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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, finally I can post and say hello. I've been looking forward to it. Just want to introduce myself a little, I'm a round two and still learning grower in the Northeast of the USA. Last summer I decided to give it a go for real and what I didnt realize is how much there is to learn, but also I didnt know I would have so much fun at it and that I would end up "into it" the way I am. The goal is pretty much just to keep the Mrs and I in meds of as best quality as we can muster. A quick rundown on some of the Gig looks like this: 1 2x4x5 ft tent with 400Watt MH lighting and 1 3x3x5 tent with a 400 Watt HPS light for "the girls" to reside. I've done a run of Sannies Herijuana last summer and coudnt have been happier. This time around its another Herij along with a Killing Fields, and were just about to cut down a NYC Diesel/Jackberry and man does she smell sweet ! Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself, and I'm having issue with a certain strain that I'll address in another appropriate thread. For now, nice to meet you all, and I hope to be an asset to the community here. Its kind of dawned on me that since I have a number of Sannie strains to deal with both now and in the future, why not chat with those doing the same thing. Thanks, Cob
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