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Found 16 results

  1. SmokyHH

    F4 F5 Strains?

    I do not know my way around, because I hardly care about crossbreeding, but I think F4 and F5 Strains are as stable as I would like them to be, but in the marketplace these days you will rarely find anything like that, because you do not make money from it. But they do exist and there are plenty of breeders who should own such strains, I think. In Google search you will find little and then unknown Breeder. Or do you know sperm banks offering F4 or F5 strains? There are hardly any Seed banks that have such Strains. Do you definitely need years for .. Of backcross you read more often, I think they are also more stable than most of the Fem F1 are. Would like to grow very stable varieties because usually you only have one of the desired phenos and it must be without selecting synonymous go the odds better than usual ..
  2. Hello All I trust you are drawn here by a fond affection for this plant, or perhaps you have heard of it or diesels in general an that's your reason... regardless I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to interact and comment. I see this as my little section of our community dedicated to a very over due attempt to revive this strain through an open pollination of some remaining F1 stock (Bred By Sannie and Knutsel many years ago. I understand this strain is no longer available as the male in the cross has perished. NBD was part of the first seed purchase I had made from Sannie (and also my 1st seed purchase ever), along with KO Kush and TheOne x NYCD freebies!! (The FreeBies were GREAT!!... That's my Best Tony the Tiger impersonation. ) As Top Notch as these strains were: I was severely impressed with the smells from the NBD bad girls and clean Uppy high from the finished bud. I have not experienced ANY other plant with as an alluring fragrance!! I'm very much hoping I will smell it again amongst these ladies. To perform this enterprise I am the benefactor of 9 seeds of the original NBD run from Doc (Thank you again Sir). In this grow Journal we shall take these seeds through the entire process culminating in me sending the resultant seeds into Sannie for them to be made available as freebies!! I wont be officially able to start this until my current run is done. I've got some of Visions seeds NYCD fems which is somewhat fortuitous! lol . Hope you all are doing well and I look forward to doing this grow with you! (And for my friends I asked to find me here: This is Doobious (my gaming alias, lol)
  3. Hey grow peeps! I have heard that tomatoes produce a relatively large amount of Ethelene. Supposedly, some growers are companion planting Cannabis with Tomatoes to use the Ethelene (from the tomatoes) to produce all 'female' plants or to keep unstable genetics as solid female throughout flowering. Anyone with experience doing this? Any useful info, tips or tricks would be appreciated. May have a few polite questions. Thank you, Passion
  4. Hey OGs!!! Let's play a game. It's about time to get the ladies and dudes together for some fun!!! What combinations would you make with the selections below??? It will be fun to hear what crosses you would make. Strain Lineage / Genealogy Karma Genetics StrawBanana Cream LTD RP: Strawberry Banana »»» Banana Kush x Bubble Gum Strawberry pheno x Karma: White OG V2.0 »»» The White x Triple Kush I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy Clone only Cherry Pie Cherry Pie »»» Grand Daddy Purple x F1 Durban I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy Connoisseur Genetics - Cheese Dog Connoisseur Genetics: Cheese Dog »»» Exodus Cheese x Chemdog D BX2 I have one female and 1 male Strain Lineage / Genealogy Medicann Seeds - Afghani medicann: 1974 Afghani »»» Afghanistan Mazar-I-Sharif Afghanistan Mazar-I-Sharif »»» Indica I have 2 females Strain Lineage / Genealogy Karma Genetics - Biker Kush karma: Biker Kush »»» Hells Angel OG x (HA-OG X SFV OG Kush BX2) I have one female Strain Lineage / Genealogy: D.S.D x esko's Blue Chem I have one female and one male (this one is pretty obvious! I will be preserving this one of a kind line that boulie1942 made. My winnings from a photo contest!!!) Strain Lineage / Genealogy - Huckelberry O.G. Kush Prof P's Huckelberry Kush x dinafem's Critical + Auto I have two true males Strain Lineage / Genealogy - Cali Connection Seeds Purple Diesel Pre '98 Bubba x E.C.S.D. I have one male Strain Lineage / Genealogy - TH Seeds Skunk XXX TH Seeds - Skunk XXX Stable 3-way hybrid. An Old favorite from our Skunk-Collection. I have one female Lots of fun choices to work with here. Peace! MT
  5. Hey man, I saw you make this comment about Ladycane and I thought I'd ask you in a proper channel. So, as the title says….how is this done? Knowing that the hand of man can speed up evolution and adaptation 10,000 fold, I'm still perplexed on how something like this could be achieved in years let alone a life time. With universities and colleges in Canada starting marijuana botany classes, I've been fortunate to move from the MMAR and MMRP programs on to consultation and information like this would be a huge ace in my sleeve. Mind you, I want details and if I get any kick back for it there will be a check in the mail EDIT: Just to be more specific, if training means breeding than why not use that term? To breed for a specific trait outside of the usual potency, taste, yield, stability….it would be impressive, seems like a lot to cover in a short period of time. It's pretty cool to have legally funded studies going on, the fact that classes have the access to enough space to select from thousands of plants is really going to speed things up. I think from a pure ecological aspect, breeding for low nutrient intake is THE most important thing for these facilities to study. No one is focussing on this right now, it's all about those chemical profiles not about the long term game plan. RM
  6. Hey everyone! I am out of the loop. I see all of these great strains in the shop, some that are back, some I had been looking forward to, and some that are newer that I missed in the development stage. Just wondering what everyone thinks is top notch lately. What seeds really blew you away? Top 5, or favorites, or whatever. I am also wondering if I am looking for a good caramel strain, do I want CCK or CC??? I'll be catching up on the forums, but I'd be interested to know what people have been excited about lately.
  7. I have been looking to acquire some more pure 100% landrace strains, but most places I look are sold out. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. psyisk


    Coming along nicely, I'd say its been about a week so far. Will Post continued progress. Soil based. veg - 250watt CMH Flowering will be on 2000watt hps
  9. Well I am finally beginning my breeding project. Got the clones growin roots right now. I have my male Fire og bx from OG Raskal which I will be using to pollinate my Grandaddy purps from ken estes along with my G13xDiesel from head seeds and my skunk #1 from Cultivators Choice. The pheno of GDP is purple, frosty and very dense with a very sweet smell and taste. The G13xDiesel is a cross that was made with G13xG13bx and Rezdog's East Coast Sour Diesel v3. The pheno I have is very G13 leaning. It is incredibily potent, has a heavy narcotic like stone, produces very tight super dense buds that are completely covered with frost. The Skunk #1 was created by Sam the Skunkman in the late 1970's. It is a real good producer with a skunky fruit smell. Ill have some pictures as soon as they get planted! Peace
  10. So I had recently been informed of Girl Scout Cookies seeds for sale from BC Bud Depot and I was instantly hyped! I have been wanting the GSC clone only for a long time now and I was hoping the seeds were a good representation of the clone only. Any info may be useful and will be very much appreciated. Thanks. Peace
  11. I am always on the hunt for more potent strains to breed with and would like to know what the most potent and intense strains are that you all have either smoked or grown. Thanks. Peace
  12. I have been searching for G13 bx with no luck. I have been lookin for them to incorporate into my future breeding projects. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Peace
  13. I am being gifted a clone of Green Crack and I was told it is a 45 day flower. I was also told it is supposed to be a good yielder as well. I have no experience with this strain and any info about it would be extremely helpful. I plan to use it in my 4 site under current system that I am building in a couple weeks. Thanks for the help. Peace
  14. Ok, so I had recently acquired a handfull of seeds from the 60's. They are all jumble fucked together, but I was told there was thai stick, black gonja, columbia gold along with others. I was wondering if any of those strains from that time had anything special in comparison to the strains we have today. I wanted to pop some of them to identify them and then incorporate them in my breeding project which I have many landraces chosen for already. Anyone that has any info regarding any old 60's strains would greatly help and be really appreciated. Thanks. Peace
  15. Hi everybody, Just wanna know a bit more about Master Thaï and quality of his genetics as well as his vegetables... He seems growing good organics stuff for him and others medical patients since a while. He's also presented by Ed Rosenthal in the Big book of buds 4, in green candy press Indica as well. His Tahoe gold and Tahoe blue kush backcross firstly attire my eyes. I have read some topics here and there but need more. Thanks for info US Cali growers. Greetz
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