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Found 7 results

  1. dear fellow growers, i have playing around with my current favorite smokes and came up with this cross. please feel free to follow me into this seedline and see what she holds to please all growers interested. i started of six beans and they were all up after three days. here they are on day 7 since they showed me some green. they stood in 0,2 joghurt-cups (light mix with UK myccos, watered with liquid bacto and a neemoil-karanjaoil-solution). potted up into 3,5 liters after 14 days of veg (light mix, also) ... here they are on day 21 since germination.
  2. Hello Opengrow, after mostly lurking for the past months I wanted to share some pictures from my current grow to gain some advice and share some insights with the community. It's 20 plants under 600w on 1.2 sqm, I know it's too much, I will put less next time. I say that every time 3x KF#7 (all phenos are own selections) 2x KF#11 1x KF#5 2x Shackzilla 1x Kali Snapple x SSH (sativa leaning pheno) 2x D's Jack (mystery Sannie's Jack cross) 3x Chocolate Cheese#3 2x Chocolate Cheese#1 4x Sugar Punch Chocolate Cheese, KF#11 and Kali Snapple x SSH are new this round and I am quite excited about all of them. CC seems to be quite sensitive to nutes and KSSSH surprised me by growing quite stout compared to Shackzilla. Day 7 D's Jack left, Chocolate Cheese right Chocolate Cheese left, Sugar Punch right D's Jack and KF in the back not such a good picture but I wanted to show the enormous growth of the past days D's Jack and CC 13 days of flower Whole tent 16 days of flower Killing Fields and D's Jack 16 days of flower from left to right D's Jack, Sugar Punch, Chocolate Cheese 16 days of flower D's Jack, Sugar Punch, CC day 16 of flower I use RFX and think that my plants would benefit from mixing it 50/50 with Gordan Growcubes to lower the sponge effect a bit. RFX seems to hold a lot of solution due to the higher amount of foam, however, I am still impressed with the plant's perfomance. Have a good week and stay safe. Luma
  3. Hey there fellow Open Growers! To be discreet I'm writing this grow-log in fifth person, so every sentence starts out with: “I heard from this guy who told somebody…” Never done a grow report before and figuire this will be a good test ground for learning. IMO it's about damn time for me to do a grow show here. Been here a couple years and lurked a bit more. Mostly this grow show is about Holy LUI. Eskobar's sexy, dreamy and sweet Holy Princess. Breeder Steve's (S.O.L.) Legends Ultimate Indica F1 males. They could be a match made in heaven. This one is thanks to Santero who made this cross. Good job, my friend. Eskobar has made some awesome gear. Holy Princess specifically is an F1 cross of Santa Maria plank cut X C99 pineapple pheno. Distinct drool on my shirt sweet and skunky smells with a dreamy high. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Holy_Princess/Eskobar_Seeds/ Back in the day I wanted to grow me some LUI and never got around to it. A Spice of Life strain by breeded Steve, which was an F1 of Ortega X Sweet Tooth BX2. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Legends_Ultimate_Indica/Spice_of_Life_Seeds/ Many thanks to Santero. You're humility, knowledge and hard work never fails to impress me. |------------------------- ♢♢♢ Let us get this show on the road ♢♢♢ I started with 12 nicely colored mature seeds. Dropped into a SANta mug with luke-warm water and dilute H2O2. Kept low 80'sF and in the dark. Then paper towels until I saw tap roots from all but two. Followed that by planting in seed starter medium with some bennies and limited goodies. Still in the dark and @ low 80'sF All excited and concerned. Such a cool cross and tons of potential. please pop, please pop 11 of them out of 12. Very acceptable. (I worked the # 11 seed over for a month, but no-go.) So #s 1-10 & 12. All 11 are showing vigor. They have that cute baby look. Just like any other canna baby at this point. Low wattage 4200K fluo. for the seedling stage before 1st transplant. I cannot wait until they get a little older and the terpines start assailing me with yumminess. Just a couple few days later they began showing slightly different leaf traits. Some small amount of stem color influences are faintly noticable. Also a bazillion trichome hairs. Smells were already exuding from a few if I got up close. After about a week in the lil coco cups I am seeing tap roots out the bottoms. I transplanted up to 1 gallon containers with ammended recycled organic soil mix. And moved them under a mix spectrum T5HO leaning toward blue.
  4. Hello OG! My 1st half diary here. Grow report not started since begining because i lost labels on pots and had issues with my camera. Pots are 20 liters and soil mix is Gold Label Special mix Light + Sannies buffer tabs, mycorizzae and bacto. All seeds are sprouted over 10 days period and i gave them little BioBizz root juice. Bacto added every week together with worm castings tea + little Sea Kelp and Fish emulsion 2-2-2. Sprayed them foliar until beginning of flowering with Algae. Since i was very curious about different fertilisers im adding since 12/12 flip on half plants Biocanna Bloom and Bio Boost +Rhizoactive and on other half plants im going with Biobizz half recommend dosage. Got some light fingertips burn on some plants which i gave Bio Canna. Overall im very satisfied from last grow when i used Biobizz ferts..yield is not big as with mineral ferts but oh man taste and potency is beyond any expectation and i warmly recommending every one switching to organic. However as i said i lost my marked plant labels and since im newbie grower i cannot recognize from structure and phenotype or smell.. For sure i can recognise Sugar Punch 100% without any mistakes, and Choco Rain because brown color and DJ Short famous Kush claw trait. But nothing else..even im not sure what plant is Heri because that plant which i think is Heri look very similar with CR or CC plants.. Maybe later when they become more ripe i can recognize them more but for now im not sure. Strains suppose to be: 2x Sannie's Jack- one failed germination 2x Shackzilla 2xSugar Punch 2xChoco Rain 1xHerijuana 1xChocolate Cheese I have one hermie either CR or C.cheese, not sure which. Grow Tent is Homelab 120x120 with more than sufficient ventilation and average temperature of 26 celsius. Humidity is 60% in veg and slowly decreasing untill half bloom and now is 40%. Some of them are at end of week 4 and some one week later, week 5 bloom. Veged under 250 MH and 2x150 led by Hans. First 2 week since 12/12 flip i keep them under 400 hps and when they begin to stretch and throwing flowers i switched to Gavita 600. I have 7 plants in grow box and 2 other plants under 2x150 LED in separate flower area. Those picture with too many plants is just for demonstration purpose. I guess those two under LED are maybe Shackzilla... Lucky or not until now i dont have any issue.. Other than those hermie or maybe was male in fem package. Seem like buffer tabs working flawlessly. I will keep using them thats sure 100%. Thank You for any comment and if you recognize some plant please name it, there is numbers on every picture. Sorry for average photo quality. Take care and spread love. p.s Pictures coming in next few min, just to sort out.
  5. Hi OG growers and readers. I thought i would share our ongoing grows, i read so much in this forum so i have to give some back. Karma you know. We grow in Coco substrate since a few years with great success, this time we try something new, correls E/F in pots , but just on 1 of 4 Wilmas. Nutrients are Canna all over. (Canna-Coco,-Aqua,-Zym,-Rizotonic and a little bit Boost or CaneSugar.) Our water from the line is EC 0,65 PH 6,7-7,1, we do not use osmosis filtering. (waste of water) The setups and strains are as follows, i hope you enjoy our grow and ask what is to ask. 1x1m Homebox with 400W HPS AAW, 9x10L+2x6L pots with coco substrate, hand watering. Grow from seed,Strains: 3x Chocolate Cheese female, 4x Lady Cane female 1x male, 2x Chocolate Rain female 1x male They are flowering for maybe 10 days now i have to look for that, startet the seeds in the end of December last year. They were vegging in 0,2L pots with soil under a 250w hps till they showed sex. EC 1,8/PH 6,0 Chocolate rain male smells sweet coffee cocoa Lady Cane male smells hazey fruity incense 2,4x1,2m Homebox with 2x 600W, 4xWilma E/F+circulation pump, 24x11L pots (18xCoco and 6xHydroCorrels) + 8x6L pots (6xCoco and 2xHydroCorrels) Plants all from Cuttings, left side is mainly Chocolate Rain on the right is: Sour Lemon Haze, in between them the are 1xJack Herer&1x Brambleberry Kush on the Left side and 1xChemdog, 1x Pineapple Gold & 1x Maple Leaf Indica. In the front row thre are: 1x Sour Lemon Haze, 3x Super Lemon Haze, 2x Maple Leaf, 1 Iced Apple x OrtegaMLI#7, 1x Sour Lemon Haze#6 The plants in Coco are waterd by hand till they root nicely, i think i will fill up the wilmas end of the week. I flushed the coco last grow a little to much so the Plants had to less nutrients after transplanting and ther was a slight P defiency and then we sprayed against spyder mites (got a ED Superbud cut which was infected, so better before then after its to late) so it was getting worse. Now the new growing tips look healthy so i have put the net in ,put the clips down and switched to flowering. Coco EC 1,8/PH 5,9 Aqua EC 1,8/PH 5,7 Have a nice day OG I go to bed, i hate night shift.
  6. The stash is getting low, the nights are getting cold. High time to fire up the tent and grow some amazing genetics. The following grow should will hopefully demonstrate two things: One and foremost- to show the awesomeness of freebees (3 strains are Eskobar freebees). The only non-freebee strain is the Pineapple Diesel, which should also be very tasty. Secondly, it should demonstrate how the Sannies Organic Kit works on cocos. Now, I've never grown on cocos and I've never grown with Sannies Organic Kit, but I had a bag of cocos laying around which needed to get used and I've always wanted try the Sannies' system. Growing: 5 Amnesia Haze X Chocolate Rain (regular) 5 Chocolate Cheese (regular) 5 C99 F3 (regular) 5 Pineapple Diesel (regular) With: Darkroom 120X60X160 T5 Starlight 220w Cocos Sannies Organic Kit Bacto Sannies Tabs The pots are 2.5 liters, so I use only half tab per pot. poke them, so they break better Symbiosis was also mixed into the rest of the cocos. Amnesia Haze X Chocolate Rain seed porn
  7. It's been a year now since I grew a Sannie strain, so I thought I'd fix that. I've wanted to grow Shackzilla since trying a friend's efforts. He's pretty much a newbie and produced some excellent weed. Last weekend I started soaking two seeds. I grew one KF plant once, so after this grow I will be able to say I grew one KF plant twice. One fem seed germed with the Shz. Mrs. Dirt requires an indica dom for insomniac purposes, so one Mad Scientist fem was sprouted as well. I believe Mad Sci. is Knutsel's work, but I might be wrong. Looking at three fem sativa doms and one indica dom made me want to fill in the gap between them with one of my favorite hybrids, Esko's Chocolate Cheese. I had six seeds left, now I have six seedlings. Hopefully, one will be a mom I keep for a while. I'll start posting pics when there is something worth looking at. All seeds were received by me from the shop or Esko about a year and a half ago, or more. 100% germination. The Shackzillas took almost a week to sprout, the others took about a day or two. One freak Chocolate Cheese has only one cotyledon. If this seriously slows growth, it might be culled. More to come over the next few months.
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