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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, Welcome to ROUND 2. I wanted to make a new thread to showcase new genetics from Esko & Sannie and my first experience with Hempy buckets. Round 2 is all about looking for some keepers. I'm hoping to pick 3 keepers from 10-12 females. Due to the summer heat, I'm just taking it easy, vegging under fluos until mid September. I'll run a perpetual setup and harvest every 2 weeks for 2-3 months straight. By the new year, I want to fill the entire tent with clones from 2 keepers and just do 1 big SCROG. The new genetics: After 5.5 days in spongepots, they were ready to be transplanted x5 Holy Princess x5 Chucky's Bride x5 Jackberry F4 x2 Esko Blueberry #3 x1 Riri Sour Diesel X Esko BlueBerry Holy Princess Chucky's Bride Jackberry F4 Blueberry #3 Riri SourDiesel X Esko Blueberry Alright, that's it for now, just wanted to get the thread started I will update with the plants that have been in veg and reveg when I get home tonight. This round is going to be a blast...
  2. Hey there folks, I've been reading here for a while and been asking some of you for your advice/help. This time I want to share with you my recent grow. Most of you guys might think I'going nuts growing so many different strains on ebb&flow, but I'm a strain maniac and the strains better get used to it! There are something around 44 clones in this XL tent. The strains are as listed in the tags, and even some more, however, they'll be presented as soon as the budporn starts. I also have 8 Killing Field clones each from another plant, but they're still unsexed so we'll encounter a lot of suprises. My last grows were in a .9x.9x1.6 dark room with same light and almoast as much plants per square meter. Yea and very chaotic! Please don't come with all the concerns about space, I know it is way overdone, but I love the chaos even if it might drive me crazy at some point. Light is 400w + adjustawing large, ebb&flow and hypro ferts. In case I won't find a Sativa satifying my needs I still have some (c99) lemon thai and casey jones popping. Of course not all cuts are sativas, the hybrids will bring the additional fun. More to come in the next weeks luma
  3. American Slang, VinTor x (Cocoa Kush x NYCD). Sativa leaning hybrids. I'd easily say 80% + sativa in this cross. I like! After a couple years of 'trying' to get it right, I finally feel that I've developed a personal strain that has some definite medical qualities in it.... mainly reducing muscle pain/nerve pain as well as giving the user a cool stone. I called this strain American Slang in a very strange, heavy sativa induced daydream I had one day... and I remembered the dream, which is also strange... so I kept the name. In this smoke report we have three totally different phenos to discuss; A.S. #1, A.S. #3 & A.S. #5. I can only do small-batch grows where I live right now, not everyone is cool with growing/smoking pot here. I planted 6 seeds and all six germinated, I got 2 males and 4 females... the males didn't have "the look" and were culled, the females were all kept, but Milo ate one of the seedlings. Milo is my little dog, he's a extremely chill, one-eyed dog with a ton of heart. I ended up with three totally different phenos of this cross. Again, I don't have any fresh budshots of these,(I'm good with plants, not taking pics), but I do have some pics of when they were growing that I'll show. American Slang #1 Smell: Clear lemon at first, then a distinct 'powdered lemonade drink mix'... like CountryTime. Smells really good.. almost mouthwatering! Taste: Dry hit; tastes like citrus/lemon peel zest, kind of bitter to the tongue. Smoked; tastes like lemon zest with a sweet mellow diesel flavor all the way through. Effect: Clear head high that moves slowly down the body. I get a 'tingling' sensation that creeps down my body dulling any pain I may have... very nice feeling! This pheno lends a mellow, very calming stone along with good pain numbing qualities, it's also got that 'awake' feeling to it which gives it an "up" high in small doses. I would say a bowl, (perhaps two for those with a higher tolerance) and the effects can be felt right away... if too much is consumed, then you may be in slow-motion for a bit, otherwise, it's a good daytime smoke. American Slang #3 Smell: Honey-lemon cough drop w/mild diesel undertones. A very fresh, clean smell... with a bite to it. Taste: Dry hit; has pronounced honey-lemon cough drop flavor with a very mild, almost menthol-diesel aftertaste. Smoked; has a mild menthol lemon on the inhale, with an almost eucalyptus-diesel on the exhale... strange flavor, but I like it. Effect: Very clear, up head & body high. Very relaxing stoneThis pheno works well for nerve pain/muscle tension. I have a friend who suffers from neuropathy in his legs/feet due to diabetes. He doesn't mind getting high as long as it dulls the pain. I've smoked heavyweight indicas with him and he gets super stoned, but this does nothing for his particular pain. When I loaded a bowl of this and passed it to him, he took a couple of good hits and gets this strange look on his face... he tells me "the pain is gone, the pain in my legs & feet is gone!" It makes me feel good to know that I grew something that really helped someone else. This works for my pain(nerve/muscle) as well as another friend who experiences diabetic pain. I will be working with this pheno in the future, most definitely. American Slang #5 Smell: Mild pine-sol diesel w/clear lemon/citrus undertones. Taste: Dry hit; gives a lemon zest/diesel, complex flavor. Smoked; Tastes like earthy-pine diesel on the inhale and a hashy lemon-pine with a pronounced diesel flavor on the ex. Effect: Makes my mouth water a little(literally) with each hit. Clear sativa high at first, settling into a more sedating type of high... somewhat numbing. Big hits can result in "staggering" or even "blackout" head rushes along with a sometimes overwhelming flavor of diesel in your mouth. Has definite pain killing, medicinal qualities to it. This may be too stoney to be considered a good daytime smoke. All in all, I learned a lot from growing these three, totally different phenos. All were very sativa leaning this go around, I'll be keeping an eye out for a more indica leaning pheno next time. I plan to explore all phenos of this cross and keep only the best in my stable. Thanks for reading this LONG smoke report. Took most of a day to complete this report... waited for the effects of each individual session to completely disappear before moving on to the next pheno... wanted to give an honest report on all phenos represented here. Enjoy your day! DesertGrown
  4. Heya I have the honor of running some very special seeds gifted to me by mr LaVie. Merci beaucoup! The first cross is an old Sannie freebee and a recent Esko special: { The One X Chronic X NYCD } x { Killa Kush X Amnesia Haze } The second cross is some legit old school genetics: { Columbian X Jamaican } x Pakistan Chitral Kush I started 2 of each in wet coco and 48 hours later, had 100 % germ rates. Within 24 hours of that first photo, the seeds had tap roots showing and were ready to go into cups can't do better then that!
  5. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while,learning from so many people that are kind enough to share pictures, research and time. Enough of just sitting back, time to participate! This is going to be the second run in this setup, I have a little OCD so I can't stop adjusting everything. I'm always trying to improve things, one little thing at a time. I've got a DR120 with a 600W HPS for flowering. We currently have 6 ladies under the light, they got between 2 - 3 weeks of veg and have 2 - 4 weeks left in flower. I just upgraded the fan from a 6 in booster fan to this 420 CFM monster... It's actually dimmed to 40%, and my temps have dropped 2 degrees directly on top of the hood. Not too bad. It's actually 78 degrees and 45 % RH inside the canopy. I've also got a 400W 4ft T5 that I use for seedlings, clones and vegging. Hopefully we'll be able to keep a bonsai mother or 2 as well. The plan is to set up perpetually so I can pull 1 plant out of flowering every 2 weeks. Currently in flowering, we have 2 Killing Fields ( the limited FEM freebee batch ). Both show more color than my lavender plants! I won't start to describe the smell, but if you've seen KF grows, or heard Sannie describes the smell and taste, it's exactly it. Strong, dark, complex smell. I took a sample last week, I couldn't even let it dry for 3 days... This is going to be some TASTY weed for sure if that sample is any indication. KF1 has 4 big tops and looks similar to some phenos I've seen grown here. KF 1 - The sample came from one of her lower branches. She has some of the biggest buds in the tent! KF2 is a bit of a mutant. She started by being twice as stretchy as a seedling and has had smaller, crimped leaves. I think it's a trait from the blueberry side... . Flowering was slow to trigger and then it stretched way too much, so it got it's dose of supercropping. While I'm not expecting much yield from this girl, it could be an 11 week pheno, so she could put putting on a little extra weight next couple weeks. KF1 look very promising, I definitely see a full pack of KF in my future. I also have 2 Sugar Punch that smell like... i don't know. WHAT IS THAT SMELL SANNIE? I think it's naughty candy canes... It actually smells sweet and you just want to stick your nose in again to make sure you just smelled candy. SP1 - Another early sample I took, this got to dry for 3.5 days, when I ground it up, it filled the room with sweet smell. I was surprised him much this smelled for some uncured, early bud. SP1 is falling over herself from the weight of the buds, I supercropped the branches in the wrong direction a few weeks back, so that didn't help. I've got a couple sticks helping her out now. SP2 was made a little too branchy, between topping once too many times and structure, this girl takes 1.5 times more room, the buds are smaller. My fault. I've also got a beautiful Jackberry X NYCD ( regular seeds ) that actually smells like fruit and a little fuel. The JBD is starting to show a little color on the lower buds... The nights can get frisky, so if the genes are there, the color will show. For a freebee that I could find nothing about, it sure looks great... And it's looking like it's going to finish right around 7 - 8 weeks. For the next round, we have to pop some seeds. One of each: Kollosus ( fem ) Mad Shack ( fem ) Sugar Punch ( fem ) I'll also pop 2 KO Kush in hopes of finding / keeping 1 female. That's the veg closet with the T5, it's currently empty, except for some seeds that will go in those sponge pots once the temp drops a few degrees. Next update I'll build the SCROG screens I plan on using for the next round and report back on a larger, riper sample of SP1.
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