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Found 32 results

  1. Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow Just did a bean drop for the official Maria tropical guerilla grow in my new location. The "tester" run was here, but I haven't even checked on them since putting them out... Have been eyeing up Sannies' seeds for a long time. Love the work he has done with the Jack Herer, creating his own F9 IBL Jacks!!! And then a few other Jack crosses, like the Killing Fields. Plus got Jack Candy (NAW) for freebies. 3 X Sannies Jack F9 (photo, reg) -- from Sannies' Seeds 2 X Killing Fields F8 (?) (photo, fem) -- from Sannies' Seeds 5 X Jack Candy (freebies, photo, reg) -- from NAW (through Sannies') Decided to drop 10 beans in total, prob going into 5 pots (2 beans / pot). Leaving me with 7 Jack, 3 KF for future grows. They're in little sponge pots, which Sannie recommends and I got sent with order. Beans are: JC -- JC -- JC -- JC --- JC -- SJ -- SJ -- SJ -- KF --- KF -- In they go! Soaking in a little Bacto for healthy start to life. Have saved a little more Bacto for transplanting. Can check out some of Sannies' strains in his photo gallery here. I'm not going to end up with anything like that in this wild guerilla grow, but nice inspiration! Sannies Jack (reg, photo) is Sannies' F9 IBL from Sensi Jack Herer. Hasn't been crossed with anything else. So can be considered inbred line by now. Goes for about 11-13 weeks, supposed to be much more stable than Sensi Jack. Sannie seems to have bred it for single stem SoG or topped ScroG growing, especially at 12/12 from seed, or maybe just 1 week of 18/6. That's a reason why I think it should be good for my tropical climate at about 12/12 to 11/13 right through the grow. Killing Fields (fem, photo) is up to about F8 by now, I think, so almost IBL. Originally a cross between The One and Sannies' Jack. The One is itself Blueberry Sativa X (Killa Queen X NYCD), so has a lot of the Jack also in the Killa Queen from C99. The Blueberry gives the purple pheno, I guess. If you search on Open Grow forum, there is an amazing thread from the breeder on his selection and breeding process. Excellent learning material for any wannabe pollen chuckers like myself, haha. Jack Candy (reg, photo) are freebies only, seem to be a cross that hasn't made it to the shop, just freebies. Is Jack Hammer X Head Candy. Jack Hammer is Jack X Amnesia Haze, and Head Candy is Killa Queen X Blue Hammer. NAW breeder Poldergrower says it'll run about 11-12 weeks, sativa dominant pheno, pineapple flavor (maybe from the Jack?) Assuming that these plants can make it through to harvest, or at least a few of them, should be able to get some females, and maybe a male, to make some crosses. There's enough Jack Herer in all three strains to get a nice Jack cross somewhere in there. Let's see. Now... have a shopping list: Cups for seedling growth. Will do "insta-planters". Soil mix, local stuff, a couple of bags. Some kind of pots or bags, maybe just 5 pots / bags @ 5-10 L each will be ok. Nappies -- to rip out some polyacrylate crystals for water retention. If possible, but not urgent: Some kind of bloom fert / nutes. No idea what at this point... Love ya all! MJS
  2. This is just a quote from my grow report, but I will add by the time more reports... I'm not so good in describing highs, but maybe it will serve as an indicator for one or the other..
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first grow with Sannies seeds and Killing Fields I got 4 females and 6 males from my 10 pack. Ive let the first tiny clones of each plant bloom in open pollination for sexual identification of parents, so i got 4 seeded buds for a pre-smoke test already (not really positive). I killed all males during their sleep. Sorry for all following pics that were taken under hps So i dropped clones in my homesoil and scrogged them Stretch 2 weeks Early flowers week 3+ week 4 unleashing anthocyanin week 5 week 6 Now week 7 stretch included Temp range from 8°C to 23°, RH 60%, light is 600hps/1.2m², soil is mostly cow manure, coco fibers and re-used soil from last grow. about 30l per plant. drinks more than 10liters/m² every 2 days with normal nutrients, PH fixed, no bugs. Temp is a bit low by night, i waited a bit too long before switching to bloom,probably did not defoliated enough, but no real big problems I'll try to describe the 4 phenos i have First one is the deep purple, quite dense, sativa leafs, smells nothing yet. The second one is less purp. sometimes grey and low smell. The third one is a green one, with wider leafs, and smell mango since first trichrome popped. very strong sticky smell. Less dense than the purps, and more leafy. Last one is green and smells nothing yet. probably the less interesting. all his clones had less vigor in rooting or growing period than #1#2#3 here is #3, the only pheno with nice mango smell. And the #1 , most eye candy but smells hemp I still have about 5 weeks to go but i seriously doubt that "sour berry grape cream" terps will pop from nowhere next month. To be honest it may be the first time i see some so exuberant buds with a so shy fragrance. I know its early for concluding about this grow but I still have the 4 moms alive and i need to free some space as i have an army of KF clones to repot. I'm not familiar with killing fields but, to me, for now the only interesting one i got is the "wide mango green pheno". The 3 others don't smell sexy weed. from my experience, if it doesnt smells good at week 7, it will never do. I'm very surprised because my potential keeper absolutely don't match strain description, previous grow reports or other smoke tests from various websites. So i don't know what to think about this strain because i was expecting some sour cream berry that most people seems to get. So for now i would say i'm 25% happy with my grow. I will try to update with more pics next month. I can still aim the bud of the month picture if temps stays low Hazy wishes
  4. Open Growers, I am seeking advice on growing Killing Fields. First question: How long does it take the F6 version of KF to respond to 12/12 lighting and flower? (I think i have F6.) I was reading on Kind Green Buds some advice on growing KF. The page is four years old this year. They said that KF can take four weeks to flower. "These plants continue to grow for 4 weeks after they’ve been switched to a 12/12 lighting cycle, so there’s no need to allow them a long vegetative period...." Is this still true? Second question: I want to keep the plant short. I am considering topping above the third node. Remove the first node leaves and branches. Train the branches from the second and third nodes to grow horizontal or lower. Cut the ends, and hopefully grow as many as 16 colas. Am i wrong for thinking that I could control height in this way? Thanks in advance.
  5. A post in order to thank Sannie for his awsome work, running the shop, while doing a great job breeding exotic strains. I tried his stuff and got stuck here. The price/quality ratio goes beyond the usual ordinary breeders, as I can tell due to my recent selections. One of my long-term classics is Killing Fields. Unfortunately the name is not very well chosen, but the genetics even more so. Thank you Sannie I love it!!! Enjoy the impressions... Generally KF makes me stoned yet high. You are light and move without much trouble but your head is a bit foggy trippy. I love going out on it or for social ocassions with friends. Just recently when a friend came over to take the pictures I rolled a joint during the break. We shared it among for people. Then I went to the groceries store to get some beers. Coming back just 2 minutes later I found one friend in the hall way giggling. Looking at me he asked, still giggling, "what did you gave us?" My flatmate was with the photographer looking at the purple buds and exploring their beauty almost like she was on acid. My friend the photographer had quite some trouble focusing in on the pictures and caught herself just getting lost in the details while zooming in on her camera. Killing Fields for me became a classic in my collection and I think Sannie created quite a delicacy speaking effect, taste and appeal wise. My friend the photographer also said at the end that this weed is art, she was really impressed with the overall qualities of this kind. Killing Fields F6 is ordered!!! Thank you Sannie!!!!!
  6. Hello Opengrow, after mostly lurking for the past months I wanted to share some pictures from my current grow to gain some advice and share some insights with the community. It's 20 plants under 600w on 1.2 sqm, I know it's too much, I will put less next time. I say that every time 3x KF#7 (all phenos are own selections) 2x KF#11 1x KF#5 2x Shackzilla 1x Kali Snapple x SSH (sativa leaning pheno) 2x D's Jack (mystery Sannie's Jack cross) 3x Chocolate Cheese#3 2x Chocolate Cheese#1 4x Sugar Punch Chocolate Cheese, KF#11 and Kali Snapple x SSH are new this round and I am quite excited about all of them. CC seems to be quite sensitive to nutes and KSSSH surprised me by growing quite stout compared to Shackzilla. Day 7 D's Jack left, Chocolate Cheese right Chocolate Cheese left, Sugar Punch right D's Jack and KF in the back not such a good picture but I wanted to show the enormous growth of the past days D's Jack and CC 13 days of flower Whole tent 16 days of flower Killing Fields and D's Jack 16 days of flower from left to right D's Jack, Sugar Punch, Chocolate Cheese 16 days of flower D's Jack, Sugar Punch, CC day 16 of flower I use RFX and think that my plants would benefit from mixing it 50/50 with Gordan Growcubes to lower the sponge effect a bit. RFX seems to hold a lot of solution due to the higher amount of foam, however, I am still impressed with the plant's perfomance. Have a good week and stay safe. Luma
  7. I don't normally drink coffee, but when I do, my mind starts racin like a motha fucka. I've never bred before but it's something I feel passionate about and really want to get into, unfortunately I lack lights, space, along with plant limitations that make this extremely difficult. However its almost spring so I'm thinking I can maybe make a seperate breeding chamber outside, although the conditions out here in the PNW are pretty harsh for growing cannibus (last year a crazy windstorm tore apart the hoop house I built and had all sorts of problems). I'm assuming though I can get some seeds before the crazy late fall weather hits. Here's my vision. I'm looking at a (hammerhead or hammer of dawn) x (killing fields) x Shackzilla The purpose of the first is too add some nice colors and sativa influence to the hammer line, as well as knock up the potency and flavor to the killing fields, finding the perfect happy medium. Something that gives a noticeable body high but enough clear cerebral engergy not to induce insomnia an creative. As an artist who is always creating things, this is what I look for in most of strains (I also have insomnia so I also like to have a super heavy indica on deck....thats a little off topic though.....) Next we add the shackzilla (I'm thinking I might replace this with drizellaxms universe though and select a universe dominate with purple hues to further solidify the purple I'm looking for) for more hazy sativa influences along with that nice and potent shack funk, probably leaning towards a SSH dominate pheno. I only have 2 feminized shackzilla though so hopefully I will find what I'm looking for in those. First question, is there cons to breeding feminized seeds? I'm all about reg seeds now but when I was first starting out I couldnt see any other option than fem. I'll have to order the rest of the strains so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm planning on putting starting in my aero cloner, then putting all outside, then moving certain plants together I want breeding in an open polination or either isolating the male, collecting pollen, than brushing it on the females (or maybe shackzilla feminized?) Any tips or suggestions on methods or crosses? Dos or Don'ts? I'm kinda unfamiliar with creating stabalized strains and what not, right now it seems the killing fields are in the F4, which to my understanding would mean alot of variety, especially when I want to cross them with other strains (I'm guessing most of what I mention are F2s?). Does this mean I should backcross the killing fields first to stablize the pheno I want before I go further? So the final goal will be a fruity/hazey/funky tasting 70-90/10-30 sativ dom purplely green blue hybrid with a nice underbody high to keep the mind calm while focused and creative. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. 3 Sannie's Jack FEM 4 Killing Fields FEM 1 Jackberry X MadScientist FEM (I killed it, sorry everyone ) Not enough space (DR60 ver. 2), so thats 60cm x 60cm x 190cm? 2 Has LED Panels (fall 2013 version, 65W each) 17liter pots, filled only to ~13 liters of soil (enriched with Sannie's Starter Pack + Perfect Start).. no Yucca unfortunately. Most of the grow reports I read on here are compiled by some really expert greenthumbs, but I know that when I started this grow after 7+ years of not growing - my knowledge base was lacking, and certain simple things were stressing me out that shouldn't have done so. I started a word document journal that I will copy into this first post to give everyone a glimpse of the timeline of events of my grow so far. Most importantly, the germination/seedling stage gave me a ton of grief. Patience is the key word here, and I wish I hadn't taken a week off of work to get my set-up ready, because I ended up overthinking everything. It's also a lot nicer to see your plants once every 8 hours or so to really see progress. Here goes... January 7, 2014 1 Sannie’s Jack seed and 1 Killing Fields seed dropped into spongepot with bacto according to Sannie’s formula (dome + perlite + bacto + humidity + spongepots). Didn't have a dome - used a plastic cookie tray after the cookies were done, and a big ziplock bag. January 9, 2014 1 Sannie’s Jack seed and 1 Killing Fields seed dropped into shotglass with BRITA water. January 10, 2014 Morning- Shotglass seeds placed into wet paper towels in tupperware container, put onto radiator (turned down heat). Evening- Tupperware seeds germinated, placed into spongepots + myco + bacto. Placed into dome next to first two seeds. 1st Killing Fields Seed is breaking ground with cotyledons. All seeds germinated. Pulled 1st SJ seed out of spongepot because was doubting germination – it had taproot of ~1/2 centimeter. Settled it back into the spongepot. January 12, 2014 Morning- All 4 seedlings emerged from spongepots overnight. The 1st KF seedling has green cotyledons and two green true leaves. The remaining 3 seedlings have green cotyledons, but yellowing or no true leaves. 1 of the 3 remaining seedlings is a triploid. Put an additional 1 KF and 1 SJ seed into shotglass of BRITA water. Transplanted spongepots/seedlings to 1.5L black pots. Evening- No change from the morning, seedlings angled themselves more towards the light. Planted the newly soaked seeds in the pots of the two weakest looking seedlings. Did not wait for germination in tupperware/Paper Towel container. Planted an additional KF seed and JackberryXMadScientist seed into the last two seedling pots that still only had 1 plant/seed per pot. The healthy KF seedling now has another KF seed in the pot with it. The assumed SJ seedling (from Jan 7) now has a JBXMS seed in the pot with it. January 13, 2014 Morning- The three weak seedlings all showed growth overnight. The assumed older SJ seedling enlarged its true leaves, and is a healthier shade of green. The two other weaker seedlings (Jan 9) both showed minor true leaf growth, but are still yellowish, with browned tips, but beginning to green on the inside of the leaf/new growth. Evening- Continued growth. No sprouts from remaining seeds as of yet. January 15, 2014 Morning- Watered 4 seedlings fairly thoroughly. The new KF seed in the slow-growing KF seedling pot sprouted through the ground. The seed casing had not come off, but I wet it a little bit and went to work. We’ll see how it does when I get home. Jan 16, 2014 All seeds sprouted. All 8. Now what do I do?! Jan 23, 2014 All plants continue to grow well. I know that I started with 4 KF, 3 SJ, and 1 JBXMS. From their growth pattern, and knowing where I planted certain seeds (like the runt KF got another KF seed, and the strongest SJ seedling got a JBXMS in the pot with it). The LED lights are proving what everyone else has already said – great growth with tight internode spacing. We’ll see how this keeps up during flowering. Strongest growth is coming from the SJ heritage. All 3 SJ are exhibiting a similar growth phenotype, which is even visible in two of the KF (the triploid main plant, and the back-up KF to the runt). The little runt still grows very nicely, but almost as if it was a dwarf version. The last KF seems to be growing slowly – maybe it’s struggling, or maybe it just needs more time because it’s a different phenotype. The JackBerry X MadScientist is also growing slowly. All plants are green and healthy! Jan 25, 2014 Transplanted into bigger containers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough soil to fill containers up fully. It could have been a 4 gallon grow container, but is closer to 3 gallons now. Changed light on/off schedule to 18/6, down from 24/0. Jan 29, 2014 Changed light on/off schedule to 15/9, down from 18/6. Jan 30, 2014 In the morning I FIM’ed 5 out of the 7 plants (didn’t FIM or TOP the smallest KF, topped the triploid KF for a guaranteed three nice tops. A couple hours before lights out I pruned most of the lower branches and fan leaves on all the plants. I hope to give them another 4-5 days to recover and restart growing before switching to flowering (whether they’re mature or not). Jan 31, 2014 Morning. Picture of the girls. Stay tuned I guess! I want to switch lights to 12/12 on Feb 3rd, and maybe do some sort of custom twine netting to scrog up the place a bit. I always wanted to a scrog, ahhhh exciting!!
  9. Greetings fellow cultivators! 2 Cabs, 7 Strains. Both cabs with 330w CMH. 3 Feminized, 4 regular. If males, then pollen collecting/chucking is planned. Ok so here's the deal. I started with popping: -5 Holy Princess (Santa Maria x C99 freebies) - E$kob@r Seeds -2 C99xStrawberry Diesel Reg - Classic Seeds -1 Urban Menace ((Jack Frost x Fast Thai x (NL#1xThai)) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Cin City (C99 F2 x Soma NYCD) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Frost Berry Chem (Classic Jack Frost x P.O.A.) x (Classic Strawberry Diesel x Alphadog) Fem - Classic Seeds Only 2/5 Holy Princess sprouted, so they were replaced with: -1 Shackzilla Fem - Sannie's Seeds -1 Killing Fields F4 Reg - Sannie's Seeds The killing fields is there, because I couldn't help myself. It's a Sannie staple strain I haven't seen grow yet so even if it's male, I'm sure I can make use of the pollen, say...by dusting Shackzilla? I just ran my first Shackzilla, but pitifully. I aim to do it justice this time...as the high is amazing, and I'll need to replenish!!! So all is going okay, except one of the two HP is stunted somehow and has frozen in time after about the second day after it sprouted. I think the seeds were quite old, as the germ rate was bad...I really hope it springs back with love and care, because I REALLY was hoping to get lucky and make more HP seeds hehehe. Also...I will never start seedlings under fluorescent lights. They will always germ under the CMH, or whatever HID they are going to veg under. When that's the first light source they experience, they don't have a standard to react to, so they just do whatever to survive, without realizing it. But I swear, when they first feel a nice, clean, easy to absorb weaker light source, they like relax or something, then shit their pants and panic, while burning the wilting while they readjust and realize what "light" actually is!!! Both Frost Berry Chem and the Cin City had this light stress effect. The new seedlings all across the board are simply eating the light up! So yeah... I'm excited to give Classic Seeds a go, opinions seem to vary to a great extent of his work or words, but I have faith, my instincts tell me he's legit, and I guess the proof will be in the pudding! Basically this will be my first attempt at making some seeds too, so hopefully that will be a success if the opportunity presents itself! =D Without further ado, it begins: Various Days of Seedlings (Also a C99 Clone/mother that just won't fully revert and is shooting pistils like crazy...
  10. Hello fellas, Shit has quite hit the fan past months but I wanted to share with you my current grow. Plants are on 1.2 sqm with 600w on mapito. Pictures are from day 8 & 14 of flower. Zamba one ofour own crosses, we are the most curious about. Zamaldelica x Bangi Haze grows surprisingly stout, but branchy. 8 14 Aztec Rain 8 14 The towers in the back. Oaxacan 8 14 Cocoa Puffs 14 only strain showing these symptoms of overfeeding or pH issues.Kicked the mum I can't keep troublemakers!!! D's Jack 14 Old seed from a friend of mine. A pretty quick Sannie's Jack male polinated his plants. Among them Lemon Skunk which might have been the mother. Other plants were Kf, Lemon OG, Killer Queen x Blue Hammer. Looks familiar to anyone? Sugar Punch 8 14 Killing Fields 8 Left #6 right #7 (own selection) In the middle Cocoa Puffs 14 #7, #6, #5 Cannalope Haze ex-mum As I due to an emergency had to accomodate also the mother plants of a friend my place was so overcrowded thus I almoast threw her out without ever growing her. Well let's see whether she's worth it. I received it as a clone from a sho in austria but not the capital, so I can't verify anything regarding these genetics. Everyone's expertese is welcomed. Hope you enjoy the pics and maybe you have some advice for me except of planting to many clones, I figured it already out my self. However I can't help it. Luma
  11. Hi, I'm a noob. And I just did what I shouldn't have done. My sannies order came today, couldn't resist.... I was a little surprised to see sugar punch instead of herijuana (since herijuana was on the list not sugar punch when I ordered lmao) and was hoping for the katsu kush x Sannies jack (especially since I havn't seen any grow reports of it yes so wanted to be that bad ass mutha fucka who contributed to Sannies testing (and grabbed some exclusive dank why at it). Although now I think I'm glad I got the sugar punch (since its a strain I've been drooling over for awhile now) and the Chocolate Cheese (now I have it all, a hybrid, an indica in my garden, and a strain from the Mr. Legendary E$kobar I keep hearing so much shit about. Cheeseberry Haze looks more appealing to me (remember I love hazes) but often times in life I find myself loving what I initially thought I wouldn't be into (hi Vladimir!). Anyways time to check this E$ko guy out (well not yet, but soon......). I popped 4 more seeds, 2 Shackzillas, 2 Killing Fields. Okay lets rewind this back a little. But before that I'd like to give a special thanks to Stinkbud, Letdown Shifty, and all the other Stinkbuddies at rollitup who have walked me very patiently and wisely through the steps. Yall made this possible, may the rest of your days be blessed. It all started with some seeds, clones, power outages (one lasted 5 days where I would barely slept spraying my plants every 5-30 min), and a noob. By noob I mean someone who continuously tripped over timer plugs, forgetting to replug timers, ph of 8+, and alot of dead plants (dead plants everywhere, I'm sorry to all you lovely ladies I fucked). A few months here I am, with 2 lone survivors (you bad ass mother fuckers you). One is a freebie I got from attitude, DNA's Andromonia and a green crack I got from my local dispensary (thank you to the cute girl who recommended it to me). Both of which went dormant during flowering cause my room was at about 40-50 degrees (lol......) Finally got that taken care of and now things are almost in full flow, except I'm now in another dilemma brought on by my noobness. Maybe you guys can help me sort through this mess. I have 2 reses in a 5x10x6 grow tent, one for longer sativa flowering strains (hazes are my favorite), one for indicas and hybrids. 1 side has a 1000w HPS, the other a 600w HPS and a 320 Lumigro LED. I put in 4 plants into flower, hoping 4 of the other 5 I was vegging would be ready at the same time. False. 4 grew hella fast, 4 slow (2 weeks into flower of first 4, other 4 still not ready, (which really sucks cause I'm out of my time frame to have them both harvest round same time), and 1 hellllla slow. We use the word hella alot out here in WA..... Andromia looks about halfway done, green crack has barely started flower. This leaves me too long a period to keep veggin these 4, and too short to throw them in the other res with the other 4. Right now I'm planning on moving green crack to other res right before I start flushing, harvest andromia, and use that to flower upcoming plants. Shits a mess though. To make it worse I have to decide what to do with these sativas of sannies I just popped, which brings me to my other problem. Besides my new seeds from sannies, I have no other long flower types, which means it looks like I'll be working with another half rez......(prays to the clone provider gods) Shits gonna be a challenge for sure Anyways lets get on with some pictures and sort this shit out as time goes on. Clones are under 250 CFL Veg unit is 8 fixture T5s (50ish something I think? idk T5 units are weird). I'm using basically advanced botinacare formula. The Andromia Res 2 canopy ~week 2 I'll post more pictures later. Also feel free to comment or w/e.
  12. Hello and welcome to my grow Next post wil have some pictures after I figure out how Setup: Secret jardin dr240 Gavita 1000w pro 26 x 12L eb abd flood pots Rfx1 as a medium 19 killing fields (sannies) 4 himalaya kush 2 amnesia haze 1 herijuana 210L container to flood. And some hypro hydro a &b
  13. so got some sannies and dynasty seeds by way of @madmaster420 !!! also some jack smack from @ fatrasta i love OG! veg tent stay cramed sleekunsk before they fell sleeskunk fluffy good yeild day time smoke no body at all killing fields mystery sour cross far right Cholate rain ub chemo in back motorabel killing fields from a sativa mix sannie shop
  14. Hi Opengrowers. I know I don't post here much but I often browse the site and I could not grow out the Killing Fields without saying a big thank you to Sannie and sharing some photos. I have 2 in flower at the moment in deep water culture currently at 60 days 12/12. I am using Canna base nutrients and have just finished 1 week of PK 13/14 added. I am also using House and Garden Multizyme. I plan to flower for another 2 or 3 weeks. Hope you enjoy the pics. #1 #2 Naycha
  15. Hello Again. I’ve posted 3 plant and 2 plant scrog grows. I thought I would post this one plant nft Killing Fields scrog grow. This is the first 7 weeks of flowering in 12 pictures. This is my 1st time growing killing fields, only 6th scrog grow. Low stress training and multi-topping worked well on her. I use silica all way through as PH up. I keep the nutrients (GHE) at a minimum. Highest EC was 1.2. PH is around 6.0. I monster-crop and drop the net on day 1 of flowering. I decided not to trim under the net this time and get some popcorn buds for hash making. Only got 3 or 4 weeks to go. UVB light gets put in tonight, I’ll build up the time it’s on to around 4 hours a day(no shade this time). More to come on this one… Hybridhygro
  16. Hey there folks, I've been reading here for a while and been asking some of you for your advice/help. This time I want to share with you my recent grow. Most of you guys might think I'going nuts growing so many different strains on ebb&flow, but I'm a strain maniac and the strains better get used to it! There are something around 44 clones in this XL tent. The strains are as listed in the tags, and even some more, however, they'll be presented as soon as the budporn starts. I also have 8 Killing Field clones each from another plant, but they're still unsexed so we'll encounter a lot of suprises. My last grows were in a .9x.9x1.6 dark room with same light and almoast as much plants per square meter. Yea and very chaotic! Please don't come with all the concerns about space, I know it is way overdone, but I love the chaos even if it might drive me crazy at some point. Light is 400w + adjustawing large, ebb&flow and hypro ferts. In case I won't find a Sativa satifying my needs I still have some (c99) lemon thai and casey jones popping. Of course not all cuts are sativas, the hybrids will bring the additional fun. More to come in the next weeks luma
  17. Hi all I started my outdoor grow for this year just over a month ago when I put 10 jackberry seeds into cotton wool to germinate. 10 days later I germinated 5 killing fields, and the Mt. Hood Huckleberrys are to follow soon. My plan is to try to select the nicest female of each strain to plant into the ground, and most of the other plants will probably be given away. So far I have had 2 JB runts, and 1 KF died after it germinated (not too sure what happened but I found a whole lotta ants surrounding the sprout and some white dusty stuff?) All the plants are in organic promix in 1.5l pots so far. Some jackberrys Top 3 are jackberry bottom 4 are killingfields Nice internodal spacing on the jb They are starting to show a deficieny, should I start feeding them vegging nutes? Any feedback would be much appreciated Peace, Roodni
  18. Unknown reason. pH: 5.8 ppm: 600-700 lights: 2x 600w HPS in cooltube, 4x 120W LED temp: 26-30C ebb & flood, rockwool. Plants have been growing for two weeks. Doesn't look it, does it? They seem to be drying and dying for no reason. Does anyone know what could I do? It seems that in less that two weeks these will be COMPLETELY dead. The cuts in the back are ok'ish but all of the Killing Fields in the front left and Kolossus on the front right are REALLY BAD. I have already had one KF die on me, and two Kolossus. Start: http://i.imgur.com/WrGfDWk.jpg One week veg: http://i.imgur.com/z0LwW7o.jpg Two weeks veg: http://i.imgur.com/nHVUg3h.jpg Today, about two and half weeks: http://i.imgur.com/MJiiLKp.jpg As you can see.... I am losing hope..... PLEASE HELP PS: many times i have started a project with exactly the same ppm's, ph's and nutrients etc. and everytime for 10 years its been working great. but now, a mystery... MYSTERY problem. WTF
  19. Yo what's up everybody I figured its time to stop lurking the threads and start posting up. So yea starting out my second attempt at my second grow (that made sense right?). My first attempt was plagued with gnats flies and as much as I hate to say it (but its true) a lack of (yes you guessed it) TLC (fuck.....). But anyways made some changes from there and its about time to finally .....move on. Some changes for those who care (I'm talking to you future self (I know you'll read this, and I don't regret eating all that mescaline so fuck you) keep making beneficial changes to the grow room so that you too may GROW.) Grow Room Design -Painted the floor (both rooms) with a white latex epoxy to increase light reflection and decrease cleaning time/ mold probabilities -Sanded and waterproofed all 150-200 (estimated) wooden parts to the scrog cages, also tweeked the design (will make a separate post under grow room design) -New reflective lining and increased security (can't tell otherwise it wouldn't be too secure right?, I guess even saying that I increased security is probably a dumb thing to do, would've been a better idea not to mention security in the first place, but then again it is a given for all grows/ hobbies) Soil -Increased smart pot size to 7 gallons from 5 gallons -Added Canna Coco Coir to the Ocean Forest Mix (original mixed contained perlite, perfect start, symbiosis, prewatered with bacto) -Also using roots organic as a side comparison (with same admixture as the Ocean Forest Mix - the perlite), been hearing good things from other people (shouts out to islayhearts, and baqualin) here on open grow. -HYPOASPIS MILES- these fuck gnat flies up, so yea...i'm using these all the time now -Also increased the selection of genetics (though I doubt the critical mass nor the NYCD, blue cheese are going to stack up against the killing fields, the cheestral, blue heron, and the killah queen X blue hammer) Taking the Oneida Highway to Coirville.... on the way to their usual job -killing shit Popped so far 8 X Blue Heron (regular seeds) 8 X Cheestral (regular seeds) 5 X Killah Queen X Blue Hammer (regular seeds) 5 X NYCD (feminized) 6 X Blue Cheese (feminized) 2 X Critical Hog (feminized) 4 X Critical Mass (feminized) and In November 12 X Killing Fields (feminized)
  20. Hiya opengrow First off, sannie is a diamond 100% certified cannabis general and and a great guy. I order Kf and he looked after me after my cat ate my kf7 seedlings lol. She just took out another seedling a few days ago lol. She's a fan leaf beast . Sannie bless me with more Kf. He is a gem and so is Kf Anyhow I places an order of kf fem to search for my ultimate purple mother with a great yield. I also had some Jackberry f3 I have germed with Kf. Also two kfxcbh that I made and two killing katsu, but my cat ate one. I still have a pack of 5 left tho . I also order huck kush and miss u jack from sannie, sour power from hortilab with sour amnesia freebees and rare darkness hillbilly armour for future kush runs. I'm a happy kid In a large sweet shop Details now I have downgraded my flower tent from 1.2x1.2m2 to a small tent which is 2ftx4ftx2.5ft. Not a lot of height at all but should be enough for 8 11l pots in a scrog. Will do a small soil run this time as I can control my height better in soil. Most plants I grow in soil finish around 2ft+ inc pot with a good yield of 2-3 oz as long as I prune correctly. Veg tent is 63cmx67cmx81cm with a t5 2ft 4 tube. Will Veg to around 5-8" before putting under a scrog net in the flower tent, depending if the reg seeds are sexd. Will use a 250w mh for 1st two weeks 12/12, then hopefully a 600 has for around two weeks to build buds and sights, then a 250w hps when most major flower growth slows. Sounds crazy but I like experimenting, plus 600w is overkill but a cooltube and fat outake should help. This is only a run to find a strong purple. I might avoid the 600 tho if I buy another t5, but a 8 tube 432w version . Pics of setup in a bit.
  21. My 2nd post and 1st grow. Same info here as in my post to introduce yourself forum, but with pics as I go. Seed Selection: Since I don't know and can only make assumptions, I chose to go with Sannie's Fem Mix and also bought the regular Jackberry F4. For my initial grow (which I will post with pics in a more appropriate forum- probably Sannie's area unless advised otherwise), I have chosen to go with 1 seed of the feminized Killing Fields and 3 seeds of the Jackberry (hoping to get at least 1 female). I assume this combination will work without serious issue. Seeds should arrive next week. Soil: I wanted to use FFOF, but have read conflicting reviews of it. I would rather NOT use what the stores around me carry which is Miracle Gro and other like soil with fertilizer added, moisture control, etc. Just want good dirt I can rely on. I live on a horse farm and have a ton of rotted manure, but probably full of bad juju. Anyway, if I want something other than Wally World or Lowes soil, looks like I'll have to buy online. I also have a couple or few pounds of worm castings and thought I would mix that in with 30% perlite into whatever soil I go with. Also have some General Hydroponics Grow, Bloom and Micro liquid I can use (as long as it is still good. It's about a year old). Have some Neptune's Fish and Seaweed fert too. Plan to use 10" or 13" pots and leaning toward 13". Will start seeds in jiffy pots or spongepots. Lighting: I have a 4' 6-lamp 54watt T5 setup that I will use start to finish. I have 6 each of the AgroMax Grow (6400k) and Bloom (3000k) lamps. Grow Box (under construction): I tried to get creative by using two old bookcases that I have turned to face each other, spacing them far enough apart to allow my light fixture to fit into one side with enough space on the other side (with a shelf) for clones, which I will add another small floro lamp to do. I've taken some heavy white fire retardant plastic material that is used in construction with scaffolding, doubled it up and wrapped it around the backs and sides of the bookcases. I'll hang it in the front too making curtains for access. The back of the box is placed in front of a window that I've boarded up except for about 3" along the bottom so I can crack the window open for ventilation as necessary. This may turn out to be a problem as the material doesn't completely block the light that comes through, but I figure I can eliminate that by hanging mylar to line the insides of the box. I'll cut some kind of vent through the material and add a piece of 6" hose from the box to the window crack.... More in the grow thread later- with pics of it all. I'm determined to do this without asking for help. But I see that with a grow log, experienced growers often chime in when they see a problem that goes unnoticed. So I will welcome inputs but will try not to ask for them. Wish me luck!
  22. It's been a year now since I grew a Sannie strain, so I thought I'd fix that. I've wanted to grow Shackzilla since trying a friend's efforts. He's pretty much a newbie and produced some excellent weed. Last weekend I started soaking two seeds. I grew one KF plant once, so after this grow I will be able to say I grew one KF plant twice. One fem seed germed with the Shz. Mrs. Dirt requires an indica dom for insomniac purposes, so one Mad Scientist fem was sprouted as well. I believe Mad Sci. is Knutsel's work, but I might be wrong. Looking at three fem sativa doms and one indica dom made me want to fill in the gap between them with one of my favorite hybrids, Esko's Chocolate Cheese. I had six seeds left, now I have six seedlings. Hopefully, one will be a mom I keep for a while. I'll start posting pics when there is something worth looking at. All seeds were received by me from the shop or Esko about a year and a half ago, or more. 100% germination. The Shackzillas took almost a week to sprout, the others took about a day or two. One freak Chocolate Cheese has only one cotyledon. If this seriously slows growth, it might be culled. More to come over the next few months.
  23. Hello , Me and Friend are planing to put all these beans I compulsively bought into flowers. Friend is a loooong time friends (about 18 years) and smoking is really something we have no will to quit. So after seeing the results (outdoor) of my first try , he decided to go indoor last year, for one year we have been toying with AK 48 from nirvana (these were cheap , and i didn't want to lose good genetics). Now we feel is the time to get a bit more serious, the last two years I've bought *Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze *Caramel Cough *Killing Fields *Blue Hammer *JackBerry *Chocolate Rain *Chocolate mix *Anesthesia *Vanilla Sky *Chucky's Bride *Holy Princess *Killing Field x Katsu cut *Sour Diesel x Blueberry *Killa Queen X Blue Hammer We would like to test all these in the next year or so, my cab is not ready yet , but the dimensions are known. Friend's cab is inside a Pax wardrobe from Ikea. Flowering part -2 x 150 w HPS - 95cm (wide) 55 (depth) 1.20m (height) - Carbon Scruber - 380m3/h rvk Veg part -80 cm height same width and lenght - 150 w TN -Sunon My cab should be ready around Halloween, dimensions are about the same, a bit wider (105cm), deeper (58cm) and a total height of 250 cm with 4x30w T8(?) in the Veg part and 8x24w (2 times 4x24 really) in the flowering part. I hope to make 52 updates (once a week) to document the grow of these little babies. This round will be in soil (plagron light and royal mix), but i hope to switch to coco and passive hydro next time (dirt is ....dirty and we do have a social and familly life ). Before showing (drumroll) , who was choosen first , I would like to thank Sannie, I've had once a germination problem on one pack and another time with the post and suffice to say the man didn't let me down:o) so thanks again and if you are gifted something..the less you can do is share.
  24. Greeting outdoor growers. I haven't had a decent place to grow outdoors since a small opportunity came up in 2006, but I thought I'd try to see if I can grow a couple of plants stealthily in my yard. The plan, which might be changing when reality hits me in the face, is to start a couple of fems in pots, and then plant them sideways in a mound, and train them to run along the ground while growing. When they start flowering, if I don't go into a paranoid frenzy before that, I'll let the buds grow upwards. By keeping them low to the ground, it's my hope that weeds and wildflowers hide them. If they start stinking too much, the experiment is over, and I'll just have to wait until my grow room cools down after the summer to find out what Killing Fields and Mad Scientist are like. These are the girls, just before planting in the ground. They've been outside for a few weeks and it's rained like hell, which is why I think they might have gotten a little N deficiency. All nutes added were water soluble. This is the Killing Fields, a day after it was planted sideways. You can see the stem under the yellow-white leaf, nearly vertical. This next pic is the Mad Scientist, three days after it was planted sideways, and one day after the two dominant tops were wired to the ground. you can see the stem on a slant underneath the larger, lighter green leaf. It already looks like the two formerly dominant tops have lost all dominance. This might have been easier if I let them grow straight upwards for a few more weeks. Now, if I want to continue the idea of having the plants run along the ground, it looks like I'll be chasing down multiple branches. This could end up like a spider's web before it starts flowering.
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