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Found 7 results

  1. Figured I'd make a quick "how to" for how I make cannabis infused coconut oil. I'll add lots of pics Cozz a thread ain't no good without pics. I use 7 grams of bud per cup of coconut oil. For this batch I made 2 cups of oil. Bare with me, I just downed a dose of oil to test this batch, and she's kicking in nicely. The recipe: 14 grams of quality bud 2 cups of coconut oil Water The selected strain for this batch is Kinky Blaze. So first I set my ven to 240* F and let preheat. Put a couple of cups of water in the slow cooker and set the temperature to high. Then I measure out 14 grams of Kinky Blaze. I break it up with my fingers into small peices. And then toss it into a pouch made from aluminum foil. Decarboxylate the bud to turn the THCA into THC. Seal up the end to keep all the good stuff. Let it cook in the oven at 240* for 40 minutes. I shake and flip the pouch every ten minutes. Then I dump it into the slow cooker with the water. I let it cook for about 15 minutes. This helps remove a lot of the green tast and pulls some color out of it. After 15 min I remove the water with a turkey baster, sucking it up from the bottom. This help keep the oils that released from the bud inside the pot. You will see some oil stuck to the inside edges as the water level drops. No worries, the oil will pick it up. Here Is the water I removed. Add a couple of fresh water to the slow cooker. In this pic you can see the oils from the bud stuck to the sides of the cooker. Measure 2 cup of coconut oil. I usually add a couple of extra tablespoons to account for loss. And tosss it in the slower cooker, cover and let it cook on high for 6 hours. To be continued......
  2. Some shot form a tincture 15 sec soaked/cold (Not made by my but a good friend). SSH x CD = Super silver haze x (Cheese x diesel). enjoy. /Vito
  3. just some pics of today's fun with Durganchitral BHO, only smoked some a few minutes ago and the oil creep is nice... before I started, I had to clean the screen clamp lol old pid of screen clamp soaked and cleaned with alcohol
  4. Some BHO that i make for a friend that is very ill. BIO skunk, Peace Maker and O.G kush is use and i did taste i and pppfffff heavy. Photo are from the BIO skunk run. Here the gas is still removing or how i write it ... . Bread with peanut butter any one? Now i know is very bad to praise you self but hell This is what i call ART!!!!!! If you think that this is not art here a link with really awesome art. /Vito
  5. Just a couple of Hash Shots from the last couple of Grows. Safari Mix Gumby, my firtst trial was quite nice Full Melt. Then there was the Skunk, she did not get me as much Gumby, so i HBO´t half of it. Last Shot is what i did before the Ice Water Extraction, its Shakend. You can tell the difference between Layers, since there is some mixed with HBO though. Hope you enjoy
  6. Hi, I try to found an Honey Bee oil extractor in the growshops close to my location, but impossible to find. As i was in hurry, i decided to do my own Gasolinator. I went to the store and bought - 1 m. PVC tube : 3 ,5 € - Enough for making 4 or 5 extractors. - 2 terminal plug for caps : 2 x 0,60 € - 2 caps with joint : 2 x 1,40 € - PVC glue : 1,40 € - Coffee filter (Brown one) - or a 120 micron mesh (mine is a 120 micron swimming pool filter mesh)
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