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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Og! This is my Sannie Jack end of week 3 since flip. Soil mix is 1/2 Klassman pot soil and worm castings with guaranteed analysis and NPK 3.5- 3.4 -4.4 boosted with brewed worm castings tea + hydrolyzed fish emulsion and liquid sea kelp+ bacto. Veg phase was charged with stinging nettle tea and soil is more than live but Jack is like small bush. Ph value and water runoff is 7.2(same as declared on worm castings). I dont wanna to make mistake but this look maybe like Mg def or maybe beginning of P def or ph lockout even ph runoff is 7.2. Please anyone with enough knowledge and experience with soil grows and organic way to gave some advice? Thanks
  2. Hello OG! My 1st half diary here. Grow report not started since begining because i lost labels on pots and had issues with my camera. Pots are 20 liters and soil mix is Gold Label Special mix Light + Sannies buffer tabs, mycorizzae and bacto. All seeds are sprouted over 10 days period and i gave them little BioBizz root juice. Bacto added every week together with worm castings tea + little Sea Kelp and Fish emulsion 2-2-2. Sprayed them foliar until beginning of flowering with Algae. Since i was very curious about different fertilisers im adding since 12/12 flip on half plants Biocanna Bloom and Bio Boost +Rhizoactive and on other half plants im going with Biobizz half recommend dosage. Got some light fingertips burn on some plants which i gave Bio Canna. Overall im very satisfied from last grow when i used Biobizz ferts..yield is not big as with mineral ferts but oh man taste and potency is beyond any expectation and i warmly recommending every one switching to organic. However as i said i lost my marked plant labels and since im newbie grower i cannot recognize from structure and phenotype or smell.. For sure i can recognise Sugar Punch 100% without any mistakes, and Choco Rain because brown color and DJ Short famous Kush claw trait. But nothing else..even im not sure what plant is Heri because that plant which i think is Heri look very similar with CR or CC plants.. Maybe later when they become more ripe i can recognize them more but for now im not sure. Strains suppose to be: 2x Sannie's Jack- one failed germination 2x Shackzilla 2xSugar Punch 2xChoco Rain 1xHerijuana 1xChocolate Cheese I have one hermie either CR or C.cheese, not sure which. Grow Tent is Homelab 120x120 with more than sufficient ventilation and average temperature of 26 celsius. Humidity is 60% in veg and slowly decreasing untill half bloom and now is 40%. Some of them are at end of week 4 and some one week later, week 5 bloom. Veged under 250 MH and 2x150 led by Hans. First 2 week since 12/12 flip i keep them under 400 hps and when they begin to stretch and throwing flowers i switched to Gavita 600. I have 7 plants in grow box and 2 other plants under 2x150 LED in separate flower area. Those picture with too many plants is just for demonstration purpose. I guess those two under LED are maybe Shackzilla... Lucky or not until now i dont have any issue.. Other than those hermie or maybe was male in fem package. Seem like buffer tabs working flawlessly. I will keep using them thats sure 100%. Thank You for any comment and if you recognize some plant please name it, there is numbers on every picture. Sorry for average photo quality. Take care and spread love. p.s Pictures coming in next few min, just to sort out.
  3. Hello, I germinated 8 seeds in may and grew them out to show sex and then discarded the 4 males...by discard i mean i tried flowering them out 1 by 1 indoors in the summer in small 6" containers and kept stressing them out badly until i culled them. My goal this winter is to properly pollinate a few select female flowers i have and make my first round of seeds. Try as i might I don't give them proper attention compared to the girls (space under the light, enough medium etc...) so it has all been 100% my fault but its my learning curve and i am climbing it slowly but surely each time i germinate a pile of seeds I was left with 4 very nice flowers. I harvested the first tonight and she was VERY quick in flower. 58 days 12/12 and she is done. Big fat indica leaves and full round buds all the way from the bottom to a nice elongated top cola. She smells like pine and sandalwood. It has a pole plant structure that grew straight up even after topping it for 4 main colas. She dislikes nutrients in anything other than very mild doses, she is very sensitive in that regard. Coated in resin. I have a few cuttings and i am going to keep a mother around. very easy to clone, rooted in 7 days no fuss. Ill post some pictures up here soon to give visual reference I will also post up about the other girls. I had a hiccup in the veg room a few weeks ago and lost 2 of the moms but was able to take a handful of cuttings off of each that have rooted and are vegging in solo cups. I have a few questions and seeking a touch of advice. Firstly, Thanks for reading and for any help provided. Its much appreciated. Secondly, Has anybody grown a Jack phenotype that had the short flower time, as a tall stretchy sativa that has rock hard buds and smells like pine with a touch of sandalwood? Thirdly, and most importantly, I am short on flowers to put into bloom to keep my perpetual cycle going. I have 3 of those jack cuts growing in 6" pots for about 10 days. Do you think if i pot them up to 5 gallons or plant them into the 15 gallon no till i have in the garden that they will grow a decent size during stretch? I am worried ill flip them and they won't grow much but im probably just being paranoid. I usually veg for 8-10 weeks and put a large flower into 15 gallon containers or veg 5 weeks and put 2 cuts from 6" containers into one 15 gallon bin. Thank You Sannie for taking the time to grow, breed with and sell Jack Herer. I am truly grateful
  4. Firstly I'd like to thank you for allowing me to become a part of the Open Grow community. Please allow me to introduce myself. ~ I have been a medicinal grower for many years. I grow for no financial gain, but use my passion for growing as a tool to help those in need. By donating my success, I preserve the growing of this special rose as pure in gift as it is in nature. Please call me Rose... ~ As much as I enjoy the purity of growing, I also enjoy the technological advancements toward indoor growing and nutrition. I was blessed recently with some relatively new products to the market, so I wish to share my experience with these products simply as a journal and nothing more. This journal I am growing in a tent that is 7ft x 4ft I have: 8x Sensi Jack Herer's in 18L Rocket Pots filled with Coco (Vegged 3.5 weeks) Tropf Blumat watering system 1000W Solis Tek Matrix Ballast Solis Tek SolisMax88 Aircooled Hood fitted with a Solis Tek 1000W MH 4K And using the full line of Grotek Nutrients to test how they perform. The previous week to this, the princesses were "pre loaded" with: Grotek Calmax - 2ml/L Grotek Vitamax - 1ml/L Grotek Pro Silicate - 1ml/L Grotek SoloTek Grow - 2ml/L Grotek Bud Fuel - 2ml/L Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster - 0.1g/L EC watered back down to 1.6, PH 5.8 Here we are, 3.5 weeks veg, topped 1 week ago, day 1 of 12/12 I hope you all enjoy the grow Thankyou
  5. Hi folks, Well I've decided to do a bit of breeding. I've done Human breeding earlier in the year and that turned out Ok These are just idea's at the moment, not all may get done, plus I'm receiving pollen via the mail (unknown strains at the moment) any one interested in sending pollen and seeing if pollen via post can remain viable please feel free to message me I've dabbled before in the breeding arena..... some success...some failures. I'll try this time to be a little more serious and less lazy and document EVERYTHING. Currently still testing current stock, this project will not fully start till end april if I've recieved all I need. Strains I am currently thinking of working with are...... Jack Herer (ss) Herijuana (sannie) Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze (Eskobar) Kronocaine (Whazzup) Chocolate rain (Eskobar) Nothern Lights (SS) MK Ultra Wreck (TH Seeds) All these are currently on the go. Cross's I am considering...... (AH x G13H) x Herijuana (AH x G13H) x Chocolate Rain JH x Chocolate Rain Northern Lights x Chocolate Rain MK Ultra Wreck x Chocolate Rain. Plus whatever pollen I receive. Also may be something special lined up if a VERY nice gentleman sees fit to help me out All input is welcome here Grtz HillCrest
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