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Found 4 results

  1. Hi forum, Start of a room for a friend it needs to be hidden & quiet/silent!
  2. Greetings members, Seeking a little feedback from any Opticlimate or Dimlux users. After discussions with Opticlimate support they appear to be quite an ingenius climate control over conventional air conditioners. With the prospect of a Dimlux controlled room on the cards, questions were raised as to the necessity of a an Opticlimate. With adequate air exchange via a SMSCOM fan controller, any excessive heat spikes due to external intake temperatures would in order be controlled by - SMS Fan controller - controls set temp. Failing that and exceeding desired temp max - Dimlux Master Controller/IR Camera dims lights. I understand in my experience there is no substitute for complete climate control, but with Dimlux offering insurance over leaf surface temperature, I ponder if the Opticlimate could be side stepped in a non sealed room? Any thoughts/experience on the matter welcome. Rose.
  3. Decided to purchase the Yielder Max and give this a go, here are some specs and pics of the grow box: 12 Plant Main Area (3 foot tall or more since plants bend) 14 Plant Chamber For Mid Sized Plants (8-12 inches tall or more since plants bend) 200w CFL Grow Lights (2700k Spectrum and 17,600 Lumens) 4" Duct Blower (170 CFM, 0.7 AMPS, 2.15"/w Static Pressure 10 Pounds and 1 Inch Carbon Filter for Odor Control Hydro Cloner & Reservoir - 6w air pump (.014 amps/71 gph), 12 gallon container, 3.75" net pots, 2 packs of 12 inch air stones, 3w air pump (.010 AMPS, 30 GPH), 3 gallon 2nd reservoir with 2" net pots and 2 packs of 12" air stones. Total System Power Usage is 2.7 AMPS Yielder Max weighs 162 lbs. 62.5" x 24" x 31" I also added the optional LED lights for the back sides of the box to get some light up along and under the canopy. I opted for the nute package they had which included the following: 1L CNS17 Grow 2L CNS17 Bloom 1L CNS17 Ripe 1L Cal-Mag Plus 1L Liquid Karma 1L Hydroplex 2L Sweet Raw 1L Silica Blast 2L Aqua Shield 1L Clearex To save power and reduce some of the heat I opted for LED main chamber lighting. Here are some specs on the Flip 360 LED grow light: 5w LEDs 110v/220v compatible 700mA 15 band light spectrum 72 Diodes 360watts (actual wattage 190watts) Runs at 75% for efficiency and extended life Able to daisy chain lights for larger grow applications Easy to use. Just flip a switch to go from veg to bloom When things finally take off and the yielding begins I have also purchased the Magic Herb Dryer to expedite and efficiently dry things before putting it in the air The space itself is ~4'3" wide x 4'10" deep x 8'4" tall. I installed the Eco heater on the wall and as of today the highest I recorded in the room was around 66 degrees F. I'm currently trying to get the following things resolved before things take off: - There is an issue with my billing and source of electricity, going to have to resolve this with some other parties before things can commence. - Need to insulate floor as I'd like my heater to work a little less harder to keep it at temp - Create a layer of sound insulation/dampening at the doorway to reduce some of the noises that may be generated I'll continue to update as things progress! Stu
  4. I've knocked down the old shed attached to our house and am building a new work/grow space. I'm stoked. It'll be nicely finished 8' x 12' space w/ a 5' x 12' room sealed off space dedicated to growing. I'll have passive and active ventilation pulling cool air from underneath our house. I'll be moving up to 1,000 watts from 400 watts. One side will have some nice windows to look out over my yard with a work table to work on all my nerd projects; apiculture, cloning, microscopy, etc... I can't wait to have some power to really make Sannie's gear shine. I'll post photos when we get the walls up.
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