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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all im a/was guerilla grower at 51N europe did it for years around highways and in cornfields i used mostly danish /canadian strains , hp2 danishgold , scottish, guerilla gold #2 and guerilla gold #3 i stopped for 2 years but want to start next year outdoors again i already started preparing for next year and future i want to spiceup my outdoor quality i want to go with amnesiaxgg , mobxgg and herijuanaxqq and my old danishgold
  2. Salutations, Despite all of the progress my generation could enjoy since we watched astronauts walking on the moon (in real-time...) it seems many more are still going to be seduced by the socio-toxic/self-vilifying combustion or paper + glue + vegetal substrate (possibly impregnated with systemic pesticides and what not!) + nearly half of our sacred noble molecules (...), simply to heat up the other half - which is a remnant of some erroneous turn of history that continues to represent some serious Public Health problem on a planetary scale today. In my Canuck province "Indian Hemp" got demonized to support self-serving political agendas as soon as 1885/1890, while the country remained a "dominion" of the British Empire under Queen Victoria. Just a few years before James Albert Bonsack had invented the rolling-paper machine which disseminated a new consumption method that never stopped threatening human health ever since: the cigarette. This was an era when a federal minister with medical background could pretend it was normal for a province to add "Indian Hemp"/"Cannabis sativa L." to its "Poison" list besides arsenic and cyanure, so he could himself perform a national ban (in 1923), likely in preparation of the international United nations ban of 1925 via the Geneva Opium Convention of February 19. The rest which followed is known as the "Drug-Free World"/"War on Drug", paving the way to statistical data contaminated by multi-intoxication and worse. Meanwhile bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists who slowly/patiently took over our public institutions never cared to correct the cigarette format shared by "stoner$"/"droÿé$", on the contrary: they created a "sin industry" where addictive nicotine patches are publicly subsidized while tobacco remains legal only to get heavily taxed. And now the same is about to happen with cannabis soon - just more obscene. All along since the League of Nations treaty to 1908 prohibition was supposed to protect women and their kids. Today our politicians claim it's to "save" youth, In The Name Of Children. ... M'well, the thing is now i believe i was among those statistically-ellusive children of planet Itnoc. That's how i came to self-vilify cannabis but not anymore as i've found a suitable consumption method alternative to the cigarette/"joint" format: i initiated myself to vaporism the day after February 14, 2011; my former smoker habit(s) had already become a thing of the past during the summer of 2007, thinking i'd never enjoy cannabis again. At first i started making circles around my HA for ~25 months but i eventually concluded "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers" ain't for me, though i didn't have words to express that just yet. Starting with my 2013 "modded VG pipe" project i understood i couldn't actually rely on popular ready-made vaporizers, so i decided to invest serious amounts of time/effort/money trying to identify issues to solve. A "Sweet-Spot" pattern seemed to emerge (more than a year ago...) that i was able to confirm and fine-tune recently. That's the motive why i'm subscribing as a new member today: shortly put, in hope to help in "saving" the lost children of planet Itnoc... Euh... Am i really too ambitious?!... The reasoning is that considering prohibition always failed we need a "Weapon of Massive Seduction" good enough to suggest the path to healthier alternatives, so that in a few generations (or less") the infamous rolling paper shall disapear from all inventories and hence possibly correct the 1880 error of mister Bonsack. By indirectly affecting the future of generations to come since minors depend on a world built by adults for adults in the end... Anyway it can't hurt attempting to share the fun, so i'm here to post that legacy wishing it will inspire/serve others. Egzoset, Vaporist of Borg (call me a day dreamer!!)
  3. Seems I can't "Start" a topic yet... Tried at the intoduce yourself... No Joy . .
  4. Hey Guys, After days of sitting on the bench... The Forum finally lets me POST... I was looking for a different site,,,, Cause I thought this one Glitched me... Anywho, Reading some posts here ...I decided to join. .. Even thought I don't smoke anymore ( miss it )... I'm growing some again... The other day I read someone talking about purple veins.... and being locked... Wasn't sure what that meant... But I saw mine had some of that.... and noticed a pause in growth... So yesterday I transplanted them outside... My biggest plant is about two feet tall... It did NOT like the shock....Full Sun... It freak'n WILTED over.... I'm using lake water now... so I SOAKED it twice.... Looked at it a couple hours later and it's coming back....Wheeew... This plant is the only one that survived my EXPERIMENT.... I put ash....from our firebox ( Burned Red Oak , Birtch , Popple ) into the soil with the first transplant... Everything died SLOWLY.... I transplanted again to get rid of the ash....One made it... 4 other plants I have are tiny sprouts...They are taking the change outside just fine... Call me planecrazzy or JAM ( Just Another Mike ) I like reading the info here... I KNOW I'll be learning... I'm interested in making my own good soil...I'll be checking the cheapest way to do that... More for NEXT years growing... . Gotta Fly... JAM .
  5. Hi All, New member from Australia here. I have some experience at growing but still lots to learn. I love to grow outdoors. Keep hearing good things about Sannies genetics and am keen to give them a run next summer so thought I'd get on OpenGrow and check out some grows.
  6. Just wanted to say whats up and thanks for allowing me into your circle(hope to learn a lot). Haven been reading on growing/smoking/strain meanings/breeding/etc. for a long while now and plan on starting my first(semi first) grow very soon, just ordered me some herijuana and sugar punch seeds .Look forward to the info.
  7. Hi All, I am a fairly new grower and am migrating over to opengrow from another site. Ill be moving my growlog over as soon as I can. Currently I am finishing up my first LST plant in soil which is at about 6-7 weeks. It was a revegged clone of a bagseed plant. I am also dialing in a perpetual grow/breeding experiment, and this seems to be the place to learn from some breeders!!! My goal is to get the perpetual up and running to where i am actually havesting every 1-2 weeks, and then bring in some of Sannie's genetics. I have been drooling over Blue Rocket, Jackberry and NYCBD (not sure if it is still around?) for a few years now and am months away from starting, very exciting. Here is my LST Project at 6 weeks flower And my overstuffed vegbox! Hope to see you all around! DB
  8. Hello OpenGrowers! My name is Matt and I'm from Rhode Island in the USA. I am a medical patient due to injuries sustained while in Afghanistan with the Army. My whole lower back and hips are destroyed and I experience incredible nerve pain in my legs due to the damage above them. The Veterans Administration also diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is arguably more disabling than my physical wounds. I am a legal medical marijuana (I prefer cannabis) patient in Rhode Island and I grow quite a few different strains not only for myself but for others at low or no cost depending on their situation. I remain legal at all times and do not interact (in regards to cannabis) with anyone who is not authorized to use cannabis no matter how badly they "need it". This last part of my situation really presents a problem, there are sick people (cancer, ms, etc) that didn't get sick through any fault of their own, and their doctors have no problem throwing hands full of narcotics at them, but refuse to sign off on palliative cannabis. It's a big problem here, especially when you see big pharmaceutical reps buying these doctors and their employees lunches that run in the hundreds of dollars, sometimes more than once a week. And all so they are influenced to continue prescribing and using those meds. It is a terrible thing, the current situation in the US with the level of influence that pharma companies exert over doctors, policy makers and even patients. The Veterans Administration has had me on every antidepressant antipsychotic and benzodiazepine you have ever heard of, and some that aren't even approved yet! Even when I decided that I didn't want to take their poison anymore I COULD NOT break the hold that these drugs had on me! With the help of some Simpson oil I was able to break free from the last mental cold-cock and level myself out with nothing but all natural, organic cannabis that I grow myself. Unfortunately the physical injuries still need to be quieted sometime and I have not found a strain potent enough to replace ALL of my painkillers. If you read my whole intro I thank you. If not, you're not reading this, so no big deal. All compliments and questions are welcome, it's easy to talk to me if you're not in person. I'm glad to be here at OpenGrow as the last community I was involved with was shuttered a number of years ago. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the passion, love, and intelligence that goes into each and every one of our grows, it truly is a labor of love. Matt
  9. whats up folks.. been around here and there and over there so i thoght i would stop here to see whats cookin on this side of town,. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BY THE WAY THE NAMES DELL. and before i go off and start viewin anything and all, that can anyone tell me how much the lil propagator that you all have is?i like the lil LED'S idea and would like to try one or two out?live across the pond so what would it cost me hahahaha.and whats everyones opinion on it if you have one? DELL
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