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Found 5 results

  1. While researching industrial hemp this morning, I came across this web site. Order high CBD flower and have it delivered to your home legally in the US. Now, I just need to find out where to get the certified seeds to grow my own. Thought this would be great, especially for making oil. Just mix this with our high THC strains for that perfect ratio to meet individual needs. https://tweedlefarms.com/
  2. Happy New Year OPG members! To kick off 2016, I have started a little organic SOG operation for medical oil production. I have included a few little steps as I go, please feel free to tag along and see my style of SOG *Blame Hidronesia, his grows have inspired me back to SOG Enjoy! Rose.
  3. Hello OpenGrow! Some of you know me, others may not. Long story short, I'm a medical patient in Rhode Island who's been around forums for years. After an extended period of time where living arrangements prevented me from growing my own medicine, I'm back at it. And for the first time ever, I'm going solo! Here's a little bit of info on the room. 12' x 8' bedroom 400w HPS veg 1000w air-cooled HPS flower (will be 2000w air-cooled next week!) 3 Gallon Veg Pots 10 Gallon Flower Pots Dr. Earth POT-ting Soil (This stuff is AWESOME! More info below) General Organics Nutrients So now a little backstory: I started construction on the room March 25th. Got my cuts in there in a humidity dome on the 27th. Roots first started popping out second week of April. Started out with a simple peat and perlite mix, and went to the local gardening store to pick up a bale of Lambert's, which is apparently a "generic" promix, 30% the price. Guy at the gardening store asked me what I was growing, and recommended the Dr. Earth. I went with it for $20 per 1.5 cu ft, and I am UNBELIEVABLY glad I did. Went through my entire veg cycle without having to hit the plants with nutes whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it appeared I had some VERY minor Nitrogen burn on a few plants at one point. Obviously, it all corrected itself. After a roughly 6 1/2 week veg, I divided the room into two sections, with a roughly 9 x 7 flower room, and flipped the lights on 5/22. Current strains that I'm running are Snow White, NYCD x Legends of Ultimate Indica (LUI), and Mango Kush x LUI Currently have 3 big girls in the flower room, and 6 more in veg, 3 of which will be moved in when I get the other 1000w hung next week. Including the pot, the Mango Kush is just about 5'7". The other plants aren't much stouter. Now, I guess it's time for some pics! I apologize for the lines, I am still working with magnetic ballasts in flower until this harvest comes down Veg Room: Flower Room: Snow White: Mango Kush x LUI: NYCD x LUI: That's everything I've got for now! Just hit the flowering ladies with their first full strength Gen Organics nutes! I've been weening them on over the past 2 weeks, first with a 40% dose, followed by a 60%, and full strength today. Electric work is getting done Wednesday. Adding 4 x 30A circuits to our current panel. Might be a tad overkill, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come! Thanks for stopping in! -H4
  4. This november, medical marijuana will be on the ballot, dont know what the details are yet. going to find out now.
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