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Found 3 results

  1. Time 4 another grow another log. This grow is started already, about 3.5 weeks into veg and flipping to 12/12 today. So I will be posting a few updates in short order to catch you up to speed. Before I get too deep here is a shot of some oil I recently ran from some seed plants I made. I like to start with something interesting to look at. Got a great yield off it over 3 grams off 14 grams of material. This is a mix of Blue Chem, Caramel Candy Kush and KO Kush. So thick and delicious and hits you like a sledgehammer right between the eyes. Hit too much and makes even a veteran like me, eyes water, have watched very experience smokers gasp for breath and choke for minutes. gud stuff So as for this grow....I will be running a mix of seedlings and clones, I enjoy variety over mass production. Seedlings: 2-Selene F2 (one is clone, I have confirmed this is female already) 1-Casey Jones x Green Manalishi (Unknown) - was running 2 and confirmed that the other was a male so pulled him as to not waste space/light 1-Blue Chocolate x Ms Universe 1-Caramel Candy Kush x Blue Chem 1-Lollypop (Leprechaun seeds - C99xRomulan) As for clones: 2-Caramel Candy Kush 1-Blue Chem 1-Chocolate Rain 1-Chocolate Rain x KO Kush 1-KO Kush I am most interested in adding some new tastes and continuing my process of rolling some mothers out, this session has a mother of a CCK and the Blue Chem going in for final flower... For more detailed info on the clones, here are previous logs. https://www.opengrow...chocolate-rain/ https://www.opengrow...in-some-clones/ Grow Setup: Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res. Bloom: Hydroponics, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. Only holds about 4-4.5 gallons. 12 sites SCROG net can be implemented for stretch management. 400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase Mothers/veg (4-blueT5) Next post from me will be a week at a time to get you up to speed and they will hopefully come fast so I can keep it rolling fuego
  2. Greetings folks. I thought I'd relay my experience with Leprechaun Seed's Lollypop strain, a C99 x Romulan cross. I sprouted 5 seeds and ended up with only one female, so this report is based entirely on a single plant. I have no idea what the variation in phenos could be. I've been told, somewhere in the grow report, that what I had was a C99 pheno, and Romulan phenos were unheard of, or almost unheard of. This is the plant, just before being chopped. When I started this grow (all from seed), I germed 20 plants, which is really too many for my grow space, assuming 10 females. I decided to keep the plants small, by keeping them in smaller pots and vegging them for a shorter period of time than usual. I succeeded in keeping them small, but unfortunately only got 7 girls! Anyway, I'm sure the plant would be considerably larger under my normal growing practices. Here's a pic of a lower bud to give an idea of the trich coverage. Trichs on this plant are smaller than what I typically see, but the coverage was good. Anyway, I'd say the bag appeal was pretty damned good. If you want a number on it between 1 and 10, I'd say 7. Scent: Strong pineapple, with background hints of pine and spice. While growing, it evolved a lot, and at one time had more of a sweet cherry scent. Taste: Smooth, sweet. I couldn't identify any particular flavor. Bud Density: 5 out of 10. These buds were fairly light, though they don't look it. Potency: 8.5 out of 10. Buzz quality/description: This stuff kicks ass. C99 must be a very speedy sativa, because when I first tried Lollypop, I was hard pressed to notice the effects of the Romulan. After getting used to it, I do feel the Romulan body buzz. Three hours after smoking, the buzz is still noticeable. (Two one-hitters off a glass pipe.) Recommended for: Social situations, physical and mental recreational activities, depression, creative pursuits. Not recommended for: Insomnia, calm relaxation, people prone to weed-induced paranoia. I am not a med user, so I don't know how good this stuff is for medical purposes. Rev. Maynard could probably clue you in on that. However, after getting used to its sativa effects, I do notice the body buzz. My guess is that this would be good daytime medicine for some ailments. Final, unscientific, overall score: 8 My final thoughts are that I will definitely be growing this again. The ONLY improvement I'm looking for is in bud density, but if I can't find a denser specimen in the remaining seeds I have, I'd be happy to have a plant like this one. My history of growing involved only bagseed until 7 years ago, and I had never grown or smoked a C99 cross before this. Now I won't be able to rest until I've tried Chucky's Bride, Holy Princess, Drizella and at least two more Leprechaun offerings. You could say Lollypop has made me a believer in C99.
  3. Greetings Open Growers. It’s autumn. The leaves are turning, the deer are in season, and my attic has cooled down enough so that I can fire up that 1000W bulb up there in the green room. As is typical, I was torn between a zillion strains I’ve never grown or smoked before, so I narrowed it down to four. I was going to try Chocolate Rain, Lollypop, Ace of Spades, and Santa Maria x Cheeseberry – five of each (Oh, I’m going to keep them small! It’s all according to plan!). About half would be males, so I’d end up with about 10 fabulous girls. What could possibly go wrong with that number of plants under a single bulb? Last year a single Lemonberry took up half the real estate in the green room, but that’s because I failed to keep her small! How remiss I was in my youth. Anyway, the day I started to soak my seeds, I had all my seeds out in front of me. Wouldn’t it be interesting to sample Cheeseberry along WITH Santa Maria x Cheeseberry? Damn right it would! So a couple of AoS got dropped from the running for a couple of CB seeds. But HEY! I have yet to try one of Professor P’s offerings. Maybe I can slip a couple of those KF x Space Queen freebies in there and drop another AoS and a SM x CB. OK, that’s how it was. Unlike last year, when half my seedlings suffered sudden infant death syndrome, only two seedlings croaked: a SM x CB seemed to push itself out of a spongepot, and my clumsy attempt to get it back in there killed it. Also, a Lollypop decided to die for no reason at all. That’s right, NO REASON. I think it was depressed. I was down to a mere 18 plants, meaning I’d only have a sparse 9 girls under the HID if I got 50% females. So naturally I sprouted a Mad Scientist fem. I felt bad about the way I tortured and killed that other Mad Scientist plant out in my yard this summer, so I’m making it up to the strain. I’m making it up by putting it in an overcrowded grow room with a few weeks less vegging than all the other plants. It will forever be in my debt. This was all at the end of August. Fast forward to a few weeks under some t-5 bulbs in the nursery tent, and a bunch of the boys have shown preflowers. I don’t keep males, so I now have: 2 chocolate rain (1 with female preflowers, 1 without) 1 SM x CB with female preflowers 2 Ace of Spades, no preflowers 2 Lollypop, no preflowers 1 Mad. Sci. fem. I’m still in denial about the two CBs, one of the CRs and a Lollypop. They have primordial preflowers that LOOK like males BUT there’s still a snowball's chance in hell that I’m wrong. Looks like trying out one of Professor P’s crosses will have to wait, and likely the same for the CB. But that means the other 3 seeds in that freebie pack are girls, by law of averages! It’s a law, the seeds can’t break it! And by that same law, the rest of my plants are girls, right? RIGHT? I knew you'd agree. OK then. I didn’t want to bore the shit out of you with pictures of newly sprouted seedlings, so I didn’t take any. I’m a little torn about whether I should show boring pics of 4 week old vegging plants, but I’ll post them as a service to those of you with insomnia, after I make the final transplant this weekend. In the mean time, I'll describe them: 1. Green 2. Look like weed 3. Plants I messed up the FIM on look like Palmetto trees on top 4. Ace of Spades is short. 5. CR and SM x CB are tall. There you have it.
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