, but it hermied a lot in middle flowering phase so it went to the greenhouse and i must say, the problem stopped. Its possible that they are sensitive to higher temps, which were definitely the issue with this summer grow. Also she smells much better in greenhouse environment, im not surprised but would love to replicate that in closet somehow...Anyway, the high from this one is pure energy boost when harvested bit sooner, its amazing, as my friend says, its better than cocaine. She will be in next round too. I will keep you updated once the grow is over 12-06-2013, 07:19 PM #537 Chimera elanius,thanks for your understanding. I don't think the F1 generation is always superior, the F2 generation can show individuals that exceed even the performance of the F1, but you need to screen many many more plants to find superior specimens. It's a lofty goal but one worthy of exploration for those that have the space. There are not many packs of the HMxBB left, and I have no plans currently to make any F2s. When the originals are gone I have no problem with you sending in the F2s to the server fund so people can leap into the exploration of the F2 and enjoy their recombination potential. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=79279&page=37 05-17-2014, 06:09 PM #562 Samson4 I have grown f1, f2 and two hybrids. The most psychedellic was a select f2 that took 15ish weeks. I crossed it to an acapulcoxhaze and a molokai frost. Both were powerful, the acapulco being most impressive. The frost added the most amazing minty chocolate taste to the offspring. 05-19-2014, 09:53 AM #564 pinkus Similar to Sampson's experience, the cross to another different Mexican line is where I've seen the most impressive results...so far 07-19-2014, 09:36 AM #614 sweet-emotion Quote: Originally Posted by Chimera The mexican used was indeed astellar highland guerreran specimen selected from a true mexican circa '73 (if memory serves) landrace population -Chimera Could it be a specimen of what in those years was known as "Acapulco Gold"? 07-19-2014, 09:43 AM #615 pinkus ^^^ nope. Acapulco is lowland. could very easily be related. IME it had tight little gold buds, pretty unlike what I've seen from this. 07-19-2014, 06:23 PM #617 elanius Hard to tell to what extent they are related, but Dj gave me two buds of original Acapulco Gold when i was talking to him about HMxBB cross and it smells exactly as HMxBB. Strong citrus/carrot/fruity? It was very easy to recognize so the connection can be there for sure. Btw the effect of AG was very strong, soaring and long lasting, i was totally fucked and i remember slight paranoia. It was great smoke and im happy for the experience, but I still like my hmxbb better as the high is much more kind 07-29-2014, 07:29 AM #639 pinkus I've only run the one (I've got to change that) but liked it better at around 90 days better than 110. However, the 110 days was from seed (and not close to dialed in) and the 90 day version was from some clones that had a smoother ride. the 110 (or so, i've got to be honest) really put me in a "hypnotic" state... I wouldn't know how else to put it. the 90 day I felt happier and freer...if that makes ANY sense, the flavor was also nicer at 90. remember though that these are F1s (kind of) and one side wasn't worked (in the modern sense anyway)... f2s and beyond are where some startling recombination will occur. Crosses to another mex line have proved worthy 07-31-2014, 02:48 PM #649 pinkus Hey Quinn, what I meant was that the highland Mexican side was taken from seeds collected and selected by Chimera. The female he used was (presumably) popped and selected by him but he didn't have influence prior to that. IMO in all likelihood someone had been selecting planting the line. In other words they might have been found in a field on a hill in Guerrero, someone was likely making sure they would be there. a "kind of worked" line. As far as ripeness I don't "scope" them. For the MHxBB that I let go the distance this is kind of what I did... I waited until there were no more pistles that were fresh. There was a male flower or two at that point as well; a very good sign to pull if they've been ball free previously. The ones I pulled earlier had probably 80- 90% of the calyxes had swollen. That is when I generally like to cut, but with the longer sativas it's worth it to try going to the wall so to speak. 01-21-2015, 04:02 PM #710 elanius Highland Mexican x Blueberry pheno 3 I have one phenotype of hmxbb that i didnt describe much. It started to herm very fast in week 6 due to N overdose, so i have removed this plant from the tent. There were small buds, so she was tested and we were really surprised by that effect. It was very euphoric and energetic, but without racing heart, very strong and clear at the same time. I kept her and run her again later. She performed much better and happened to be the biggest yielder and fastest grower. So she has strong hybrid characteristics, leaning to blueberry side. The high is very, very, strong with long legs and no ceiling. Tiny amount is great, strong enough for most people, energetic and fun. Normal-to higher amount is mentaly devastating, trippy, euphoric and neverending And by higher amount i mean small joint between 3 people lets say. Everyone is shocked what is happening. When used too much the high gets really devastating but no sleep is going to save you I do not remember smoking stronger weed. And it has perfume-floral-lime smell to it with great taste when grown properly. So there are very rare beuaties hiding in that line, thats for sure. Good luck guys, i believe you will find what you are looking for 01-21-2015, 04:22 PM #711 Bob Green Sir that is one beautiful lady! Is she in the 10-12 week range? 01-22-2015, 01:34 PM #712 elanius yep, this time i put her down in week 10 with less then 10% amber trichomes. But i think the way i mixed the soil, somehow, speeded up the rippening process. I have used homemade EWC and all plants were done 7-10 days sooner. I have also used different light regime - 11,5 and 12,5 period, previously 11 and 13. From my experience 11/13 period do speed up budding and you will get slightly lesser yield. But this was not the cause as the lights were shining longer. Something caused them to express very differnt then previously. Another grower took her to day 80 and she also foxtailed a lot more with a lot of fresh pistils growing at the time. He used different nutrients, lights, soil and medium. So the phenotypic expression is very different in 2 grows and the full potential is just to be discovered. And the smoke report from him? Very strong and trippy - smoke with caution He liked pheno 5 the best, i will show you his pictures later and this one is really the highland mexican expression. 01-23-2015, 06:52 PM #717 elanius Quote: Originally Posted by somethingGooey Looks killer elanius! You saying its trippy... Do you have any experience with mushies or lsd? How would you compare `em in terms of dosage and intensity? Okay, lets clarify the term trippy First of all, i do have experience with mushrooms and i do think that cannabis and mushrooms all provide different effects. But, they have something in common and thats why the term trippy is used i believe. There is uncontrollable laughing - very euphoric, greatly enhanced sensorial perceptions (no halucinations for cannabis of course), the colors are very much enhanced, you can be stuck in the moment, totally outside of the common reality. Things around are seen in different dimension. Feels like you are on another planet, everything is new/very different. And this all is not handled positively every time, some people just dont like the feeling of loosing control totally. For some, its just too strong and they dont like it. This is the pheno 3 01-23-2015, 06:59 PM #718 elanius Foxtails? Here you go - Pheno 5 - highland mexican dominant (i believe) Not mine pictures, not mine grow. Just another expression of pheno 5 in different environment. She is more kind then pheno 3, not that euphoric and speedy, it provides long lasting high that is strong but pleasant and very enjoyable. Great for all kind of activities, if you know what i mean 01-26-2015, 09:59 PM #730 QuinnTheEskimo Hey Bob you asked me on the other forum about a report about the difference between the hm x bb and the Punta Roja and the mangobechi. I did not to say it over there but the hm x bb is my favorite to grow. She is just such a wild growing girl always something to do and she produced like crazy. The mango just keeps trucking along and along and along. Ben in flower since mid august. The Punta Roja was grown in the swamp with no care so I cannot give a clear idea about her growth but I have three seedlings started because all the reports from people I have given her to loved the high. Just have to be patient with these tropical Sativa's.
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