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Found 7 results

  1. Raze


    Well I was gonna wait to do a smoke report on Boudica, but I woke up and rolled a nice sized joint of it and smoked half, then got lost in music and games for quite a while. i just finished off the Joint so that's what this smoke report will be based off of. Only my second time doing a smoke report and i'll just stick with my basic thoughts on the actual bud/smoke itself. Boudica smells extremely strong, very potent aroma that I can't identify, just opening the jar makes the whole room absolutely stink haha. The buds are beautiful to look at being dark green, with purple and other colors in there as well. It has really good crystal coverage, very pretty looking weed, plus an absurdly powerful smell, and it's rather sticky. It breaks down really well and smokes nicely in my hemp rolling papers. The flavor of the smoke is complex so I can't really describe it very well, blood orange maybe, it does have some weird kinda crazy orange kinda type of taste, but it's complicated. Anyways it tastes very nice with strong flavor and the smoke itself is pretty lite, so I can burn a decent amount before I have to put it out. A mild smoke at least in joints, Holy Princess was a bit more harsh than this in that regard. The high itself is really good and very relaxing, music is so addictive and awesome, so is watching a movie, or probably anything relaxing you enjoy. There is nice Sativa up high qualities, but it's really chill smoke. I personally like Indica and Sativa Hybrids, massively speedy weed is not my thing, but I do enjoy a good motivating up powered cerebral high. Boudica gives that type of high but has a chilled out vibe and a bit of an Indica type of feel, it's really good weed. The potency on Boudica stands up to Holy Princess, it might be stronger imo, it isn't weak like the strain description somewhat implies (even if unintentionally). So it has good power, extreme smell, smooth good tasting smoke, and the high is so nice for chilling out and just getting lost in whatever you choose to enjoy. Overall I'd say the high is good feeling, very fun, nice and cerebral yet relaxed, it's probably impossible to be in a bad mood after you've smoked this stuff. You can get lost in your music, movies, or in your own thoughts, i guess that's what e$ko meant by "smooth spiritual daydream". I've been smoking Chocolate Rain, Silver Fields, and Holy Princess over the last 6 weeks, and i'm enjoying Boudica immensely right now. I will be smoking more of it today and i can't wait to smoke some with my friend over the weekend and see what he thinks. Well I think that about covers my initial thoughts and i'm still nice and high so i'm gonna wrap it up here and go enjoy some music! Hope everyone that reads this has a nice day, good vibes~
  2. Greetings fellow cultivators! 2 Cabs, 7 Strains. Both cabs with 330w CMH. 3 Feminized, 4 regular. If males, then pollen collecting/chucking is planned. Ok so here's the deal. I started with popping: -5 Holy Princess (Santa Maria x C99 freebies) - E$kob@r Seeds -2 C99xStrawberry Diesel Reg - Classic Seeds -1 Urban Menace ((Jack Frost x Fast Thai x (NL#1xThai)) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Cin City (C99 F2 x Soma NYCD) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Frost Berry Chem (Classic Jack Frost x P.O.A.) x (Classic Strawberry Diesel x Alphadog) Fem - Classic Seeds Only 2/5 Holy Princess sprouted, so they were replaced with: -1 Shackzilla Fem - Sannie's Seeds -1 Killing Fields F4 Reg - Sannie's Seeds The killing fields is there, because I couldn't help myself. It's a Sannie staple strain I haven't seen grow yet so even if it's male, I'm sure I can make use of the pollen, say...by dusting Shackzilla? I just ran my first Shackzilla, but pitifully. I aim to do it justice this time...as the high is amazing, and I'll need to replenish!!! So all is going okay, except one of the two HP is stunted somehow and has frozen in time after about the second day after it sprouted. I think the seeds were quite old, as the germ rate was bad...I really hope it springs back with love and care, because I REALLY was hoping to get lucky and make more HP seeds hehehe. Also...I will never start seedlings under fluorescent lights. They will always germ under the CMH, or whatever HID they are going to veg under. When that's the first light source they experience, they don't have a standard to react to, so they just do whatever to survive, without realizing it. But I swear, when they first feel a nice, clean, easy to absorb weaker light source, they like relax or something, then shit their pants and panic, while burning the wilting while they readjust and realize what "light" actually is!!! Both Frost Berry Chem and the Cin City had this light stress effect. The new seedlings all across the board are simply eating the light up! So yeah... I'm excited to give Classic Seeds a go, opinions seem to vary to a great extent of his work or words, but I have faith, my instincts tell me he's legit, and I guess the proof will be in the pudding! Basically this will be my first attempt at making some seeds too, so hopefully that will be a success if the opportunity presents itself! =D Without further ado, it begins: Various Days of Seedlings (Also a C99 Clone/mother that just won't fully revert and is shooting pistils like crazy...
  3. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum and I'm very happy to be here, close to the many breeders and growers I admire. Respect to e$ko for offering good genetics at GOOD PRICES. Some of you may remember my Chocolate Rain grow journal from a different forum but here it is again for those who missed it. ENJOY! P.S. For this grow, I'm growing in subcool's ORGANIC super soil recipe with Vermifire as the base soil. Furthermore, I am growing in 10 gallon buckets under a 600W light during veg and 1000W light during flower, while using a Magnum XXXL reflector. The various supplements I used for this grow include blackstrap molasses, Hygrozyme, and Microblast. Here are some PICS in chronological order: Beginning: Started 10 Chocolate Rain seeds in rapid rooters..... easy. Baby Stage: 9 out of 10 seeds popped. Topped: As you can see, I also got 1 runt. Not a big deal. Supercropped: This is for bushier plants, canopy control, and bigger yields. Recovering nicely: Separating the Males and Females: Here's a shot of "Pheno X" AKA "Raspberry Pheno": Here's a shot of "Pheno V" AKA "Claw Pheno": Group Shot: I got 5 nice females from this 10 pack so everything is good.
  4. This is my first time posting in this section, and I want to say that I've never grown your strains yet but I have been eyeballing Purple Storm. I wanted to ask though, with all of your expertise, as well as your several awesome indicas in your stable, do you have any plans of releasing a pure or almost pure indica? I've grown Anesthesia and Huck Kush (both harvested yesterday), but would love to see what you might come up with. Thanks in advance for your time..
  5. Griot

    C99 Problems

    does anyone here think this is a ph problem or low nitrogen? the runoff was 7.3 so i flushed and got it down to 6.8. i am wondering if the yellowing from bottom up is lack of nitrogen as well. any ideas OGers?
  6. So a while back I came across some beans. Out of the few, a female arose. I grew her. I dried her. I cured her. And I smoked her. Now, several months later, I have 8 beautiful Holy Princess ladies standing under 1kw of glorious HPS-powered sunlight. This is the start of week 2 of 12/12. Krono More, behind the Princesses in front~ The Kronos suffered a bit when they were cuttings. I left them in the cloner a bit too long and the roots began to grow together. (Imagine a Cantelope sized rootball- D'oh!) They don't look great now, but they will be fine. This is my second Princess Grow. From these seeds I hope to find a mother. She definately earned a spot in my garden and will be kept around for the near-distant future. Top-notch smoke with great flavor and a long lasting stone. The ideal hybrid for me... Nice relaxing body effect with a great, uplifting, (even energizing) head. What I am smoking of her now has been dry and in glass since Dec. 17th, 2012- so it has had good time to cure. Man do I like smoking it. . But alas, a nice stash can only last (yes) so long... And thus the journey begins. Enjoy the show! Real
  7. Hi Hydro fellows Curiosity Kills The Cats, some growing technics too I wanted to see by myself what i can do if i follow the excellent tutorial e$kobar published about Mapito and flooding style. I'm in love with soil, and as i don't want to give more money than needed to my growshops, i did a little experiment with two pots of 25 liters. I bought 15€ an 80liters old bag of mapito, two of them, the owner of the growshop wanted it to go out of his stock. I prepare the Mapito as it should be, in my bathroom, better to wait your wife is out for shopping or friends I used a little layer of Pouzzoulane (a kind of hydro lava) for optimal drain I made two kind of *flooding table* with old stuff : And that's it, just to add clones in the pots
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