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Found 26 results

  1. Ok Guys, first grow in 3 years, can't grow indoors at this time, but I can outdoors, a nice thing about this area. One of the things I'm really excited about is one of my friends and grow buddies has my good cut of Chocolate Rain that I thought was lost (police got it!), he kept telling me it was Silverfields (I wish), but I knew I hadn't given him a good cut of it (if there is such a thing as a bad cut of SF), so when I picked up the clone it was potted, two foot tall and when I saw the hooked leaves I knew exactly what it was, YES, my best CR cut! So I cloned the shit out of it and outside it goes. Along with the CR I've planted Old Faithful (the strain we developed 30 years ago), Ice, Blue Matador, Gorilla Glue / OG, MK1, Platinum Diesel, Apollo 13, Radical, 10 Pound Hammer and Gorilla Glue #4. I will post pictures as the season goes along, been in a clone machine and planting for the last month and I haven't had time to take pictures yet, but they're coming and this should be fun! Here's a shot of the CR and Old Faithful. Chocolate Rain Here's a shot (taken 3 years ago) of the original CR mother when she was young. Here she is in the grow room, plant on left, the rest are CR females too, started at the same time. Here she is starting to bud She's almost ready here, now you see why I'm excited to have her back. Old Faithful 30+ years and still growing strong.
  2. I am looking at getting some seeds and have narrowed my choices down to these three varieties: Madberry (Sannie's) 8 - 9 weeks Chocolate Rain (Eskobar) 9 - 10 weeks Mad Scientist (Breeders Choice) 8 - 9 weeks My main criteria is a feminized seed and a reasonable flowering time. And also in-stock. I am sure some varieties are worth 14 weeks. But I have no need to do something like that in the next couple of years. I would like to hear from the community. Please share your experiences with these varieties. Madberry sounds good, but i have no idea what to expect in terms of high. Chocolate Rain sounds the most intriguing. I love fantastic tastes and smells and this one reads like it is special. Mad Scientist is a cross between Herijuana and White Widow. I have never tried either variety, but they are preceded by their reputations. Since these varieties are from three different breeders, i didn't want to place the conversation in a specific breeder's forum. So i put it in smoke reports instead. Please. Help me make up my mind.
  3. Hello everyone o/ I am new here and I thought the best introduction I can do is to post about my latest grows. This is a Grow report for Chocolate Rain under 400W HPS in Soil using only the BioBizz fertilizer series without any additional Stimulants on 10 sq ft ( 1m² ) of space .I am currently doing a Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer Freebies run, so this one is already finished. I hope you enjoy my writeup and the pictures and feel free to have a look at my latest grow that is currently running which I'll link once I am done with it in about 14 days. I am always interested in Feedback and answering questions as often as I can so feel to ask if you have something on your mind. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any mistakes I make in the process of doing this writeup. -- This project started when a friend I regularly compete against growing the same strains told me that because of the inferior quality of most feminized seeds you can't select and keep a mother of the same quality as regular seeds. Reading the opengrow forums for some time I knew that Eskobar made a comment once where he said that because of the way he feminizes seeds there is no difference in the quality of a mother plant grown from his feminized seeds compared to other breeders regular seeds. Respecting Eskobar as someone who knows what he's doing I told my friend I'll start growing a hand selected CR mother out of only 10 Seeds and have the cuttings compete against anything he wants to throw at it. This beautiful little girl ended up being my mom so I'll start with her. We will fast forward a bit to the time I took cuttings from here. In the top left you can see that beautiful little girl all grown up. Almost no training besides some low stress bending. The cuttings rooted within 7 days in the Aero cloner without any problems looking very vital overall. After that they were transplanted into 2 Gallon Pots (6.5L) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil as you can see in the picture below. ( Top Left) A week later they went into 3 Gallon Pots ( 11L ) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil under 400W MH. ( Top Right ) The bottom is 9 days into Flowering still under the 400W MH when i switched to a 400W HPS system. By flowering Day 15 they were already full into flowering mode. I thinned out the bottom third that would not get much light but tied to keep as much of the bigger leafs as I could in order to give them a little extra food to work with. At this point they started bitching a little, i knew from the selection grow that the mom was extremely picky about nutriens, i just used the All-Mix soil instead of the Light-Mix in the hopes I wouldn't have to give them extra nutes at all over the course of 60 days. A little claw here and there in the beginning was something i expected and the girls didn't dissapoint me. At Flowering day 20 they started to show nice flower development. They only got clear water with slight PH regulation for the past three weeks now. Nice colors, nice flowers, everything was looking good and my friend already quite pissed about the quality of cuttings I got from my fem mother. He was in for more surprises i can tell you that. We are now at Flowering Day 28. Resin production kicking in and flowers are filling up nicely. Still not a single extra nute, just clear water. Also this was the day I started to fall in love with the strain. A close up from Day 30 because the Day 28 picture is not the sharpest. You can see the kind of resin production I personally look for in a keeper. Flowering Day 37. Time for a group shot. Smile and wave girls. Smile and wave. The picture that made my buddy really mad is from Flowerig Day 44. I told him they are majestically towering over his shitty regular mom genetics. Also the lower branches, right over the area where I started thinning them out started to grow flowers in the shape of big juicy strawberries. At this point they smelled a lot like fuel. I was expecting some chocolate but got more of a diesel flavour going on with a tiny bit of fruityness. Very strange smell but not unpleasant. Flowering Day 50. Still only clear water but full onset of Autumn going on. I'll add a macro shot of the same plant I was showing you Day 20 and 30. Flowering Day 53. Some of the nicest colors I have seen in a pant. And of course another Groupshot from a different angle. I had to tie them up a bit so they wouldn't fall over. They were still gaining weight rapidly while using the nutes from the leafs and soil only. And because the picture with the colors was a bit unsharp another one that shows the amount of Trichs better. We are almost done here. Flowering Day 57. I put them into darkness for 48h afterwards and then harvested. The picture speaks for itself. After about 6 days of drying with the paper bag method I put them into jars to cure with Bovedas and some plastic bags for personal consumption until the cure was a feww months in. Verdict: I didn't only get about 80 grams dry more than my friend got with his reg mother, but I am also glad I made this experiment because this Chocolate Rain mother went into my mother tent immediately after the selection grow. The nugs have a great look and feel, if you expect chocolate smell, my phenos smell has nothing to do with chocolate, but instead I got fruity diesel, while you can definitely smell the fuel on them while vaporizing you get more of the fruity and sweet taste from it. The quality of this smoke and it's taste is incredible if you look at how much these seeds cost you. I have the greatest respect for Eskobar and his work and that he gives other people the chance to grow his gear. I am not saying you will probably find a keeper like this in every pack of seeds, but if you are starting out or starting getting a mother selection going you could easily find 2-3 phenos that do not only smell and look great but really put some weight on the scale. At least from what I can tell with the 10 seeds I had. The lack of nutes I needed to grow this is another plus, I don't mind putting some BioBizz Nutes into the soil but the less nutes you need the better in my opinion, especially if you try to grow Bio like I do. After three months of cure in the jars the fuel smell is almost gone, but the fruityness and a very distant sour cream comes into the foreground. They taste different than the ones I consumed in the past three months that didn't cure and I am kinda sad I filled two 1 Gallon ziplocks for immediate consumption instead putting one of them into another few jars. But the good thing is I can always grow new Chocolate Rain if I feel like it. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the little report. Your GrowBro.
  4. madmaster420


    What's up, OG? Gonna kick off the summer with a new thread and a lot of lessons learned. This is going to be a follow up to the 1st Legal Grow which was basically just an attempt to share with others the benefits of standing up for your rights and playing by the rules. No animals were harmed in the making of that thread... First things first - All of the gear from the shop has been transplanted
  5. Hello OG! My 1st half diary here. Grow report not started since begining because i lost labels on pots and had issues with my camera. Pots are 20 liters and soil mix is Gold Label Special mix Light + Sannies buffer tabs, mycorizzae and bacto. All seeds are sprouted over 10 days period and i gave them little BioBizz root juice. Bacto added every week together with worm castings tea + little Sea Kelp and Fish emulsion 2-2-2. Sprayed them foliar until beginning of flowering with Algae. Since i was very curious about different fertilisers im adding since 12/12 flip on half plants Biocanna Bloom and Bio Boost +Rhizoactive and on other half plants im going with Biobizz half recommend dosage. Got some light fingertips burn on some plants which i gave Bio Canna. Overall im very satisfied from last grow when i used Biobizz ferts..yield is not big as with mineral ferts but oh man taste and potency is beyond any expectation and i warmly recommending every one switching to organic. However as i said i lost my marked plant labels and since im newbie grower i cannot recognize from structure and phenotype or smell.. For sure i can recognise Sugar Punch 100% without any mistakes, and Choco Rain because brown color and DJ Short famous Kush claw trait. But nothing else..even im not sure what plant is Heri because that plant which i think is Heri look very similar with CR or CC plants.. Maybe later when they become more ripe i can recognize them more but for now im not sure. Strains suppose to be: 2x Sannie's Jack- one failed germination 2x Shackzilla 2xSugar Punch 2xChoco Rain 1xHerijuana 1xChocolate Cheese I have one hermie either CR or C.cheese, not sure which. Grow Tent is Homelab 120x120 with more than sufficient ventilation and average temperature of 26 celsius. Humidity is 60% in veg and slowly decreasing untill half bloom and now is 40%. Some of them are at end of week 4 and some one week later, week 5 bloom. Veged under 250 MH and 2x150 led by Hans. First 2 week since 12/12 flip i keep them under 400 hps and when they begin to stretch and throwing flowers i switched to Gavita 600. I have 7 plants in grow box and 2 other plants under 2x150 LED in separate flower area. Those picture with too many plants is just for demonstration purpose. I guess those two under LED are maybe Shackzilla... Lucky or not until now i dont have any issue.. Other than those hermie or maybe was male in fem package. Seem like buffer tabs working flawlessly. I will keep using them thats sure 100%. Thank You for any comment and if you recognize some plant please name it, there is numbers on every picture. Sorry for average photo quality. Take care and spread love. p.s Pictures coming in next few min, just to sort out.
  6. Hi OG growers and readers. I thought i would share our ongoing grows, i read so much in this forum so i have to give some back. Karma you know. We grow in Coco substrate since a few years with great success, this time we try something new, correls E/F in pots , but just on 1 of 4 Wilmas. Nutrients are Canna all over. (Canna-Coco,-Aqua,-Zym,-Rizotonic and a little bit Boost or CaneSugar.) Our water from the line is EC 0,65 PH 6,7-7,1, we do not use osmosis filtering. (waste of water) The setups and strains are as follows, i hope you enjoy our grow and ask what is to ask. 1x1m Homebox with 400W HPS AAW, 9x10L+2x6L pots with coco substrate, hand watering. Grow from seed,Strains: 3x Chocolate Cheese female, 4x Lady Cane female 1x male, 2x Chocolate Rain female 1x male They are flowering for maybe 10 days now i have to look for that, startet the seeds in the end of December last year. They were vegging in 0,2L pots with soil under a 250w hps till they showed sex. EC 1,8/PH 6,0 Chocolate rain male smells sweet coffee cocoa Lady Cane male smells hazey fruity incense 2,4x1,2m Homebox with 2x 600W, 4xWilma E/F+circulation pump, 24x11L pots (18xCoco and 6xHydroCorrels) + 8x6L pots (6xCoco and 2xHydroCorrels) Plants all from Cuttings, left side is mainly Chocolate Rain on the right is: Sour Lemon Haze, in between them the are 1xJack Herer&1x Brambleberry Kush on the Left side and 1xChemdog, 1x Pineapple Gold & 1x Maple Leaf Indica. In the front row thre are: 1x Sour Lemon Haze, 3x Super Lemon Haze, 2x Maple Leaf, 1 Iced Apple x OrtegaMLI#7, 1x Sour Lemon Haze#6 The plants in Coco are waterd by hand till they root nicely, i think i will fill up the wilmas end of the week. I flushed the coco last grow a little to much so the Plants had to less nutrients after transplanting and ther was a slight P defiency and then we sprayed against spyder mites (got a ED Superbud cut which was infected, so better before then after its to late) so it was getting worse. Now the new growing tips look healthy so i have put the net in ,put the clips down and switched to flowering. Coco EC 1,8/PH 5,9 Aqua EC 1,8/PH 5,7 Have a nice day OG I go to bed, i hate night shift.
  7. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum and I'm very happy to be here, close to the many breeders and growers I admire. Respect to e$ko for offering good genetics at GOOD PRICES. Some of you may remember my Chocolate Rain grow journal from a different forum but here it is again for those who missed it. ENJOY! P.S. For this grow, I'm growing in subcool's ORGANIC super soil recipe with Vermifire as the base soil. Furthermore, I am growing in 10 gallon buckets under a 600W light during veg and 1000W light during flower, while using a Magnum XXXL reflector. The various supplements I used for this grow include blackstrap molasses, Hygrozyme, and Microblast. Here are some PICS in chronological order: Beginning: Started 10 Chocolate Rain seeds in rapid rooters..... easy. Baby Stage: 9 out of 10 seeds popped. Topped: As you can see, I also got 1 runt. Not a big deal. Supercropped: This is for bushier plants, canopy control, and bigger yields. Recovering nicely: Separating the Males and Females: Here's a shot of "Pheno X" AKA "Raspberry Pheno": Here's a shot of "Pheno V" AKA "Claw Pheno": Group Shot: I got 5 nice females from this 10 pack so everything is good.
  8. Before we get started, here is some pron from Chuky's Bride my last run of clones. CLOSE UP Such a beautiful flower, don;t think I can ever thank Esc0b@r enough for bringing us this.... Anyways, onto the new grow. Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Hydroponics, “superponic” arrangement, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. 12 site SCROG net for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Strains: Clones: Chucky’s Bride – 2 phenos + a Male Chocolate Rain KO Kush regular seedlings (3) Caramel Candy Kush (1) KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain (pheno b.) - (still trying to decide what I would call it - thinking Fists of fury (raining KO) | KORain) hoping this is carried some of indica of the KO and can make it a KO leaner, wife finds the KO to be great for pain, and I like the rush from the rain, time will tell) Planning to do some breeding this round with the water droplet technique I read about here. Environment/Water/Nutes: Water rests for at least 24 hours with airstones applies, comes out of the tap with (avg: ec: 0.2 / 0.1ppt / 6.68 – 7.1 ph), I add some ph down to get me in the 5.6 – 6.0 range. Nutes: Jungle Juice (bloom / micro) – 1st try at running lucas Diamond nectar Cal Mag Plus Roots Excellurator Additives planned: Crystal Burst Snow Storm Ultra Veg Reviews on growth, welcome input from anyone that has had these as to phenotypes: CCK1- Plant is bushy and in veg seems to have more sativa influence when compared with others. Has pleasant odor, cannot put a name to the smell, not skunky, fruity/woody. Female verified, so she will be kept. Topped at 5node and bushed out wildly. Taking over left hand front side of chamber. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure CCK2 – Plant was not developed as long in system, as I had to make room for it. So this one is a bit smaller, but has strong tendencies that look very similar to plant 1 in structure and growth pattern. Aroma is similar to CCK1. Topped at 4th node. Verified Male. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure. CCK3 – Plant grew out exact same time as CCK1 but was smaller in size, but not stature. Same amount of nodes, just grew much closer together. Plant is significantly more compact with very tight internode spacing on branches, even after topped. Leaves on this plant are the most broad when compared with other two CCK. I believe it is Bubba leaning, due to more compact stature of plant and broader leaves compared with others. Not realizing same stretch as CCK1. Also a Female! 2 out of 3 CCK female, great ratio and I couldn’t have planned that any better. - Anyone that knows these plants/phenos, please share as I am going purely on guess from reading other journals and such. KOK/CR –Cross of a KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain F (Pheno was my heavy crystal plant, had hook leaves and more sativa finger style). Veg - Plant has leaves that lean to KO Kush dominance and are much broader than the original CR mother. During early growth grew like KO Kush, however, once topped, this plant took on more CR characteristics with significant off shoots and lots of growth, becoming the bushiest of all the seedlings. Verified Female! 3 out of 4 beans popped are female I have already started this grow, and will add a few submissions to catch you up to where I am currently, starting second week of bloom. Anyone with notes on CCK to share, please pass them along as I am learning these beans still, beautiful structure on both pheno I have and some different aroma between both, very exited to see what she does. On with the show....
  9. so got some sannies and dynasty seeds by way of @madmaster420 !!! also some jack smack from @ fatrasta i love OG! veg tent stay cramed sleekunsk before they fell sleeskunk fluffy good yeild day time smoke no body at all killing fields mystery sour cross far right Cholate rain ub chemo in back motorabel killing fields from a sativa mix sannie shop
  10. Hey Opengrow Community Thought I would share my current grow. This round is all Eskos work, so great things are expected. From everything I've read, there is no doubt about Chocolate Rain's awesomeness, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what this Candy Kush is all about. This Round did not start well, with bad germination rates and a slow start into veg. Got 0/4 on Chocolate Cheese, 6/10 on Chocolate Rain, and 4/4 on Candy Kush. Shit happens and I have no idea why. The next hurdle was the soil. I'v been growing in Plagron Growmix for years, so I wasn't too excited that my grow shop was all out. But hell, I already made the trip out there, so I had to get something, I opted out for Plagron Batmix. For sure did I think this Batmix was gonna burn the hell outa my plants, but surprisingly most plants took the move very well and have been growing fast and strong ever since. Now, about 8-9 weeks of veg later, things are looking better and the plants are about ready for flowering. Things so far: 120 X 60 cm Dark Room Starlight T5 220w GHE Flora Series, Useless Formula Plagron Growmix Substrate, then the move to Batmix. 6 Chocolate Rains on the left and 4 Candy Kush on the right (with the hoops). The Candy Kush grew straight up, almost no side branching. It was gonna get way too tall, so it had to be trained and tamed. Here's some pics from week 7-8 of veg. Candy Kush training in progress. I use those hoop for supporting top heavy side branches, but they can be used for training too. Troubled Candy Kush. This one hasn't been happy since the transplant, showing signs of lockout. But there's nothing I can do for her, all the other plants are fine. Only the strong survive. She's still growing at a good pace, so I'm keeping her around...for now. After the initial bending, with lights dropped as close as possible A few days later. 4 Chocolate Rain on the left (2 males were removed) and 4 Candy Kush on the right (with the hoops). Candy Kush training in progress This really opened up the bud sites... Two Chocolate Rain males were removed from the tent, one was an especially impressive stud
  11. Hi opengrowers! Recently i bought a pack of reg. Herijuana and Chocolate rain. Started to germinate 2 seeds from each pack and ended up with 2 chocolate rain seedlings. Herijuana seeds cracked but one didn't made it after that and the other died from my mistake. So, after a month veg, i ended up with 1 chocolate rain female. The chocogirl was under 105w fluoros all her life (she is around 2 months old now). And she is going to stay in veg stage for 2-3 more weeks, until i harvest some ak-47 that are in the flowering tent. Some info about the setup used: Veg tent: 80x80x160 cm, 105w fluoro lighting, exhaust fan, vent fan. Flowering tent: 120x120x200 cm, 400w or 600w lighting, exhaust fan with carbon filter, vent fan Nutes: trying AN micro and bloom to see if they are better from my old GHE grow, bloom, micro Additives: some trichoderma and mycos from time to time to prevent root rot and help growth. Medium: water! dwc style single pots or connected as a r-dwc Growth style: usually scrog, because i run only 1 up to 4 plants per run. Here is the chocolate rain, you can see some training i do now to the plant, so it can shape up better when i put in under the HPS. Her branches are very strong and often i have to brake them a bit before they become wood. The scrog net is kind of loosy but it helps me sometimes like this. The next 2-3 weeks updates gonna be kind of boring but what can we do, it takes time
  12. Posting my log from last grow, info will come in a few waves, posting 1st two months, grow pics are up already in gallery, some of the abbreviations are in pic file names, in case you are trying to identify flowers..... Hope you enjoy and please share feedback and any input that will help me improve.... Seed Observations: KOK4- A: dark stripes and mostly covered in stripes (85%), mid sized in group B: more white (60%) than stripes (40%), on the larger size of the seeds C: more white (70%) with some striping (30%), on smaller side (XX-DID NOT GERMINATE-XX) D: mostly white (80%) minimal stripes, smallest of seeds CB - A: tan (85%) with minimal striping (15%), very round, and smaller side of group B: tan with dark brown stripes, more pronounced stripes in group, also mid/large size C: light tan and mostly pale color for seed, virtually no striping to note, smaller in group D: tan with dark brown stripes, mid/larger sized CR A: tan brown and some dark brown lines, smallest in group B: darker brown, with dark brown/black lines, looks like nut, mid/large size C: looks similar to B, but someone erased part of it and it was tan under the erased part, mid/large size 4/5/13 – Germing 11 total. Hanging bag method with distilled/hyperoxide mix. Started hanging in closet in moved to back of cab to see if more heat could help. Germinating: KOK4 – (4) | CB – (4) – {100%} | CR – (3) {100%} 4/8/13 – KOK – (3) in Rockwool, and Seed C is still needing further crack for root CB – (1) into Rockwool {D}, other (3) show crack, but taproot still needs to break out. CR – (3) still waiting, looks like A was cracking, but no taproots. 4/9/13 –KOK – Still waiting on C CB – Planted B&C, Still waiting on A, but see its cracked CR – Planted B&C – waiting on A 4/10/13 – KOK – (2) in RW are above surface. Seed C shows no crack or taproot. Tried scuffing seed a few times passing over matchbook strike area. Resealed seed into bag to see if scuffing helps crack. ONLY ONE REMAINING AT THIS TIME. CB – Planted A, root developed well and seed was about to shed from embryo CR – Planted A, showed good taproot freedom. KOKC – did not crack – it was the only one not to sprout. 5/4/13 – Moved from veg to grow chamber, still running 18/6, working with new hydro setup. 5/7/13 – Day 5 in Bloom chamber running veg. Starting to see first signs of roots penetrating out of larger RW cubes. Here is the plant run down, for 12 sites: KOK – All have a smiliar stature of growth with short spacing between levels and nodes/brnches only starting to protrude outward. Not enough there for taking clones as of 5 weeks. (A) – at week 5 of veg, has most contained structure of all the KO. Currently the middle sized plant of the three. Leaves are strong Indica with avg sizing. ( – week 5 tallest of the three. Has leaf structure more similar to A. (D) – Week 5 shortest of the three. Has a leaf that is longer and slightly more sativa looking than A&B. Has largest leaves of all three plants. CB – (A) – Runt of the bunch (and of closet). Sativa looking leaves. Believe this phenol leans to C99. ( – second shortest of group. Has most distinctly different leaves, leaning more to indica structure and size. Cheese pheno. © Very close to height of B, leaves are longer and leaner. Has sativa leaf structure but indica plant structure. Leaning C99 pheno. (D) Has most Sativa characteristic of group. Largest leaf development and more space between nodes. C99 Pheno. CR – (A) – Runt of the group and only slightly larger than the CB runt. Has more Indica leaning traits barely any lower branching. ( – Has long serrated leaves, with some decent branching . Mid-sized of the three. © tallest in the closet, has most significant branching and is leaning in design to a sativa with leaf structure. Cup of 2013-1 (B & G) – Have (3) G and (1) B growing in single site. This is a test to see what is possible and realistic in small plant space development– B went in 2 days later as last minute decision, but was not as far along in regrowth and was still a flower (took about 3-4 days to unwind and reveal new growth. Mystery Cup (A & – A is grown from seed from my 1st round. There are no clones as of yet, as I am waiting to see if its female. B is cloned from a different seed from 1st (2005) round batches, has mother plant in veg. 5/24 – Have healthy and vigorous growth among all plants, phenos seem to have shown through. Nutes are stable and plants lush and green. Clean white roots. Box is starting to look crowded and the CRC is pushing the upper limit of where they need to be for SCROG. Starting the 12/12 cycle 5/25, as lights start up later tomorrow, as a result, here are final observations under veg CR-A (26cm) & CR-B (23 cm) – believe to be a 50/50 or a chocolope, more ind structure and similar in size, stature. CR-C (34cm)– believe to be Cocoa Kush, largest plant in the box, strong sativa leaning leaves and stretch between nodes. FIMMED tonight to stop vert growth. CB-A (22cm) – Believe a mix pheno, leaves have sativa look but structre is tight growth with tight branching – compact plant CB-B (24cm) – Cheese Pheno, indica leaning leaves. CB-C (28cm) – Good mix on this one, cindy leaning CB-D(26cm) - Good mix on this one, cindy leaning KOK-A (22cm) – Short, stout plant with multiple braches reaching to top of plant. Horizontal growth is almost equal to vert growth KOK-B (25cm) – tallest of the KOK, with side branches slightly more uniform, providing more that single tall cola structure plant KOK-D(18cm) – Had issues when seedling standing tall always wanted to fall, has a slight lean to base. Very similar to A in development with side branches shooting out and catching top of plant, providing multiple tops (Fem) NIRV-F4 - White Thick (A,B, and C) (19cm) – all the same height, multiple tops NIRV-F4 - Red – (11cm) just coming out of shell and starting to have first leaves of new growth. Not sure if this have enough time to get going. Nirv-F1-seedling(23cm) – Broke the original plant down to bottom branches and has recovered nicely. Nirv-F1-Clone (25cm) – has stretched a lot inbetween nodes, but I think it is going through rapid growth and working to keep up with canopy as it is next to CR-C and pushing both of these to fight for light already seeing where some of my copy and paste is turning into emoticons. they are supposed to be a B and a C Cracking Beans....
  13. Just wanted to show E$ko some of his girls
  14. MMMMMMM... if the smell on my fingers is any indication, this oughta be good! just sexed up some pretty ladies with 4 chocolate rain studs. they all had an excellent smell of forest berries and chocolate. wish me luck on lots of beans: Chocolate and Cheese: Chocolate Rain x A-Train Cheese = UK Cheese x (Arcata TW x Afghani) Caeser's Chocolate and Cheese: Chocolate Rain x A-Train Cheese x Julius Caeser = (SoCal Master x SFV) Sour Chocolate Wonder: Chocolate Rain x Wonder Diesel = (ECSD x Williams Wonder) provided these turn out, these oughta be pretty special. PS: i saw chocolate rain was one of the sativa nominees for the Denver cannabis cup. awesome! peace! keep it green!
  15. Hello all... i had a little mishap with one of Sannie's free spongepots last summer. it was my bad, the spongepots were fine, albeit, a little... light. i was doing an enclosed outdoor sprout. i took them out to check them. they were all labeled, of course. suddenly a HUGE gust of wind came out of nowhere and threw the tray into the air, spilling the contents, and randomizing my seeds. i was actually able to sort out a couple, but i still had a pretty confusing time testing and seeding out some select plants that were part of this sprout. one of them remains. it is this. something tells me it is Vanilla Sky or Chocolate Rain. it could also be Killing Fields x NYCD or Malawi from USC, but i doubt it. it is slightly later to flower, compared to the rest of the garden. so i am thinking sativa dom. i have been leaning towards Vanilla Sky, since i have two little ones that seem to have a similar leaf shape. but i keep also thinking it could be the chocolate rain, though i have nothing to compare it to. here are pics. any help would be appreciated. even if i only get more confused. thanks awesome OG crew. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hey all, Today we have another mini review; this time on chocolate rain by Escobar. As in other day with my Boudica initial report; these were vegged about four weeks in cocoa choir, a bit of bone/blood meals, dolomite lime, mycos, and pearlite. Up potted to two gal containers from oneone gallon at flip. About 6.5 weeks on the fast pheno shown. Other two pheno pics upcomming, but I had the fast lady out last night for a bondage session and to claim two upper buds that were showing amber trichs already. Initial impressions are that this strain is easy to grow with no bad tendencies I can see. Medium stretch, good structure with the faster finisher needung support at week 4-5 as bud clusters began to overwhelm her ability to support herself. This one will yield a bit over average. Probably will get better in successive runs as this was very much not optimized to any strain, more an effort for me not to nuke them with nutes lol. So I call this first pheno the fast pheno. Smells are not super pronounced like my Boudica. This one smells of some slight sweet cheese or funk, and something faintly bittersweet I cant place. Maybe bakers chocolate, but tbh I cannot say I would have come up with that on my own w/out knowing lineage of the strain :0! Bud density very good. Crystal output impresive to say the least. Shes one of the most sugar coated I've seen so far this run. The upper buds harvested changed to a nice fall coloring, while the rest of plant still looks nice and green. I shoud have had her S&M session weeks ago, but time demands and laziness got in the way. Despite me, I think she's beautiful and super easy to trim. I believe this would be the more cocoa kush variety based solely on time till this one is done. Having the two top buds done and the rest of plant following likely in the next week or so. The other two phenos are more sativa leaning and have about 2-3 weeks to go, but were a week or so flipiing after this one so times are a bit off between phenos. These later ones smell sweeter. I'll describe those more in detail as I put up pics. For now, the may I present the "fast pheno"! What you say???? Not enough porn? Well enjoy some KF x NYCD freebie shot too. She's purple and displays what I consider to be very KF like growth patterns, but with more nycd leafing???? at least those I can tell from journals etc.... Sweet and funky, I look forward to this one too. She wants more food as she got a but K or Ca+ deficient. She's starting to hit her second wind burst and piling on weight now. This could be special if the taste and potency are there.
  17. Hello , Me and Friend are planing to put all these beans I compulsively bought into flowers. Friend is a loooong time friends (about 18 years) and smoking is really something we have no will to quit. So after seeing the results (outdoor) of my first try , he decided to go indoor last year, for one year we have been toying with AK 48 from nirvana (these were cheap , and i didn't want to lose good genetics). Now we feel is the time to get a bit more serious, the last two years I've bought *Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze *Caramel Cough *Killing Fields *Blue Hammer *JackBerry *Chocolate Rain *Chocolate mix *Anesthesia *Vanilla Sky *Chucky's Bride *Holy Princess *Killing Field x Katsu cut *Sour Diesel x Blueberry *Killa Queen X Blue Hammer We would like to test all these in the next year or so, my cab is not ready yet , but the dimensions are known. Friend's cab is inside a Pax wardrobe from Ikea. Flowering part -2 x 150 w HPS - 95cm (wide) 55 (depth) 1.20m (height) - Carbon Scruber - 380m3/h rvk Veg part -80 cm height same width and lenght - 150 w TN -Sunon My cab should be ready around Halloween, dimensions are about the same, a bit wider (105cm), deeper (58cm) and a total height of 250 cm with 4x30w T8(?) in the Veg part and 8x24w (2 times 4x24 really) in the flowering part. I hope to make 52 updates (once a week) to document the grow of these little babies. This round will be in soil (plagron light and royal mix), but i hope to switch to coco and passive hydro next time (dirt is ....dirty and we do have a social and familly life ). Before showing (drumroll) , who was choosen first , I would like to thank Sannie, I've had once a germination problem on one pack and another time with the post and suffice to say the man didn't let me down:o) so thanks again and if you are gifted something..the less you can do is share.
  18. This is Day 1 Of week 10, and everythings coming down . I ran 8 1000 watt lights, two tables of 8 different phenos of chocolate rain, and a table of Herojuana Og and a table of the Platinum cookies. I did everything from seed so I had different phenos of each strain, looking for the keeper pheno of each. Here are some pics of the different pheno's of the chocolate rain. And my favorite pheno was #7, one of the trichiest strain's I have ever grown, which is perfect as a wax/hash making strain imo. Plus smell is incredible, And here are some pics of my fave pheno of the Herojuana Og, the one that leans more toward OG The platinum pheno of the platinum cookies. And my favorite pheno of the platinum cookies, the one that lends itself more to the cookies. It was a pretty good run. Im the manager at a hydroponics shop in California so these plants got the best of the best. Now that I have my keeper pheno's its just dialing them in. I'll have video smoke reports of these strains, check out my youtube channel LAOGROW and it's got smoke and grow reports along with joint rolling tutorials and fat sessions =D.
  19. Hey guys any ideas/knowledge/help would be greatly appreciated. So I currently have 7 plants (tagged above) in a veg room that is supposed to be 18/6 and am about to turn to 12/12 The power connection from the timer to the outlet is incredibly suspect, old outlet that almost any power prong will just fall out if plugged in. Although I have been growing in this room for a while, in the past 2 days the light has not turned on at the correct time due to this suspect connection (if i push the prongs in deep or move them around you can see the contact occurring, but if you let go it usually turns off). it should be turning on around 8 AM but yesterday it wasn't on until 10:30, and today 11:30. I tried taping it and it seems to work somewhat but not really. My main question is: Will this hurt my plants with the whacky timing errors? if so like what? they are all healthy except one that was neglected earlier on, but I don't know if this will make them hermi or what. Thanks
  20. Well hello again OG friends, thought I would drop in again and share my latest goings on. My next run I've decided to go with a combination of Chocolate Rain, and Anesthesia. I've been wanting to try the CR for quite some time now but why I also went with the Anes it being an Indica dominant strain, I guess that might give me some issues down the line. I'll be adding new pics along the way, and hopefully we'll have more fun than problems. The medium: FF OF with about 35-40 % Perlite, a dash of tree stump powder, and for the first time, I'm going to give Sannies Buffer Tabs a try and see how that goes. Tonight I'd like to show you one of the Anes plants, (that are already falling behind the CR plants) and what looks to me like a burning issue going on with it. Any opinions would be appreciated Please see the pics here ...And of course please have a look at the gallery of pics I've started on this current run. They were transplanted into the flower room just about 2 weeks ago, and this will be a LST grow in 3 gallon pots. 400 W MH bulb 18/6 Theres also my first attempt at revegging. Its also my first ever Hempy Bucket that contains Sannies Shakzilla strain More about all that later on..... https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/album/3472-chocolate-rain-and-anesthisia/page__display__detail
  21. High all! I Would just like to thank Sannies for my first Order of beans!!! Just picked them up from the POffice. +50 Respect for the "Stealth" packaging Sannies!! you guys Rock!!! I would reccommend you anytime!!! Now I am burning to get grow these babies!! any tips on growing Chocolate Rain? Respect Sannies!!! Greetz D
  22. Greetings Open Growers. It’s autumn. The leaves are turning, the deer are in season, and my attic has cooled down enough so that I can fire up that 1000W bulb up there in the green room. As is typical, I was torn between a zillion strains I’ve never grown or smoked before, so I narrowed it down to four. I was going to try Chocolate Rain, Lollypop, Ace of Spades, and Santa Maria x Cheeseberry – five of each (Oh, I’m going to keep them small! It’s all according to plan!). About half would be males, so I’d end up with about 10 fabulous girls. What could possibly go wrong with that number of plants under a single bulb? Last year a single Lemonberry took up half the real estate in the green room, but that’s because I failed to keep her small! How remiss I was in my youth. Anyway, the day I started to soak my seeds, I had all my seeds out in front of me. Wouldn’t it be interesting to sample Cheeseberry along WITH Santa Maria x Cheeseberry? Damn right it would! So a couple of AoS got dropped from the running for a couple of CB seeds. But HEY! I have yet to try one of Professor P’s offerings. Maybe I can slip a couple of those KF x Space Queen freebies in there and drop another AoS and a SM x CB. OK, that’s how it was. Unlike last year, when half my seedlings suffered sudden infant death syndrome, only two seedlings croaked: a SM x CB seemed to push itself out of a spongepot, and my clumsy attempt to get it back in there killed it. Also, a Lollypop decided to die for no reason at all. That’s right, NO REASON. I think it was depressed. I was down to a mere 18 plants, meaning I’d only have a sparse 9 girls under the HID if I got 50% females. So naturally I sprouted a Mad Scientist fem. I felt bad about the way I tortured and killed that other Mad Scientist plant out in my yard this summer, so I’m making it up to the strain. I’m making it up by putting it in an overcrowded grow room with a few weeks less vegging than all the other plants. It will forever be in my debt. This was all at the end of August. Fast forward to a few weeks under some t-5 bulbs in the nursery tent, and a bunch of the boys have shown preflowers. I don’t keep males, so I now have: 2 chocolate rain (1 with female preflowers, 1 without) 1 SM x CB with female preflowers 2 Ace of Spades, no preflowers 2 Lollypop, no preflowers 1 Mad. Sci. fem. I’m still in denial about the two CBs, one of the CRs and a Lollypop. They have primordial preflowers that LOOK like males BUT there’s still a snowball's chance in hell that I’m wrong. Looks like trying out one of Professor P’s crosses will have to wait, and likely the same for the CB. But that means the other 3 seeds in that freebie pack are girls, by law of averages! It’s a law, the seeds can’t break it! And by that same law, the rest of my plants are girls, right? RIGHT? I knew you'd agree. OK then. I didn’t want to bore the shit out of you with pictures of newly sprouted seedlings, so I didn’t take any. I’m a little torn about whether I should show boring pics of 4 week old vegging plants, but I’ll post them as a service to those of you with insomnia, after I make the final transplant this weekend. In the mean time, I'll describe them: 1. Green 2. Look like weed 3. Plants I messed up the FIM on look like Palmetto trees on top 4. Ace of Spades is short. 5. CR and SM x CB are tall. There you have it.
  23. Hey all since i'm new to the forum my grow cuts in at 6 weeks into flower haha. Right now I have Chocolate Rain, LA Confidental, MK Ultra, Vietnam Black X Thai, NYCD X Kolossus, Zeus, Cindy99, Jilly Bean, Chocolope, Herijuana, Kandy Kush x strawberry cough, ROC Silver Purps, Blue Cheese, Jack's Cleaner 2, Cannasutra and Kaboom. I know it's alot to handle (trust me i KNOW now lol) but i just wanted to do a run with alot of different selections and pick my keepers and go with that Chocolate Rain LA Confidental MK Ultra Vietnam Black X Thai - always wanted to try something that takes forever to bud and see what's up! Kandy Kush (Trainwreck x OG Kush) X Strawberry Cough - this one was from my strawberry cough popping a male flower and seeding a nearby kandy kush close to 2 years ago. i recently popped some of the seeds and this is the offspring. all female thank god. but it's growing like a dark green kush with broad leaves, and it smells like stawberry jam. i'm excited for this one! I have (many) more and i'll post more soon if you guys want!
  24. Here we go lads, Growreport N°3 As the title says there are 14x reg Anesthesia 14x reg Chocolate Rain (from now on just called "ChocR") 1x fem Sugar Punch 1x fem Heribei The plants have been raised under 2x 150W T5 for some weeks now. Theyve been repotted 2 days ago and are since then under the 600W MH. As Iam using Light Mix I will let the plants settle in for another week in Veg to make some roots and suck the soil empty. They were started in 4L Pots and are now in 9L/10L Pots. ChocR in 9L, the rest in 10L. Iam using a wide range of nutes, mostly snake oil and "for fun". My nutes are: Stims and such: Com Cat, Neudorf Stechmücken-Ex (Bacillus Thurigensis israelis), Hesi SuperVit, Ecolizer: Grow Up, Root Up, Bloom Up, ATA XL, Milford Molasses (organic) NPK: Fishmix, Hesi Phosphor Plus, Canna PK 13/14, Plagron Terra Bloom. Also I have Canna Mono: Trace, Mg, Ca. Also I have (but do not want to use): GHE Ripen and GHE One Part Gro. I have an EC Meter (Adwa and Liters of cal juice) and very good pH "drops" from GHE. Here is a pic the first day after repotting: (40h ago) The plants look a bit "crushed" from the small Veg closet. They will like the big tent ALOT! 40 hours later they have started to spread their wings! To control and tame this Jungle I have two new toys ^^ Yes, it is true. I am in fact so stupid, that it took me 5 Grows to realize how important a web is It costed like 10€ and will help me probably more than anything I bought in the last year So much from me! If there is a nice visible growth spurt than I will so the next update. One question to y´all: I have 1 week (8 days) of veg left. Should I top the ChocR or just go for it and snap the stretchers around the WebIt? Woule really like to see her untopped first... but I hope she is not as "topping needy" as the Jack Berry ^^ Have fun, enjoy your stay! GB
  25. Hi all I was recently gifted a few cross's. Of the cross's I received 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' a Whazzup & Eskobar combo put a BIG smile on my face the more I thought about it. Suprising as I do have plenty of both both parents beans but haven't sprouted any yet so I'm not that familiar with either, bar what I've read and seen on OG. 5 x 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' beans are currently being soaked (6 Hours). They will be placed in spongepots then transplanted to 15L airpots. Started under T5 - 210W and roughly 7-10 days after sprouting they will then be moved under a 1000DE to flower. All males will be removed and composted. Canna Bio Terra soil plus 5% perlite. Symbio - MycoForce Endo Mycorrhizal Liquid (PDF) (I will be dipping each spongepot in a solution of the Endo liquid and rainwater on transplanting to 15L Airpots.) Symbio - MycoForce Growing Media Activator (PDF) (This will be mixed through the Canna bio Terra and watered prior to transplanting) Sannies Buffer tabs. Canna Bio Bloom. (As required) Canna Bio Boost. (As required) Canna Bio Rhizotonic. (As required) Feed alternated between Nutes and AACT. Hope you all enjoy the ride. I'll post weekly updates with pic's and all questions and comments are welcomed. Grtz HillCrest
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