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Found 6 results

  1. T.P.R (the pain reliever) G-39 #17 x Green Manalishi (G-male) T.P.R(the pain reliever) is a strain build for pain relief... By using the G-39 #17(female)and backcross this with the very potent Green Manalishi G male. It gave us a Killaqueen/G13 dominant, short flowering sativa hybride, with strong GM greasy/oily thc as a profile. The scent becomes quit loud as GM brings that stinky wet forrest/petrolia smell into the game, that mixed with some fresh fruit/lemons (PG13) and an old skool sativa sparkle makes TPR a very pleasant smoke and has very limited draw back. Due to her Airborne influences many phenotypes express the pain relieving factor. This strain is easy to grow/maintain she likes a low nutes schedule and 5 on a quare meter is sufficiënt. Short veg times are best to keep the height manageble, give them enough N in this stage. There are some “ancient colombian sativa phenos” that will make your'e head SPIN, and will keep your body/mind "higly medicated" Flowering time: 8-9 weeks Yield: 500gr/m2 flavor : Chilly pepper/minty petrolia G13 Bred by RhinoCbd
  2. Hey guys, documenting a buddies grow. It's NAW's Green Manalishi F2. Thought I'd share my his and my learnings on the strain. We are intermediate lever and always learning. Nice smell from the stems. To me it's a citrus/grapefruits scent -quite sharp but a low odor stealthy strain so far. I once had a sugar punch that smelled stronger as a seedling that this does. Btw just noticed that M is the 13th letter of the alphabet GM = G13. Hehe. Some quirks we've noticed : - plants are dark green, often show a yellowing at the new growth sites but I've never seen it progress into and iron deficiency. - Overall the seem to be vigorous and easy growers. - I also noted that the cannabinoid levels during veg seem to be very high. When he was topping and training, he collected the trim and dried it to see how strong it was at this stage. Smoked some of the dried leaves and they got me baked. Think this is a good sign for the final product. - When leaves die off, the do it one finger at a time. These are now in 12/12
  3. Fresh new variaties from NAW seeds. Blackberry haze bx1 Blackberry Haze bx1 It took us a while to work on this variety but now that we are done all the work shows in the final product, she is so good/special that the feedback we got from her was really outstanding. It all started with some Durganchistral seeds from USC, fairly easy plants with a durban/pck background. We found a good specimen as many of the phenotypes showed a purple huey, she is very sativa dominant and very easy to cultivate, we decided to use her as a building block for our Blackberry Haze. In the mean time our HeadCandy male was spreading his wings over the grid and he comes out as an absolute winner to make crosses with. We tried to capture the color and boost up the high as it was slighly mellow/boring. In this generation almost every plant turns purple/pink and they all carry that immence blackberry smell. They grow fairly stable and don’t need much nutes to get the job done. HeadCandy male is giving us the dominance now with pink and purple KillaQueen buds. The sativa background of this variety is very clear to see when they grow up, they strech as much as 3/4 times and all have the same leaf set. Put 5 to 9 plants on a square meter and make sure you give them enough N in an early stage cause they are a hungry bunch if you give them enough room/space. In 9/10 weeks they will finish in all kinds of color, Red/Blue/Purple/Pink. This one is not a big yielder but is for the connoiseurs of this planet who really want to taste fresh fruit and blackberries. Feel free to enjoy! genetics: Blackberry haze x HeadCandy in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 9/10 weeks yield: up to 500gr These are fairly old pics, new pics coming soon.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Remedy Green Remedy G-39 is one of our flagship when it comes to a medicinal variety, she is helping many people out there and is providing a better life for those in need. We found that the HeadCandy male used in the cross is the key factor for enhancing the pain relieving quality’s and also brings stability. Green Remedy is a backcross to the HeadCandy male, again to enhance his capabilities and to create even more stability. They have almost no smell and are easy to cultivate and maintain. They have a HeadCandy build up but with a G-39 bud profile, off the chart thc sugar coating. This is a cross made for potency in cannabinoids, as you will encounter phenotypes with triple AAA thc coating and almost no real weed smell. The scent varies from artificial chlorine pool smell to a more floresh input from the KillaQueen side of the spectrum. The cannabinoid profile is very medicinal and should give patients something to work with, the potency is all in there. Don’t put to many plants on a square meter cause as a hybrid they will grow fast and big. The yield is decent, but that was not the goal for this variety, this one is for the patients. Flowering time is around 9 weeks, low feeders with great medical value. Put on some goggles, this one is very sparkly. genetics: G-39 x HeadCandy in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 10 weeks yield: up to 500gr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atomic Jam Atomic Jam Named after the booming techno club in Burming Ham Uk/England this one is a creation of another level. She is rather complex but the balance is so strong, it had to be worked to get it in line. The Blackberry Haze mom used in this variey is one of the most gracefull plants we have ever come across, insanely strong growth potencial and so easy to maintain. Slighly Durban dominant she is a gift to work with and passes on the colorful hues onto her offspring. The Blue Hammer male is known for its velvet but yet powerfull touch as he makes almost everything better and stronger. Everything he touches turns into gold, he packs an insane hybrid punch. These plants will give color due to the moms background and will taste like Durban mixed with Blue Hammer, very pleasant smoke but watch out...she will trow you in a head spin. Mostly sativa dominant this variety will grow very big plants and to much on a square meter will end up in a disaster. Try to keep it limited to 5 or less and make sure you switch quik to 12/12 when you have limited height. Give them at least 11 Liters of root space and they will finish in aprox. 10/11 weeks. Take some precaution cause this one is not for the faint heart. genetics: Blackberry haze x Blue Hammer in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 10/11 weeks yield: up to 600gr Great new genetics for the world to discover! These are dropped at Sannies in the upcoming week. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  4. Strain: Green Manalishi F2 Breeder: Moterabel, but the F2 are made by NAW Tool use: Clean glass pipe (chongdolf) Grown: bio Smell: It smells really fresh; on the first inhale I smell; 'fresh', lemony, petroleum, spicy and a little earthy smell in this exact order. It's difficult to describe, i'm doing the best i can, but i'm not so great as other members LOL. Taste: It is similar how it smells, but bit more has peppery, earthy taste on the exhale, but still very fresh and sweet/smooth smoke Effect: Now here's comes the treat! I smoked about 1,5 bowl and my frontal is shutting down, my legs are tingly and my every muscle is becomming in relaxt state. I am happy, relaxt but with a energetic feeling in the background. (10 min later) (...) I can't think or typ anymore. I listen to the music and wander in my brain and lost my whole body in numbing and have a stupid smile on my face. My shoulder tension is complety gone, but i don't have a real couch lock, but don't wanna to the store with this stupid smug on my face. I complety relaxt and getting hungry... I know that the high useally can take up to 2/3 hours after that you will feel a mellow mood, so i have a good friday I really like this strain, on this moment i have 3 more in veg so i can taste this strain some more and maybe find some diffrent pheno's. I want to thanks NAW for making this F2 and give it away as an freebee. Thanks guys! Note: This is my first smoke report.
  5. Hello and welcome to my current project. After a year of running as many beans from my stash as I could I have chosen a different course for this new year. I plan to concentrate on the one cross I have grown to date that has been most effective for my chronic nerve pain. That is Phuuu's IPA, a wonderful cross made by friend and OG member Phuuu Ad. This cross of a AK47/Northern Lights mother with a Super Skunk dad has produced a cross that smells and tastes very much like an IPA beer. The resemblance to beer comes from Myrcene, a terpene present in Phuuu's IPA bud. In fact, the sample I had tested showed Myrcene as the only terpene present which is a bit unusual. For whatever reason Phuuu's IPA bud gives me superior pain reduction compared to any other cannabis I've tried. Since I began using it as my main medicine via infused glycerin my quality of life has really improved. I have read with interest here on OG and other boards the stories of folks and the different crosses that have helped them with their conditions. One of the names I kept seeing was Green Manalishi, a g13 based cross from Motarebel. The dudes at NAW seeds have made good use of GM in some of their crosses but they have concentrated on the female side. I am curious how Green Manalishi pollen might impact the Phuuu's IPA. So, that is what I intend to find out in the following months. I currently have four IPA females that are 4 weeks into 12's. They came from the short pheno of IPA and are all under 30" tall. I took a cut from each of those and they are waiting in the veg area. I also planted 5 beans from the tall IPA pheno and they are just now coming up. I plan to ultimately choose one girl from each pheno to be hit with GM pollen. I have a small space to work in so I will run the IPA's first, make my selection and keep clones of the winners until I can grow out a nice looking GM dude. I'll get some pics up and better introduce you to Phuuu's IPA in my next post. Cya then.
  6. I grew out the Casey Jones x Green Manalishi for over a year in various mediums and environments. It had amazing resistance to pest and pathogens. It also had this deep fuel taste and stoney almost cliche' high with giggles and munchies. I'm wondering if any of these qualities fit the profile of green manalishi. I should add the yield was better then average but the flowering time was 10+ weeks The reason I ask is because I've noticed the NAW guys seem to love it and I want to know what to expect when I order their stuff.
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