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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread. After 18 months of concentrating mainly on Phuuu's IPA it is time to move on to other adventures. I have been accumulating seeds much faster than I have been growing them so my goal for the foreseeable future is to grow an many of them as I can. Something special may come along and I'll get sidetracked for a bit but the plan is to make use of the space I have to explore my seed stash starting with the following. I've been jonesin' for some more NAW stuff so I have 3 Head Candy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) as well as 2 Green Ale (Green Manalishi x Phuuu's IPA) Fem's. Along with those I have 3 Sour Mango x Golden Diesel sprouts, thanks to StankDank30 Here'a a look at the youngsters last week. And, here they are today They just got up-potted to #2 pots yesterday. The SM x GD really droop when watered, they have really wide leaf blades as well. The Head Candy and SM x GD sprouts are all pretty consistent in appearance. The 2 Green Ale sprouts showed some difference early but are looking more alike now. I'm hoping for 3 females out of these two crosses to go along with the 2 Green Ale fem's. If I am not so fortunate I'm gonna start some Black Afghani to fill in. Looking forward to exploring all the wonderful genetics I've been able to gather. Hope you'll come along and see what we find...
  2. Ayo. Seems like the this website and forums got the internet on steroids treatment (thanks sannie, absolutely killed the website, if I didnt know so much I'd tell you you were lying to me you were a breeder and not a web designer) It's been awhile so I'll leave out most of my missing life link. New new and gone old old. Continuously stabilizing my life, living now with a girlie whose almost if not more batshit crazy then I am. Bout to take a big dive in this plant, starting my breeding project, started reading/researching extracts and cooking which I really want to get into next.. bout to build a new grow room for my breeding chamber that I'll post and prolly see if any of the vets got some advice on my blueprint. For now let's have some pics do some talking for my plans and we'll slowly add some history flashbacks. This is just what went done, stay tuned. Mouse
  3. Welcome to Sunnyvale's Pharmacy! After one year seeing you guys have fantastic grow reports, I thought it was my turn to see what I have learned from you guys, so welcome in my 'Pharmacy'. My babies are 3-5 weeks old. I have 3 Shackzilla's 1 Herijuana x Shiva 3 Jalisco Jaze 1 Black Afghani 1 Caramel Cough x Drizella 1 Chocolate Diesel 1 Critical + (dinafem freebee) 1 Silverfields 1 G39 (KillaQueen Dom. cut) 2 JackCandy's They got 250 watt in the time they Veg. They flipped 1 jan 2018 and standing under a 600 watt with a Adjust Wing. I grow Sannies Way with PK and GK organics. I'm have allready found my father to make babies! It will be "Jaze 1", the stemrub is just so sweet hazy. I'm almost certain that my CC.DR and Black Afghani are females, my Silverfields is a lady. I think my second Chocolate Diesel is a dude, the rest are unconfirmed... The seeds i'm going to make Black Jaze and i think a sativa strain with the Jaze and Silverfields. I hope to make as much seeds to give to you guys, if not.. I must wait till the summer and make some F2's and then i can give it you guys. I have allready a name for my Sativa strain ^^. Thanks for coming by, I'll keep you updated, Sunnyvale
  4. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze (front left), JackCandy x JaliscoJaze (b.l.), Hawaii x MauiWaui (centrer left front), SiFi #2(c.l.b), Sannie'sJack (centrer front right), Selene (c.b.r), G39xJaliscoJaze (front right), SiFi #1 (back right)
  5. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    14 days of flowering
  6. lumatekfan

    flowering day 21

    From the album: Mapito Garden

    Silver Fields#1, BlueHammer, SSH x BlueShaze, Silver Fields#2
  7. Hey guys, documenting a buddies grow. It's NAW's Green Manalishi F2. Thought I'd share my his and my learnings on the strain. We are intermediate lever and always learning. Nice smell from the stems. To me it's a citrus/grapefruits scent -quite sharp but a low odor stealthy strain so far. I once had a sugar punch that smelled stronger as a seedling that this does. Btw just noticed that M is the 13th letter of the alphabet GM = G13. Hehe. Some quirks we've noticed : - plants are dark green, often show a yellowing at the new growth sites but I've never seen it progress into and iron deficiency. - Overall the seem to be vigorous and easy growers. - I also noted that the cannabinoid levels during veg seem to be very high. When he was topping and training, he collected the trim and dried it to see how strong it was at this stage. Smoked some of the dried leaves and they got me baked. Think this is a good sign for the final product. - When leaves die off, the do it one finger at a time. These are now in 12/12
  8. Head Candy The boys at NAW crossed a KillaQueen with a Blue Hammer to come up with this tasty cross. Her buds are medium dense and covered in frost with calyx fingers popping out here and there. When I open the jar I get a citrus and spice aroma with some pungent sweetness. Break a bud up and a strong citrus rind smell emerges. The taste on inhale is spicy, hazy and tends to expand a bit. On the exhale I get the citrus notes and a little sweetness. The effect is immediate and intense. My eyes turn into big saucers and my brain pushes the top of my skull trying to lift me up. It is a very clean high, no jitters or paranoia and very uplifting in nature. The body effect is kind of numbing and tingly. It keeps building and building until I finally reach a plateau and soar along for a wonderful ride. You can take a couple tokes and go about a busy schedule or you can take a couple more tokes and enjoy the ride without accomplishing much else. The choice is yours. I've been vaping Head Candy to start my day lately and really enjoy it. Long lasting and motivating if you don't take too much. I had to cut my caffeine intake some time ago so I only get 2 cups of coffee a day. Instead of taking a coffee break now I take a Head Candy break. If I were to put numbers on it I would say... Smell = 8 Taste = 7.5 Bag Appeal = 8.5 Effect = 9+ This is just one of many NAW crosses I wish to try eventually. Having enjoyed their HammerHead and KillaKoosh I have high hopes for the rest of their gear. Just gotta find some time and space to grow it. Meanwhile they keep cranking out new stuff so I may never catch up. Keep up the good work boys.
  9. Hello friends Christmas is coming so time for NAW to play for Santa and throw in some presents! Leave you're name in the thread and we will randomly choose and vote for the winners as we throw in all the names and pic 3! They will recieve: Hammerhead V3 G-39 f2 Cartel haze Airborne Jack The Cannatunafish (cbd variety) A liitle late but for the next 5 days till christmas eve you can write down your name and you will end in the big hat..... Cheers OG Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  10. Dear OG, It's about time I start my very first report here, so welcome to my greenhouse grow. I've been growing in greenhouses for about 5/6 years I think, I don’t know nor do I care. Started doing it to avoid mould, which evolved into avoiding theft so the greenhouse I’ve build 2 years ago is part greenhouse, part fortress. To bad that won't keep pigs wearing blue hats out... that happened 2 years ago. Keeping that in mind, I would keep things small this year in the GH. Just grow 5 great autos and follow that up by some pre grown photoperiod plants. That plan failed due to some hungry organism eating my seedlings time after time... So the crew: 1 Gambia Ryder by FOTH, because this strain became special to me, I’ll show and tell later. 1 Auto Jack by Paradise Seeds, based on good experiences in the past. 1 Critical 2.0 auto by Dinaferm, because it was what I had after the ate the rest... 2 Big Bud 2 or something like that, from Sweet Seeds, same story as the Crit. Also... 1 Blue Shaze, it's a female and will get forced into flowering. 1 Durganchitral x Headcandy, purple cut. 1 Angola #2. 1 HoD#4. 1 Stawberry Blues#1. 1 Kali Kush, neefus pheno. 2 Kinky Cheese #3, Barrie84 cut. And some yet to make the transit, or which I’ve plainly forgotten haha. Some pictures I’ve take today: Gambia Ryder Auto Jack Critical Blue Shaze female, she was sown early on a whim and the stem is smelling more than some bud does, it's incredible! Recovering from an over enthusiastic bend. Dc x Hc I'm not sure what this is, it came up without being sown there, Tomatoes are doing the same. Random tomato that sprouted without sowing:) Another Strawberry Blues, begint to be comfortable. She had a bit of a rough night, but will be beautiful soon. Transporten yesterday.Angola #2. Hammer of Dawn#4 Stawberries, but these bags effin suck, as did the plants i bought but yeh,,, Overview I like to combine things Kinky Cheese Just here since yesterday, the same rough night as the Angola. And some blue shaze hidden, going to plant them in the forrest today.
  11. Strain: Green Manalishi F2 Breeder: Moterabel, but the F2 are made by NAW Tool use: Clean glass pipe (chongdolf) Grown: bio Smell: It smells really fresh; on the first inhale I smell; 'fresh', lemony, petroleum, spicy and a little earthy smell in this exact order. It's difficult to describe, i'm doing the best i can, but i'm not so great as other members LOL. Taste: It is similar how it smells, but bit more has peppery, earthy taste on the exhale, but still very fresh and sweet/smooth smoke Effect: Now here's comes the treat! I smoked about 1,5 bowl and my frontal is shutting down, my legs are tingly and my every muscle is becomming in relaxt state. I am happy, relaxt but with a energetic feeling in the background. (10 min later) (...) I can't think or typ anymore. I listen to the music and wander in my brain and lost my whole body in numbing and have a stupid smile on my face. My shoulder tension is complety gone, but i don't have a real couch lock, but don't wanna to the store with this stupid smug on my face. I complety relaxt and getting hungry... I know that the high useally can take up to 2/3 hours after that you will feel a mellow mood, so i have a good friday I really like this strain, on this moment i have 3 more in veg so i can taste this strain some more and maybe find some diffrent pheno's. I want to thanks NAW for making this F2 and give it away as an freebee. Thanks guys! Note: This is my first smoke report.
  12. Hello friends Christmas is coming so time for NAW to play for Santa and throw in some presents! Leave you're name in the thread and we will randomly choose and vote for the winners as we throw in all the names and pic 3! They will recieve: Honey Hoo Hoo ( Green Manalishi (HoneyHp) x Polar Bear #2) G-39 #17 x Polar Bear #3 (strawberry) Jack Candy (Jack Hammer x HeadCandy) DurganChistral x HeadCandy For the next 7 days till christmas eve you can write down your name and you will end in the big hat..... Cheers OG Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  13. Hello fellow OG'ers, Due to unforseen circumstances I've lost all my strains and need to restock the garden & could do with some advice Re: what's in the shop atm. Over the last year I've done Selene, which is amazing but I've probably smoked Lbs of it in last year, Cheeseberry Haze and Durban chitral. I'm lookin for probably 4 New strains my thoughts at this stage are some of the NAW offerings, Hammerhead, G-39 and Head Candy and Huckleberry Space Queen (flower time, yield?)or Mz.uni from Dynasty. I'm looking for big yield (I donate part of harvest), good strong complex smoke and flower time under 70 days preferably. Plants will be grown hydro in single plant scrogs. If anyone can help out with more info on strains I've mentioned or suggest others that would be great. Peace, Hazy.
  14. HammerHead Smoke Report I found 3 pheno’s of HammerHead in my initial grow, two of which are pretty distinct while the third is a nice combination of the other two. Though they are all different in some ways they are also very similar in others. All three are similar in smell and taste but at differing degrees of strength. None of them are really smelly girls and they don’t become noticeable until late in flower. They share a pine based aroma with HH #2 on the weaker side with some earthy/cut grass smell tossed in. On the stronger side is HH #4 which reminds me of pine-sol cleaner, a more pungent and less sweet aroma. With HH #3 I found a sweeter version of HH #4 that has a bit of berry mixed in. HammerHead #2 This is the most sativa leaning of the three in appearance and effect. She grew 4+ foot long branches that culminated in big and fairly dense colas. She takes about 11 weeks to flower and never did show any amber trich’s. After drying and curing she was definitely worth the wait both high and yield wise. Her buds are long and made up of intertwined calyx fingers and are fairly dense for this type of bud structure. They are covered in trich’s and red hairs and even after a good cure they leave a sticky residue when torn apart. She is the haziest of the 3 in taste. A smooth but substantial feel on the intake with a hashy mouth coating thing on exhale. Most of her taste is evident on the exhale which is kinda different. It is a bit of a creeper this #2. I find myself going along nicely after a few hits and then suddenly I am really stoned. It is a clean and clearheaded high that opens the eyes wide and expands the mind. After some time the body chimes in with a very nice buzz and all goes along nicely for a couple of hours. It reminds me some of Esko’s Blue Rocket as far as the high goes. Relaxing, thought provoking, go and do something kinda high that does not incapacitate. HammerHead #4 This is HH #2’s evil sister. Her shape is much more Indica and her buds are more like door knockers instead of cola’s. Her buds are big and dense and lathered in trich’s. She took 10 weeks to flower and gave as good a yield as #2 but in a smaller package. Her smoke is harsher going down with a very pronounced piney taste and tends to expand a bit. On exhale it is heavy with a strong hashy/piney taste that coats your mouth. The effect is instant and widespread. I don’t want to give the wrong impression about HH #2 when it comes to potency, she gets me plenty buzzed and she lasts for a good long time but HH #4 just blows her socks off out of the gate. This is what I would call a narcotic high. One that overrides the moment and leaves you incapacitated for some bit of time. Whereas HH #2 is good get stuff done smoke I would say HH #4 is not. In fact, don’t plan on doing anything for awhile ‘cause it will be a real challenge. Take typing this smoke report for instance… HammerHead #4 ranks up there with the strongest highs I’ve experienced from bud. It kicks your butt but it doesn’t couch lock you unless you want it to. It’s not like you could do anything anyway, you’ll just be too high. HammerHead #3 This I imagine is what the boys at NAW were looking for when they created HammerHead. She has the same indica like form of HH #4 but her buds create dense colas with calyx fingers popping out all over. She is a sweeter version of HH #4 smell wise and was the smelliest of the 3 phenos. I could detect a little berry in this one and she was less piney in nature. She has the best overall taste, more sweet, less hashy and a definite berries and cream note. The high is like a tamer version of HH #4, not so in your face but still gets your attention. The body influence is just as good as HH #4’s but it doesn’t have the same mind disabling quality which can be a good thing sometimes. That, along with the same uplifting aspect all 3 share, make this a winning combination. Not too stony, not too heady….just right. Overall I am very impressed with HammerHead. It offers a little variety pheno wise. It’s easy to grow, gives a good yield and it is some really potent stuff. As I’ve noted a couple of times in my grow report my only minor issue with this wonderful cross is that her branches are too weak to hold up her big buds so she requires a fair bit of trussing up. Beyond that this is a particularly nice sativa dom cross that has the potential to knock your socks off. Can’t go wrong with that!
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