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Found 3 results

  1. Here's a somewhat brief (I intend it to be brief, here at the beginning. It could end up not so brief, who knows?) smoke report of the Jordan of the Islands strain, God Bud. I had two plants and two phenos, which looked very similar, except one was purple and the other was green. This is on the green pheno, which captured my heart. Big bonus: this is a strain that is still widely available in seed form. Scent: sweet and fruity with some hashy undertones. I'll give it a 10 on scent. It's definitely in "Esko territory" here. For those of you who arrived here after Esko's departure and haven't grown any of his wares, he concentrated on powerful and unusual scents and, to a lesser extent, flavors. Taste: The smoke is very smooth and easy on the lungs, but I can't say I picked up anything special, taste-wise. I'll leave the taste unrated. I never tried to vape it, because smoking it is such a wonderful experience. It never occurred to me to break out the Ghost for this strain, but I may before I finish it. Bud density - about 7.5. Nice and solid, but not like a rock. There is a little spring to it when squeezed. Effects: This stuff is pretty powerful, though I've had more powerful indicas. I never GREW a more powerful one. I'd give it an 8.5/10. This is also not a knock out, couch locker. It is very relaxing, but it has a little *mind spark* to it which makes it a lot of fun for people like me, who tend to like sativa doms a little more than indica doms. When used as a sleep aid, it won't work right away. It will take around half an hour for that mind spark to die down. Other issues — The main issue is that these are classically small indica plants. This isn't a problem unless you have a plant limit you are trying to stay under, because this strain is best grown as a SOG. I vegged it for 8 weeks and that wasn't enough to produce a large plant. Stretch is very low, less than 1x, maybe it's about 0.5x, and branches tend to run parallel to the main stem, so it's not a good candidate for SCROG. Do I like it? You bet — especially for an indica. Will I grow it again? Almost certainly, as I have the other 5 seeds from the pack and Esko found a pheno completely different from the two that I had, and I MUST try for that one. And even if I don't find it and end up with another pheno like this one, it will be well worth smoking.
  2. Hey there dudes and ladies. I had the opportunity to grow some Jordan of the Island branded Chemo and am sharing a smoke report. Date: late September 2016 Strain: Chemo Harvested: 68 days 12/12 Toker: Passion Breeder: Jordan of the Islands Grower: Passion ~~special tx @ MM420 @ Indi ================================================= PHYSICAL EXAMINATION ================================================= 1. Visual Appeal: (1-10 unappealing-excellent) [5] 2. Visible Trichomes: (1-10 none-totally covered) [7] 3. The approximate percentages of each color under magnification of the trichomes. Clear [15%] Cloudy [83%] Amber [2%] Dark [0] 4. Percentage of different colors apparent looking at the finished flower: Brown [5%] Green [80%] Gold [10%] Blue [ ] Grey [ ] White [ ] Red [ ] Rust [2.5%] Orange [2.5%] Purple [ ] Black [ ] 5. Bud density: [1-10 airy-rock hard] [9.4] 6. Smell: [1-10 [subtle-Penetrating] Earthy [3] Licorice [1] Bubblegum [1] Juniper [2] Hash [4] Iron/Rust [2] Celery [6] Pine [1] Pepper [2] 7. Rate the aroma: [1-10 repulsive-delightful] [3.5] 8. Seed Content: [0] 9. Weeks cured: [5 weeks+] PHYSICAL EXAMINATION COMMENTS: Hard oldschool looking Indica buds. Similar to the good stuff from BC in the late 90's. Hard on the grinders, nicely dense and heavy with a so-so bag appeal, a funky kinda nasty sorta good smell and tickles the nose. Has alot of trichs but not big enough heads or close together enough compared to newer type lines in my opinion. ================================================== THE SMOKE TEST 1. Used a clean local blown one-hitter followed by a cheap imported novelty glass water bong. 2. Taste: [1-10 faint-extreme] A. Initial inhale taste: Pepper [1] Pine [2] Coffee [5] Hashy [4] Bitter [3] Celery [8] B. Exhale taste: Celery [4] Coffee [7] Bitter [2] Juniper [4] Earthy [3] Mossy [3] 3. Taste: [1-10 unpleasant-delicious] [4] 4. State of dryness: [1-10 wet-dry with 5 as ideal.] [5] 5. Smoke ability: [1-10 harsh-smooth] [9] 6. Smoke expansion: [1-10 stable-explodes] [2] Comments: I can smoke a couple bowls in a row it's so smooth and easy with a weird hard to describe flavor. Reminds me of taste of late 90's Chronic mixed with CBD strain. The color in person looks a bit more green than in pics. The taste is so-so and the bag appeal is only slightly better. Very easy to hit and smooth. ------- Effects 1. Medical A. Relieving muscle cramping --this strain helps with this for me in the evenings. B. Sleep Aide --Somewhat potent seeming and if overtoked WHAM night night not evil sleep, just pulls da blanket over and sings a sweet lulabye. ****Extra effects- dry mouth, forgetfulness, slow reaction, red eyes, happy, hungry, focused, plodding, magooed, focus (but only 1 task) <>stoned Chemo ramble <> wooohoo I'm a snail in slow-mo but havin fun and could eat the ass out of a dead porcupine but I forgot I was smoke testing. Also gets me centered on 1 task but makes more very difficult to think. This was-is a keeper couldn't care about bag appeal. Sweet happy heavy Affy type droopy high but a noticable CBD feel. The medical benefits and smooth easy smoking combined with no hangover make me overlook the deficiencies.
  3. So here's the deal folks. I'm trying to start this thread but my router is out, cable company says I can pick one up but my work schedule says It'll be friday before I have time. So I need a favor. Put up a ton of pics in my gallery under the winter run 2014 title. Descriptions of each pic. If anybody has the time to toss them up it'd be cool. If not, fuck it, I'll wait until I get a router. Grow is 3 weeks into flower today, the sinister seeds stuff is from seed, the others were males. The seed plants were 2 weeks or so from germ only so they're behind. I'm figuring I'll let the other three run long and end up harvesting those 2 a little early. A drawback of everything coming down at once. My old core and coil took a shit 1 1/2 weeks in so I went from the 400 cmh to the 600 solistek running at 630 on overdrive, vert barebulb. 2 gallon smartpots in a mix of coco and rice hulls. Fed canna A&B, cannazyme, and calmag in RO PH about 6.0-6.2. Pretty damn simple. I'm blown away by the difference in temps going barebulb and the massive growth I'm getting. Obviously adding a few hundred watts more helped. It also means I can keep the heat off in my apartment this winter. If I grow enough to last before it gets warm, I may just dial it down to 400 for summer to keep the AC use a bit lower or even just shut down. Shutting down isn't real likely. Thanks again to Indican for making alot of this grow possible. He's sent some fine stuff my way, convinced me of the greatness of coco and canna and now got me to go bare with the solistek. You're welcome to anything in my jars any day my friend.
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