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Found 1 result

  1. Hello OpenGrow dudes and ladies. It's time for me to post a smoke report on "Daddy's Little Angel Fuck". Special thanks to Indican and MadMaster420 This F1 cross was made by Indican of Sinister Seeds. This one uses a Holy Princess female (created by Eskobar) hit by pollen from a selected male Herijuana (worked by Sannie). Alrighty then, lets get things rolling in a more casual way. I'm hitting this one already in another blown glass pipe with some tar buildup. *scoff* wtf. LOOKS: 8.2/10 Green with rust-orange-brown dried fuzzy looking pistils. Small and very tightly packed calyxs. Extreme trichome coverage. The trichomes are skinny but densely packed on all flowers and sugar leaves. Breaks up nicely but not with compact density. Slightly knobby protrusions. SMELL: 6.5/10 -nicely unusual and complex. Herbal spices and dry incense with a light skunkiness to my nose. No Herijuana smell, but there is a barely noticable light vibrant fruitiness. Also a smell that tickles my nose and reminds me of black pepper and rubbing alcohol. TASTE: 5.7/10 -slightly better than average in my opinion. Rubbing alcohol transfers to taste as does some slight lemon and fuel taste on inhale. Kind of tastes a little the smell of green sage too. Best thing in taste: It gives a long slightly sweet fruit-berry aftertaste that's lovely. High: 7.5/10 Potency: 8.7/10 Legs: 9/10 I haven't found a ceiling yet or a tolerance build up in the last 6 or so weeks. Super strong and immediate punch in the face and body. Want higher just smoke more if I can. Lost in space or deep diving kinda high. In you're own universe and everything's good ya'll. 5 hours high off a 3/4 gram sample. This one fucks my shit up. Short term memory shot, some vertigo and clumsiness but a big ass smile all the while. I've hit a couple bowls in a row and about 7 hours passes by very fast. In my own world happily thinking or checking bud porn or watching plants grow. But no tired or jittery feeling even though harvested with 60% clear trichs. This pheno is one of my buddy's favorite smokes. Oh yeah- Surprised me when I weighed the rest. She yielded quite decently 2.41 oz. dry from a 2 gallon. This pheno could have been SOG style and had 200% stretch over the 1st 3 wks. of flower. Finished around 65 days from flip. Flipping a multibranch clone of her in 2 weeks or so. Any questions ask -Passion
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