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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Again. I’ve posted 3 plant and 2 plant scrog grows. I thought I would post this one plant nft Killing Fields scrog grow. This is the first 7 weeks of flowering in 12 pictures. This is my 1st time growing killing fields, only 6th scrog grow. Low stress training and multi-topping worked well on her. I use silica all way through as PH up. I keep the nutrients (GHE) at a minimum. Highest EC was 1.2. PH is around 6.0. I monster-crop and drop the net on day 1 of flowering. I decided not to trim under the net this time and get some popcorn buds for hash making. Only got 3 or 4 weeks to go. UVB light gets put in tonight, I’ll build up the time it’s on to around 4 hours a day(no shade this time). More to come on this one… Hybridhygro
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for having me as a member : ) The name hybridhygro was a bad idea… I’m not hygrohybrid and never will be... I’m just a fan who grows in his DWC one plant scrog style. Now we got that cleared up I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m from Scotland and I had been growing my own meds in NFT and Waterfarm for a long time… I’ve tried soil and all-mix but I much prefer hydroponic growing. Last year I switched to DWC, I was lucky with my first attempt at DWC Scrog. I had lots of problems with heat and soft water in my second DWC Scrog grow. I’ve still to master it but I hope to do better with my next attempt : ) I’m just about to start some of @sannie’s Sativa strains, I’m really looking forward to that, a big thanks to Tich for getting me them ; ) Can’t wait to get to know you guys. All the best : )
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