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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread. After 18 months of concentrating mainly on Phuuu's IPA it is time to move on to other adventures. I have been accumulating seeds much faster than I have been growing them so my goal for the foreseeable future is to grow an many of them as I can. Something special may come along and I'll get sidetracked for a bit but the plan is to make use of the space I have to explore my seed stash starting with the following. I've been jonesin' for some more NAW stuff so I have 3 Head Candy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) as well as 2 Green Ale (Green Manalishi x Phuuu's IPA) Fem's. Along with those I have 3 Sour Mango x Golden Diesel sprouts, thanks to StankDank30 Here'a a look at the youngsters last week. And, here they are today They just got up-potted to #2 pots yesterday. The SM x GD really droop when watered, they have really wide leaf blades as well. The Head Candy and SM x GD sprouts are all pretty consistent in appearance. The 2 Green Ale sprouts showed some difference early but are looking more alike now. I'm hoping for 3 females out of these two crosses to go along with the 2 Green Ale fem's. If I am not so fortunate I'm gonna start some Black Afghani to fill in. Looking forward to exploring all the wonderful genetics I've been able to gather. Hope you'll come along and see what we find...
  2. Hello fellow OG'ers, Due to unforseen circumstances I've lost all my strains and need to restock the garden & could do with some advice Re: what's in the shop atm. Over the last year I've done Selene, which is amazing but I've probably smoked Lbs of it in last year, Cheeseberry Haze and Durban chitral. I'm lookin for probably 4 New strains my thoughts at this stage are some of the NAW offerings, Hammerhead, G-39 and Head Candy and Huckleberry Space Queen (flower time, yield?)or Mz.uni from Dynasty. I'm looking for big yield (I donate part of harvest), good strong complex smoke and flower time under 70 days preferably. Plants will be grown hydro in single plant scrogs. If anyone can help out with more info on strains I've mentioned or suggest others that would be great. Peace, Hazy.
  3. Hey guys, ever since I chopped my plants about 2 weeks ago, I've been trying to get myself ready for next year. I've been looking pretty hard at Huckleberry Kush from Dynasty. It pretty much fits the bill for what I am looking for in a medicinal plant. Problem is that I am not able to flower indoors, I'd have to do that outdoors. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this plant outdoors. I live in the midwest at about 40 degrees north, so we can pretty much grow anything that takes under 10 weeks to finish flowering. Professor P says that the buds get so dense that mold can be an issue, even indoors. I asked Professor P in an email if he would recommend against growing it outdoors, and he said if I found an early finisher, I might be in luck. Any ideas??
  4. First off let me say hello as this will be my first post here on opengrow. I have quite a few new seeds started a couple weeks back and 3 of those are dyansty cck I have from sannies. setup nutrient- gh flora series doing lucas formula modified to heads formula for coco. 6mlmicro 9mlbloom 1g epsom salts and 1ml silica per gallon ph set to 5.8 or abouts. hand watered daily to waste with 20% run off. veg tent is 2x3x6.5ft with 8 26w cfl bulbs of mixed spectrum. flower tent is 4x4x7.5ft running 600w cooltube,4in carbon filter, 4in ventec inline fan, with a 4in duct booster and for my intake i just vent for airflow..also have a 150 hanging in there that i turn on from time to time open bulb vert. medium is coco/perlite 70/30 in smart pots 1 gallon veg and either 2 or 3 gallon for flower size and room dependant. on with the show... cck#1> was just topped in the last couple days and the one I waited longest to do any training with. cck#2> topped early and responded well cck#3> this i used the old fim on and just ripped the top off she loves it when i smack her around(hope it's a she) group photo> so besides me overwatering a little they are still doing there thing and are now taking the full 6ml 9ml and eating it up!!!!!!! hopefully get around to placing them in the 1gallons i plan to veg with for another 3 weeks and then to there final resting place for flower. If I get it done I will take some pics and upload them.
  5. robogro


    Drizella - sativa dominat Pheno 4 Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc Best fit from what I observed. 3 weeks cure (I haven't smoked any medicine in 7 days) Smooth on the first 6-7 hits, but then I figured I best put it down as I smoke big joints. It was a good move because the creep started soon after an continues 30 minutes later. (sweet) Grown outdoors and left pretty much on her own to fight the elements of Mother Nature. I let the trichs get redder than the picture shows, maybe two-three weeks later. Pros: handles the weather, bugs and grower neglect. easy to grow as advertized...helps with my back pain and the red eye is a bonus Cons: none early growth three weeks before chop I'll her another go as I still have some seeds..I'm happy
  6. Hi there all! Welcome. today i kick started this thread alive, for u all to enjoy. The setup will be; Secret Jardin Dark Propagator (60cmx90x60) With a Tneon 2x75w for lighting (Vegging + bloom too) Mini fan from winflex with a Prima klima (160/240m3) for exhaust So for everybody's understanding; This is A micro-fluo grow. i willt take clones that will become mother(s), that will hit a 600W flowering area,this will be months from now cause for now it is occupied,almost finished in there, and another grow is already planned to be there.. the reason im posting here instead of micro fluo section, i wanna keep the infos about the huckleberry close to each other, keeps it easy.. also i would like some help to pinpoint the phenotypes im dealing with. my first time really doing so, i know u guys cant smell/touch , but together we should be able to figure this out.. and still; It's a glorious occasion! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dael4sb42nI Now back on track; Two seeds are currently in Spongepots when they are live and kicking they will go to, 3 galon root pouches (basically the same thing as smartpots) these are Filled with gold label special mix light and a bunch of ingredients for a very healthy stable soil life. All the extra's that went trough the soil that aint clear on picture; BAC Bio granules sannie's bacto symbiosis mycorrhiza's Worm castings Perfect start when i was done i threw over some bacto and added some water it, but in between of that, some black lines apeared on the area where i threw the bacto kinda strange.. i did not actually see this happen cause i walked away for a couple of mins, here u can see for yourselve's; But on to the next thing; here we have the spongepot's enjoying there glass of cola; And a shot of the seeds themself and as a last shot with the enlightened buddha on the background overwatching for a safe journey; Hope you people are enjoying this, leave a message, ask a question , for now ima call it quit's its getting late Be safe and healthy all! Peace
  7. High, today i put 10 Caramel Candy Kush from Dynasty Seeds in Spongepots. I will weekly update this report. Equipment: Darkroom DR 90 Homebox XS AKF Carbon Active 350-400cbm/h ø125mm LTI Rohrlüfter PK 220/360 cbm/h ø125mm BLT Boxventi 2 x 36W PL-L Armatur 400W Philips SON-T Greenpower HPS AAW Medium Gavita Digistar 400 Composana Soil At the moment i have some Starbud and Bubblegummer in my Bloombox Here two Starbuds.. Peace
  8. 5 Placed in papertowel, 4 cracked in less than 24 hours. It's on. These will be grown in ProMix BX,(until I find a keeper, then clones go DWC) nothing added except for patience and love. Feeding will eventually consist of GH Flora Micro/Bloom at a ratio of 1:2, with Hygrozyme through veg and the odd hit of Floralicious Plus. Early veg lighting will be 100W 6400k CFL and T5 Pre-flower veg will be with the trusty 400w SunMaster MH Flowered under Eye Hortilux 430w Super HPS. 3g pots. Will add pics as soon as they're potted this weekend. Peace RM
  9. Hello Opengrow. Wanted to share with ya's my Cosmic Brain's. Pics taken at week 8. Very nice smells ranging from vannila to spice.Decent yeilds for sure. Easy as 1-2-3 to grow. No special needs. I like. This is my second run from seed. So ya know its gotta be good or else would never had made the second run. Great genetics at a great value, pretty much sums it up.
  10. Howdy got some Caramel Coughs up and running. Will update not regularly...hehe Usually dont show these little vegging plants. But had some free time and they are just so cute. Around 90 % germination. Had 1 tap out then dampen off. Rest are good to go. Very fast seedlings. Stay tuned see how this shakes out. Next post be right before I flip to flower.
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