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Found 3 results

  1. to start off is the new and improved grow room.. it measures out at 7' x 5' and has a new 8" exhaust fan, new pool liner for the ebb and flow method I will be using. new 1000 watt ballast added..now there are 2 1000's switchable fro 600 to 1000 boost. heater is in place ..everything has been tested and ready to go. this is it... ........ and this is where the grow starts...with mothers...I will get 60 clones from the front 4 which is RT and 25 clones form the back 2 which is Dawn...they have been topped 3 days ago and are starting 2 new limbs on each top..shold be able to cut is 2 weeks..then the fun begins...
  2. bigun

    outside 17

    this purple grow has been out sine 18 Aprial,,thanks Saxo..all these are fems..last year it was 4 June..lol the dawn is a couple weeks behind but is looking good..now that the rain has stopped after 12.8 inches.. now the sun is out and they should start growing good... will send a few pics a little later.. keep it green and stay safe.. BTW..the dawn has 2 pe hole..this is ???that may b a male and female..lol
  3. hello OG, time to get some seedlings going. there will b 9 different strains. santeros' crosses will dominate this grow.. going to use my fabric pots..texas tomato food, both grow and flower.."thanks for the info Gardenaus and Jet. they will be under 2 1000 watt digulux bare bulb in the big room which is 35sq.ft. these will b vegged longer as 1/2 will probably males. that is not a bad thing as i have at least 2 different crosses to make..bb1(saxo) x Dawn = (mountain top) and sanmans amnesia x Mohawk = (pineapple skunk(friend) x c-99 f-5Sinister seeds) the "Mohawk" name comes from an area I use to grow bag seed..lol the "mountaintop" is where I use to grow bag seed behind my house...my area was on top of a well know mountain party place..was going to call it the name all gave that spot but I will save it for someone else..lol..i am sure he and other partied there..lol. hoping the Mohawk seeds have dried enough.. will take some pics when we get something to show..this will not b update d every week but more like bi-weekly.. take care and with a little help form san and the forum we will do ok.."i hope"
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