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Found 5 results

  1. Hi OG, since I started my new improvised grow, I decided it's time to try a couple of seeds I got from Santero a couple years ago. This is one of his hacks As you know Santero is an extremely kind human being and besides sharing his seeds there is some additional information on the parents used in this cross. My initial intention was to find a male plant which would give the offsprings a short and stable flowering process, to give in some terpenes and possibly good resistence to any kind of pests and fungus. Who knows what will come out but I believe there is good potential. The other reason I picked the Lazy Larry(instead of SSH) is my newly discovered interest in trying anything related to OG Kush, so far all plants I grew were and are mostly sativas with a mostly clear high without the body effect. The genetics: ("lemon larry f1" pheno #5, ogkush dom lady) X ("blowfish f2"pheno #2 outdoor male) The description: ...#5 lemon larry lady was stout and did not stretch much. had a bit of colors from the og kush and very little smell of the ecsd in the mix, earthy-musky kush with a sweet tingle to her. around 9 weeks and good yields when vegged to a little bush before flip ...the blowfish male came from neongreen in uk. he grew him out outdoors and he looked very nice. neon said he had a fuely/fruity smell. I sprouted a couple of seeds and from the growth I expect a male and a female, possibly the male being the more(and most) vigorous and stretchy seedling. But time will tell, they will be kept in 6L pots for the whole cycle. They will have some company of course, there are also two Kolossus fem plants, two OrientExpress x NepalJam fem test plants, a White Widow and three Nemesis plants. I'll post updates of the Larrys here while Kolossus girls will get their attention in my other thread about Kolossus. Santero, thank you again for the seeds! Cheers
  2. Hello world of open grow datmoose here and i'm pleased to show you my first hybrid project/ precursor to Onehorse town seeds. so what i have is a pre 98 dom jabbas stash male that i've collected pollen from and a faster flowering snowlotus dom male that i've collected. my females are as follows: shiatsu kush (tokyo drift pheno), shiatsu kush (bushido pheno), Phantom cookies (cherry pie dom), cinderella 99 (pineapple holy grail), captain kush (purple vics pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (juicy fruit ibl x landrace napalese hashplant) (45 day pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (nepali afro pheno). i'll have some pictures uploaded tonight. Oh i forgot my indoor. i've also got a snowlotus and bubba kush dom jabbas stashs a petroleum nightmare a jesus og and 2 scotts ogs
  3. This is Day 1 Of week 10, and everythings coming down . I ran 8 1000 watt lights, two tables of 8 different phenos of chocolate rain, and a table of Herojuana Og and a table of the Platinum cookies. I did everything from seed so I had different phenos of each strain, looking for the keeper pheno of each. Here are some pics of the different pheno's of the chocolate rain. And my favorite pheno was #7, one of the trichiest strain's I have ever grown, which is perfect as a wax/hash making strain imo. Plus smell is incredible, And here are some pics of my fave pheno of the Herojuana Og, the one that leans more toward OG The platinum pheno of the platinum cookies. And my favorite pheno of the platinum cookies, the one that lends itself more to the cookies. It was a pretty good run. Im the manager at a hydroponics shop in California so these plants got the best of the best. Now that I have my keeper pheno's its just dialing them in. I'll have video smoke reports of these strains, check out my youtube channel LAOGROW and it's got smoke and grow reports along with joint rolling tutorials and fat sessions =D.
  4. I have an amazing Soul Assassin OG and an Amazing pink pheno of the selene. And working at the hydro store I work at we just recieved in a shipment of Tiresias mist, which can basically create feminized seeds like silver colloidal by reversing the sex of one of the strains. My question was, and with the input I'm going to do a grow journal, Which strain should I reverse the sex of to dust the other? Should I hit the OG with the mist and use that pollen to dust the selene? Or vice versa? The Soul Assasin Cut of the OG is definitely a true ten weeker OG, not a cross. And the Selene I have is a 9-10 weeker that is fucking beautiful, I chose her out of 16 other girls so I got a really good keeper. Well, whatever the choice, I'm gonna be starting this grow within the week. Any feedback or opinions anyone has would be much appreciated. Here is a pic of the Soul Assassin I have flowering at 8 weeks. She still has two more to go. Pure Kerosene Fuel. This pheno is 70-80% Sativa so I thought the Pink Selene I have would be a good mate. Thanks for the feedback OpenGrow Growers. LAOGROW =D P.S. The Green Light from the picture is from the Green LED I use to check out the plants in the dark so I don't have to hit them with real light and shock the girls.
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