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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Fellow growers and breeders. Ive been on the site awhile, I decided my first OpenGrow journal would be a big one (200 plants) and would have to be during a time my breeding projects were on hold and I could take notes while testing alot of my own strains Ive bred and throwing in Wussups Anesthesia and possibly Jackberry, Spiderbite V2, and Sugarpunch is they come in on time. Most of the 200 will be strains i bred and would like to further test and pheno hunt for f2's From My Lemon G cut (Ohio) which by the way was the hardest clone ive ever obtained. Harder than getting the original 92 Florida OG which is my prize cut, its losing vigor and I have to make 30 clones at a time to get 5 or 6. Others with the cut have the same problem so I may be bredding mine out and back in a few times, searching thousands of plants to find one just like her. Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints, Forum Cut or even OGKB, Cookie Fam owners personal cut, Chem 91, Chem D. One of the clones on my list that i still have obtained and will be harder than the Lemon G Ohio clone is The Original Bubblegum clone from the midwest. Anyone out there have it? 5-7 plantsLAST LEMON I called it this cause often dogs die from eating lemons. its a cross of {Lemon G X Tres Dawg [Chemdawg X Double Dog (Chemdog X Afghani #1)]} The Tres Dawg male was selected from 70 Plants and passes on, added frost, potency, density, funk and chem 10 plants Anesthesia {Positronics skunk afghani X Herijuana IBL} Been wanting to run this forever since samply 3.5 grams from a friends second cousin. I remember the buzz being a bit boring, devoid of euphoria and complexity but it was an EXCELLENT medical strain and was great for my muscle spasms, insomnia, and the best indica ive come across for pain. This could pass for a landrace indica in its effects, Ide like to create a hybrid using a select mother. Ide also like to use these benefits and cross it to a high energy, high euphoria father like a Nevilles Haze or maybe Sannies Jack 10-20 plants Scarlet Johansen caused ide like to fuck her in florida doggy style while she calls me her daddy { [92 Florida OG x Grand Daddy Purple(male selected out of 3 pacs, adds vigor, yield, grape smell and taste andthe purple gene is dominant.)l] X Tres Dawg hence Florida, daddy,and Dawg 50 plants Ghost Of Dad previously was Ghost of Jack {Ghost OG Clone X Sannies Jack(rare pheno very high yield, ramen noodle bud stacking] The ghost OG has very dense frosty high quality buds but yields very low. Given that sannies jack is IBL I figured this rare pheno may have had ugly bud structure, the buds looked like an 80's rocker hair but high yield was common among most of those IBL's so that odd bud structure had to stem from a recessive gene, so I collected pollen from her and she made Lesbian Love to a Ghost strain. What resulted was something special. My father loved growing cannabis but he struggled growing. He often bought high end seeds from various breeders spending as much as 150 for a pack and then getting disappointed. He finally went to elite clones and still struggled. Last year he searched the state for cookie cross clones and got some. he vegged them for 30 days and they looked slow, anemic and small. I have him 3 Ghost of Jack Seeds and told him that i was confident they would blow away those cookie crosses. He was always hesitant to try my seeds because i wasnt a popular big name breeder but he finally agreed. What unfolded was magic. The cookie crosses and Ghost of Jack were under 2 -600 watt hps lights in a 17 square foot area. The Ghost of Jack plants surpased the cookie cuts in vigor, size, tight node spacing, the works in 3 weeks. He went on to grow the most spectacular top shelf meds the quality of which was on par with top shelf Gorilla Glue #4 or sfv og in looks but with a more complex buzz. He was ecstatic, so very happy and so very proud of himself. He loved the taste, smell and buzz. He said he hadn't felt that buzz since the 70s. That week I never seen him so happy in my life. 1 weeks later a day before his birthday, he collapsed in my arms and died of a massive heart attack, This Happen months ago but the disbelief of what occured is still concrete in me. This strain is so special to me mainly cause it was the first strain my dad trusted in, it had brought him success and great self esteem and he was proud of my cross, we bonded over it. Whenever I miss him and am sad I reflect on that grow and it warms my heart. So odd that it was made in honor of a man that died , who was such and i named it Ghost of Jack 15 Mans Best Friend { [Feminized plant of [Chem 91 X Chemdawg 4 X Chemdawg D] X {Ghost OG X Tres dog(Chemdawg X Double Dog) Male. Selected out of 100 plant run. Took a couple carbon filters last time i grew 20 of these and still smelled like walking into a gas station that raised skunks. 2 Doggy Treat- Pacific Northwest Dutch Treat clone X Tres Dog male. The clone mother tests at 28 % T.H.C and rarely tests below 22 % They are Kief Caked Neon green Styrofoam textured buds that smell strongly of Cucumbers and pine tress. Buzz is highly intoxicating and euphoric. One Strong Bong Rip and 5 minutes later your firing up the xbox one and popping in Battlefield. Excellent Gamer weed. 20 Walkers- Albert Walker X Sannies Jack 30- OG Berry {DinaFem Og Kush(High Yielding) X JackBerry F4} 30- Backyard Brawl {Sunshine Daydream X K.O Kush} 5 Durganchitral X Blue Hammer Spiderbite, jackberry,sugarpunch to be added when they arrive. Growing Medium Sunshine #4 th added Perlite, sand, play pebbles. Blood meal, Bone Meal, chicken shit, guano, ash,earthworm castings, Azomite, Diatomaceous earth which is an awesome mineral based insecticide plus it has tons of silica. 50 percent of the soil is Roots Organic. In My Opinion Sunshine #4 and Roots Organic are the Gold standards for growing. This is based on numerous tests with several soils and combos over the years. For the first 2 weeks of your plants life you want Straight roots organic. I havent found a soil that can outperform it for seedlings and young plants. I add 15 percent coco coir to my soil mix too. Pro mix is decent too. For Nutrients, if its a Hydro Grow I like House and Garden if Im growing for quality and taste with a very smooth smoke and clean burn. If im growing for yield and potency I use General Hydroponics 3 part along with Humbolts Golden Tree and General Hydroponics liquid kool bloom. I dont know what they put in that Golden tree. Prolly the same thing Barry Bonds and Mark McQuire Drank, lol. Canna has a goog line for hydro also. This multi strain grow will be primarily soil but there will be some hydroponic growing also. There will be 100, 2 Gallon plastic grow bags side by side inside 8 inch deep tubs. The grow Bags have holes at the bottom and sides. The Tubs will be watered on a timer. The plants will receive 50 gallons of water every 3 daystly into the tubs from a rez, as the plants grow they will receive more water. They will be fed every other watering during veg, then once a week when flowering starts. The soil medium will contain small amount of organics to help supplement in between feedings. Updates coming soon. Seeds are soaking
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