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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, My Jackberry F4 seeds have all come up and are entering thier first week of veg. Im wondering if any of you folks that have grown this plant in the past have any advice specifically to growing her? My plan is to keep 1 or 2 bonsia moms, and run 8 plants, 1 per square foot, 2ft x 4ft, under a 600 watt hps. I've planted the moms in a soilless "Professional Potting Mix". By description its peat based mix with perlite/vermiculite, some starter neuts and mycros. I keep em under 8 26watt cfls. Rooted clones go into 1 1/4 gallon hempy buckets with perlite. Im planning on using Jacks HydroFed What do you think guys? Any pointers for this plant? DB
  2. I've introduced myself, but this is my first real post after a few years of lurking. Here's some shots of a cross I made outdoors last year from one of my favorite JBF4 phenos crossed with a kick ass CCK male. He stunk it up even in veg and had more trichomes than I've seen on a male plant, so even though I don't normally breed, I had to collect a little of his pollen and cross it not only with the Jackberry pheno, but two different CCK phenos, making some F2 version CCKs. Anyway, this pheno of the Jackberry crossed with the CCK has completely taken over my indoor stable. She is dense and covered in trichs at day 49 and a dried sample looks, tastes and hits heavy already, but she shines at 56 days and even has better buzz reviews than at 63. I'm gonna a take one 70 days this run, just to see and sample. She's a short, sticky plant with pinky sized stalks at their terminal ends, grows slow in veg, but doubles her size in stretch. I grow with water and molasses only in an organic super soil I created.
  3. Sannie, I thank you in advance for my gorgeous plants! I ordered from Cannazon, because I wanted to use my Credit Card. Great choice Sannie! They shipped same day and got here quick and stealthy! DB
  4. I'm new to the OG forum and I've been absent on the other forums for years. About time to get back at it I think. However infrequent my posts will be. A brief introduction: Started Jackberry F4, Kolossus, Huckleberry Kush and Blue Santa from seed. I have two rounds going for the selection process, due to my lack of space. And commitment at first. The first round consists of 5 Jackberry, 4 Kolossus, 5 Huckleberry Kush...and a few LSD clones gifted from a generous individual. Round two consists of 4 Jackberry, 3 Kolossus, 3 Huckleberry Kush, and 4 Blue Santa. So far all the beans I received (and in such a timely fashion) have sprouted, I'm down two due to my own negligence at the young stage. Round One has been placed into the flowering room and will receive a 16/8 lighting regimen until October 1, when the switch to 12/12 will be made. For the 16/8 cycle they will only have the 400MH and 1 of 2 overhead 600HPS on. The 1000W HPS will switch on for a few hours a cycle beginning on 9/27. On 10/1 they 400MH will be raised/removed and 2200W of HPS will be used for the duration of the flower cycle. Round Two was just put into 2 gallon containers, where they will stay until their life cycle has gone full circle. I watered them in with Rapid Start and plain, chlorinated water. From my tap the water comes in about 6.8ph and 120-145ppm. Not bad. Clones have been taken from all of Round One with the exception of my little Jackberry runt, we'll see what it turns into. Another round of clones will be taken on October 22, or that is plan A at least. I'm using the New Millennium nutrient line and have Demeter's Calcium and Orginacare's Huvega should I need it. The plants set their roots in Big City Coco Mix from Sanctuary. Let's get growing...(I must have deleted the picture of the 1000W table. It has 4 each of Jackberry F4 and Huckleberry Kush...more to come in the future. _P
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