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Found 8 results

  1. Before we get started, here is some pron from Chuky's Bride my last run of clones. CLOSE UP Such a beautiful flower, don;t think I can ever thank Esc0b@r enough for bringing us this.... Anyways, onto the new grow. Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Hydroponics, “superponic” arrangement, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. 12 site SCROG net for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Strains: Clones: Chucky’s Bride – 2 phenos + a Male Chocolate Rain KO Kush regular seedlings (3) Caramel Candy Kush (1) KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain (pheno b.) - (still trying to decide what I would call it - thinking Fists of fury (raining KO) | KORain) hoping this is carried some of indica of the KO and can make it a KO leaner, wife finds the KO to be great for pain, and I like the rush from the rain, time will tell) Planning to do some breeding this round with the water droplet technique I read about here. Environment/Water/Nutes: Water rests for at least 24 hours with airstones applies, comes out of the tap with (avg: ec: 0.2 / 0.1ppt / 6.68 – 7.1 ph), I add some ph down to get me in the 5.6 – 6.0 range. Nutes: Jungle Juice (bloom / micro) – 1st try at running lucas Diamond nectar Cal Mag Plus Roots Excellurator Additives planned: Crystal Burst Snow Storm Ultra Veg Reviews on growth, welcome input from anyone that has had these as to phenotypes: CCK1- Plant is bushy and in veg seems to have more sativa influence when compared with others. Has pleasant odor, cannot put a name to the smell, not skunky, fruity/woody. Female verified, so she will be kept. Topped at 5node and bushed out wildly. Taking over left hand front side of chamber. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure CCK2 – Plant was not developed as long in system, as I had to make room for it. So this one is a bit smaller, but has strong tendencies that look very similar to plant 1 in structure and growth pattern. Aroma is similar to CCK1. Topped at 4th node. Verified Male. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure. CCK3 – Plant grew out exact same time as CCK1 but was smaller in size, but not stature. Same amount of nodes, just grew much closer together. Plant is significantly more compact with very tight internode spacing on branches, even after topped. Leaves on this plant are the most broad when compared with other two CCK. I believe it is Bubba leaning, due to more compact stature of plant and broader leaves compared with others. Not realizing same stretch as CCK1. Also a Female! 2 out of 3 CCK female, great ratio and I couldn’t have planned that any better. - Anyone that knows these plants/phenos, please share as I am going purely on guess from reading other journals and such. KOK/CR –Cross of a KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain F (Pheno was my heavy crystal plant, had hook leaves and more sativa finger style). Veg - Plant has leaves that lean to KO Kush dominance and are much broader than the original CR mother. During early growth grew like KO Kush, however, once topped, this plant took on more CR characteristics with significant off shoots and lots of growth, becoming the bushiest of all the seedlings. Verified Female! 3 out of 4 beans popped are female I have already started this grow, and will add a few submissions to catch you up to where I am currently, starting second week of bloom. Anyone with notes on CCK to share, please pass them along as I am learning these beans still, beautiful structure on both pheno I have and some different aroma between both, very exited to see what she does. On with the show....
  2. Startin a new grow. 7th grow. thought they were 2 ko kush. but it turns out dat 1 of them is a amnesia. (last gro!) anyway t amnesia rocks so im secretly delited. got meself sum nu flower food and root stimulater dis is what ill b usin dis time round. Now ere are the ladies! amnesia haze 16 day flo. Ko Kush F4 12 days flo. Everything is under 400 watt HPS Cheers JIMBO
  3. Hi all! I post regularly on another forum under a different handle, but now that I'm going to be growing some gear from Sannie's Shop (and testing some Blueberry!), I wanted to make my way over here as well. These are my first Canna plants from seed. I've started 5 Jackberry x KO Kush and 1 Chocolope. The Chocolope was the lone seed that turned up while trimming a friend's plant, so it's kind of just a bonus I thought I'd include. I grow organically in soil. The seedlings are currently in 4" (I believe) pots. When they move up in size (I haven't decided yet what size, but I'm thinking of flowering them in 3 gallon smart pots) I am planning to put them into the following soil mix: Base 50% Sphagnum Peat 25% High quality EWC 25% Airation (Perlite, Pumice and/or Lava Rock) Ammendments (1/2 cup ea. per cubic foot of base soil) Crab Meal Kelp Meal Neem and Karanja Meal (50/50 mix) Glacial Rock Dust (this one will be 3 or 4 cups per cubic foot of base) Unless it seems like I need to do something different, I will probably just feed them with teas made from Kelp and Alfalfa, plus a little Pro-Tekt. Since they need to be sexed I'm leaning towards cloning them early and putting them into flower small, and then using the second round to better glimpse their potential. Here's some pictures! I had 100% germination within 3-4 days. Most of them came up within 2 days. Here they are on day 15... #1-3 in the top row, #4,5, and Chocolope on bottom row. So far so good. Thanks to Sannie and the other great breeders here for making these genetics available!
  4. Posting my log from last grow, info will come in a few waves, posting 1st two months, grow pics are up already in gallery, some of the abbreviations are in pic file names, in case you are trying to identify flowers..... Hope you enjoy and please share feedback and any input that will help me improve.... Seed Observations: KOK4- A: dark stripes and mostly covered in stripes (85%), mid sized in group B: more white (60%) than stripes (40%), on the larger size of the seeds C: more white (70%) with some striping (30%), on smaller side (XX-DID NOT GERMINATE-XX) D: mostly white (80%) minimal stripes, smallest of seeds CB - A: tan (85%) with minimal striping (15%), very round, and smaller side of group B: tan with dark brown stripes, more pronounced stripes in group, also mid/large size C: light tan and mostly pale color for seed, virtually no striping to note, smaller in group D: tan with dark brown stripes, mid/larger sized CR A: tan brown and some dark brown lines, smallest in group B: darker brown, with dark brown/black lines, looks like nut, mid/large size C: looks similar to B, but someone erased part of it and it was tan under the erased part, mid/large size 4/5/13 – Germing 11 total. Hanging bag method with distilled/hyperoxide mix. Started hanging in closet in moved to back of cab to see if more heat could help. Germinating: KOK4 – (4) | CB – (4) – {100%} | CR – (3) {100%} 4/8/13 – KOK – (3) in Rockwool, and Seed C is still needing further crack for root CB – (1) into Rockwool {D}, other (3) show crack, but taproot still needs to break out. CR – (3) still waiting, looks like A was cracking, but no taproots. 4/9/13 –KOK – Still waiting on C CB – Planted B&C, Still waiting on A, but see its cracked CR – Planted B&C – waiting on A 4/10/13 – KOK – (2) in RW are above surface. Seed C shows no crack or taproot. Tried scuffing seed a few times passing over matchbook strike area. Resealed seed into bag to see if scuffing helps crack. ONLY ONE REMAINING AT THIS TIME. CB – Planted A, root developed well and seed was about to shed from embryo CR – Planted A, showed good taproot freedom. KOKC – did not crack – it was the only one not to sprout. 5/4/13 – Moved from veg to grow chamber, still running 18/6, working with new hydro setup. 5/7/13 – Day 5 in Bloom chamber running veg. Starting to see first signs of roots penetrating out of larger RW cubes. Here is the plant run down, for 12 sites: KOK – All have a smiliar stature of growth with short spacing between levels and nodes/brnches only starting to protrude outward. Not enough there for taking clones as of 5 weeks. (A) – at week 5 of veg, has most contained structure of all the KO. Currently the middle sized plant of the three. Leaves are strong Indica with avg sizing. ( – week 5 tallest of the three. Has leaf structure more similar to A. (D) – Week 5 shortest of the three. Has a leaf that is longer and slightly more sativa looking than A&B. Has largest leaves of all three plants. CB – (A) – Runt of the bunch (and of closet). Sativa looking leaves. Believe this phenol leans to C99. ( – second shortest of group. Has most distinctly different leaves, leaning more to indica structure and size. Cheese pheno. © Very close to height of B, leaves are longer and leaner. Has sativa leaf structure but indica plant structure. Leaning C99 pheno. (D) Has most Sativa characteristic of group. Largest leaf development and more space between nodes. C99 Pheno. CR – (A) – Runt of the group and only slightly larger than the CB runt. Has more Indica leaning traits barely any lower branching. ( – Has long serrated leaves, with some decent branching . Mid-sized of the three. © tallest in the closet, has most significant branching and is leaning in design to a sativa with leaf structure. Cup of 2013-1 (B & G) – Have (3) G and (1) B growing in single site. This is a test to see what is possible and realistic in small plant space development– B went in 2 days later as last minute decision, but was not as far along in regrowth and was still a flower (took about 3-4 days to unwind and reveal new growth. Mystery Cup (A & – A is grown from seed from my 1st round. There are no clones as of yet, as I am waiting to see if its female. B is cloned from a different seed from 1st (2005) round batches, has mother plant in veg. 5/24 – Have healthy and vigorous growth among all plants, phenos seem to have shown through. Nutes are stable and plants lush and green. Clean white roots. Box is starting to look crowded and the CRC is pushing the upper limit of where they need to be for SCROG. Starting the 12/12 cycle 5/25, as lights start up later tomorrow, as a result, here are final observations under veg CR-A (26cm) & CR-B (23 cm) – believe to be a 50/50 or a chocolope, more ind structure and similar in size, stature. CR-C (34cm)– believe to be Cocoa Kush, largest plant in the box, strong sativa leaning leaves and stretch between nodes. FIMMED tonight to stop vert growth. CB-A (22cm) – Believe a mix pheno, leaves have sativa look but structre is tight growth with tight branching – compact plant CB-B (24cm) – Cheese Pheno, indica leaning leaves. CB-C (28cm) – Good mix on this one, cindy leaning CB-D(26cm) - Good mix on this one, cindy leaning KOK-A (22cm) – Short, stout plant with multiple braches reaching to top of plant. Horizontal growth is almost equal to vert growth KOK-B (25cm) – tallest of the KOK, with side branches slightly more uniform, providing more that single tall cola structure plant KOK-D(18cm) – Had issues when seedling standing tall always wanted to fall, has a slight lean to base. Very similar to A in development with side branches shooting out and catching top of plant, providing multiple tops (Fem) NIRV-F4 - White Thick (A,B, and C) (19cm) – all the same height, multiple tops NIRV-F4 - Red – (11cm) just coming out of shell and starting to have first leaves of new growth. Not sure if this have enough time to get going. Nirv-F1-seedling(23cm) – Broke the original plant down to bottom branches and has recovered nicely. Nirv-F1-Clone (25cm) – has stretched a lot inbetween nodes, but I think it is going through rapid growth and working to keep up with canopy as it is next to CR-C and pushing both of these to fight for light already seeing where some of my copy and paste is turning into emoticons. they are supposed to be a B and a C Cracking Beans....
  5. Hello Opengrow Community Thought its about damn time that I share with you my most recent finished grow. I've been a C99 fan ever since my first grow with this magnificent strain, since then I've grown a few C99 crosses and have never been disappointed. So when I heard that Esko was releasing the Chucky's Bride, C99 X Exodus Cheese, there was no doubt that this combination would kick ass. The main star of this grow was clearly the Chucky's Bride, but for variety she was paired with KO Kush, and Jackberry KO Kush. So this round was one for the fast finishers, all three strains being 7-8 week finishers. Needless to say, all three strains kicked ass in their own right: Chucky's Bride takes the cake in terms of resin production and aroma, she is extremely sticky and stinky. The KO Kush takes the prize for fastest finisher. While the Jackberry X KO Kush is the clear winner in structure and appearance, she's a truly beautiful cross. Ok enough babbling here the stats and pics: First few weeks: 120 X 60 cm Dark Room Starlight T5 220w GHE Flora Series, Useless Formula Supervit Hesi Roots Plagron Growmix During flower: 120 X 120 cm Dark Room 600w HPS Adjust-a-Wing Midi Atami Bloom (Bloei) Plagron Growmix After 6 weeks of veg, week 1 of 12/12 Week 1 Flowering Week 2 Flowering Jackberry X KO KUsh KO Kush Chucky's Bride Week 3 Flowering Chucky's Bride Jackberry X KO Kush KO Kush Week 4 Flowering, first problems arise. One of the KO Kush plants and the green Jackberry X KO Kush pheno go hermy on me. That purple sack in the middle of the bud is a male flower. The JB X KO also developed a few bananas. I didn't want them pollinating the garden, so they were removed. Possible stress factors that could have cause it: Cold temperatures during lights off, as well as high temperature differences between lights on and off. Another possible stress factor was a 5 minute light interruption during lights off. KO Kush hermy Jackberrry X KO Kush hermy Week 5 Flowering, with the hermy girls gone, they have a bit more room to stretch their branches. However, at this point, the girls have a bad case of nitrogen deficiency. Especially the Chucky's Bride were in need of more nitrogen. Despite my efforts to green them back up, they just kept losing color. For nutes, I was applying the Useless Formula at half strength up until this point, but upped the dose to 3/4th strength. All the plants were able to handle the stronger dose no problem, next time that I grow the Chucky's Bride I definitely run the formula at 3/4th strength from the beginning of flowering. In this pic, the 2 KO Kush are in the front center and middle center. The JB X KO is on the front right. Around the outside, all the rest are Chucky's Bride. Jackberry X KO Kush Chucky's Bride Week 6 Flowering Jackberry X KO Kush Chucky's Bride KO Kush Week 7 Flowering. One of the Chucky's Bride also decides to throw a few hermy bananas. Thankfully all the rest are 100% female. Jackberry X KO Kush Chucky's Bride hermy, removed from the tent.
  6. Hey everyone. I just germed the Indica mix which is comprised of - *4 KO Kush F4 *4 Anesthesia F1 *4 Jackberry F4 I managed to get a 100% germ rate. 12 out of 12 ain't bad. Well played Sannie. Here is a little Ana popping up
  7. Firstly My 2 cabs sizes are 1) 1mx1mx2m Hiegh and 2)1.6m x 1 m x 1.7 Hiegh The tall cab is running a single 400w hps and home made cool hood temps are perfect 76 f day and night 60 its a bit cold for now but the winter here will be over in the next few weeks so not worried bout night temps at the moment. The wide cab has 3 x 400 watt Sumaster Cool metal halides and will switch to Sunmaster Super HPS when i want to flower.Temps same as above ive had to add a bit of humidity to cab as its a bit low so i use humidifiers to counter that. And here are the products kindly suplied to me by The KIng Of Genetics Sannie himself Thanks again really quick delivery with no issues the way i like it . Hers the germ cab i built and for clones Built this bubble clonner for the near future Quick note all of the goods in cab including cab handmade.Cool hoods and carbon scrubbers aswell!! i like makin things hehe ...Scrubber done Here are pics of the opperation Tall Cab Wide cab Humidifier in action Going to be flipping to 12/12 in a week or so will still see progress on them. Jackberry week 3 veg KO Kush week 3 veg .. Group Photo !! A cheese that i got from a mate and its really goin fast All comments are welcome !!! Feel free to tear me a new one hehe
  8. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while,learning from so many people that are kind enough to share pictures, research and time. Enough of just sitting back, time to participate! This is going to be the second run in this setup, I have a little OCD so I can't stop adjusting everything. I'm always trying to improve things, one little thing at a time. I've got a DR120 with a 600W HPS for flowering. We currently have 6 ladies under the light, they got between 2 - 3 weeks of veg and have 2 - 4 weeks left in flower. I just upgraded the fan from a 6 in booster fan to this 420 CFM monster... It's actually dimmed to 40%, and my temps have dropped 2 degrees directly on top of the hood. Not too bad. It's actually 78 degrees and 45 % RH inside the canopy. I've also got a 400W 4ft T5 that I use for seedlings, clones and vegging. Hopefully we'll be able to keep a bonsai mother or 2 as well. The plan is to set up perpetually so I can pull 1 plant out of flowering every 2 weeks. Currently in flowering, we have 2 Killing Fields ( the limited FEM freebee batch ). Both show more color than my lavender plants! I won't start to describe the smell, but if you've seen KF grows, or heard Sannie describes the smell and taste, it's exactly it. Strong, dark, complex smell. I took a sample last week, I couldn't even let it dry for 3 days... This is going to be some TASTY weed for sure if that sample is any indication. KF1 has 4 big tops and looks similar to some phenos I've seen grown here. KF 1 - The sample came from one of her lower branches. She has some of the biggest buds in the tent! KF2 is a bit of a mutant. She started by being twice as stretchy as a seedling and has had smaller, crimped leaves. I think it's a trait from the blueberry side... . Flowering was slow to trigger and then it stretched way too much, so it got it's dose of supercropping. While I'm not expecting much yield from this girl, it could be an 11 week pheno, so she could put putting on a little extra weight next couple weeks. KF1 look very promising, I definitely see a full pack of KF in my future. I also have 2 Sugar Punch that smell like... i don't know. WHAT IS THAT SMELL SANNIE? I think it's naughty candy canes... It actually smells sweet and you just want to stick your nose in again to make sure you just smelled candy. SP1 - Another early sample I took, this got to dry for 3.5 days, when I ground it up, it filled the room with sweet smell. I was surprised him much this smelled for some uncured, early bud. SP1 is falling over herself from the weight of the buds, I supercropped the branches in the wrong direction a few weeks back, so that didn't help. I've got a couple sticks helping her out now. SP2 was made a little too branchy, between topping once too many times and structure, this girl takes 1.5 times more room, the buds are smaller. My fault. I've also got a beautiful Jackberry X NYCD ( regular seeds ) that actually smells like fruit and a little fuel. The JBD is starting to show a little color on the lower buds... The nights can get frisky, so if the genes are there, the color will show. For a freebee that I could find nothing about, it sure looks great... And it's looking like it's going to finish right around 7 - 8 weeks. For the next round, we have to pop some seeds. One of each: Kollosus ( fem ) Mad Shack ( fem ) Sugar Punch ( fem ) I'll also pop 2 KO Kush in hopes of finding / keeping 1 female. That's the veg closet with the T5, it's currently empty, except for some seeds that will go in those sponge pots once the temp drops a few degrees. Next update I'll build the SCROG screens I plan on using for the next round and report back on a larger, riper sample of SP1.
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