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Found 11 results

  1. I am looking at getting some seeds and have narrowed my choices down to these three varieties: Madberry (Sannie's) 8 - 9 weeks Chocolate Rain (Eskobar) 9 - 10 weeks Mad Scientist (Breeders Choice) 8 - 9 weeks My main criteria is a feminized seed and a reasonable flowering time. And also in-stock. I am sure some varieties are worth 14 weeks. But I have no need to do something like that in the next couple of years. I would like to hear from the community. Please share your experiences with these varieties. Madberry sounds good, but i have no idea what to expect in terms of high. Chocolate Rain sounds the most intriguing. I love fantastic tastes and smells and this one reads like it is special. Mad Scientist is a cross between Herijuana and White Widow. I have never tried either variety, but they are preceded by their reputations. Since these varieties are from three different breeders, i didn't want to place the conversation in a specific breeder's forum. So i put it in smoke reports instead. Please. Help me make up my mind.
  2. Seedlings around 2 weeks old. Under a 100w blue LED. Really exited and am using plant magic myoco fungi granules and just put them into pint sized cups and gave them a bit of worm casting on the top soil. Looking great. Will move to smart pots eventually. Anyone grown these strains and if they handle topping or SOG method? Pics very soon.
  3. I have been growing out Mad Scientist (feminized) since June of 2016, and am pretty happy with her so far. I have a beautiful mother, or had, until the fungus gnat problem in my veg room became obvious. I think / hope I'm winning now. So far my flowering room is clear, but I'm going hardcore preventive in there. (Five gnats on the fly ribbon in five days does not worry me, but she's still getting BT with eqch watering.) When I put my first plant into flower in mid-August, it eventually was clear that she had been exposed to too much nitrogen, given the dark green and the clawing leaves. My flowering nutes had caused her pH to drift down, too. (Note to self: check water pH after adding nutes, not before.) Both of those are fixed now and the plant is finishing well enough: modest anticipated yield of dense, frosty buds, though smaller than her sister a few weeks younger. Her lower leaves are finally yellowing after two good flushes and no more nutes. (She's already into overtime, at 11+ weeks, but the pistils keep emerging and the trichs are still clear.) Now my sea of green, four Mad Scientist in one 5 gallon pot, has shown the clawed leaf tips, too. She does not have the intense green. I am sure: she has had little added nitrogen; she never had a pH problem; and I don't believe I have over-watered her (though the gnats in my veg room might suggest I have a heavy hand at times). In fact, I have been so sparing with nitrogen that these plants have claws on the upper leaves while the lower leaves are yellowing. My questions for any who have grown this strain: Is Mad Scientist oversensitive to nitrogen? Does she just claw naturally? I'm using a good soil recommended at the shop (Malibu composted potting soil), but perhaps it can be a little hot? https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_86331.jpeg https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_45856.jpg https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5744/gallery_6227_5744_684415.jpeg
  4. There are some high potency high cbg medicinal seeds coming out of Sannies Mad Scientist strain, I highly recommend picking up a few packs.
  5. 1x fem Mad scientist, popped 2/12/14 1x reg chemistry, popped 2/13/14 3x reg chucky's bride, popped 2/10/14 Shitty pic. But three sets of leaves on two of the cb's, two sets on the other. Two sets of leaves on the mad scientist and chemistry. Have a 260 cfm fan blowing through carbon. Will update with "better" pics in the future. And more info on the grow.
  6. So i thought we had lost her as @3.5 weeks old from seed she was the biggest beast i ever did see for her age. easily 2/3x bigger than rest of genetics started and a stumble onto her and 1 snapped stem later, below all the leaves killing all of foliage, i thought her journey was over. distraught, i left her in veg with rest as i had nothing to replace her with, dealing with devestation and by some miracle shes rebounded. after some tlc and nurture and im pleased to say she is looking a real winner. in the next week or so ill be cloning her silly and giving her offspring the real chance to shine and sparkle as i know you will. Sannie i dont know how you guys do the voodoo that you do so well but keep up the good work. ill be over in september to Adam so hopefully ill come meet you guys and replen my stock and sample some of the produce the way you masters grow it ;O)
  7. I was looking or a strong indica strain for crohns pain and for insomnia. I have found it in herijuana. And the freebie JBxMS is amazing as well. I used a 400 watt HPS. I had problems with spider mites but not enough to use any sprays or anything. Ended up with 4 1/2 ounces bud from 2 heri plants and 1 jbxms ..and 3 ounces trim/leaves for hash. Yield is low for sure, but I was looking for quality, not exactly yield. I didnt weigh the hash but I made 8oz of peppermint schnapps tincture for cannamist spray which i like. Anyways Herijuana - I grew two plants of Heri. One was short and squat, the other taller and branchier. Both yielded the same. I haven't smoked too much of both but they smell the same and each get me super high. Both got a couple seeds from hermie. Never found the flowers, but a few little seeds did show up in the yield. Visual - 8/10 Very frosty. Has just gotten even better as it cures. Those stalks are really showing. Only a couple big buds, most are small. It is dense bud. I put the various popcorn buds into the trim pile. Smell - 7/10 There is definitely a coffee like smell along with a nutty almond like smell. It's a dull smell, you aren't going to get fruity tones here at all. Heri is like having black coffee instead of a peppermint mocha. Taste - It's still developing taste so I'll have to get back on this one. Right now it's a very hashy taste, very dull taste. The smoke expands quickly in your lungs. High - 10/10 I rate that because I haven't smoked any bud this strong before. I have to stop after one bowl because I just get too stoned lol...I basically get so stoned I forget where i am, start a train of thought which goes all over the place and before I know it 30 minutes have passed and I'm ready to close my eyes which are already mostly closed from the stone. It hits behind the eyes and it creeps. It creeps up on you and before you know it you feel like you're covered in blankets, heavy blankets. Very creeper, this bud. I'm sure if I smoked more than one bowl or a bong hit, I'd pass out lol.. Jackberry x Mad Scientist - Visual - 8/10 Looks a lot like the Heri. It is frosty like the Heri, it sparkles in the light, Bigger buds on this one. I yielded a bit more with the JBxMS. Smell - 10/10 Best smelling weed I've had. When I open the jar it hits my nose so fast with tones of blueberries, strawberries and roses. A very intense, sweet smell. A complete 180 from the Heri. Taste - Still developing but I can already tell it will be a sweet smoke when its cured for a while longer. High - 9/10 I use this as more a daytime smoke because I can function after smoking unlike the Heri. If I smoke too much I'll get sleepy like the Heri but a good bowl will get me set for a good day. With both these strains you can feel the indica CBD's interacting with the THC giving a strong body high. I can function better with this bud than the Heri but trust me on this, it's still a very strong strain. It's stronger than anything I've found on the streets or have grown. Normally for me it takes a good few months for a strain to really develop a strong high, but these have only been curing a few weeks and already are more intense than what I've grown in the past. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from Sannies. You can't go wrong with this bud if you need a medicinal strain or just looking to get really really fucked up.
  8. Here we go again OG. This time I popped 5 silverfields, 5 boudica and 2 mad scientist fems. All going in the 4x4 tent. Running Roots organic soil this time. Figured it would see how different it is from Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. Going to be vegging under a 400 watt MH bulb for about 4 weeks. Going to step up my game here in the future and get a 600 watt ballast for flowering. Plan is to get 6 to 8 Fems going big in there and see what happens. Excited to grow these out and pretty nervous at the same time. Have only grown fem seeds on the past two grows basically for ease and keeping it as simple as possible in the beginning. Sooo might need some help here from the people a lot more knowledgeable than I with the sexing of the plants. Will post some pics when it actually worth looking at, now they are just in the paper towel methods on a heat mat ( aka the cable box)
  9. It's been a year now since I grew a Sannie strain, so I thought I'd fix that. I've wanted to grow Shackzilla since trying a friend's efforts. He's pretty much a newbie and produced some excellent weed. Last weekend I started soaking two seeds. I grew one KF plant once, so after this grow I will be able to say I grew one KF plant twice. One fem seed germed with the Shz. Mrs. Dirt requires an indica dom for insomniac purposes, so one Mad Scientist fem was sprouted as well. I believe Mad Sci. is Knutsel's work, but I might be wrong. Looking at three fem sativa doms and one indica dom made me want to fill in the gap between them with one of my favorite hybrids, Esko's Chocolate Cheese. I had six seeds left, now I have six seedlings. Hopefully, one will be a mom I keep for a while. I'll start posting pics when there is something worth looking at. All seeds were received by me from the shop or Esko about a year and a half ago, or more. 100% germination. The Shackzillas took almost a week to sprout, the others took about a day or two. One freak Chocolate Cheese has only one cotyledon. If this seriously slows growth, it might be culled. More to come over the next few months.
  10. Greeting outdoor growers. I haven't had a decent place to grow outdoors since a small opportunity came up in 2006, but I thought I'd try to see if I can grow a couple of plants stealthily in my yard. The plan, which might be changing when reality hits me in the face, is to start a couple of fems in pots, and then plant them sideways in a mound, and train them to run along the ground while growing. When they start flowering, if I don't go into a paranoid frenzy before that, I'll let the buds grow upwards. By keeping them low to the ground, it's my hope that weeds and wildflowers hide them. If they start stinking too much, the experiment is over, and I'll just have to wait until my grow room cools down after the summer to find out what Killing Fields and Mad Scientist are like. These are the girls, just before planting in the ground. They've been outside for a few weeks and it's rained like hell, which is why I think they might have gotten a little N deficiency. All nutes added were water soluble. This is the Killing Fields, a day after it was planted sideways. You can see the stem under the yellow-white leaf, nearly vertical. This next pic is the Mad Scientist, three days after it was planted sideways, and one day after the two dominant tops were wired to the ground. you can see the stem on a slant underneath the larger, lighter green leaf. It already looks like the two formerly dominant tops have lost all dominance. This might have been easier if I let them grow straight upwards for a few more weeks. Now, if I want to continue the idea of having the plants run along the ground, it looks like I'll be chasing down multiple branches. This could end up like a spider's web before it starts flowering.
  11. Greetings Open Growers. It’s autumn. The leaves are turning, the deer are in season, and my attic has cooled down enough so that I can fire up that 1000W bulb up there in the green room. As is typical, I was torn between a zillion strains I’ve never grown or smoked before, so I narrowed it down to four. I was going to try Chocolate Rain, Lollypop, Ace of Spades, and Santa Maria x Cheeseberry – five of each (Oh, I’m going to keep them small! It’s all according to plan!). About half would be males, so I’d end up with about 10 fabulous girls. What could possibly go wrong with that number of plants under a single bulb? Last year a single Lemonberry took up half the real estate in the green room, but that’s because I failed to keep her small! How remiss I was in my youth. Anyway, the day I started to soak my seeds, I had all my seeds out in front of me. Wouldn’t it be interesting to sample Cheeseberry along WITH Santa Maria x Cheeseberry? Damn right it would! So a couple of AoS got dropped from the running for a couple of CB seeds. But HEY! I have yet to try one of Professor P’s offerings. Maybe I can slip a couple of those KF x Space Queen freebies in there and drop another AoS and a SM x CB. OK, that’s how it was. Unlike last year, when half my seedlings suffered sudden infant death syndrome, only two seedlings croaked: a SM x CB seemed to push itself out of a spongepot, and my clumsy attempt to get it back in there killed it. Also, a Lollypop decided to die for no reason at all. That’s right, NO REASON. I think it was depressed. I was down to a mere 18 plants, meaning I’d only have a sparse 9 girls under the HID if I got 50% females. So naturally I sprouted a Mad Scientist fem. I felt bad about the way I tortured and killed that other Mad Scientist plant out in my yard this summer, so I’m making it up to the strain. I’m making it up by putting it in an overcrowded grow room with a few weeks less vegging than all the other plants. It will forever be in my debt. This was all at the end of August. Fast forward to a few weeks under some t-5 bulbs in the nursery tent, and a bunch of the boys have shown preflowers. I don’t keep males, so I now have: 2 chocolate rain (1 with female preflowers, 1 without) 1 SM x CB with female preflowers 2 Ace of Spades, no preflowers 2 Lollypop, no preflowers 1 Mad. Sci. fem. I’m still in denial about the two CBs, one of the CRs and a Lollypop. They have primordial preflowers that LOOK like males BUT there’s still a snowball's chance in hell that I’m wrong. Looks like trying out one of Professor P’s crosses will have to wait, and likely the same for the CB. But that means the other 3 seeds in that freebie pack are girls, by law of averages! It’s a law, the seeds can’t break it! And by that same law, the rest of my plants are girls, right? RIGHT? I knew you'd agree. OK then. I didn’t want to bore the shit out of you with pictures of newly sprouted seedlings, so I didn’t take any. I’m a little torn about whether I should show boring pics of 4 week old vegging plants, but I’ll post them as a service to those of you with insomnia, after I make the final transplant this weekend. In the mean time, I'll describe them: 1. Green 2. Look like weed 3. Plants I messed up the FIM on look like Palmetto trees on top 4. Ace of Spades is short. 5. CR and SM x CB are tall. There you have it.
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