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Found 4 results

  1. Thought I'd just document my outdoor swamp grow for future reference so other growers might benefit. Anyway, here goes. I have a small area of 4 by 6 feet cut out of a wet swamp at the bottom of a large hill that I cut out in March. I'm kind of frail and I can't dig a hole much deeper than 2 feet without passing out, its fair to say there wasn't much manual labor involved. I initially started with 4 Heribei mothers that had been started indoors for a month and a Mad Kush mother. I had 2 well developed clones, one each of the Heribei and MK and 4 less developed Heribei clones. I also ended up with a Kollossus, a CH9 Cluster and a mystery plant that was poorly labelled. It came to 14 plants in total. All the plants were originally potted in 2 to 4 gallon containers, whatever that was at hand. They were a mix of fish compost and top soil. I was very skeptic about growing in a swamp and wanted to keep my options open in case I needed to relocate. It wasn't until July that I ended up putting them permanently into the swamp soil. since then everything has shot up beautifully. Having a swamp at the bottom of a hill means I never need to water and its so overgrown its really inaccessible to other members of the public and it gets full sunlight. I'm really impressed with Heribei so far, it so perfect as a hardy outdoor plant. They all went into bud around the third week of July. Just amazing to look at at, no one around here has plants as developed as these and their flowers are huge. The large Mad Kush clone has started to flower as of last week. The rains have started, if all goes well I'll have some harvest pics.
  2. Good day fellow open growers This year I will be growing a few ladies outside. I chose Heribei. This because it is know to be a good outdoor strain. With the order of the Heribei seeds a cross of Heribei x Jackberry came with it. So why not use them. The seeds The nutrients (sannie's way) I will use Gold Label special mix light substrate. I am not sure which size I am going to grow in. It will at least be 40l. In every pot I will put 3-4 buffer tabs. This all will take place on my roof terras. Sadly I am not able to make a greenhouse up there, this because permit problems. Here in holland you need a permit for every single nail you put in to your house Don't worry without a greenhouse it will be fine too I will start in about 3-4 weeks, depending on the weather. Today it was around 17 degrees, so we are starting to get there Greetings, AfternoonDelight
  3. Hey sannie when do you think heribei will be back in stock? Im looking to run some outdoors this summer.
  4. Here we go lads, Growreport N°3 As the title says there are 14x reg Anesthesia 14x reg Chocolate Rain (from now on just called "ChocR") 1x fem Sugar Punch 1x fem Heribei The plants have been raised under 2x 150W T5 for some weeks now. Theyve been repotted 2 days ago and are since then under the 600W MH. As Iam using Light Mix I will let the plants settle in for another week in Veg to make some roots and suck the soil empty. They were started in 4L Pots and are now in 9L/10L Pots. ChocR in 9L, the rest in 10L. Iam using a wide range of nutes, mostly snake oil and "for fun". My nutes are: Stims and such: Com Cat, Neudorf Stechmücken-Ex (Bacillus Thurigensis israelis), Hesi SuperVit, Ecolizer: Grow Up, Root Up, Bloom Up, ATA XL, Milford Molasses (organic) NPK: Fishmix, Hesi Phosphor Plus, Canna PK 13/14, Plagron Terra Bloom. Also I have Canna Mono: Trace, Mg, Ca. Also I have (but do not want to use): GHE Ripen and GHE One Part Gro. I have an EC Meter (Adwa and Liters of cal juice) and very good pH "drops" from GHE. Here is a pic the first day after repotting: (40h ago) The plants look a bit "crushed" from the small Veg closet. They will like the big tent ALOT! 40 hours later they have started to spread their wings! To control and tame this Jungle I have two new toys ^^ Yes, it is true. I am in fact so stupid, that it took me 5 Grows to realize how important a web is It costed like 10€ and will help me probably more than anything I bought in the last year So much from me! If there is a nice visible growth spurt than I will so the next update. One question to y´all: I have 1 week (8 days) of veg left. Should I top the ChocR or just go for it and snap the stretchers around the WebIt? Woule really like to see her untopped first... but I hope she is not as "topping needy" as the Jack Berry ^^ Have fun, enjoy your stay! GB
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