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Found 6 results

  1. I have been invited to a birthday party the second week of August. I would really like to take a bit of the Sannie Jack and Kinky Blaze to share. Maybe a couple of grams of each, a "taster" to get some input on what people think. My girls are on day 44 of flower, the party will be during the 10th week. right when they should be finishing up. Right now they are starting to cloud up nicely, with about 30% clear, no amber. Would early harvest with longer dry and cure be better? Or would waiting for them to finish with a quick dry be better. I know a proper dry and a couple of weeks of cure will result in a better product, but letting them finish will result in a more potent and flavorful bud. What would you do? Thanks, and happy smokes to all. Edit: I want to make it clear...I'm NOT talking about a full harvest. Lol
  2. Do you guys harvest your plants all at once, or in stages? I'm talking about plants about a meter tall, under a 1000 watt mh/hps. I have tried to save the lower set of buds to let them mature more, but it never seemed quite worth it in that the buds never got as dense as the top ones and it seemed like it was taking a long time. The plants might not have been real happy that I cut their tops off. I have been trying to up my curing game. The research for this has led to reading about harvesting and re-examining how I do this. Do you guys ever re-veg a plant by leaving a few leaves on after harvest, and vegging it again, and then harvesting it again? I did this when I was starting out, but didn't continue the practice. The second harvest is not as good, but on a super high yielding, dank plant, it might be worth running again. I don't keep clones because I take a vacation from growing every year due to temperatures in my grow area, vacations, legal plant limits, not knowing which to clone, etc. So, I grow about 8 months out of the year and do two crops from seed in that time.
  3. Any one hears of this - one pours cold water with ice cubes on plant's (soil) and then put them in your "dark time" (72 hr's) before harvest I have heard of people that use cold water in flushing their plants. And some turn on air conditioner that helps bring out your bud's color) Thoughts on? : all way's a debate on "dark" times. Here is a interesting thing - if you use side lighting after week 4 of flower turn your side lighting on 1 hr's after your main light's and then also turn them off 1 before your main light >seem like terpen's ,ect development is fast and may decrease flower time by 1 week
  4. Not sure where to post this... but anyway. I have a question about foxtailing. I have a Sugar Punch, day 68 and she's been foxtailing like crazy the past couple of weeks. I know it's a genetic thing for haze's, right? So I'm ready to harvest this girl but I'm having second guesses because these foxtails are shooting out new white pistils everywhere. Making me think twice about harvesting. She's foxtailed so hard it's like little fingers everywhere on all the buds Anyone have any similar experience?
  5. Hello everyone, I just received a 30x jewlers loupe (not illuminated) I ordered today and It was hard to see anything under the HPS lights so I moved to underneath a soft white light and boy oh boy, I'm glad I ordered the magnifying glass but here is the issue, from what I can see there are alot of cloudy trichomes, here and there a ambertip, and there seems to be at least one FULL amber trichome here and there as well. I'd say it's 50% cloudy, 45% amber tip, and 5% full brown amber. Theres about 1-2 per leaf that are full amber all the way through, the rest on the leaf there are about 5-6 amber tip scattered about on the leaf and rest are cloudy. There could be more 30x is not that good to see as close as the pictures I have seen on here and elsewhere, I have to move the plant certain ways to see if there is a color to it but for the most part it's the percentages I've described. I am aware I want to not have full brown amber trichs (from bottom to tip) as this means the thc levels are past their peak and now degrading. I am also at 65 days of flowering, the lights are currently on, was I suppose to go ahead and chop or do I do that after the lights cut off for today? I'm working with New Blue Diesel and Anesthesia if it helps.
  6. e$kobar, Happy New Year! Could you please give a brief rundown of the process you follow when harvesting? I've read some posts made by you in several different threads that say 'a 5 day dark period is critical.' It got me to thinking about my previous harvests and mistakes I have made. I don't have questions about when I should harvest or when they are ready to be cut...My questions are more about what I do once the plants are ready. I'm with in a weeks of cutting down 6 plants and thought it would be a good time to seek your advice. In the past I've always put the plants in a dark period for 2 days. Then I trim fan leaves and cut them to hang upside down....This usually goes for 3-5 days depending on how quickly the dry. Then I trim them up nicely and from there I put them in jars and 'burp' them for several more days before letting them sit for 2-4 weeks. Any help or advice will be welcome!!! peace and (better) harvests.
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