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Found 2 results

  1. Posting my log from last grow, info will come in a few waves, posting 1st two months, grow pics are up already in gallery, some of the abbreviations are in pic file names, in case you are trying to identify flowers..... Hope you enjoy and please share feedback and any input that will help me improve.... Seed Observations: KOK4- A: dark stripes and mostly covered in stripes (85%), mid sized in group B: more white (60%) than stripes (40%), on the larger size of the seeds C: more white (70%) with some striping (30%), on smaller side (XX-DID NOT GERMINATE-XX) D: mostly white (80%) minimal stripes, smallest of seeds CB - A: tan (85%) with minimal striping (15%), very round, and smaller side of group B: tan with dark brown stripes, more pronounced stripes in group, also mid/large size C: light tan and mostly pale color for seed, virtually no striping to note, smaller in group D: tan with dark brown stripes, mid/larger sized CR A: tan brown and some dark brown lines, smallest in group B: darker brown, with dark brown/black lines, looks like nut, mid/large size C: looks similar to B, but someone erased part of it and it was tan under the erased part, mid/large size 4/5/13 – Germing 11 total. Hanging bag method with distilled/hyperoxide mix. Started hanging in closet in moved to back of cab to see if more heat could help. Germinating: KOK4 – (4) | CB – (4) – {100%} | CR – (3) {100%} 4/8/13 – KOK – (3) in Rockwool, and Seed C is still needing further crack for root CB – (1) into Rockwool {D}, other (3) show crack, but taproot still needs to break out. CR – (3) still waiting, looks like A was cracking, but no taproots. 4/9/13 –KOK – Still waiting on C CB – Planted B&C, Still waiting on A, but see its cracked CR – Planted B&C – waiting on A 4/10/13 – KOK – (2) in RW are above surface. Seed C shows no crack or taproot. Tried scuffing seed a few times passing over matchbook strike area. Resealed seed into bag to see if scuffing helps crack. ONLY ONE REMAINING AT THIS TIME. CB – Planted A, root developed well and seed was about to shed from embryo CR – Planted A, showed good taproot freedom. KOKC – did not crack – it was the only one not to sprout. 5/4/13 – Moved from veg to grow chamber, still running 18/6, working with new hydro setup. 5/7/13 – Day 5 in Bloom chamber running veg. Starting to see first signs of roots penetrating out of larger RW cubes. Here is the plant run down, for 12 sites: KOK – All have a smiliar stature of growth with short spacing between levels and nodes/brnches only starting to protrude outward. Not enough there for taking clones as of 5 weeks. (A) – at week 5 of veg, has most contained structure of all the KO. Currently the middle sized plant of the three. Leaves are strong Indica with avg sizing. ( – week 5 tallest of the three. Has leaf structure more similar to A. (D) – Week 5 shortest of the three. Has a leaf that is longer and slightly more sativa looking than A&B. Has largest leaves of all three plants. CB – (A) – Runt of the bunch (and of closet). Sativa looking leaves. Believe this phenol leans to C99. ( – second shortest of group. Has most distinctly different leaves, leaning more to indica structure and size. Cheese pheno. © Very close to height of B, leaves are longer and leaner. Has sativa leaf structure but indica plant structure. Leaning C99 pheno. (D) Has most Sativa characteristic of group. Largest leaf development and more space between nodes. C99 Pheno. CR – (A) – Runt of the group and only slightly larger than the CB runt. Has more Indica leaning traits barely any lower branching. ( – Has long serrated leaves, with some decent branching . Mid-sized of the three. © tallest in the closet, has most significant branching and is leaning in design to a sativa with leaf structure. Cup of 2013-1 (B & G) – Have (3) G and (1) B growing in single site. This is a test to see what is possible and realistic in small plant space development– B went in 2 days later as last minute decision, but was not as far along in regrowth and was still a flower (took about 3-4 days to unwind and reveal new growth. Mystery Cup (A & – A is grown from seed from my 1st round. There are no clones as of yet, as I am waiting to see if its female. B is cloned from a different seed from 1st (2005) round batches, has mother plant in veg. 5/24 – Have healthy and vigorous growth among all plants, phenos seem to have shown through. Nutes are stable and plants lush and green. Clean white roots. Box is starting to look crowded and the CRC is pushing the upper limit of where they need to be for SCROG. Starting the 12/12 cycle 5/25, as lights start up later tomorrow, as a result, here are final observations under veg CR-A (26cm) & CR-B (23 cm) – believe to be a 50/50 or a chocolope, more ind structure and similar in size, stature. CR-C (34cm)– believe to be Cocoa Kush, largest plant in the box, strong sativa leaning leaves and stretch between nodes. FIMMED tonight to stop vert growth. CB-A (22cm) – Believe a mix pheno, leaves have sativa look but structre is tight growth with tight branching – compact plant CB-B (24cm) – Cheese Pheno, indica leaning leaves. CB-C (28cm) – Good mix on this one, cindy leaning CB-D(26cm) - Good mix on this one, cindy leaning KOK-A (22cm) – Short, stout plant with multiple braches reaching to top of plant. Horizontal growth is almost equal to vert growth KOK-B (25cm) – tallest of the KOK, with side branches slightly more uniform, providing more that single tall cola structure plant KOK-D(18cm) – Had issues when seedling standing tall always wanted to fall, has a slight lean to base. Very similar to A in development with side branches shooting out and catching top of plant, providing multiple tops (Fem) NIRV-F4 - White Thick (A,B, and C) (19cm) – all the same height, multiple tops NIRV-F4 - Red – (11cm) just coming out of shell and starting to have first leaves of new growth. Not sure if this have enough time to get going. Nirv-F1-seedling(23cm) – Broke the original plant down to bottom branches and has recovered nicely. Nirv-F1-Clone (25cm) – has stretched a lot inbetween nodes, but I think it is going through rapid growth and working to keep up with canopy as it is next to CR-C and pushing both of these to fight for light already seeing where some of my copy and paste is turning into emoticons. they are supposed to be a B and a C Cracking Beans....
  2. Being that I have never ordered from Sannie's before I picked up a pack of the Indica mix. Figure I'll do the whole pack at once & see what strikes my fancie in the end. I got 4 each of the following seeds, KO Kush F4, Anesthesia & Herijuana IBL. I got all 12 seeds stuck in some FFOF soil in 3" pots. Watered them in using a gallon of R/O water mixed with 5ml CaMg+ & 3ml pH up, giving me 6.53pH & 405 ppm's @ 64 degrees. Once I get some mud babies to hatch & come up for air, I'll be vegging them under T5's. Will update as things happen, till then grab a chair sit back & relax. ZZ
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