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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Fam Been under the radar for a while. Faced some issues here. But they're largely resolved, and I'm moving up in scale. Going from 100 sqft to 1000 sqft and I want it to be as bloody perfect as possible. I have lots of ideas, but I really want to see what the wisdom and knowledge of this forum has to offer. In my experience, it's usually a few solid grades above what my little brain can come up with. So here is what I have to work with: 1000 sqft (expandable up to 3500 sqft) As big of a cooling system as necessary (HVAC) A fairly hot and humid climate that probably averages at 30°C and 85% R/H annually, with a seasonal variation of 30% or so. And...that's all as far as the limitations go. I have sources for funding, and was looking for advice in the following domains - though they're all interconnected. Lighting: My initial idea was to go for 1000w Gavita DE fixtures. I want to - truly - consider LEDs. The problem is, the 400w LED fixtures that I got made (8 x cree cxb 3590 3500k @ 50w each) performed rather poorly for me. The parts were all original - meanwell drivers, ledil lenses, and the lot. Just couldn't get the same yield that I was getting from a 600w HPS in a square metre. I tried for a year, the yields were almost 30% less. I have not given up on the idea of LEDs, but I need some recommendations for what to go for, given an operation of this side. I have been checking out Fluence, Platinum, and California Lightworks. Again, budget is not the biggest criteria - I just need high quality, long lasting, tested and proven LEDs. I am not too keen on building my own again. The 1000w Gavita DE is a solid option, and if I have doubts, I will go for it, but I really do want to use these LEDs, to save a lot of money on air conditioning. If LEDs, I need info on which LEDs, how many per sqm, how far they should be from the plants, etc. If HPS, I just wanted to know how far apart they should be and how high up. I understand that for larger operations, it is not necessary to continuously raise and lower the light, and that it can be at a fixed height. What height is ideal? Growing Style: I was considering an undercurrent system, with a single plant per square metre, trained to a net. I thought a scrog would make the most sense, but I'm open to more ideas. If I go with a SOG, the only thing for me is finding the right strain that will work in there. (or maybe, learning how to better trim a plant for single cola growth). I have no issues with plant count, but really don't want to cross 16 per sqm. Currently, I have both an undercurrent and a deep water NFT pipe system running side by side, and the undercurrent is obviously better suited for larger plants than the pipes. I feel, that in my experience, I have found it far easier to find SCROG friendly strains than SOG friendly ones. Pointers: I wanted to get some tips from you pros out there on anything that you would tell someone who is starting a large grow for the first time. Useable Area: How much of the area should I be using? It's a 1000 sqft, so how much space should I keep for walking around, storage of nutrients, etc.? I will be building an internal partition and separating a grow space for mother plants and clones as well. Please shower your opinions and criticism upon me, opengrowers best vibes El Chupacabra
  2. So i was thinking of buying a 1000w kit to add to my 600watts i already have. I have an air cooled xtrasun reflector 6 inch. Is there much difference from the generic xtrasun 6 inch reflectors (kind of boxy) to the wider lower profile xxxl or raptor type air cooled reflectors? I only ask because the price difference is large,almost 100 bucks difference. Heck, the 1000 w kit with 2 bulbs hangers timer ballast and a batwing cost only $127. This would probably be my last equipment purchase for a while, unless i decide to try LED again.But with HPS so cheap i don't see that in the next couple years for me . Thanks for your time!
  3. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Goodday all, I wanted to show my grows to all of you, so i want to start this topic so everybody (including me) can learn something from it. My setup: Mammoth grow tent 100x100x200 EVSA 250W/400W/600W/660W 400m3/800m3 extractor fan. 2x 15 cm fan _________________________________ Mammoth tent 60x60x180 1 COB LED Citizien 52W~ 3500k 1 Cob LED Cree 52W~ 3500k Extractor fan used for the 1m2 tent 1 15cm Fan _____________________________ soil: Makkelijke moestuin mix (dutch soil for vegetable gardens) 100% organic soil. +fungus +seaweed powder +Bacteria +vulcanic laom I use 18L pots in general. ________________________________ Here are some shots from my previous plants: Sannie's - Sugar Punch: White label - "Purple" bud. Wietzaadjes - Northern Light field  At the moment I'm growing several plants. In the 60x60 tent I have 2 Northern Lights from sensi seeds. Here some pictures form it: Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I grow 3x white label - Purple bud and 3x sensi seeds - skunk #1 Both tent had 4 weeks Veg time, after they were set op 12/12 I did some LST to them. Here are some pictures:
  4. Hi all! I recently ordered some seeds from Sannie and decided to sign up here and share my grow. I figured no better place than here if I need help pheno hunting or with questions concerning these strains. This is my 3rd grow and my first run from seed. It's been exciting so far. I'm running 2 rooms. 1 is a 4x8 scrog under 2 Fluence Spydr Xplus 650w LEDs in RDWC I built to mimic the undercurrent system. I love the design of these LEDs as they cover my canopy completely. With Co2 they sit 6" from tops without light or heat burn. The 2nd room is a 4x7 under a Gavita E6/750 pushed to 800watts on a light rail in 5 gallon pots of coco. With the mover I've been keeping the light about 1.5-2 feet over the canopy without issue. Also a clone/mother cabinet under florescents. Co2 in both flower rooms in a controlled, sealed environment. The systems: RDWC is 13 gallon buckets fed by 3" pvc lines, 3/4" return line to a 1200 gph pump through a 1/2 HP chiller keeping my nutes at 65-68 degrees throughout the grow. 2 air pumps keep my dissolved oxygen about as high as possible. The coco is in 5 gallon fabric pots. I used DNA coco w cork and added perlite for extra drainage as by the end of flower I will be watering 3 times a day. I may build a drip system, but for now I'm hand watering 5 gallons am/pm twice daily. Drain to waste of course. Nutes: Like I said this is my 3rd grow ever. First grow I ran Canna in coco with some deficiencies, hermies, etc. This was my crash course in coco grow. 2nd grow I ran Nectar for the Gods line in coco for a more organic type of grow. Results were good on both grows, but the 2nd seemed tastier with less yield. The 2nd run I also had deficiencies, but nothing too bad. The Herculean Harvest just seemed to be clogging the coco at the end. Now, on to this grow... I'm running the full line of Cultured Solutions in the RDWC and the Coco following their feeding schedule. In coco I'm running 3/4 strength. In RDWC I'm very low strength. Anytime I exceed 220ppm I see nute burn. I supplement with 1/4-1/2 strength CaliMagic every feeding. In the coco during flower I've been also supplementing with leftover NTFG nutes like Yucca Extract, Athenas Aminas, Bloom Chaos, and their Guano tea. For PH up I generally use Potassium Silicate and for Down I've been using NTFG Hades Down. At the first sign of PK deficiencies I started adding 1/2 strength Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30). I'm in week 4 and haven't had any real deficiency issues. I guess I finally learned how to "listen" to what the plants are telling me and showing me early on. I will most likely stick with this lineup in the future, but won't know until they've cured and been smoked. Environment: 6000BTU window AC unit, 50 pint dehumidifier, 2 vortex fans and carbon filter, and Co2 tank Strains: I'm running Herijuana IBL, Fem Sugar Punch, Fem Madberry That's about it for now. I've gotta get some pics up in the next post
  5. Hello to everyone on opengrow I would like to share my garden with everyone on here My setup is as follows, Secret Jardin 2.4 x 1.2 2 x Gavita 1000w Lights 1 with 1000w phillips green power and 1 with 1000w osram bulb. Canna Aqua nutrients CalGreen Superthrive BudXL PK13/14 Maptio in 30l toy tubs 12" 1800m3 extraction 4" intake need to get bigger fan but will do for now. Sms fan controller 4.5amp. Strains are BlueCheese from cuttings I have 12 in 6 tubs 4 weeks into flower. 6 x Casey Jones from seed from devil harvest they are 3 days into flower. I started on new Maptio only washed through with tap water did not ph it this has caused me problems with blue cheese as ph wouldn't stable so have had bad calcium deficiency this round silly mistake!! Some pics for now.
  6. Ok, I just connected and tried to fire up my Gavita Digistar 600e with a new 600w Philips Greenpower HPS bulb. Here's what happens: after three seconds, the bulb turns on and immediately turns off. The led on the ballast continues to rapidly pulse a yellow light, which according to the manual means that it's igniting. It says that if there's a problem, check the wiring and the bulb. I figured that the bulb was turning on so there was probably no problem in the wiring. (I should make it clear here that the plug that came with the ballast to connect it to the mains is two pin - this means there is no grounding on the mains end). Is there any way for me to definitively find out if the problem is with the bulb or the ballast? Because I was really looking forward to doing a vert grow with this ballast, if i'm not going to have a working 600w, I need to change my setup and the distance of the screen from the bulb accordingly to work with a 400w. any ideas people??
  7. Hi guys I see a lot of questions how to obtain a Gavita Pro fixture.... Just wanted to mention this Belgian grow shop has them and a site in english and international shipping! www.herbshop.be have a blast (NOT literally!!! ) cheers imo
  8. Hi there I am new to this forum so would like to say HI to everyone and show you my current grow. Lets introduce the system im using to grow best plant in the world SOIL 2-3 years ago it used to be plagron light mix and it has been recycled many many times since RECYCLE worm castings POTS 18, 11 and some range of small ones FERTS - powders: blood meal, kelp meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, DE, rockdust, rock phosphate - liquids: MEDI ONE, MASSIVE, FINISHER by green planet but migh swoitch to BAC line ROOTS root excelurator H&G bio gold by green planet worm casting TENTS LIGHTS and FANS 1x 120x240x200 flo only, 9x 140w plantphotonics LED fixtures (1260w), 2x rvk 125mm 1x 120x120 veg/flo, 1x 250/400/600w hps + 1x 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, some 100mm fan 1x 120x60 90w + 23w 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, no fan CLIMATE CONTROL Siemens Logo PLC Dehumidifier WATERING auto topup RO water into 50L tank used for blumat gravity system At the moment strains I grow are (but those change from time to time): Cheese and Amnesia (Dinafem) Birmingham Cheese (UK cheese clone only) Kolossus (Sannie) Killing Fields (Sannie) Photos Biggest tent is "divided" in half (no wall just 9 plants on each side 4 weeks apart At the moment plants are in 53 and 24 days of flowering (67/38 including induction) Any questions?
  9. Unknown reason. pH: 5.8 ppm: 600-700 lights: 2x 600w HPS in cooltube, 4x 120W LED temp: 26-30C ebb & flood, rockwool. Plants have been growing for two weeks. Doesn't look it, does it? They seem to be drying and dying for no reason. Does anyone know what could I do? It seems that in less that two weeks these will be COMPLETELY dead. The cuts in the back are ok'ish but all of the Killing Fields in the front left and Kolossus on the front right are REALLY BAD. I have already had one KF die on me, and two Kolossus. Start: http://i.imgur.com/WrGfDWk.jpg One week veg: http://i.imgur.com/z0LwW7o.jpg Two weeks veg: http://i.imgur.com/nHVUg3h.jpg Today, about two and half weeks: http://i.imgur.com/MJiiLKp.jpg As you can see.... I am losing hope..... PLEASE HELP PS: many times i have started a project with exactly the same ppm's, ph's and nutrients etc. and everytime for 10 years its been working great. but now, a mystery... MYSTERY problem. WTF
  10. Hey all at Open Grow! Here is something a little different then what your used to- I designed and built a free energy grow closet that runs off the power of the SUN! This took a lot of money, time and careful planning!!! But it can be done! With economic down times and increasing earth changes, finding a self sustainable means to grow indoor medication can be a real blessing , even in a currency crash, your meds become currency and you survive based on trade- So this was a side project I came to really enjoy, and finially have things operational and most of the kinks worked out- I will be pitting my own Sour Seed Co. stock against some of the biggest industry names in seed sales on the market today- But here is the Kicker.... I have given everything else...a generous head start ...forcing my own stock to be the under dogs in the same room- This will be fairly quick- I'm only giving them all one gallon ea in hydrofram square pots, veg time of a few weeks then flowering..killing any and all males, and letting them rip! The stock im testing our own Chemical D#1- SVOG X ECSD Jersey cut X Chemdawg I chose 6 beans, paper towel germ. well water @ around 147 ppm- Everything gets the same germ treatment for a control- In the pit! we have Cali connection "Corleone kush" 3 reg seeds- Cali connection "Blue Dream Haze" 1 fem- Dinafem "automatic cheese" 1 fem- Dinafem "blue Hash" 1 fem- G-13 Labs "Pineapple Express" 1 fem- -VS- Sour Seed Co. " Chemical D #1" 6 reg seeds with 2.5 week handycap-
  11. Hello everyone, I just received a 30x jewlers loupe (not illuminated) I ordered today and It was hard to see anything under the HPS lights so I moved to underneath a soft white light and boy oh boy, I'm glad I ordered the magnifying glass but here is the issue, from what I can see there are alot of cloudy trichomes, here and there a ambertip, and there seems to be at least one FULL amber trichome here and there as well. I'd say it's 50% cloudy, 45% amber tip, and 5% full brown amber. Theres about 1-2 per leaf that are full amber all the way through, the rest on the leaf there are about 5-6 amber tip scattered about on the leaf and rest are cloudy. There could be more 30x is not that good to see as close as the pictures I have seen on here and elsewhere, I have to move the plant certain ways to see if there is a color to it but for the most part it's the percentages I've described. I am aware I want to not have full brown amber trichs (from bottom to tip) as this means the thc levels are past their peak and now degrading. I am also at 65 days of flowering, the lights are currently on, was I suppose to go ahead and chop or do I do that after the lights cut off for today? I'm working with New Blue Diesel and Anesthesia if it helps.
  12. Hello OpenGrow! Some of you know me, others may not. Long story short, I'm a medical patient in Rhode Island who's been around forums for years. After an extended period of time where living arrangements prevented me from growing my own medicine, I'm back at it. And for the first time ever, I'm going solo! Here's a little bit of info on the room. 12' x 8' bedroom 400w HPS veg 1000w air-cooled HPS flower (will be 2000w air-cooled next week!) 3 Gallon Veg Pots 10 Gallon Flower Pots Dr. Earth POT-ting Soil (This stuff is AWESOME! More info below) General Organics Nutrients So now a little backstory: I started construction on the room March 25th. Got my cuts in there in a humidity dome on the 27th. Roots first started popping out second week of April. Started out with a simple peat and perlite mix, and went to the local gardening store to pick up a bale of Lambert's, which is apparently a "generic" promix, 30% the price. Guy at the gardening store asked me what I was growing, and recommended the Dr. Earth. I went with it for $20 per 1.5 cu ft, and I am UNBELIEVABLY glad I did. Went through my entire veg cycle without having to hit the plants with nutes whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it appeared I had some VERY minor Nitrogen burn on a few plants at one point. Obviously, it all corrected itself. After a roughly 6 1/2 week veg, I divided the room into two sections, with a roughly 9 x 7 flower room, and flipped the lights on 5/22. Current strains that I'm running are Snow White, NYCD x Legends of Ultimate Indica (LUI), and Mango Kush x LUI Currently have 3 big girls in the flower room, and 6 more in veg, 3 of which will be moved in when I get the other 1000w hung next week. Including the pot, the Mango Kush is just about 5'7". The other plants aren't much stouter. Now, I guess it's time for some pics! I apologize for the lines, I am still working with magnetic ballasts in flower until this harvest comes down Veg Room: Flower Room: Snow White: Mango Kush x LUI: NYCD x LUI: That's everything I've got for now! Just hit the flowering ladies with their first full strength Gen Organics nutes! I've been weening them on over the past 2 weeks, first with a 40% dose, followed by a 60%, and full strength today. Electric work is getting done Wednesday. Adding 4 x 30A circuits to our current panel. Might be a tad overkill, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come! Thanks for stopping in! -H4
  13. I picked up a 90 x 50 x 160 cm grow tent. The lights are still my home made CFL conglomeration. While shopping on my favorite web store, I found a light that may be what I need. It's half price right now and seems like a good deal for $120. Here is the description (both bulbs are included): 400 Watt Super HPS MH Grow Light System Digital Dimmable Hydroponic 400w hps mh grow light set kit. 400w ballast, Super High Pressure Sodium bulb, Metal Halide bulb, 19" Wing Reflector and pair of yoyo My questions are: ~How much light do I need in such a small tent? ~How much light is too much for my tent? Is there such a thing? ~Should I get this light kit? I've got 3 Chocolate Rain and 1 Kolossus fem started and want them to thrive!
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