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Found 7 results

  1. Due to some issues from the greater powers, I had to lie low for a while, but I'm back. To cut straight to it: NFT, totally 6 sqm, i have recently started scrogging just because it's a lot easier for me to get better yields when i do so. maybe I haven't found the right sog strain, but I think it's more a skill I don't have (yet). My system was designed for about 9 plants per square metre, but i seem to be doing far better going for a longer time in the veg cabinet and 2 plants per sqm. Each row is 2.1m long and .9m wide (2sqm), lit by 2 air cooled 600w HPS. There are 3 such rows. Till 2 days ago, I had 5 x 600w HPS (Lumatek ballast + Philips Master Greenpower bulb) and one lonely 400w HPS lighting the 3 rows. Power bills due to air conditioner overload and the frequency of air conditioner maintenance required has made me consider and research LEDs. With help and guidance from many forums' members, here as well, I eventually created my first 2 prototypes. the first one is a 432w Cree CXB3590 fixture with 8 3000k COBs, each running at 50w, cooled by an individual heat sink, totally powered by 2 meanwell drivers. (The model number of the LEDs is : CXB3590-0000-000R0UBD30H) the second one is a 420w Bridgelux Vero29 fixture with 4 x Vero29 COBs, each running at 100w, cooled by an individual heat sink, with an individual driver per COB. (i'll fish out the model numbers) These two LED fixtures have replaced 2 of my 600w HPS fixtures. Let's see how they do. it's going to be interesting for sure. The ones in scrog atm are a nice amnesia phenotype, and the wonky middle row is my testing batch for Bodhi's Goji OG. There are a coupla' monsters in there. Best Vibes El Chupa
  2. Hey folks. After a break of a few months, I'm back. Ran some beautiful seeds of Dinafem's Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Tier 2 in terms of potency, but Tier one in terms of yield and terpenes. Here is the test run: Here were the keepers I found: SDG #5 - Beautiful is not a good enough word, she is a looker for sure. Smells fruity, with a stinky undertone. Dense, very dense, hard ass nugs. Not full indica, but hard for sure. Any harder and my climate would be disapproving. SDG #6 - Yield is the word here. Slight elements of a hazy scent, but largely fruity and sweaty. Massive colas, no jokes. Not as dense as #5 but more potent and makes up in sheer size. SDG #7 - A branchy yielder, one that does great with a veg time of more than 2 weeks, but is not too good for running from clone or with minimal veg. Least potent of the 3, but beautiful in her own right. Mellow smell and taste, Mellow high. (Sorry the pictures don't depict the attributes of the strain) ----- The grow as of now is a pipe based set up. 3 pipes set up in a 2m x 1m fashion, each illuminated by 2 lamps. I've got 3 of these setups. 1 of them has 2 x 600w Philips Master GP hooked up to 2 x lumatek 600w ballasts. The other one has 1 x 600w gavita bulb on a gavita digistar ballast and 1 x 400w eye hortilux on a 400w philips magnetic ballast. I had these two (gavita and hortilux) lying around and didn't want to waste them. The third setup will be lit by the same as the first one (2 x 600w lumatek with philps GP) So, in one of these setups, I had placed 15 seedlings of what I thought was Mr. Nice's Shark Shock, 1 seedling of World Of Seeds Columbian Gold (nothing columbian about it), and 1 seed of Dinafem's Blue Cheese (basically fucking hemp). The 15 seedlings are most definitely not shark shock, they smell hazy, grow hazy and stretch hazy. I bet Shantibaba was hazy when he packed them lol. Not what i was looking for, really wanted to grow a nice indica from MNS this round, but it was not to be. In the other setup, I put in clones of SDG - mainly #7, but also 5 and 6. Some of these clones got more veg than others. The 5 big plants got their own 400w, and all the other rooted clones got a 600w. Sounds confusing, but the picture should clear it up. Shark Shock on the right and SDG on the left. 2 days after this (on march 25th), they were flipped to flowering. On April 19th, the main power line from my flat to the transformer melted. In the process. something went awry with one of the timers in the flowering room. Till yesterday, this timer was running from 5 am to 9 pm. I have no idea how this happened, it's still a mystery to me. Basically, though, on the 3rd/4th week of flowering, my ladies got veg lighting for a week. I realised when I saw what looked like the plants showing signs of going back to veg and not putting on flower mass. Checked the timers and bingo, the devil was found lurking. Now it's back to normal but I don't know what the fuck is going to happen... here they are now, above. See what i mean by the shark shock being hazy? anyone ever had any experience with something like this? veg lighting during flowering? Here's the veg room: clones (left are grapefruit #6 and #5, but I will only be keeping #6 as the mother plant going forward. on the right we have the shark shock, or as I feel I should call them, mystery haze. These clones will be culled as I dont have space or time to grow hazy beasts indoors.) mother plants - a clusterfuck of #5, 6 and 7. any advice or guidance would be welcome. also any suggestions on good single cola strains. could really use some of those. best vibes El Chupa
  3. This is the set up for this grow 1.2 m green quebe tent T5 for Early veg 400w Hps Ajust-a-wing 5" fan and filter + 8" desk fan, passive intake Small Nft tank Homemade Scrog-net 1m I'll be using GHE Grow Bloom Micro and Ripen, Cal-mag, Silica and Cane Sugar/molasses The plants are Sannie's Sugar Punch & Bomb seeds Berrybomb (backup plant) both Fem seeds The original plan was to do a 3 plant nft grow with no scrog but the Sugar punch dominated the plant in the centre and the berrybomb seems to be a lot more indica than the last one I had. I had a re-think. If you seen my soliloqueen/berrybomb nft grow you will know what i'm doing next push berrybomb out to the side and give sugar punch as much room as it needs. I'll do a full nutrent change every week and top up mid week with half strength nutrients. I've still to find the sweet spot for sugar punch. The EC is 0.8 Ph 6.1 I'll not go above EC 1.2 -1.4 Max and see how things develope? I just dropped the Scrog net on sugar punch, just using LST done the trick, I did not monster crop anything as she was so bendy and plyable ( just as i like me women...lol....) She should fill the net up nicely over the next two weeks and i'll just let berrybomb do it's thing on the side. Sugar punch is the one I'm interested in. Pictures will say more a bit more. Anything i've forgot to say or any question just fire away
  4. Hybridhygro Soliloqueen NFT grow 2014 First of all can I say I’m doing this dairy for a bit of fun, not to show off or convert folk to hydro growing I enjoy keeping a diary and looking back at how my past grows and stupid things I’ve done and said in them. Lets get started Started 5 Soliloqueen seeds, 100% germination. System : Start in dwc moving to NFT 420, 20ltr tank + air curtain. Light : 300w CFL, 600w MH, 600w HPS (still to get my uvb bulb) Shade : Ajust-A-Wing (MH) Air Cooled (HPS) Nutrients GH Grow, Micro, Bloom + Silica and cal-mag I started them overnight in a cup of water, I let the water get to room temperature before I put the seeds in, next day I put them between some tissue paper. Then I remembered I had got some sponge pots from Sannie. I dropped the seeds in there and next day away they went. 4 seeds germinated around the same time, 1 seed took a few days more to germinate, I decided I don’t like uneven numbers and threw that one away. Now down to 4 seedlings. I’ve decided to go back and see what I can achieve using my first and forever favourite growing method NFT. I’m doing a slight variation. I’m not using the usual rockwool blocks. I’m using net pots and clay pebbles. I’ll also be adding an air curtain to the tank, it should end up a combination nft-dwc. Depending on how many Female plants I get will determine if I do a scrog grow or not? I was a bit slow getting the light on them. They get tall fast in the wee sponge pots. Not so good for my hydro style, much better for soil or coco They were all got to about 2-3 inches tall and ready to fall over. I had a think about it and came up with this. Each 5 inch net pot has a layer of pebbles then a root riot, Sannie’s spong pot inside that, then a grodan jacket with clay pebbles around the long stems. It’s worked a treat. Next I made 2 mini-twin-dwc tanks. Feeding Canna start at 140ppm in the tank water ph 6.0 ish. They will be in here for the next 4-5 weeks. I’ll top and train them when I know what sex they are. Next update will be when I know what sex they are, hopefully in the next 3 or 4 weeks? Take it easy until then Hybridhygro.
  5. Hello Again. I’ve posted 3 plant and 2 plant scrog grows. I thought I would post this one plant nft Killing Fields scrog grow. This is the first 7 weeks of flowering in 12 pictures. This is my 1st time growing killing fields, only 6th scrog grow. Low stress training and multi-topping worked well on her. I use silica all way through as PH up. I keep the nutrients (GHE) at a minimum. Highest EC was 1.2. PH is around 6.0. I monster-crop and drop the net on day 1 of flowering. I decided not to trim under the net this time and get some popcorn buds for hash making. Only got 3 or 4 weeks to go. UVB light gets put in tonight, I’ll build up the time it’s on to around 4 hours a day(no shade this time). More to come on this one… Hybridhygro
  6. Hello experts. I'm waiting for a Nutriculture grotank NFT system and have some questions about NFT cultivation. I will use Gold Label nutrients (Hydro A & B, MG Ultra, Ultra PK, Roots and pH adjustment solution). The growtray measures 106x106cm and the growing area is a Secret Jarding DR120 (120x120cm) with a 600w HPS. I also have PH and EC meters. Cultivation medium is rockwool cubes in the size of 7.5x7.5 and smaller starter cubes. Special Mix hydrogenated feeding schedule http://www.specialmi..._scheduleEN.pdf 1) How many plants? Is 20 too many? I will switch to a 12h light-cycle as soon the plants are moved to the NFT system. Sannies Suger Punch is the strain I will be growing. 2) How do I do when I add new water/fill the grotank reservoir? Do I replace all the water or tops with new nutrient solution and check PH and EC? If I need to replace all of the water, how often? Every week or longer. How long is the nutrient solution "fresh"? What about nutrient/salt build up? Nutriculture webpage says that "Never under or over-fed and no nutrient build up" - what do they mean by that? Example: After the first week, the nutrient solution is mixed as Special Mix Gold Labels nutrition schedule suggests: week 2 Hydro A 0.5ml / L Hydro B 0.5ml / L Roots 0.5ml / L Ultra PK 0.5ml / L PH 5.2 EC 0.6 EC Plus background water EC of 0.4 1.0 And 20L nutrient solution has been used from the tank. Next week nutrient solution should be as following week3 Hydro A 1ml / L Hydro B 1ml / L Roots 0.5ml / L Ultra PK 0.5ml / L PH 5.2 EC 0.9 EC Plus background water EC of 0.4 1.3 The last column (EC Plus background water EC of 0.4) of nutrition chart, it is that the EC for tap water? So I have to measure the EC of my tap water in order to calculate the EC I should have in my reservoir. If my tap water has EC at 0.5 to the EC in the first example (week2) my EC should be 0.7 instead 0.6. Is this accurate and please correct me if I'm wrong. Do I mix 20L nutrient solution as above (week3), adjust pH and add it to the reservoir. Measure EC and add Hydro A, Hydro B, Roots and Ultra-PK in the ratio 1:1:0.5:0.5 to I get an EC of 1.3 if my tap water have an EC of 0.4? And possibly adjust the pH to 5.2 once again. What nutrient solution should I soak the rockwool cubes in? Half strength week 1 mixture? How strong nutrient solution should I water my rockwool cubes with before moving the plants to the NFT system. Best wishes and happy growing. M
  7. Hello, I have 16 Suger Punch ladies in my DR120 (120x120x200) grow tent. Im using a nutriculture nft growtank under 600w hps and my girls are getting tall, really tall. Typical about 130cm and the tallest is 160cm and they are still growing. I put them in the grow tank as soon as white roots emerged from the rockwool cube and flipped the light to 12/12. Im on week 3.5 in bloom and they are still strecting. How tall will the get? For how long do they stretch? If any of the plants is colored, when can I tell? Is it late in bloom or can I see it early? Best wishes.
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