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Found 4 results

  1. Poldergrower

    G-39, HoD

    Og 2 new strains from NAW Seeds are a fact...enjoy them G-39 Is a cross made from ”Green Manalishi x HeadCandy”. Her posture and fragrance are inherent to the old NL from back in the day. The influence of the PacificG-13 and the AirborneG-13 brings out the real deal. NAW is proud to present G-39 that can best be described as a full on Northern Lights/G13, Northern Lights dominance showing her appearance throughout the entire genepool. The HeadCandy male brings vigor, long shaped buds covered in crystal’s with a real Northern Lights smell and a relative short flowering time. With a flowering time of approx. 8 to 9 weeks she is pretty fast for a sativa Dom multi hybrid. Easy to grow, with hard stems she leaves every grower with ease. Monster fan leaves and no heavy feeder it’s a joy for everyone. Can produce massive yields when given’ enough space and room. Seeds are made 100% organic, NAW Seeds should be grown organic to get the best out of them. Hammer of Dawn In this cross NAW seeds mixed all of the fruitiness from 2 sides of Blue Hammer. Combining the devastating power of HammerHead #13 and the HeadCandy male this is the result of many years selecting and breeding. HammerHead #13 is a short flowering (8,5Weeks) sat Dom lady, a well-structured plant with a limited height, big fan leaves and the velvet taste and shine. The HeadCandy male is selected for its awesome vigor, fragrance and its capability to deliver a relative short flowering time for a sativa Dom strain. This strain has a delicate sativa bud structure with an artificial candy like smell and taste, and with layer on layer of THC covered on all fan leaves. This easy to grow hybrid is a joy for everybody who likes fruit, wine, tropical sweetness. Long time NAW wanted to create a strain that was a well tribute to the Gears of War trilogy. Not the biggest yielder but an absolute flavor explosion, Flowering time approx. 9 weeks Seeds are made 100% organic, NAW seeds should be grown organic to get the best out of them. Just enjoy Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  2. Hello and welcome to my current project. After a year of running as many beans from my stash as I could I have chosen a different course for this new year. I plan to concentrate on the one cross I have grown to date that has been most effective for my chronic nerve pain. That is Phuuu's IPA, a wonderful cross made by friend and OG member Phuuu Ad. This cross of a AK47/Northern Lights mother with a Super Skunk dad has produced a cross that smells and tastes very much like an IPA beer. The resemblance to beer comes from Myrcene, a terpene present in Phuuu's IPA bud. In fact, the sample I had tested showed Myrcene as the only terpene present which is a bit unusual. For whatever reason Phuuu's IPA bud gives me superior pain reduction compared to any other cannabis I've tried. Since I began using it as my main medicine via infused glycerin my quality of life has really improved. I have read with interest here on OG and other boards the stories of folks and the different crosses that have helped them with their conditions. One of the names I kept seeing was Green Manalishi, a g13 based cross from Motarebel. The dudes at NAW seeds have made good use of GM in some of their crosses but they have concentrated on the female side. I am curious how Green Manalishi pollen might impact the Phuuu's IPA. So, that is what I intend to find out in the following months. I currently have four IPA females that are 4 weeks into 12's. They came from the short pheno of IPA and are all under 30" tall. I took a cut from each of those and they are waiting in the veg area. I also planted 5 beans from the tall IPA pheno and they are just now coming up. I plan to ultimately choose one girl from each pheno to be hit with GM pollen. I have a small space to work in so I will run the IPA's first, make my selection and keep clones of the winners until I can grow out a nice looking GM dude. I'll get some pics up and better introduce you to Phuuu's IPA in my next post. Cya then.
  3. Grow 1. Day 1. Greetings fellow Open-Growers! I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Introducing my first ever grow and grow journal. I recently moved from Arizona to a southern state without legal medicinal cannabis. So, a year ago i began planning how i would deal with this situation. I have a lot of pain from muscular dystrophy. Since I can't buy a trustworthy product in this vicinity, i decided to grow my own. My growing philosophy is rooted in organics. My plan is to fortify some Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. More on this later. I will be using the Rootmaker II pots. I have 6 pint sized pots for starting seedlings, plus 1- and 3-gallon pots. The tent is 4.3'x2.8'x6.5'. After a lot of study, I went with Platinum LED's P300 model for my lighting requirements. The ventilation system is powered by a Hurricane 4" fan rated at 171 ft3/min. Ten months ago I ordered some seeds from Nirvana. I bought three auto-flowering varieties, thinking these would provide an easy intro to growing cannabis. The varieties are: Short Rider (6-8 weeks) Northern Lights (7-9 weeks) Lemon OG Haze (10-12 weeks) I hope to grow two from each variety. Each packet contains 5 badly-mishandled seeds. When i moved, I did it in two stages. First i moved out of my house. I was downsizing from a 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment. Then, i moved from that apartment in Tempe, to my current home. The apartment in Arizona had a garage. When i moved from my house to the apartment, i lost track of the seeds. They were in one of the boxes. And those were all stacked in my garage. The seeds were in the garage from April until September. The temps were above 100F (37.8 C) for most of that time. The high temp this year was 119F (48.3 C). 105 (40.5 C) or higher was fairly routine. Are these seeds viable? We shall soon find out. Yesterday i began soaking the seeds, two at a time, in a solution made from 1 gallon of distilled water with 1/4 tsp humic acid and 1/4 tsp of Super Thrive (B vitamins for plants). Since the Lemon Haze takes the longest to grow, i began with those. I could have soaked all 6 seeds at the same time in 3 separate cups, but i didn't want to lose track of which plants were which. On December 31st at midnight, the two haze seeds went into the cup for an overnight soak. Then, yesterday morning (Jan 1st) I placed the seeds in a paper towel damp with the same solution. Then the Northern Lights seeds went into the soak from about 8 am to 4 pm. They got paper-toweled. Then finally, the short rider seeds got the same treatment from 4 pm until midnight.
  4. Hi all I'd be interested to hear from growers and breeders alike, their opinions and experiences of the strain NORTHERN LIGHTS (Any Breeder). I'm not intersted in it's history as I'm full aware of it's origins, how many where sent to sensi.... which pheno was the best etc etc..... and also I'm aware that the present genetic's of Sensi's NL is now more a hybrid. Northern Lights (SS) was the first strain I was donated over 16 years ago when I first decided to start growing. It still remains my favourite strain to date for the following reasons.... She's beautiful She's the backbone of many a strain. She's easy as feck to grow. Her stone can be subtle or devasting. She smells like........... how all weed should. Ok my description might not get you going, but those of you with time served know where I'm coming from. So............ Tell me your thoughts, experiences etc etc Grtz HillCrest
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