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Found 17 results

  1. I am a sativa kind of guy, but I like to have some indica and hybrids around. I ran out of those 7-8 months ago, but I had other priorities. Now I should have just enough time to manage a quick grow before it gets too hot. The line-up is: Chocolate Rain, Extrema, G Force and Sugar Punch. I also tried my luck at Grapegod (didn't pop), a Sensi star (popped, but didn't make it above surface) and two MadShacks (both popped, both made it to the surface, but then gave up). Never had such bad luck, perhaps the sativa gods are punishing me. Here is the sickly MadShack. Man, the Rev really got me revved up about this, but it is not to be Next to it is a G Force that grows just fine even though it's cotyledon leaves are damaged. I grow no nonsense organic style in reused soil/coco upgraded with a little H&G Bactoforce. A bottle of Bac Bloom for both veg and flower and an occasional shot of Sannie's Bacto is usually all I need.
  2. Hello everyone, I haven't seen any in depth Lady Cane grows posted other than Esko' presentation to the world. I wanted to try Lady Cane after reading the feedback this amazing plant recieved on Sannie's site. I will also be running 19 Extrema and 10 Mandala Satori. The Lady Cane is a single pack, hoping to find keeper phenos as I am building a stable that only has Og Raskal's White Fire OG in it at the moment. She is a special lady. We will call her WIFI #2 Hoping to give her some partners she can grow with. Hopefully those of you with some experience growing Lady Cane can help me pick that outstanding lady that will be enjoyed and comforted by my patients. I will be using mostly Organic nutrients and a weekly compost tea. The lineup includes; Age Old Grow Age Old Bloom Canna Bio Flores Canna Bio Boost Budswel Earth Juice Meta-K Aptus Fasilitor Plant Meds Humic Acid Organic Blackstrap Molasses Weekly feedings of Progressive Earth Compost Tea. Hope You Enjoy the Show!!!
  3. Figured I would post pics of the Sugar Punch and some other strains I have been growing so we can see the the differences of what Sugar Punch looks like when its truest expression is brought out through the organic method. So far I have cut down 1 Sugar Punch. Its a blueberry leaning pheno type. Went 7 weeks could have gone another 5 days for a more robust terpene expression. The plant yielded 4oz 10 grams. I will also post new pictures as they come to the chopping block. I have 2 or 3 that are coming down tomorrow. I will post those pics the following day. I promise what coming out of the garden is going to be the best shots of Sugar Punch I can give. Some of the phenotypes are mind blowing. I have one that looks like a cactus, smells like lime skittles. A huge yielder that smells like feta cheese berry and diesel. Absolutely covered in trichomes. The nycd in this cross is where those special smells come from. Sugar Punch is really special.
  4. This smoke report is on Sannie's Extrema(ChemD x Herijuana). At first I intended on growing this strain indoors, but at last minute, I had an opening in my greenhouse. She stretched quite a bit at first, but slowed after a couple weeks... this particular plant was approximately 6'3" tall. The buds were very compact, had few leaves(easy to trim) and was absolutely covered with visible trichs. The purple is due to low evening temps, it has no bearing on the strain at all, but it makes it look cool! Anyway, I don't have a good 'cured' budshot for you guys, but I do have a nice pic of a mid-plant bud just before harvest. This plant screams Heri pheno to me, but it had a more ChemD structure while growing. Strange, but good. Smell: The flavor profile has changed from the time it was first harvested and hung to dry, it has less of a sweet floral smell to it now. The 'cured' profile smells like sweet pungent fruit with an earthy-skunky undertone. This bud has a really 'heavy' smell to it. Reminds me a lot of what Heri smells like, except for the fruit. Taste: This bud has a mild chemical fruit/bitter coffee w/faux sugar taste on the inhale, with a pronounced skunky-hash on the exhale. It has a pretty good combo of the more mellow flavor profiles of both these strains... this particular pheno is not the one for those who expect a lot of fruity-floral flavors in their smoke. Just the flavor alone tells me that this is going to stone me good! Effect: The first hit made the area behind my eyes warm as the effects rushed through my head and started down my body. The second hit gave me a rush from head to toe... I like this effect, it's dulling the always present pain in my back. I wouldn't say this strain is a "medical strain" per se because of the low % of CBD's, but it has a high enough THC level to do a number on some chronic pain ailments. I definitely enjoy using the stronger strains in life, such as Extrema when nothing else can take the edge off. I smoked one bowl, approx. 7-8 hits and I'm very stoned at the moment, but it's not a couch-lock stone, I could be mobile if I choose to be... I'm having enough trouble typing this report right now. I would say this pheno is 60%head & 40%body... just what I needed today!! Enjoy your day. DesertGrown
  5. barney

    making seeds

    I have a Anesthesia plant that just showed it self to be male. I have a Fem Extrema that is almost ripe at 11 and 1/2 weeks of flower. I plan to harvest the big buds and leave some popcorn on the plant then move it into the other cabinet with the anna male. Will the seeds have time to mature on a older plant like this ? How long will it take for this male to make pollen ?
  6. Hello everybody. Thought it would be a good day to do some smoke reports. Between September and January I was trimming alot so I took a break from all things weed(besides smoking) until now. To give you a little background, I grew all my plants outside in 3x3x2 holes. The bottom 1/3 of the holes were filled with super soil mixed with good native soil and the rest of the hole was filled with FFOF mixed with native. I used a drip system for watering. Plants didnt recieve any extra nutrients, only what they had in the soil, and they all did really well. Last year I didnt do any bending or topping. Just left them to grow natural. I'm new to smoke reports so this will be pretty basic. I took notes when I smoked these so they were fresh in my nind at the time. If anyone has any questions regarding the strains please feel free to ask. #1.)Extrema(ChemD X Herijuana) Bred by Sannie and Knutsel- I had 2 phenos with the only differences being smell / taste. Look - Dank! Dense light green frosty nugs. Almost white looking with a few dark green leaves pokin out here and there. Orange hairs that are hard to see from frostiness. Smell -Pheno #1 Strong Chemdawg smell. sour, piney, musky, maybe some lime. Smells like good pot. Pheno #2 has strong red cherry berry overtones and chem undertones. Smells delicious. Taste -Pheno #1 Same as smell. Musky, sour, pine taste.Pheno #2 has slight dark cherry taste on inhale, musky chem taste on exhale. Effect- Strong. Comes on fast in my head and within 10 minutes moves throughout body. Starts off energetic feeling and then levels out into a very nice body buzz and lucid high. Heavy feeling in the center of my head. Gets the mind going. Cant help but smile. Slightly euphoric as well. Very nice combination of head and body. Notes - This was my favorite strain that I grew last year. It produced really potent herb in a very reasonable time. I had one Extrema finish last day of August and another one finish a week later. I had no deficiencies or hermies. Good yield. Really easy strain to grow. Very potent. Definately going to be growing this again this year. #2.)Mad Shack(Sannies Jack / Shiva) x( White Widow / Herijuana) Bred by Sannie(I believe) Look - Lime green, super frosty, not real heavy but nice density, lots of orange hairs. Smell - Very sweet, fresh, vanilla, spices, floral, slight lemon cleaner Taste - Hashy lemon cleaner Effect - Space cadet weed. Makes me stare into oblivion. Relaxing happy high. Makes you forget everything. More in the head than body but still has a nice body buzz as well. Really chill weed. Notes - I was surprised how stocky this plant was. It was maybe a little over a meter tall when finished. Just a little square bush with colas shooting out everwhere. Smelled amazing while growing. Really sweet vanilla citrus smell. The yield would have been really good for such a small plant but I had caterpillars that ate her like no other. They loved Mad Shack more than any other plant Ive grown besides an ATF clone that actually had a similar sweet smell. In the end I had quite a bit of mold from the caterpillar damage, but still managed to pull a few jars full from the wreckage. I understand this strain was created for indoor and am aware that I took the risk of growing it outside. I enjoyed growing it and I think its a top notch freebie especially for indoor growers. This strain has me excited to try Escobars Shiva. I think it would probably do better outside where Im at. #3.)SFV OG(Bred by Lurk Daddy) (seed found in bud of clone) - Heres one you may have never heard of. Looks - Big fat nugs. light and dark green with orange hairs. Hard as rocks. Smell - Pungeant, funky, musky, chemmy, pine, tobacco, kush. Smells potent. Taste - Strong pine kush taste. Effect - Hits quickly. Like Extrema it starts off in the head and moves quickly throughout my body. Becomes a strong mix of high and stoned. More high than stoned though. Im able to function but dont know what to do with myself so I just stay seated. Very relaxing body and very active mind. Cant concentrate to save my life. Im ok with that. Notes - I found one seed from an OG clone in 2011. The clone didnt do well at all but the seed I got from it turned out to be a very nice plant. I started it late last year so it didnt get as big as it could have but it was very vigorous and made big fat buds that stood up well to mold and bugs. Very potent herb. #4.)Sannies Jack fem(Haze x NL5/Shiva skunk) Bred by Sannie Looks - Nice fat nugs. Wasnt expecting the nugs to be as dense as they are. Beautiful light green buds with a lot of red hairs. Very crystally. Smell - Smells just like bitter mangos. Me and Lurk Lady agree that it has a strong mango smell. Taste - Hashy with mango/ lemon cleaner on exhale Effect - Straight to the head but relaxing buzz throughout body as well. Euphoric alert head high. Feels really good. This is my favorite strain for mornings. Sometimes I feel like crap when I wake up and SJ helps wonders for that. Seems like it loosen my muscles and gets my blood flowing. Great for daytime not so much for night. I tried smoking Sannies Jack before bed and I was up for hours with racing thoughts. Notes - This strain was a breeze to grow. I had 4 plants that were all very similar. They all grew into big bushes that yielded very well. It stood up to rain and caterpillars no problem. All finished late October. I am very happy with this strain and can definately recommend it for outdoors. I want to get regular seeds next time and find a nice male to cross to Willie Nelson. I think it would make an excellent outdoor strain. #5.)Mad Kush(Katsu Bubba x White Widow / Herijuana) Bred by Sannie and Knutsel Looks - Big dense nugs. Biggest nugs of all my strains. Very compact. Light green, crystal coverd buds with orange hairs. Looks great if you ask me. Smell - This stuff smells awesome. Its like a pineapple orange citrus smell when I crack the jar. Almost like cactus cooler. When I break open a bud it reaks of skunk, orange citrus, and kush. Always wanted an orange kush instead of the usual lemon kush. Taste - orange citrus and hash on inhale. Skunk, pine, and strong kush taste on exhale. Kush taste stays in your mouth for a while after smoking. Effect - Comes on fast. Makes my head sweat. Starts off with a relaxed stoned feeling in my head and then spreads through body shortly after. After 10 minutes I'm stoned head to toe. Warm heavy buzz throughout body. Deep relaxation. Difficult getting up. Very stoned feeling in the center of my head too. Slightly high but mostly real stoned. For those lookin for the narcotic type I think this might be your ticket. Notes - This strain was very vigorous. Stuck them in the ground and they took off. Didnt need any special attention. Very strong thick branches. Smelled like a skunks ass in veg. In flower mine actually smelled like the bubblegum pheno of Killing Fields. Earthy mentholated bubblegum. Thought I was gonna get some Killing Fields Kush. In the end I got very orange citrus kush that I couldnt be happier with. The one problem with this strain for me was that the buds were so damn big and dense that there was mold on all my Mad Kush plants. Some worse than others. I had a couple Mad Kush that only had a little mold and then I had a few that molded alot. One Mad Kush went as long as Sannies Jack and the whole plant molded. Looked fine until I harvested. In the shop it says for INDOOR so I already knew there was a good chance of getting mold, especially cause its got bubba in there. Overall I still got a good yield from all the plants together and I'm really happy I grew it. The quality of the bud was well worth growing and I'm even tempted to grab another pack eventually. #6.)Willie Nelson(Highland Nepalese x Vietnam Black) Bred by Reeferman i guess - Got 2 phenos. They both had similar structure but pheno 1 Grew bigger and produced tighter harder nugs while pheno 2 had more spindly dreadlock like buds. Looks - (Pheno 1) Small tight clusters of calyxes. Very frosty almost silvery like the description says. Lots of red hairs. (Pheno 2) Scraggly buds but also very frosty. Still got some leaves on there because it was just too much to trim perfect. Smell - (Pheno 1) Tropical citrus, spice, incense. Smells like candy. Kind of has a juicy fruit smell to it as well. (Pheno 2) Similar to pheno 1 but also has more of a sour lemongrass smell to it. Probably what old school pot smells like. Taste - (Pheno 1) Tropical citrus on inhale, lemon cleaner and bitter dark chocolate on exhale. Delicious. (Pheno 2) Slight lemon grass on inhale and lemon cleaner burnt taste on exhale. Effect - Both phenos have same effect. Creeper high. Slowly and gently get more high over a 20 minute period. Super clear euphoric buzz. Very good for anti-anxiety. Happy. Great for all day even at night. I smoke this before bed. So relaxing without couchlock or hangover. I had no clue I would like this one for sleep. Notes - Grew like bamboo. Super vigorous. Didnt notice any hermie problems. Found a couple seeds in the bud but thats all. Took 12 weeks of flower like the description said. Pulled on November 28th. Got rained on off and on for a month and didnt show any signs of mold. Smelled like Juicy Fruit gum while flowering. Pheno 1 was definately the keeper. Had better smell, tighter buds, and better yield. The one thing pheno 2 had was stronger branches. Pheno 1's branches needed to be staked because they were breaking off before it was even in flower. I love the anti anxiety and euphoric properties of this strain. I'm really happy I got to grow this strain and plan on growing it again this year since I found a few seeds in the bud. I also had a male Willie and pollenated a couple Mad Kush and OG kush for fun. Probably hermie like nobodys business but interesting to grow nonetheless. WN pheno1 WN pheno 2 Comparison of buds from pheno 1 and 2 Thats all for now.Till next time. Take care.
  7. I wanted to share my progress with all. I started with 12 Hercules, 2 phenos, 6 plants each pheno from clone. 1 pheno was a Heri Dom and the other a haze Dom, finishing in 9 and 13weeks respectively. Nutrients used: House & Garden Coco A&B H&G Roots Excel, Bud XL, Top Booster, and Shooting powder. Botanicare Silica Blast, AN Nirvana, Budswell and Greenplanet Massive. The Extrema and Killing Fields are in the end of week 5 and doing well. I have numbered them all and numbered their clones. I will be re-vegging the keeper pheno of Extrema. Popped 10 beans and 4 Hermied on me and 2 looked like all out males. The KF popped 5 beans and 2 plants are of weak genes and I decided to grow them out to se what would happen.
  8. This is the second round of Hercules with 3 different phenotypes. I also have 9 External, Killing Fields, Free Kush, and Kf x Nycd growing from seed. The Hercules pheno's are as I call them; frosty, green and yield. The frosty and Green phenos have large internodal gaps, and the yielder has tight internodes. They gave me 2, 21/2 and 3 ozs respectively the the first round, grown in 3 gallon Coco buckets with a 5 week veg. I have been growing for a year and like to think I have it down. They will All be grown in 5 gallon smart pots filled with coco palms. 2- 41/2 x 8 tents 4 1000w hps when everything is setup Hydrogen pro co2 generator House & Garden, Coco A&B, Roots xl, Bud xl, Top Booster, Multi Zen and Shooting Powder to finish. Floralicious plus, organic gem fish fertilizer, organic blackstrap molasses, Pro tek potasium silica.
  9. Hello my friends! This is a small overview of the stains I have grown recently and that are currently in my pipe. Please excuse me from describing the taste as I had to dry them in very dry air (its winter and the heater is on). The weed has had 2 1/2 weeks of burping and was generally a bit late harvested. Top is Extrema, left is Mad Shack, right is Channel+, the red/brown plate to the bottom is the Manala Bomb Auto The Top 4 from Best to Worst (while being extremely close together); Extrema: Very decent yields possible, hunt a good clone and be a superstar. The stone is really geat, a bit like Anesthesia. Deep, warm Indica feelings with alot of psychdelic tones. Mad Shack: It almost killed a party, We were very Indica based on that party and after the Mad Shack joint some people suddenly felt overwhelmed. This is really strong weed and Sannie should make it a regular item in the shop. Some people really dont like this weed, others just love it. It has a personality.... like a good wine or cheese, Channel+: Wow! This is skunky! Very nice mixture between head and body. Id say she is either suitable for a party (not a dance), a feast, a chilled walk in the park and watching TV/playing games/listening to music. A PERFECT all-purpose weed for Indica fans. Manala Bomb Automatic: I just grew one seed/plant but it was right on the advertisement pic. Big, dense colas; like a hydra. But she needed alot of time. She might be showing sex after 3-5 weeks but after that she wants her 8-10 weeks to get completely done. The taste might be sharper (I mean... "greener") than a non auto strain. You can taste the ruderalis. Luckily the potency is just a tad below normal strains. She is several leagues better than a Lowryder. The stone is simmilar to the Channel+ but with less punch. Please excuse any typos. I might be a bit dizzy. PS: PONYS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrmETLlMN4Q PSPS: blablabla
  10. Hello everyone !! - i will have some nude shots of some hotties in week 5 of flower posted soon, but this grow I will start like all good fictional stories... Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... 2 little Extrema Seeds were planted in the dead of night just to the left of some plants with old souls... And it was good... But Extrema felt young and lonely... and so 6 more were created! And it was good... On the 7th day, there was rest, and peace filled the land.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm waiting for Extrema seeds for so long but I've heard that those seeds will be discontinue by Sannies. Does anybody knows anything?
  12. Hello Open Growers, gonna make a thread on my trials with a pack of Extrema fems as I've got my camera working again My first time with Extrema was one plant, vegged for 32 days, grown organically under a 135w BlackStar 240 LED. Yeilded 1.5oz in a 3 gallon bucket and I was impressed. Being a newer grower I've only harvested shit bud up until now. So here's my Extrema I have going now at day 17 of 12/12. She's sexed at day 10 and has been showing frost since day 15. Fucking fantastic (This pheno must be different than my first time with Extrema. I vegged this one for 43 days and she's smaller than the first time.. I woulda ran another plant in there if I knew this one would be that much smaller... But on the bright side she looks like a sinch to manicure when the time comes.) ------- Buds from my first harvest of Extrema: Thanks for looking, I'll be documenting my progress with Sannie strains in this thread for now on =)
  13. Hello. Thought I'd share some photos of this years progress. Everything was grown organic. Mixed supersoil and native at the bottom of 3x3x2 holes and filled the rest with ffof and native and have only used tap water. I've never posted anything anywhere before so please bare with me and thanks for stoppin by. Pictures arent so great but I will take better ones later on. First up is Extrema #1. Shes about 7' tall and reeks like musky lemon chem. A few more weeks and shes coming down. I actually sampled some after a caterpillar ate through the stem of a bud recently and damn. This stuff is POTENT. Next is Extrema #2. Shes almost 6' and alot more spindly than extrema1. She smells delicious. Like the milk thats left after eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. Was not expecting this kind of smell from extrema but I am very pleased. Next up is Sannies Jack#1. Shes a little more than 7' and very bushy. I was gonna just leave the plants alone and let them grow naturally but Jackie grew so bushy and thick that I had to bend her branches a little bit to let some light in her. She started budding a few weeks ago and has kind of a lemony vanilla mint smell. Shes been an awesome plant to have in my garden. Next is Sannies Jack#2. Shes also more than 7' and bushy. Been budding a few weeks but has more pronounced smell than Jack#1. Next is Sannies Jack#3. This one started getting a flattened looking stock where the main cola would be with tons of leaves shooting out at the top. I think its called whorled phylotaxy but I could be wrong. Anyway it seemed like the plant was only putting energy into this so I topped it and now its growing good again. I have another Jack that did the same thing but on one of the branches. The plant stopped growing except for this one flattened branch that had a thousand leaves so I ended up cutting the branch off and it was fine after that. Heres Jack#3. Next is Mad Kush. Im most excited about this strain. I ordered these about a month into my grow and didnt get them in the ground until beginning of July. If I had started them in April they would be monsters. They are all in between 4 to 5' tall. I got this one in the ground a little before the others and its just under 6'. The mad definately improves the structure. They reeked of skunk in veg but now they all have a kushy berry coffee menthol shampoo kind of smell. They actually remind me of the Sannies Jack smell except berry instead of lemon if that makes sense. One of the best smelling strains Ive grown for sure. Again, sorry for the crappy photos. I'll get more pics of the other mad kush later. Next is Mad Shack. This one stayed pretty short at 3'. Has a citrus cream smell like esco's shiva description. I love it. I dont think its the same shiva in the shack cross but Im definately gonna pick up esco's shiva in the near future. Sounds like a winner. And heres mad shack. Next is RM Willie Nelson#1. Grows like bamboo. Probably 11 or 12' tall. Sandlewood and lemongrass smells. Beautiful plant. Got a long way to go with this one. Next is RM Willie Nelson#2. Not as big as Willie#1 but not small either. About 7'. More lemongrass smell. Next is OG Kush. Came from a seed in a OG clone. Smells dank. Not very big. Put it in the ground late. Very healthy. Wish I got it in the ground sooner. Next is DGT C99. Lost alot of seedlings in the beginning because I tried DGT's germination technique. Ended up with one c99 and it grew RETARDED. The only plant Ive had problems with. I was gonna throw it out many times but I really want to try some c99 so Ive kept it around. Im glad I did because even though its still a freak its looking better now than it ever has and it just started flowering. Well thats all for now but I'll definately keep taking pics and posting them. Thanks and take care.
  14. teoborg

    Extrema seeds

    I'm waiting for Extrema seeds for so long. I e- mailed to Sannies and I've received an answer saying that they will be out soon. But I have read a post at rollitup saying that Extrema seeds will be discontinue. Is that true?
  15. HEy , Just want to share some pics about my second sannie Grow. This Time its Extrema and Sugarpunch and what can i say .... Flowering DAY 20: Equip: Selfmade Growroom 400w NDL ... 11L Pots Plagron Series Soil Hesi Nutritions Will post some updates here and there. Greets
  16. Thanks for visiting my thread, I'll just get right down to it::: I've been lazy past couple of days and haven't gotten around to tieing back those OG branches towards the back of the tent. These pictures were taken last night 12/17 - Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Fox Farm Light Warrior is my soil mix - Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed Organic nutes (Have some Humboldt Micro/Bloom on the back burner just in case) - HomeBox XS is my tent (2x2x4) - BlackStar 240w UV LED is my light, along with an added 80w CFL to add some heat for the cold winter Strains: **Bagseed OG (Sold to me under the name of Yoda OG) - Sexed 10 days after flip to 12/12 - Sweet, piney odors - Vegged for about 50 days (started out under CFL's in my cold closet that slowed it's growth) - Responded well to my FIM attempts and bending - Pictured on the back left of the screen **Extrema - Is in the process of sexing. Hairs shown at 14 days after flip to 12/12 - Believed to be a Herijuana pheno. She's been super branchy from the get-go with large fan leaves and a straight up coffee/hashy odor. - Vegged for about a month (again was under CFL's in my cold closet at the start) - Was FIM'd and didn't seem to mind as she kept pumping out new branches - Pictured on the front right of the screen Here we go onto the pictures now! Haven't gotten around to cutting the zip tie strings yet but will be once I get back in there Full Tent: Right Side/Extrema's Side: Right Side/Extrema's Side II: Random Shot of the Middle: Random Shot, Bagseed OG pictured to the left, Extrema on the right: Cool Shot from Underneath (No filters or anything were used): Cool Shot from Underneath (No filters or anything were used):
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