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Found 4 results

  1. Hello OpenGrow! This post has been a long time in coming, its my first post... it could be a good one!(haha!); I have been a lurker here for a couple of years now and finally feel confident enough to begin posting. I have read through just about every post and have been there with everyone these last couple of years as a shadow, so I am excited to share my grows with all of the readers and members of OpenGrow. There are so many members that I would like to thank that i know there are many i would forget...so..just thanks to Sannie and the team of moderators that keep this site clean! Biodynamic Organic gardening describes what I am doing although I would nerdily call it Anthroposophic Horticulture. What does that mean? It means that I look at the stars a lot and think about how they are connected to what goes on in my garden. Biodynamics allows one the freedom to observe the causal relationship in all things... I grow in a no till/next container environment. My soil is set up to receive and utilize the subtle influences from the cosmos in the most beneficial way. My job is to prepare the grow environment and intent so that creation and entropy can play itself out in my small microcosm. After growing inside for two years I am beginning to see what it takes to carry out gardening indoors. Yes, I use a calendar with Astronomical events linked with the different influences for the plants....and I follow that calendar for pretty much everything. stellanatura.com My (Sunlight): 4'x5' veg/flower room 400 watt mag HPS 4'X4' Flower Room 600 watt mag HPS 4'x3' veg/seed/clone area 4't8's My Dirt: (basically) Here's where things start to get fun.... Spagham peat moss rabbit shit lava rock bentonite clay oyster shell crab shell diatamaceous earth earthworm castings gypsum compost kelp meal alfalfa meal rice hulls neem and karanja meal hops worms Finally......What I am growing!: Huckleberry Kush(2012) Dynasty Headband Dr. Greenthumb Oh! Zone Dr. Greenthumb Jazz Dr. Greenthumb Annathesia Wazzup Kudzu aka OGXSK#1 Freebie Med-Man Casey Jones X Green Manalishi Freebie CJGM X Huckleberry Kush CJxGM this is a freebie holy grail for me.....very stable and intense rocket fuel.. the crosses with Huckleberry are absolute FIRE I chose a beautiful huckleberry dominant male for my crosses. CJGM in the middle---CJGMx huckleberry kush crosses on either side 4x4 Flower Room at the moment 4x5 Flower/Veg room at the moment on 12/12 Seedling Area CJGM Finally watering and Nutes..... Water, no nutes! Sometimes I make kelp tea or add coconut or malted barley but very rarely like maybe once a run. I spray once or twice a week when the lights are off--For all of you out there battling mites or any pest, you are better just controlling your critters than trying to eradicate. Integrated Pest Management Murphy's oil soap Canola Oil Potassium Silicate Magnesium Sulfate Natural (Pyrethrin) if needed My path to sannies and approach to growing in general is a little different than most. My first love is gardening and horticulture. In 2001 I read a book called "The Enlivened Rock Powders" by Dr. Harvey Lisle published by Acres USA. That started me on a quest to learn about horticulture and biodynamics. The second most influential book for me has been "Culture and Horticulture" by Dr. Wolf Storl That book is better than any cannabis bible.... I am starting this log to help journal my grows for future reference, please feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for reading, I hope to get to know everyone! I will write more about what I have learned in the coming posts. Light One
  2. I just came across a seed/plant that this new seed company is calling Huckleberry. There can be only one, Huckleberry!!! The Oregon Huckleberry!!! They must be SO new that they have no idea that that strain and lineage already exists. The company is Elemental seeds. Seems the one genetic they have that is legit is The True and it won a cup. The rest of the names are very creative. Looks like they are working with a lot of DNA's gear. I love Huckleberry and am smoking some right now! These genes really have NOTHING to do with any legitimate Huckleberry. Honey Boo x True Tangie???? This happens, I know. But in this case, it's pretty ridiculous. Like someone making a strain out of OG Kush and Purple Kush and calling it Blueberry... or something. Nevermind DJ Short and... THAI!!! lol Now watch, they'll cross it with The True and call it True Huckleberry or something. They have a Trueberry which is like that, but kind of sounds like the true blueberry. The True OG x (Strawberry Banana x BlackBerry) Definitely not to be confused with DJ's Blueberry. By the way, why are so many of the blackberry strains being made out of plushberry these days??? Did they lose the blackberry, Raspberry Cough, or the Black Domina? Or does plushberry just pack more of a punch and carry the same berry flavor. That said, Elemental is using blackberry in some of their strains. I wonder what cut/seed. Can anyone recommend a good blackberry strain?
  3. Hi there all! Welcome. today i kick started this thread alive, for u all to enjoy. The setup will be; Secret Jardin Dark Propagator (60cmx90x60) With a Tneon 2x75w for lighting (Vegging + bloom too) Mini fan from winflex with a Prima klima (160/240m3) for exhaust So for everybody's understanding; This is A micro-fluo grow. i willt take clones that will become mother(s), that will hit a 600W flowering area,this will be months from now cause for now it is occupied,almost finished in there, and another grow is already planned to be there.. the reason im posting here instead of micro fluo section, i wanna keep the infos about the huckleberry close to each other, keeps it easy.. also i would like some help to pinpoint the phenotypes im dealing with. my first time really doing so, i know u guys cant smell/touch , but together we should be able to figure this out.. and still; It's a glorious occasion! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dael4sb42nI Now back on track; Two seeds are currently in Spongepots when they are live and kicking they will go to, 3 galon root pouches (basically the same thing as smartpots) these are Filled with gold label special mix light and a bunch of ingredients for a very healthy stable soil life. All the extra's that went trough the soil that aint clear on picture; BAC Bio granules sannie's bacto symbiosis mycorrhiza's Worm castings Perfect start when i was done i threw over some bacto and added some water it, but in between of that, some black lines apeared on the area where i threw the bacto kinda strange.. i did not actually see this happen cause i walked away for a couple of mins, here u can see for yourselve's; But on to the next thing; here we have the spongepot's enjoying there glass of cola; And a shot of the seeds themself and as a last shot with the enlightened buddha on the background overwatching for a safe journey; Hope you people are enjoying this, leave a message, ask a question , for now ima call it quit's its getting late Be safe and healthy all! Peace
  4. I'm making another thread for my latest follies: I want to log this properly, I'm going to try to actually document and post each step as much as possible for this grow. I think the process will help me organize my growing, expose weak spots and open up for critique, all of which I expect to learn from. So, without further delays, here is the relevant info: I filled 15 old spongepots with coco fiber, dug a hole with a screwdriver, dropped in 5 seeds of each strain and watered with my seedling mix until the coco was soaked and I used the remaining water to soak the coco in the humidity dome to help with humidity -RO water - -CNS17 Coco Grow - 200ppm -Sannie Bacto and Endo Bacto ~ 25ppm -ProTekt Silicon ~ 25 ppm FINAL PH 5.8 - FINAL PPM 250 18 hours later: MOVEMENT! damn that was fast. 48 hours: Lady Cane is 1st to show it's head. One of the Huck Kush fell out of her pot: So I put her and a friend in new home: the rest of the tray was looking great last night at 72 hours: Tonight I will put them into cups since I imagine they must all be ready to see the world! I will post more details about the space and such later, just wanted to get this started before I got behind
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