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Found 9 results

  1. Hello oPENGROW; about 2 month ago i chopped my first Dynasty Gear. Huck Kush and Caramel Candy Kush were on the menu, 5 of each. They lived in the small tent and after all 3 HK's and one CCK made it to flowering. One male HK and one male CCK were saved to colect pollen. The plan was to pollinate everything to produce seeds and take cuttings...but all that failed. I made it that i saved all the pollen and the ladies, HK 1, 2,3 and CCK 5. (but not the cuttings of those ) Here comes my first smoke report of Huckelberry Kush No.1: Grown from seeds, to find a keeper and males.. The girls ended up runt with different issues..this lil girl gave me about 5 gram. Grown under 250 watt for about 9 weeks. About 90% trichomes milky, some clear some amber.. cured 6-7 weeks Smoke Equipment: one hitter, made of glass The Look: Nice, dark green with purple hues and loads of resin. The Smell: The smel is real nice for me deep fruity essence mixed with oldshool kinda afghan smell. I dont know how i can describe the base smell but i know it since 20 years. The Taste: Its easy inhaled and hard for me to taste a bit, but when i breathe in it expands. the exhale comes with good flavours...a fruity berry taste mixed with tar and whiskey. Bomb! My taste. Resin: 9/10..small glands but a massive carpet! The High and stoned: This is real nice 4 me..lol. I'm used to sativas and mostli sativas. Didn'T hAVE A FULL INDICA since years. I was looking for that ..and from growth i must say i found.. but. The Huck Kush hits instandly. It hits me right in the forehead and fast expands to the body. A Kind a CHest high feeling.. After 5 minutes it gets real heady and then a body high sets in which lasts. After about 35 minutes my girl and me still feel a bit driven by the heartbeat and we are defo more high than couchlocked. After one hour my girl goes to bed and i stay here totally I feel great , its just the fright balance for me. I could go to bed but stay awake as well does that make sense? Resume: I will grow the remained 5 seeds asap to get keepers and pollinate the shit! Thats what i was lookin 4 from the other side of the spectrum..lol I wish i kept some of the females.. I will use the saved pollen from HK and CCK to reproduce them. SO far thanks Dynasty Seeds! booOm 100
  2. Yup its true...Arjan and Franco stole another strain........this time it is one of us.....prof P and Dynasty please go to the Green House website and bitch and moan and talk as much shit as you want.... as you know the Strain Stealers have been working nonstop to rip off all of your favorite strains. Huckleberry Kush is clearly one of Prof P's strains......you know what to do .... Let the marijuana community know ......Instagram, Facebook, other weed forums Let this be known thanks Budfather
  3. Well, it's about 1am here and I can't sleep, so I thought I would do something that I had been meaning to do for awhile. I'll write a smoke report on one of my favorite strains, Huckleberry Kush.This particular version is the 2012 version sold at Sannie's shop until earlier this year. I was fortunate enough to get 4 packs before they sold out though. I grew her indoors, using only organic fertilizers and soil. I vegged her under a California Lightworks Solar Flare 100 watt Vegmaster, and flowered her with a Mars Hydro 300 watt LED (drew about half that power in reality). I used Sannies spongepots to start the seeds, and they worked great. Fro there, they went to some Black Gold Organic potting mix, which I amended with more perlite, some dolomite lime, some EWC, and some diatomaceous earth. For ferts, I used mainly Buffaloam compost tea, and Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed. I also used Earth Juice Rooter's Myco for the base soil mix. Pretty simple shit really. DIdn't worry about ph or ec at all. I bought all that shit, and got tired of recalibrating it. Said fuck it! They collect dust now. Plants don't mind. I let her go about 8 weeks on the spot, and also only gave her water for the last 2 weeks or so. And she only got it when she was very thirsty. Also used blackstrap molassess most of the grow. People say you can, and some say you shouldn't. I say it's up to you. Didn't hurt at all. I used like a teaspoon to a gallon, basically just to feed the soil. Also had a mite issue, as well as heat issues. She still turned out great when other strains did not. So here is the part you blades really care about: Smell: Unlike the other pheno I grew which was very blueberry and fruity smelling, this one had a lot more funk. Like George Clinton. Pretty much smelled more afghani than fruity. Although, the jar that it is in has a sweet berry aroma that makes it's way out when I open it. Taste: This pheno was very earthy, with only a hint of berry. It leaves a film on the back of your tongue, like all good weed does. Expansion: Pretty smooth. No coughing. You can take a big hit, and not hack your brains out. Effect: Very indica dominant in effect. Makes me feel somewhat drunk. Granted, my head stays pretty clear but standing up becomes a difficult task to be honest. Not good bud for trying to do shit. I posted a few weeks on another Huck Kush smoke report about my difficulties trying to navigate around my local Wal Mart while stoned on Huck. For me, it's pretty much a couchlock strain. Hits to reach desired effect: 3 hits out of a good bowl, and I am ripped for at least an hour. Professor P is correct about the initial cerebral high, followed by a deep body stone. The effects don't seem to linger on like some though. The comedown is nice and soft, and it leaves you pretty relaxed. . Overall, this strain is definitely a keeper..
  4. Hey guys, ever since I chopped my plants about 2 weeks ago, I've been trying to get myself ready for next year. I've been looking pretty hard at Huckleberry Kush from Dynasty. It pretty much fits the bill for what I am looking for in a medicinal plant. Problem is that I am not able to flower indoors, I'd have to do that outdoors. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this plant outdoors. I live in the midwest at about 40 degrees north, so we can pretty much grow anything that takes under 10 weeks to finish flowering. Professor P says that the buds get so dense that mold can be an issue, even indoors. I asked Professor P in an email if he would recommend against growing it outdoors, and he said if I found an early finisher, I might be in luck. Any ideas??
  5. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a stable strain, it never threw a banana not one..the pheno I have is even sort of powdery mildew resistant as well. the flavor is sorta berry skunk, turns more skunky with a cure. I have grown out allegedly legendary breeders that have thrown out nanners yours right next to them not one. same mix, lights everything. so now I am working on trying a blue heron. I know will find the same quality. I have even shared some seeds I got, I wanted my friend to see your quality. Thanks again....
  6. Huck's Widow Cured Bud This smoke report is for a cross I made recently with a White Widow female x Huckleberry Kush male. You can view the grow log here. I have come to appreciate the White Widow as an effective strain for nerve pain relief. Having tried many others none work as well for me as the Widow. My only problem with the White Widow's I have grown is they tend to be more mind numbing than body numbing at higher doses. I find myself being less productive and more easily distracted from a task. This is not always a bad thing mind you, but it makes it a challenge to use as my main medication. My hope with this cross was that the medicinal value of the Widow would carry through and the Huck Kush would temper somewhat the Widows narcotic effect. I'm not sure it has worked out that way though. Initial impressions have me thinking I failed at reducing the narcotic effect but definitely improved the body numbing. I haven't sampled enough yet to know how well it works for pain but it sure gets me stoned. Appearance - The pheno I grew had dense, conical shaped buds. While not as dense as the Huck Kush buds they were slightly larger overall. The Huck's Widow did not color up like the Huck Kush did. They did have bright burnt orange pistils at the end but otherwise they remained shades of green. Smell/Taste - After smoking Huckleberry Kush for awhile it's hard to imagine anything tasting or smelling as good. When they were growing these buds smelled of Juicy Fruit gum. After 4 weeks in the jar they have a very muted and more acrid Juicy Fruit smell. Break a bud open though and the sweetness comes through. The taste in the vape is mostly unremarkable. It is slightly sweet but not really flavorful. The pipe brings out the flavor much better. It gives a hint of that Huck Kush sweet goodness followed by an earthy, spicy exhale. Very smooth overall. That was an issue with White Widow, it often left me hacking with too big a hit. This stuff is exceptionally smooth, thanks no doubt to the Huck Kush influence. The High - I loaded up the bong in preparation for writing this report. Took a couple of good draws, browsed around OG for a bit, then polished of the bong with a couple more hits and set about writing this report. Two hours later I decided to try writing again. This stuff definitely messes with ones concentration, not to mention coordination. It's not a hard hitting high but rather a slow dissolve into putty. After several minutes I realize my whole being in buzzing and my brain is out of gear. Not conducive to projects of any complexity. Don't try to balance your checkbook (do people even have those anymore) or figure out the bus schedule. You'll be lost in space. Conclusion - All in all I am very pleased with this cross. It is a nice combination of the two parents that I think will serve a useful purpose for me. I'll try mixing it 50/50 with Huck Kush the next time I make my medicine and see how it works. I'm going to pollinate my currently flowering Huck's Widow with her fathers pollen. Then I'll give them another go and see what we find. There you have it. I hope those of you who are planning to grow these will find the info useful. I will be most interested in seeing how these respond to the very capable growers who have them. OK, that last hit is catching up with me...gotta go.
  7. I'm new to the OG forum and I've been absent on the other forums for years. About time to get back at it I think. However infrequent my posts will be. A brief introduction: Started Jackberry F4, Kolossus, Huckleberry Kush and Blue Santa from seed. I have two rounds going for the selection process, due to my lack of space. And commitment at first. The first round consists of 5 Jackberry, 4 Kolossus, 5 Huckleberry Kush...and a few LSD clones gifted from a generous individual. Round two consists of 4 Jackberry, 3 Kolossus, 3 Huckleberry Kush, and 4 Blue Santa. So far all the beans I received (and in such a timely fashion) have sprouted, I'm down two due to my own negligence at the young stage. Round One has been placed into the flowering room and will receive a 16/8 lighting regimen until October 1, when the switch to 12/12 will be made. For the 16/8 cycle they will only have the 400MH and 1 of 2 overhead 600HPS on. The 1000W HPS will switch on for a few hours a cycle beginning on 9/27. On 10/1 they 400MH will be raised/removed and 2200W of HPS will be used for the duration of the flower cycle. Round Two was just put into 2 gallon containers, where they will stay until their life cycle has gone full circle. I watered them in with Rapid Start and plain, chlorinated water. From my tap the water comes in about 6.8ph and 120-145ppm. Not bad. Clones have been taken from all of Round One with the exception of my little Jackberry runt, we'll see what it turns into. Another round of clones will be taken on October 22, or that is plan A at least. I'm using the New Millennium nutrient line and have Demeter's Calcium and Orginacare's Huvega should I need it. The plants set their roots in Big City Coco Mix from Sanctuary. Let's get growing...(I must have deleted the picture of the 1000W table. It has 4 each of Jackberry F4 and Huckleberry Kush...more to come in the future. _P
  8. I'm making another thread for my latest follies: I want to log this properly, I'm going to try to actually document and post each step as much as possible for this grow. I think the process will help me organize my growing, expose weak spots and open up for critique, all of which I expect to learn from. So, without further delays, here is the relevant info: I filled 15 old spongepots with coco fiber, dug a hole with a screwdriver, dropped in 5 seeds of each strain and watered with my seedling mix until the coco was soaked and I used the remaining water to soak the coco in the humidity dome to help with humidity -RO water - -CNS17 Coco Grow - 200ppm -Sannie Bacto and Endo Bacto ~ 25ppm -ProTekt Silicon ~ 25 ppm FINAL PH 5.8 - FINAL PPM 250 18 hours later: MOVEMENT! damn that was fast. 48 hours: Lady Cane is 1st to show it's head. One of the Huck Kush fell out of her pot: So I put her and a friend in new home: the rest of the tray was looking great last night at 72 hours: Tonight I will put them into cups since I imagine they must all be ready to see the world! I will post more details about the space and such later, just wanted to get this started before I got behind
  9. After a rather disappointing Huckleberry Kush run where 9 outta 10 turned up male I have filled up the flower room again. This time I know they are all girls. I purchased 4 clones to go with my single Huck Kush a few weeks ago. After 3 weeks of vegging they have joined her in the flower room. The HK is at 4 weeks since the switch to 12's and the Blackberry Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Elephant and Purple Walrus are all finishing their first week in the flower room. Here's a look at the girls - Though it was pita only getting the one female HK she has turned out to be a very nice specimen. When she was less than 4 weeks old she looked more Bubba dom but after that she really stretched out and is definitely leaning the Huckleberry way. Though slow to show sex and rather slow to start vertical growth she has been a very vigorous girl since about week 5 when she started stretching out all over. I switched her to 12's @ 19" after 6 weeks of vegging and she is now @ 34" and slowing a bit. She is developing nicely now with much frostiness. I hit her with some HK pollen 2 days ago. The pollen came from a very nice Huckleberry dom male so I have high hopes for the resulting seeds. Here's a few pics of the Huckleberry Kush I am filled with anticipation for this HK girl, she is looking really good @ 4 weeks. Can hardly wait to see her @ 8 weeks.
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