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Found 33 results

  1. Bigger than what I'm used to, for sure. Dealt with so many leaks that I should be made co-owner of Wikileaks. But finally, it's underway, and thriving. In a nutshell: Flower room: 5 rows of 4 x 1000w Gavita de Each row is about 7.2m long and 1.6m wide. Each row has 8 pipes - 100mm internal diameter - parallel to the width, with 3 possible plant sites per pipe. Each row of 8 pipes is fed by a single 75w submersible pump in a 200 litre reservoir. Each 200 litre reservoir is automatically maintained at required water level with individual float valves. They are connected to a common 500L overhead tank. The 500L tank also contains a float valve, and is connected to a 1000L tank on the roof of the building. 15cm x 15cm square scrog nets are stretched at 2 feet and 3 feet above each row. I had to start from seeds for a lot of shitty reasons. So we've got 1 row of Dinafem Original Amnesia, 1 row of Dinafem Critical Jack, 1 row of Dinafem Critical +, 2 rows of Kolossus. There's a blue cheese (dinafem), sweet amnesia (sweet seeds) in there somewhere as well. Then we've got the veg room: Here I've got about 10 moby dick auto, 10 moby dick xxl auto, and a few small autos by sweet seeds, collectively under 2 x 1000w gavita de. These got off to a really rocky start. I don't have high expectations, but they're pretty vigourous even so. There's an undercurrent setup on the side ready to go, waiting for autoflower seeds that are on the way. It can accommodate 15 plants under another 2 x 1000w de. After this round, when I've decided on my keepers from this lot, I'll strip the undercurrent system down into 2 parts. 1 for mother plants and 1 for autoflowers. I've got smaller crates in 2 racks that can accommodate up to 130 seedlings or clones. It's got about 60 seedlings in a 4x4 area under 240w of normal Philips t5 led. There's another 2.67m x 6.67m room which will be used in part for drying/pressing/etc., as well as for genetic experiments and to grow some nice longer flowering sativas. The amnesia, a tried and tested one from dinafem, is one of the best in their catalogue. Big producer and vigorous grower. Awesome taste and potent end product: Same with critical jack. Different flavours and high, a bit less stretchy, probably just a tad less vigourous than her amnesia sister: It's my first time with critical plus. Looks good, nothing mind-blowing as far as vigour grows compared to amnesia: I've grown kolossus before and she's normally a fat thick lady. Something didn't go quite right and they wound up being a week or two behind their dinafem siblings. I've got confidence in them though. Here's one of the 2 rows of kolossi: The moby dicks are some of the hungriest plants I've grown. About 1600ppm to keep them from showing deficiencies. My friend in Germany experienced the same. Individual plant pictures coming soon. Best vibes El Chupa
  2. A few months ago i said to go with led once more to see the potential and to stick with the crowd to see my own personel experience. In the past we tried COB leds but those give a ridiculous amount of power but the spectrum was far to white for me resulting in mj without any bang what so ever... These leds contain a fair ammount of red in them so these should give a wider bandwith of the spectrum resulting in better weed so the say. This is what happened in a fly but it is fun to watch the overall picture. Started out with 3 gallons smartpots and they are filled with light mix and some amendments like guano and fish. Mycorizha and bacto's as a standard and used all the time. Myco's at transplant and bacto every week or so. An impression what went on... Strain is Powerplant, this clone only is around here for ages and is the perfect kandidate for testing. She is the mother of Powerfookies fem and they are tested aws. First week of building and testing Second week the girls get they're place Now we fly through the 9 weeks flowering in no time The 4th and the 5th week 6th and 7th week of flowering 8th and 9th week of flowering All are flipping under there weight, time for a quik hair cut. All are telephone pics, sorry for that. At least it is clear that there is more behind led then just bike lights lol. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCBD NAW Seeds
  3. Hey Fam Been under the radar for a while. Faced some issues here. But they're largely resolved, and I'm moving up in scale. Going from 100 sqft to 1000 sqft and I want it to be as bloody perfect as possible. I have lots of ideas, but I really want to see what the wisdom and knowledge of this forum has to offer. In my experience, it's usually a few solid grades above what my little brain can come up with. So here is what I have to work with: 1000 sqft (expandable up to 3500 sqft) As big of a cooling system as necessary (HVAC) A fairly hot and humid climate that probably averages at 30°C and 85% R/H annually, with a seasonal variation of 30% or so. And...that's all as far as the limitations go. I have sources for funding, and was looking for advice in the following domains - though they're all interconnected. Lighting: My initial idea was to go for 1000w Gavita DE fixtures. I want to - truly - consider LEDs. The problem is, the 400w LED fixtures that I got made (8 x cree cxb 3590 3500k @ 50w each) performed rather poorly for me. The parts were all original - meanwell drivers, ledil lenses, and the lot. Just couldn't get the same yield that I was getting from a 600w HPS in a square metre. I tried for a year, the yields were almost 30% less. I have not given up on the idea of LEDs, but I need some recommendations for what to go for, given an operation of this side. I have been checking out Fluence, Platinum, and California Lightworks. Again, budget is not the biggest criteria - I just need high quality, long lasting, tested and proven LEDs. I am not too keen on building my own again. The 1000w Gavita DE is a solid option, and if I have doubts, I will go for it, but I really do want to use these LEDs, to save a lot of money on air conditioning. If LEDs, I need info on which LEDs, how many per sqm, how far they should be from the plants, etc. If HPS, I just wanted to know how far apart they should be and how high up. I understand that for larger operations, it is not necessary to continuously raise and lower the light, and that it can be at a fixed height. What height is ideal? Growing Style: I was considering an undercurrent system, with a single plant per square metre, trained to a net. I thought a scrog would make the most sense, but I'm open to more ideas. If I go with a SOG, the only thing for me is finding the right strain that will work in there. (or maybe, learning how to better trim a plant for single cola growth). I have no issues with plant count, but really don't want to cross 16 per sqm. Currently, I have both an undercurrent and a deep water NFT pipe system running side by side, and the undercurrent is obviously better suited for larger plants than the pipes. I feel, that in my experience, I have found it far easier to find SCROG friendly strains than SOG friendly ones. Pointers: I wanted to get some tips from you pros out there on anything that you would tell someone who is starting a large grow for the first time. Useable Area: How much of the area should I be using? It's a 1000 sqft, so how much space should I keep for walking around, storage of nutrients, etc.? I will be building an internal partition and separating a grow space for mother plants and clones as well. Please shower your opinions and criticism upon me, opengrowers best vibes El Chupacabra
  4. I am moving up from my micro grow. I set up a 4' x 8' x 7' tent to flower in , I put two Galaxy 600 LED lights in the left half of the tent. Each light actually draws about 315 watts. My 2' x 3' closet is now my veg cabinet. My Lighthouse 180 LED's are in there, one unit only works on one side giving about 170 watts total of actual draw. The veg cabinet is for seedlings and clones now.
  5. Hello Fam! My name is Bill, nice to meet you all! I have been growing off and on since 2004, using very easy techniques to produce amazing flower. It is my goal to help as many people learn to grow their own meds as possible, while picking up some new tips and tricks from all of you. Looking forward to knowing, learning from and helping you all! Stay Lifted,
  6. My old LED UFO died recently, it had been opened up and serviced a few times over the years but it finally overheated and conked out. It had some of the first 3W LEDs (15 of them) and lit up a room like the bat signal. The person I lent it to kindly replaced it with one he picked up. This light is 450W (45 x 10W) but only runs an actual 65 Watts. Its not very bright unless its 8 to 10 inches from the surface and even the it covers an area of almost 1 by 2 feet. I asked the guy about it and he assured me this was normal, he claims its not about how bright the LED is but about how much usable photosynthetic light the LEDs give off. I don't really have a head for science so all this sounds fishy to me, can I get a second opinion?
  7. Hi OpenGrow! It's my first time experience with Sannie's seeds, so I decided to go "full Sannie" and grow with the 4 step bio method, so I got a starter pack with Bacto, Buffertabs, Symbiosis and Bac Bloom liquid fertiliser. Basic stuff, "the plan": Grow space - 120x60cm tent Lights - DIY cob leds, Cree CXB3590 3000K@700-1400mA, total 300W or 400W max(still undecided) Pots - 2x 18l, 1x 11l, 3x 2l(still not 100% on the last 3) Medium - BioBizz LightMix + 4 step bio Vent + filter, of course Seeds: Sannie's Kolossus(18l), Ace Panama x BangiHaze(18l), TTSCO Durbakistan(11l) Female Seeds Auto Kush(1-3l), Mosca C99-BX1 reg(hoping for a male+female, 1-3l) There are still few options to consider, especially related to veg time and plant count. I feel plants should grow for at least 4 weeks in veg phase, so I'm thinking of 5 weeks veg for Kolossus and Panama x Bangi, 4 weeks for Durbakistan and 3 weeks for the C99s(keeping them small just for a taste and making some seeds). The plants will get topped and lst to maximise the tops and make a kind of scrog. I'm still thinking about a net but I like moving plants so I might find another solution, probably only lst. I wanted to ask a few questions before starting: Which soil is better used with the 4 step organic method? I was thinking of BioBizz and add just a bit of perlite and pelleted compost(for that nice smell of stables:) Can I start the seeds in spongepots and transplant directly to the big pots or should I bother with a small pot first? How does Kolossus handle lst and topping? Should I apply organic veg nutes at any time or are the buffertabs enough until the end? Of course more questions come to mind but it's probably enough for now. Thanks for any response and interest, I'll keep updating frequent enough with hopefully some nice pictures to show. Cheers
  8. Technical details: Grow space: A corner of my closet that is about 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) The walls are covered with Orca Grow film. Lighting Source: : 1. Main- Custom built COB based LED arrays [Vegetative: (2) 6500K Citizen CLU048 80CRI diodes] [Flowering: (4) 3500K Citizen CLU048 90CRI diodes] 2. Supplementary- Two 26 watt Exo-Terra Reptile UV A/B CFL bulb. (Generally speaking and for anyone wondering how much UV to add to a grow space. The Sun puts out about 10% UV radiation.) Lighting Schedule: 1. (Gas Lantern Routine) Vegetative: 12 on / 5.5 off / 1 on / 5.5 off 2. Flowering: Starting with 9 on / 15 off decreasing down to, possibly, 6 on /18 off Container: Starter pot- A one gallon Smart Pot "transplanter" pot, Finishing pot: A five gallon Smart Pot. Grow Medium: (Second Run Soil) 1. Amended ProMixHP (ProMixHP is sphagnum peat moss, with endo-micorrihaeza, a starter charge of Dolomite Lime, and perlite) The amendments added to the fresh ProMixHP include: a number of missing trace minerals such as boron, some rock powders, beneficial bacteria, and 19.5lb (8.85kg) of earthworm castings with an NPK ratio of 1-1-0 Organic Nutrients: "Doc Bud's" High Brix Blend Kit. Water: Tap water Co2 source: An open window Humidity control: Wet paper towels sticking out of a plastic bottle. Genetics: Seedsman: Skunk #1 Current Progress: The seed is currently wrapped in a wet paper towel and aught to be planted in soil fairly soon. Thoughts: 1. Like the Katsu Kush and Sannies Jack, this seed was freebie and sat around in its container until recenty. I have not moved yet and have more time to let this one vegetate longer. 2. I have "Hindu Kush" on order and waiting for it to arrive. 3. The white circular soil/ground covers are cut from a segment of Orca Grow film and help reflect light back up into the plant.
  9. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Goodday all, I wanted to show my grows to all of you, so i want to start this topic so everybody (including me) can learn something from it. My setup: Mammoth grow tent 100x100x200 EVSA 250W/400W/600W/660W 400m3/800m3 extractor fan. 2x 15 cm fan _________________________________ Mammoth tent 60x60x180 1 COB LED Citizien 52W~ 3500k 1 Cob LED Cree 52W~ 3500k Extractor fan used for the 1m2 tent 1 15cm Fan _____________________________ soil: Makkelijke moestuin mix (dutch soil for vegetable gardens) 100% organic soil. +fungus +seaweed powder +Bacteria +vulcanic laom I use 18L pots in general. ________________________________ Here are some shots from my previous plants: Sannie's - Sugar Punch: White label - "Purple" bud. Wietzaadjes - Northern Light field  At the moment I'm growing several plants. In the 60x60 tent I have 2 Northern Lights from sensi seeds. Here some pictures form it: Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I grow 3x white label - Purple bud and 3x sensi seeds - skunk #1 Both tent had 4 weeks Veg time, after they were set op 12/12 I did some LST to them. Here are some pictures:
  10. Open Growers, I am seeking advice on growing Killing Fields. First question: How long does it take the F6 version of KF to respond to 12/12 lighting and flower? (I think i have F6.) I was reading on Kind Green Buds some advice on growing KF. The page is four years old this year. They said that KF can take four weeks to flower. "These plants continue to grow for 4 weeks after they’ve been switched to a 12/12 lighting cycle, so there’s no need to allow them a long vegetative period...." Is this still true? Second question: I want to keep the plant short. I am considering topping above the third node. Remove the first node leaves and branches. Train the branches from the second and third nodes to grow horizontal or lower. Cut the ends, and hopefully grow as many as 16 colas. Am i wrong for thinking that I could control height in this way? Thanks in advance.
  11. Due to some issues from the greater powers, I had to lie low for a while, but I'm back. To cut straight to it: NFT, totally 6 sqm, i have recently started scrogging just because it's a lot easier for me to get better yields when i do so. maybe I haven't found the right sog strain, but I think it's more a skill I don't have (yet). My system was designed for about 9 plants per square metre, but i seem to be doing far better going for a longer time in the veg cabinet and 2 plants per sqm. Each row is 2.1m long and .9m wide (2sqm), lit by 2 air cooled 600w HPS. There are 3 such rows. Till 2 days ago, I had 5 x 600w HPS (Lumatek ballast + Philips Master Greenpower bulb) and one lonely 400w HPS lighting the 3 rows. Power bills due to air conditioner overload and the frequency of air conditioner maintenance required has made me consider and research LEDs. With help and guidance from many forums' members, here as well, I eventually created my first 2 prototypes. the first one is a 432w Cree CXB3590 fixture with 8 3000k COBs, each running at 50w, cooled by an individual heat sink, totally powered by 2 meanwell drivers. (The model number of the LEDs is : CXB3590-0000-000R0UBD30H) the second one is a 420w Bridgelux Vero29 fixture with 4 x Vero29 COBs, each running at 100w, cooled by an individual heat sink, with an individual driver per COB. (i'll fish out the model numbers) These two LED fixtures have replaced 2 of my 600w HPS fixtures. Let's see how they do. it's going to be interesting for sure. The ones in scrog atm are a nice amnesia phenotype, and the wonky middle row is my testing batch for Bodhi's Goji OG. There are a coupla' monsters in there. Best Vibes El Chupa
  12. Technical details: Grow space: A corner of my closet that is about 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) Lighting Source: : 1. Main- LED 2. Supplementary- Two 26 watt Exo-Terra Reptile UV A/B CFL bulb. Lighting Schedule: (Gas Lantern Routine) Veg: 12 on / 5.5 off / 1 on / 5.5 off Bloom: Starting with 11 on / 13 off and decreasing down to, possibly, 6 on /18 off Container: Starter pot- A one gallon Smart Pot "transplanter" pot, Finishing pot: A five gallon Smart Pot. Grow Medium: 1. Amended ProMixHP (ProMixHP is sphagnum peat moss, with endo-micorrihaeza, a starter charge of Dolomite Lime, and perlite) The amendments added to the fresh ProMixHP include: a number of missing trace minerals such as boron, some rock powders, beneficial bacteria, and 19.5lb (8.85kg) of earthworm castings with an NPK ratio of 1-1-0 Organic Nutrients: "Doc Bud's" High Brix Blend Kit. Water: Tap water Co2 source: An open window Humidity control: Wet paper towels sticking out of a plastic bottle. Genetics: World Of Seeds- Afghan Kush Current Progress: Waiting for the seed to arrive. Payment was sent recently Generally speaking: Wikipedia Article: Brix
  13. Hi Everyone, I haven't grown in the last few years, and due to my current situation it is better for me to go hydro than soil. I apologize for the lacking quality of the pictures, however my outdated phone is all I have at the moment. I will see later if I can get better ones with the flash when the lights are off. I am using 2 of Amare Technologies SE450UVB Led Lights, 5 Gallon DWC, GH nutes along with a couple other additives such as bennies, Silica, etc.. The space is roughly 6 ft. x 4 ft., carbon filter / extraction fan, and will be adding a scrog net in the next few days. I cracked three beans of the Kolossus Fem, and they are currently at day 20 from sprout. Thanks for checking it out, and any comments, or suggestions are welcome.
  14. Hi all! I recently ordered some seeds from Sannie and decided to sign up here and share my grow. I figured no better place than here if I need help pheno hunting or with questions concerning these strains. This is my 3rd grow and my first run from seed. It's been exciting so far. I'm running 2 rooms. 1 is a 4x8 scrog under 2 Fluence Spydr Xplus 650w LEDs in RDWC I built to mimic the undercurrent system. I love the design of these LEDs as they cover my canopy completely. With Co2 they sit 6" from tops without light or heat burn. The 2nd room is a 4x7 under a Gavita E6/750 pushed to 800watts on a light rail in 5 gallon pots of coco. With the mover I've been keeping the light about 1.5-2 feet over the canopy without issue. Also a clone/mother cabinet under florescents. Co2 in both flower rooms in a controlled, sealed environment. The systems: RDWC is 13 gallon buckets fed by 3" pvc lines, 3/4" return line to a 1200 gph pump through a 1/2 HP chiller keeping my nutes at 65-68 degrees throughout the grow. 2 air pumps keep my dissolved oxygen about as high as possible. The coco is in 5 gallon fabric pots. I used DNA coco w cork and added perlite for extra drainage as by the end of flower I will be watering 3 times a day. I may build a drip system, but for now I'm hand watering 5 gallons am/pm twice daily. Drain to waste of course. Nutes: Like I said this is my 3rd grow ever. First grow I ran Canna in coco with some deficiencies, hermies, etc. This was my crash course in coco grow. 2nd grow I ran Nectar for the Gods line in coco for a more organic type of grow. Results were good on both grows, but the 2nd seemed tastier with less yield. The 2nd run I also had deficiencies, but nothing too bad. The Herculean Harvest just seemed to be clogging the coco at the end. Now, on to this grow... I'm running the full line of Cultured Solutions in the RDWC and the Coco following their feeding schedule. In coco I'm running 3/4 strength. In RDWC I'm very low strength. Anytime I exceed 220ppm I see nute burn. I supplement with 1/4-1/2 strength CaliMagic every feeding. In the coco during flower I've been also supplementing with leftover NTFG nutes like Yucca Extract, Athenas Aminas, Bloom Chaos, and their Guano tea. For PH up I generally use Potassium Silicate and for Down I've been using NTFG Hades Down. At the first sign of PK deficiencies I started adding 1/2 strength Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30). I'm in week 4 and haven't had any real deficiency issues. I guess I finally learned how to "listen" to what the plants are telling me and showing me early on. I will most likely stick with this lineup in the future, but won't know until they've cured and been smoked. Environment: 6000BTU window AC unit, 50 pint dehumidifier, 2 vortex fans and carbon filter, and Co2 tank Strains: I'm running Herijuana IBL, Fem Sugar Punch, Fem Madberry That's about it for now. I've gotta get some pics up in the next post
  15. I seen regularly people talking about how CREE offers binning whereas Citizen and Vero do not. Does getting a better bin really produce any worthy significant improvement to worry about? Especially seeing as Cree are already more expensive than Vero's, hunting for a better bin makes the LED even more expensive...
  16. I want to grow 10 plants in soil w/ 14L Pots, hopefully to make 2-3 Oz per plant. I am thinking to get some LED'S however in the last year they have changed so much. No restriction with electricity usage. If you are using LED with success please can you advise me what LED to get? Would it be better to veg with Fluorescent's then LED for Flower, or should I LED all the way? Please don't recommend any LED because you saw ads online - according to ads every LED is the best in the world producing the most PAR etc... all these claims are false minus one. Many Thanks
  17. Guest

    led 180w vero29 soil

    high After experiences of bad blurple noneffective nonsense Ive Decided to buy vero29. Just few weeks before new gen7, But nevermind. its two cobs each at one driver at 2000mA, 3500k. driver bit overpowered together 180w From Wall. Nice And Fast grow. Ledideal cz Did good job so this is the first day flowering (10after switching)...lower branches are out ph 6,5/ec 0,4-0,8, (aptus topbooster+pk / camg) Ive added CMH /930 3000K at magnetic driver, hope it will not be overheated i like how the hashplant re-vegged 5weeks after harvest , the little bush at 3rd picture in front left is gg4 cut right is alien abduction x chocolope cut
  18. Howdy OG, Been building an 300 watt cob fixture last couple of weeks, Tought to post a little summary of the build report i made on WF. Light - Mean well HLG-320H-C1400B - 4x COB led 3070 3000K AD bin - 2x COB led 3590 3500K CD bin - 4x ideal led cob holder - 2 x ideal led cob holder - 6x passive heat sinks 130x70mm - thermal cooling paste Frame and building materials - 6m1 aluminium 30x30x3 mm L profile - 28x m4 bolts - 28x m4 nuts - 28x m4 rings - screws cob 3070 led holders - 4x m3 schroeven cob 3590 led holders Electronics - 1x connection box - 1x 5m1 wire 3x1,5mm grid - wago clamps - 4 m1 0,75mm wire COBS Made 8 pieces of 65cm long to make the frame. The heatsinks are bolted on the profiles. Prepped the middle pieces for bolting on the frame and looked where the driver and connection box need to come. Things needed for putting the heatsinks and cobs together Marked the holders on the + Applied cooling paste on the back of the cobs Screwing the cob holders and cobs on to the heatsinks All done Made an drawing how to wire the cobs for my own control Wire the cobs Connecting wires in connection box Fixture in an DR80 tent. Worm
  19. This is my let me see ahh 5th grow, i mannage to fck up everysingle grow till now..I harvest them all but girls had always issues.. Seeds: Mephisto Mystery pack Medium : Soil , Air pot 15l, Terra magma with 40% aded perlite Tent :Secret jardin 100x100cm Lights :LED; Photon 6, Tgl 60 Girls are old 23 days,I only know that they are autoflower. i have real poor germ ratio with mephisto, dont know why coz i use paper towel method, except germination ,some got sprouting problems (i think is due to soil) , so i have 3 healthy girls, one slow started, and one stunned seedling, and one 2 weeks wont germinate bean.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B326R7b_8sFtMjg5Q3ZsR3Vla1E
  20. Has anyone heard of these guys? I doubt it because they are still taking pre-orders, but I am in the market for one or two new LED grow lights. And I was just wondering if anyone thought they would be worth trying. I have been reading up a lot on UVB and want to try it. Plus this light is adjustable, so I can play with how much UVB and when to use it, which I thought was cool. Titan 3 from CIrrus LED https://cirrusledgrowlights.com/product/titan-3-pre-order/ Any feedback is appreciated.
  21. Hi folks. After taking 12 years off from the gardening hobby, it's time for another go. Why now? My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers, and there is plenty to suggest I might be able to help him with some nice organic medicine. The medication from the doctor is doing nothing good. Loads of research done, and I see that nothing has really at much in terms of how to ensure good results. Still, I fancy a different challenge to HPS, with all the heat and high running costs, so despite the mixed reviews and massive bullshit marketing by many companies, I'm running a LED setup for the first time... 1.2m x .6m x 1.5m high using a Gorilla Shorty, and 2 Hans Ledgrow 150 panels. First run is Strawberry Sour Diesel. I looked at many forums before joining this one. I hope to make a useful contribution in time but until then, I'll listen to any advice folks have for me with this project. Seeds are in the plugs and I'm still deciding what soil and feed to use... Leaning towards Plant Magic Oldtimer, but other suggestions would be welcomed. Siouxie
  22. Hello Folks this will be my first journal. I am hunting for a RKS Pheno to call my own. The Prjec will happen in a x4 tet wih Oh My Lord I have totyp so slw TF?
  23. Hi there I am new to this forum so would like to say HI to everyone and show you my current grow. Lets introduce the system im using to grow best plant in the world SOIL 2-3 years ago it used to be plagron light mix and it has been recycled many many times since RECYCLE worm castings POTS 18, 11 and some range of small ones FERTS - powders: blood meal, kelp meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, DE, rockdust, rock phosphate - liquids: MEDI ONE, MASSIVE, FINISHER by green planet but migh swoitch to BAC line ROOTS root excelurator H&G bio gold by green planet worm casting TENTS LIGHTS and FANS 1x 120x240x200 flo only, 9x 140w plantphotonics LED fixtures (1260w), 2x rvk 125mm 1x 120x120 veg/flo, 1x 250/400/600w hps + 1x 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, some 100mm fan 1x 120x60 90w + 23w 140w plantphotonics LED fixture, no fan CLIMATE CONTROL Siemens Logo PLC Dehumidifier WATERING auto topup RO water into 50L tank used for blumat gravity system At the moment strains I grow are (but those change from time to time): Cheese and Amnesia (Dinafem) Birmingham Cheese (UK cheese clone only) Kolossus (Sannie) Killing Fields (Sannie) Photos Biggest tent is "divided" in half (no wall just 9 plants on each side 4 weeks apart At the moment plants are in 53 and 24 days of flowering (67/38 including induction) Any questions?
  24. Hello everyone and welcome to my grow. I will be test running a new LED and putting it up against my Mars II 1200(550-600 actual) Here are the specifications: SolarSpec 260-3w Dimensions: 25″ x 11″ x 3″ 433mm x 297mm x 80mm (17.4" x 11.7' x 3.15") Weight: 11.24lbs./5.1kg. Actual Wattage: 240-260w, depending on spectrum. HID Wattage Equivalent: 400w Modules: 6 Diodes per Module: 21 Total Diodes: 126 Diode Wattage: 3w Footprint: core 3' x 2' @43w/sqft., veg. 3.75' x 2.75' @25w/sqft. Par: 1763umol@12", 1296umol@24", 574umol@36", 310umol@48" Input Voltage: 85-265V AC Power Input Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz – Suitable for Global Energy Environment Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC Amperage: 2.67 Veg/flower switches. Special features: attachable/detachable Finish/color: chrome-plated/chrome I have 6 of these. I have them spaced out over a 5.5x5. Lots of overlapping and watts for a smaller area. Around 1440 watts for this area. Here is a picture of the 6 lights hanging above my 4 ch9 jack, 2 KF, 2 shack, a ch9 POW, and a JackberryxMadscientist. These are all mothers and soon to be mothers. I have made many mistakes and learned quite a bit from these abused ch9 jack. They were mostly vegged under the Mars II 1200. I burnt the leaves a fair amount as well on accident. I messed the soil up from the get go on these four. The other 6 future mothers have been mostly under the SolarSpec. They look good in my opinion, i've topped them once. They are growing like crazy. I'm using Sannies 4 step organic method so the soil is way better! Here is a pic. I have 23 ch9 jack and 3 ch9POW in a aero cloner. It is the first time i've ever used it. I heard it can take up to 2 weeks for results. Hopefully this will work out just fine. My plan is fill up a 3x3 area under the Mars II 1200. Then the rest go under the Solar Specs. The 3x3 footprint of the mars slightly overlaps with the left side of the 6 SolarSpecs. Ive been keeping my solar specs roughly 26-28 inches above. I really like these new lights. As soon as i know the clones are good to go. I'm going to cull these big nasty ugly ch9 Jack. I'm going to start fresh with my clones and we will see how the Mars II compares to the SolarSpec.
  25. Hey OG! I am running a Gavita 600 in a 4x4 tent. No complaints, this light cranks out some amazing yields. I have been seeing some good work with the folks running LED lately. IMO the yields are not there yet but the spectrum seems to be beating HPS in quality. Quality is very important to me. I don't need more yield. I am considering a trial to supplement my 600 HPS with some lower power LED. I was thinking something in the 100 watt (actual draw) range on either side of the 600. A couple questions: First and foremost - Do you cats think this is worthwhile from the standpoint of getting a bump in quality (trich coverage, terpenes, potency...)??? Knowing I have HPS - is there a certain spectrum / LED type that might be most beneficial for this goal? Lastly - I am not hip to LED technology. I know good advancements have been made. I also know the market is still full of crap mixed in with this good technology. Do you have any mid level priced hardware options in this power range that deliver results? I figure worst case I can use them in clone/veg if the experiment is a fail. Thanks! Dude
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