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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, I was wondering whether someone has any experience with fuma con dios or Kerala Krush? As far as I know the flying dutchmen had some solid oldschool genetics, but did they keep up the quality? Always heard their haze was the closest to the "original haze" genetics if there is/was one true haze.
  2. A post in order to thank Sannie for his awsome work, running the shop, while doing a great job breeding exotic strains. I tried his stuff and got stuck here. The price/quality ratio goes beyond the usual ordinary breeders, as I can tell due to my recent selections. One of my long-term classics is Killing Fields. Unfortunately the name is not very well chosen, but the genetics even more so. Thank you Sannie I love it!!! Enjoy the impressions... Generally KF makes me stoned yet high. You are light and move without much trouble but your head is a bit foggy trippy. I love going out on it or for social ocassions with friends. Just recently when a friend came over to take the pictures I rolled a joint during the break. We shared it among for people. Then I went to the groceries store to get some beers. Coming back just 2 minutes later I found one friend in the hall way giggling. Looking at me he asked, still giggling, "what did you gave us?" My flatmate was with the photographer looking at the purple buds and exploring their beauty almost like she was on acid. My friend the photographer had quite some trouble focusing in on the pictures and caught herself just getting lost in the details while zooming in on her camera. Killing Fields for me became a classic in my collection and I think Sannie created quite a delicacy speaking effect, taste and appeal wise. My friend the photographer also said at the end that this weed is art, she was really impressed with the overall qualities of this kind. Killing Fields F6 is ordered!!! Thank you Sannie!!!!!
  3. Hello everybody I was just transplanting 10 sugar punch into bigger pots after a 5 week veg and I have noticed 2 of them are REALLY sticky yet I have not entered flowering yet... Aside from the very bottom single stem near the soil all parts above are sticky and will leave a resin on your fingers with little touching. I have grown some other strains in the past but don't recall such a big amount of resin to deal with this early... I wondered if this hint's at anything? Is this a good pheno type? Or maybe it just means good plant health? Would be nice to hear your opinions.
  4. So what's up guys! Since I moved down here from Europe i've been looking for strains to grow here. I did a few small grows with autoflowers and a E$kobar strain but eventually knew I would go to Sativa's and I'm kinda in to trying Super Silver Haze crosses. I grew Sugar Punch and Shackzilla wich I might talk about another time. So right now i got this Speed Haze wich is : Super Silver Haze X Jack Herer I did not see much of this strain online but got this seed wanted to document this strain and let you guys see the struggles i go through growing down here! I do not have much space at home to veg/flower so it got a minimal veg at home and now i am guerilla growing! Got this plant out 4-5 weeks ago so let's start with some pics Week 1 of flower week 2 of flower As you can see it the sun did her good and she has grown alot in week. Thanks for stopping by, pics of week 3-4 and info about the storm will follow soon!!!
  5. So as a final decision #12 is not a keeper. Having overly long internodes, taking the longest to finish. Lacking the sweet intense smell flavor punch of others. But she does dish it out. Will incluide her in the O.P. of course. She smokes great. Yield was good, but the buds were lacking in bag appeal. Breaks apart easily and smokes smooth if expansive. Lingering unnamed sweet taste on the tongue. Good anitidepressant and appetite increaser. so yeah, great weed, just not as good as the top 3. Life is a bitch, a harsh mistress pick the...
  6. Hello, I need some assistance with my [HAZE X] (Sensiseeds) plants. First some INFO: Light: 4 42watt 2700 CFLS Pots: 1 gallon for first 25 days, then transplanted into 3 gallon pots with %30 Perlite Soil: Universal planting Compost Temp: 25c (Stable) Water: Mineral drinking water (PH-7.4) 500ml per plant every 3 days. Nutrients: I only fed twice, i put two teaspoons of 12-12-17 into 500ml of water and divided it equally to all three plants, i did this procedure twice, once every other watering i did. Three days ago I noticed some browning on the tips of some edges. as another day passed, the brown tips occurred on other leaves too, usually midway through the plant. Also, now the brown tips are starting to form on new leaf growth. ALSO, there are a few random white patches on some leaves(1 inch patches at max). Leaves at the middle of the plant have also started to fade in color. This problem is only happening to two out of three plants, even though they are the exact same grow. INFO: I transplanted a week ago because since sprout, I have never seen any run off of water, this included the two times i fertilised. I got worried so i transplanted. INFO: I just flushed the plants yesterday to try to eliminate the possibility of Nute and salt Buildup, there was a bit of a boost in growth today but maybe i am just imagining it. INFO: ALL plants look extremely healthy and have fast Growth rates. IMPORTANT: One of the plants are starting to form similar to PURPLE? coloring on the side stems... LINK TO ALL PICS: http://postimg.org/gallery/14ar6im8g/
  7. Let's see if I can manage a grow journal. Usually as my small tent fills up, I lose the ability to make good pictures, which demotivates me to share my grows. But I'll give it my best shot and if I get some positive comments I might keep it up Here are my babies now, in their veg box: They are: - 1 Eldorado (Nirvana, fem) - 4 Double Jam (USC/Cannabiogen) - 4 Purple Haze Thai (Ace) - 5 Double Thai (Ace) - 1 2046 (Medical Seeds, fem) Had 100 % germ rate (!) and all came up, so I had more plants than pots (I always germ a couple more seeds than I need). So now two PHT's share a pot (I'll try to repot one soon) and one DT is in the paper cup (not yet visible, but this morning I saw it coming up). They will spend 3-4 weeks under this 3x23 watt 4000 K CFL setup, while my current grow is finishing up. They were started in 24-0 for stable temperatures, right now they get 20-4 because it's cold with lights out. I'll shorten the days weekly until flowering starts. Next they will get 250 watt MH in these 0,7 litre pots, and only when sex is determined a bigger pot (now: 0,7 litres, will be 4 litres for proven females). This to keep them smallish. It worked a little too well with my previous batch - quite small plants - but these ladies should keep growing a little longer. Finish will be under 250 watt HPS.
  8. Started with these seeds: 30 Ace Malawi 20 Robogro WOS Wild ThaiX (RoboThai) (Landrace) 30 Roboskunk (various skunky type strains from Robogro) 18 Neville Haze 20 Highland Lao X Thai82 (my own line) (Landraces) Planted in three plantations Plantation 1 Test of RoboThai and Lao/Thai sinsimella unseeded Thai plants to see how the buds look and personal Medical marijuana stash Plantation 2 Most of the skunks (all ex Robogro) personal Medical Marijuana stash Plantation 3 Seed Crop. Objective produce my own Haze line. Grow a bunch of sativas and pick best male and seed the lot just to get plenty of seed to play with. All were planted in the ground outdoors in September.
  9. High guys, I am new here so hopefully I don't mess this up. Also pleased to meet you! Currently Vegging with 400w MH soon to change it to 400w HPS and then 600w HPS for flower. Veg time will be long at about 8 weeks. Hericules Top left Hericules, Top centre BLZ, Top right Lemon Amnesia, Bottom left and center Super Lemon Haze, Bottom right, Lemon Amnesia This is what I use for now, will go organic next time round. SLH okay looking roots. Just a quick pic of my last harvest of a Northern Lights x AK...... PURPLE! Poorly plant. Please help! As you can see I have a problem with lower leaves going yellow and rust spots on two plants. I thought maybe this was a Calcium or Magnesium deficiency as my water is very soft here, 46mg/L of calcium carbonate according to my water company which means I am below the 'very soft' scale. What do you guys think could be causing this?
  10. Just thought I'd show you my outdoor haze cross. A small cutting was taken from the mother in early January, and you can see what stage she is at now. Growing simply in soil and horse manure, time to start giving her some tlc and some nutrients to help her fatten up those buds. I'll get a picture in the day next time hopefully. Naycha
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